Tidying. Good for the Head

Tidying. Good for the Head

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Been cleaning the kitchen all afternoon. Woke up with a washing machine head, anxious about nothing in particular – and everything. Sorted out my colouring pencils and got them back in order. That helped massively. Just arranging a little colour system in a tin of pencils gives me a sense of order, of control.

So I ventured beyond the tin after our morning session in the SHAC-Shack with the Blue tits, and decided to have a day of head space. A proper clear out of the kitchen, the porch – and my mind. No point in going to the office when my head is in turmoil. That won’t help at all at all!

You see, on top of uncertainty, a blanket of angst and general global chaos, we have got so much going on at little ol’ Clarity! So many plates up in the air. Everywhere I look I see untied ends, things that need finishing, projects which need nudging forward if we are going to meet our deadlines, piles of stuff which still have to be unpacked from when we moved to the new factory – etc. etc. etc. Thing is, we are a vastly reduced team, so we have to focus on what’s in front of us to keep the business going, and leave the “sorting” for when we have more time…

There comes a point of saturation though, when the worn out head is too full – and the computer freezes, as it were, stops functioning efficiently. Way too many windows open, and the only solution is to shut them all down – and reboot. No point in trying to tackle a factory when you feel like that! Best stay away, defrag the hard disk. Definitely best to clear the head before you wade into that lot.

So I made a few phone calls, made my excuses, then started cleaning the kitchen. Started at one end, and slowly, methodically worked my way through. Not quickly. Quite deliberately. Put away lots of trinkets and dust catchers, cleared the shelves of knick knacks which have been building up over the months. Checked the best by date on stuff and binned quite a few potential science projects! I could have carried on, but that’ll do. The cleaning has served its purpose. Apart from having a clean and tidy kitchen, my head is clean and tidy, and I can see the road ahead again.

Perhaps Dave is up for a walk this evening. We try to leave work at the stile before we turn into the woods. Otherwise we may as well stay in the kitchen and discuss Clarity. Because before you know it, you’ve walked 4 miles, and you haven’t taken in a blimming thing.

Do you know what I mean? Do you get me?

Stay safe,

Love always

Barb xxx

21 thoughts on “Tidying. Good for the Head

  1. I too have been tiding today, which is kind of sorting my head too. So much has happened over the last 2 weeks, big events, and I think I just need to process. Happy events, son turning 21 and daughter getting married on Saturday. It’s taken a couple of days to not feel exhausted after Saturday.
    I think that I have now tidied enough, so that I can get my inks and paints out again after weeks of sewing. After seeing Hilda’s brayer cards I think my brater is coming out too to play.

  2. Glad you got your head sorted – two birds – tidy kitchen equals a tidy head so win win I reckon ! I’d like to sort my craft room but not sure where to start, I’d also like to be on my own in the house so I don’t have to think of anyone else at the same time. Hoping hubby might have a fishing day with son this week … Think I’ve finished my tits ! Need to get a few cards done now. Looking forward to tomorrow, must go and do the download while I think of it! Had been sat out in garden then we had a heavy, heavy shower, sun out again so it’s drying off. Have a good evening and a good walk – must be difficult to turn off from business! X

  3. Methodical cleaning up is definitely good for the soul. I had all sorts of things piled in our bedroom which was driving me mad as I do like “tidy” so when our new bed arrived with its full ottoman base I was delighted. I set to sorting each pile, stowed the necessaries in the lovely big space, filled a bag for the charity shop, had a good clean up and, yippee 😊, I can now get to the wardrobe without knocking things over so the next job is sorting my clothes – again – must be ruthless. Still have some work clothes from when I retired in 2000, will never wear them again. Our life style has changed since we moved and I dress for comfort now rather than for display. Why we keep these things I do not know, must be the memories.
    The rest of this week will be spent crafting and then if it is cooler next week I will start on another room. Seems I’m a glutton for punishment-hahaha.
    Enjoy your walk with Dave this evening, hope the weather stays fine in your area. Bit gloomy here.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  4. You are so right. I came dog sitting and found a relative had not been coping with having cancer and covid. After the shock, I thought ‘Right’. After four days in the kitchen, I spent five hours in the bathroom today. This place will be a home again by the time I finish. But it is odd how many of my issues it has sorted. Don’t sit at hospital beds if you can’t clean the toilet. It’s a tightrope trying not to move anything though so it is still her home and not mine, just enough for a fresh start.

