Make a Wish

Make a Wish

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Paul is launching our beautiful, classy Make a Wish Die and Groovi Collection at 6pm. Illustrated by dear Mel Turner and myself. Beautiful whimsical, magical hares, hidden in the woodland. These aperture dies are superb. They have even more significance for me now then when we originally drew them! Now that we go down to the woods most days, it really is true. You cannot see the deer and the rabbits until you stand stock still, hold your breath, wait and stare…

And yes. If you could make a wish, one wish, what would it be? Think about that. Think long and hard before you decide. I thought it would be a straight forward “Make Covid 19 disappear.” But then I stopped. Would I use up my magical wish on Covid 19, only for it to be superceded by Covid 20?!? Mmm. That’s why I am hitting the pause button and cogitating.

Makes a superb tea light holder with the designer parchment as a filter for the light.

We made these designs into 3-way overlay stamps too. Just fabulous…

Tune in to watch Paul work his magic with these papercut dies. From coasters and lanterns to heartfelt cards or wallart – these aperture dies are simply magical. Great price too!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “Make a Wish

  1. In my younger days I would wish for money. I thought having huge piles of it would be terrific. Then I had children. Ever since, every time I wish on a star or think about what I would truly want, it would be for them to be happy, with jobs that they love and good friends to surround them.

  2. Hello Barbara
    I would wish for health and happiness for all my family and friends, whoever and wherever they are.
    Looking forward to watching Paul in 15 minutes.

  3. Peace and contentment, I think, no matter what. All set for Paul at 6 p.m. Hope you got on ok at the dentist and got to pottery. Hx

  4. Do love these, especially the dies, very useful for men’s cards too. I found the hares one ideal for anniversaries. Loved the shac Shack today, just caught up with the parakeets this afternoon as wanted your water brushes before I carried on with it, mine were rubbish. Yours are brilliant. Never water coloured before and really enjoyed it, as you said it’s very relaxing. My wish would be to keep all my family and friends safe.

  5. Hope the dentist treated you gently.
    Love these hares but I am puzzled. I went through all my stash looking for the Make a Wish items. Knew where the dies were, use them often, eventually had a light bulb moment when I realised the 3 way stamps were in a special folder, went through every stencil folder – no joy – ditto the Groovi plates. Since I usually buy all four elements together if they are available I fail to understand why I cannot find them all. Since I have been very thorough in my search I think our little house elf, who is sitting on the Clarity shelves, is playing silly beggars and is hiding things from me. Either that or I am going senile – so annoying.
    If I made a wish it would be for better health for both of us.
    Got all the shows on record. If I can’t find the Groovi plates by tomorrow I will have to place an order with Clarity.
    Stay Safe 🍒🍒🍒

  6. Hi Barb,
    Hope the dentist was ok – you are lucky to get to one. No such luck up here! I would wish for long ,healthy and happy lives for all my family and friends. Love these dies, got them when they originally came out.
    New suite arrived today and after a very long time , it was finally in place in the lounge! At one point we didn’t think it was going to go through the patio doors and the two blokes were about to give up and take it back to the shop. Fortunately they gave it one last try and managed to get the settee through the door ( just!!!) . Anyway, lounge all put back in place and suite very comfortable. Arrived, just in time as I begin my self isolation tomorrow prior to my knee op. Hope you got to pottery. Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  7. Hello Barb, have not watched the show yet, so lots to catch up on. These dies are beautiful, and I love your tealight holder. Hope the dentist was not too painful. I would wish for people to be kind and caring to each other, especially in the current circumstances. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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