Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just on my way out to the woods with a bag, to go a-gathering blackberries fpr pudding tonight.

There are loads this year! Yesterday we went walking early in the morning after a downpour, so they were even washed for us!

One for pudding, one for me. One for pudding, one for me. I do love blackberries, don‘t you?

Just feast your eyes on this wonderful snapshot of nature. Heather, fern – even breakfast.

I noticed as we were walking, it was actually quite loud! So we soaked up the morning symphony of sound in the woods as we went too. The breeze in the trees, the bees, the birds. No humans anywhere. Just us and the woodland residents. When you stop and actually listen, there’s almost a soundscape, a complex orchestration of buzzing and humming and whirring and twittering and chittering. Amazing.

Dave said something very interesting too. While I was popping blackberries like Smarties along the path and enjoying the solitude..

Dave talked about how walking in the woods rightsized things for him, made him see himself and his role in the world much more clearly. Far away from the madding crowd, and in that ancient woodland, you realise your tininess, and you get a real sense of TIME, of deep time. Folks have walked those old byways and trails for hundreds of years; we’re just here for a short while.

There was a tree harvest along the trail.

“How long do you thing those trees have been growing, to get to this size?” I asked Farmer Dave.

“25 years to 30 years” came the reply. That’s half my life thus far. He also added that this was probably a necessary thinning out, so that other trees can grow and reach for the light.

Time to go a-gathering!

Stay safe.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

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  1. I’ve had a busy crafting day ‘titivating’, making cards, cooking. I’ve just stopped to sit for the evening and read your blog Barbara. It has instantly calmed me and in my peaceful mind I’m now walking in the woods. thank you xx

  2. Blackberry & Apple pie or crumble, Blackberry jam or jelly, mmmm – one of my favourite fruits.
    The woods look wonderful. One thing I miss about our old house is the silence you hear until you really listen, then the sound of nature is magical.
    Thank you for this insight into your day.
    Stay safe. 🍒🍒🍒

  3. Love brambles…..if I had been there none would have made it back to the house!
    You are both obviously well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    PS – there are reports of loads of adders this year – certainly here ‘oop north – so watch your step in the undergrowth

    1. Lots of adders on the Isle of Wight too. My friend’s collie dog walked into some long grass and got bitten on the paw. He was very ill and cost over £1000 in vet’s fees but fortunately have fully recovered now !

  4. What a lovely walk. We should have been there for retreat. Here’s to next year. Lovely part of England. Still get to see you every day. I am grateful. Xx

  5. I too walk in ancient woodland daily. I found out at the weekend that the Downs where I live is (are?)the second highest point in Kent . The highest is Wrotham Hill apparently. Sadly our blackberries are like little black peas. Our part of the woodland isn’t well managed and really needs thinning. I must try to get as far as the clay pigeon shooting area where it is sunnier and the berries might be larger. It was disappointing to find only little bullets at the weekend. I love scavenging in the woods for food. Got some wild garlic after Dave told us about it. One of the dogs likes to roll in it and is NOT popular afterwards. We try to catch him as he is a great ‘roller’ finding fox poo and other disgusting messes to roll in if not closely watched. They also love their woodland walk each day.

  6. Lucky to have blackberries in Mum’s garden and someone brought us some apples so well away for a pie, crumble or both ! Mum came for lunch on Sunday so got some more, but I took a rhubarb crumble out of the freezer, rhubarb had come from her garden too ! A walk in the wood is a good leveler I think. I’ve collected some baby grows today from M&S, parceled them up with a Groovi new baby card and they’re on their way to the newest member of the family in Wales. Hope to meet him soon. Have a good evening x x

  7. What a lovely place to walk Barbara. The sounds must have been amazing and no people to spoil it. The blackberries are good this year. Enjoy what is around you. Have a great evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  8. Blackberry and apple crumble for me…yum! How wonderful nature is and you are right you have to stop and listen to all the sounds of birds and small mammals sometimes rustling in the undergrowth, unseen by us by there. Lovely photos of you too Barbara, and your hair looks so soft and pretty in a pony tail, it suits you. x

  9. Scrummy blackberries, love them. Glad you enjoyed your walk in the woods. Had my happy parcel this morning, nearly didn’t, a card was in the door, luckily hubby saw it and went looking and saw postman going in house opposite so called out to him. Stupid man had literally just knocked the door with his knuckles, we have a bell he told him. Anyway sorted so a happy

  10. The Earth Has Music for Those Who Listen! Hmm, sounds familiar? Be Still and Listen the Earth is Singing! Where have I seen those wise words?
    Sharing a woodland walk with Nature is a great way of finding your way in life – as is crafting with Clarity!
    Enjoy those blackberries, Barbara.

  11. Lovely pictures of your walk. The blackberries are much bigger than the ones we found last week as we climbed Brent Knoll in Somerset. We said that they needed some rain to plump them up as they were ripening but only as big as peas. Enjoy your pudding – if enough blackberries arrived back home !!

  12. Hello Barb, looks like you had a lovely walk and some healthy snacks to keep you going. A beautiful area to enjoy nature and the company of Dave. Take care all and stay safe. Bx

  13. Hi Barbara
    What a wonderful blog today. Beautiful photos of nature at its finest.
    As your stamps say “The Earth has Music, for Those Who Listen”
    Enjoy your day
    Love & Hugs

  14. We have some blackberries in the garden and made blackberry and apple crumble. As hubby is now type 2 diabetic I used Oats and Apple sauce out of a jar for the topping.

  15. Even reading your blog and looking at your photo makes me calm ,you really do have a calming presence. You should start a retreat where we all relax and then craft followed by yummy but nutricious food , wouldnt that be a great weekend away in a wooden lodge away from the world

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