  5. Well done, Barb. That was my reason for tackling my study cum craft store! No room for Groovi or dies in there. Everything I need for them is in the sun lounge!! Lol. A lady I know was 90 the other day. She was 75 when I moved here 15 years ago and it dawned on me yesterday that I will be that age in 15 years time + 3 months!! What a scary thought. Anyway, having sorted my craft stuff, I am playing. I should have been in Kent this week – or not, since I am here – so just playing at home since I am on holiday. Lots of lovely things in my Clarity Craft Shop and so much inspiration. Sorry life is so tough just now. Wish I was closer to help you out. Enjoy your walk. Lots of love. Hxx

  6. Glad you had a day of sorting and tidying. Sometimes that’s just what you need to clear your mind.
    I like doing my ironing to do just that. Start off with a huge pile of washed clothes….put a film on and iron away. The sense of achievement when you see how much you’ve done by the end of the film is always satisfying.
    Hope you got to do you’re walk.
    Relax this evening.
    Love and hugs xxx

  7. I love tidying and sorting, especially my craft stuff -I find so many ‘lost’ items!! I also find cooking and baking very relaxing and today made a nice batch of fudge for friends’ birthdays and will be making more strawberry jam later in the week. Already made 1Kg of strawberries into conserve, but it is quite a soft set, so got some pectin powder to make the other 2Kg into jam (except for some put aside for ice-cream!). I’m pleased to know you managed to get kitchen and head clean and tidy ready to start again tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the snowflakes -have downloaded and printed the guides.

  8. I too find cleaning and clearing out therapeutic. As I pack things for storage and can see spaces appear in my craft room it is strangely uplifting. In my new house I will invest in bespoke storage to try to keep clutter free!

  9. Yes, de cluttering is good for the soul. Just had all my windows replaced in the back of the house, so spent the weekend cleaning. As I stopped working in may due to the virus, have time to sort out the house. Started tackling the box room, which is full of records. I need to buy a record player. Half way there. Had to stop to download my baubles for tomorrow in the shack shack, See you there. Thanks again for spending time with us in the Shack Shack, and still running clarity.

  10. Dear Barbara I get it. On Sunday I had to sort out all the things that have accumulated since the Shac Shack started. It had got to a point where I couldn’t find anything. I now have things in boxes in sets and so far I have been putting things back. I think tidying and clearing are good for us. I know I feel better when things are ordered. There is so much in life that we have no control over. I am looking forward to tomorrow and my downloads are already printed. I hope that you have a lovely walk. The weather is nice now. Take care. Hugs xxx

  11. A good tidy and a good walk with good people is worth everything and is good for the soul. Hope it helped and did its job of clearing a space in your head. XX

  12. I hate housework but I have got a gas leak under the kitchen concrete floor. They are going to give me new pipes on Thursday so I have to clear out the kitchen cupboards for them. You wouldn’t believe how many empty peanut butter jars I found from when I was saving them for jam making about 3 years ago !!
    Y xxx

  13. I also had a good clean through today. Not long moved to the new bungalow and housework was at the bottom of the list LOL

  14. Every time I set about tidying, something much more important comes along ……… it I really must do some sorting soon! We are needing some decorating done soon so maybe boxing up everything in readiness will get me started😏. I hope you enjoyed your walk and thank you for giving us so much of your time in the ShacShac. We all appreciate it Barb.

  15. Sometimes you have to be kind to yourself and allow yourself some breathing space.
    I like to have my pencils in order too, my stamps, dies , ink pads !!!!! Just been labelling distress oxides then I can see the colour on the front allowing them to be stacked.
    Take care hugs xxx

  16. Hi Barbara
    Glad you took some time out
    Everyone needs that.
    I hope you managed to continue with your time out and you feel better for it. Hugs 🤗

  17. “defrag the hard disk” Wow, that brings back memories. Sort of a cure all for those old computers.

    Hope you had a lovely work free walk with Dave.

  18. Hi Barb, cleaning and clearing out definitely helps to take your mind off things that are bugging you. I have to do our kitchen soon. Hope you and Dave enjoyed a lovely walk. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  19. They do say tidy place, tidy mind ..or something like that. I am hopeless at tidying up I just hate it, but it has to be done sometimes, and I have to admit I feel better afterwards, and glad it has made you feel better Barbara. Walking somewhere quiet and listening to the sounds of nature around you is also good, so hope you managed to get out for yours. x

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