The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in! Hotter than yesterday here in the Southeast. To hot to move around much, except for a long walk, cool under the canopy of the greenwood trees. That was wonderful.

It’s been what one could call a mini holiday actually. A combination of extreme heat and our friend Jilly’s company stopped me hopping about, working, cleaning, planning, doing bla bla bla. In fact, Wurka and Hollick didn’t get a look in today. I even had an afternoon nap! Feel better for it too.

Here’s a simple step by step using a set of my favourite Clarity fresh Cut Dies. I LOVE these floral rounds!




Ironically, we named these dies Floral friends. And from where I’m sitting up here in the SHAC Shack, looking through the door, I can see two of my best friends, Dave and Jilly, chatting away. They get on well too.

Right. Simple step by step…

Pick one of the dies and cut it out of a black 6×6 cardblank. Pick a Designer Card Topper and decided which one you want to use. They all look lovely. Would make a fab set of notelets as a gift, too. If you’re looking at Christmas presents, this is perfect. I would be so chuffed to receive a box of these, to use all year round.

Let’s move on with one…

Using the nested circles dies, let’s add a flash of colour to the front too. We can use the same piece of card for the front AND the inside.


Pergaglue is great fot attaching. Got a good nozzle, and allows for a little wiggle room before it dries. Dot it around the image on the INSIDE of the black card,

Place the coloured disc onto the aperture on the inside and press down. Flip over to reveal the lovely floral aperture complete with beautiful background.

Next stop front ring. Dot the Perga Glue around the ring on the white back and simply position around the aperture on the front. This will lift the colour beautifully. Less blackness.

Use the scrap left to back a sentiment from our sticker book and attach where you think it looks good. Perga Glue, glue runner – you pick. Trim the black square back, or leave as is.

The Circle of Life. Yep. It goes round and round. That’s quite a comforting thought.

Lovely general card. Quick easy and very lovely too.

Can you see Jilly and Dave in the background?

No? Let me adjust the focus…

And now that I have adjusted my focus, I think I shall go join them, and make the most our our little mini break here in the garden. Good people here! I want to focus on them…the GOOD people.

Mmm. I can smell sausages on the Bar-B !!!

Love and Hugs.

Barb xxx

23 thoughts on “The Circle of Life

  1. We are enjoying a BBQ at #2 sons with #1 son and Brother in law. Will be watching a film on the big screen in the garden shortly. Lovely way to spend an evening. Have a pleasant time.

  2. Enjoy your time with friend and hubby, have a good weekend. We’ve just bbq’d bacon and had bacon rolls for tea ! X

  3. Hello Barbara
    Love this step by step. So simple but so effective. Surround yourself with good people who love you and have your best interests at heart. Life is too short to mix with the other sort. They just drag you down. The older I get the more I just have lovely people in my life.

  4. Glad you’ve had a good day. Lovely day here today, too. 2nd Coat on two walls in the study and then sat outside for a wee while to have a cuppa. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hxx

  5. So pleased you have taken the time to relax. The garden looks lovely.
    These are such versatile dies for all occasions. I’ve been trapping the scrap too.
    This heat is getting to me. Been really slothful today, not much getting done at the moment.
    Stay safe. 🍒🍒🍒

  6. Ah Barb so glad you are spending time with a good friend. Having a cool walk in the woods, all at one with nature and great company. It’s actually been sunny in Scotland all day, so I too have enjoyed the weather, a cool breeze so not that Kent Mediterranean heat you are having. Love these cards so fresh. Enjoy the sausages. Hope you make a good dent in the chocolate too. Enjoy

  7. Having a quiet day in as had a hospital procedure yesterday. Very hot here, been in my craft room and embossed a few Groovi Christmas cards this afternoon, ready now for backing. Love those flower dies, I believe I have them all so will check tomorrow. As you say make a great gift of notelets. Glad you have had a good day with Dave and Gilly, we met at Caterick and sat and had our lunch with her, lovely very sociable person. Make a lively friend. Enjoy your

  8. Hi Barb,
    Love these dies, they are the ones I fall back on whenever I want a lovely quick card. Pleased that you’ve had a lovely day with Dave and Jilly. It’s been hot here today, but nowhere near as hot as you’ve had it down South thankfully. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  9. I love these floral dies as well & by trapping the scrap get 2 looks from each. Great idea to make some for gifts – as this year has proved one never knows when things happen that you can’t get to shops to buy cards ( for people who don’t craft) so a ready supply would be useful gift. Add a selection of matching sentiments so they can be stuck on later & a book of stamps – Perfect.
    Know what I am going to be doing over the next few weeks as in 20 weeks it will be Boxing Day!! & knowing how the weeks in the SHAC Shack have flown by it will soon be here.

  10. I’m melting here, was sat in the craft room trying to do some sort of…anything for most of the afternoon! Hey ho, tomorrow is another day. Glad you had a lovely visit from a friend, covid certainly makes us appreciate the smaller things like a cup of tea with a visitor. Xx

  11. Glad Wurka and Hollick have been banned for now Barbara and that you are enjoying the company and taking it easy with Dave and Jilly. Have a good day tomorrow too. x

  12. Glad you’ve had a relaxing day. Will and I have been celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary with a trip to the confetti flower fields in Wick (Worcestershire) and then a delicious vegan supper out with our younger daughter who is home from Florence. A lovely day too!

  13. I hope you had a lovely evening in your garden oasis, enjoying delicious sausages and lots of chocolate.
    Thanks for taking the time out to give us such a detailed blog. Hugs. Annette X

  14. You’re right – we should celebrate this glorious weather if we can. Wed be quick enough to complain if it was cold and raining. Mind you, I spent yesterday afternoon putting my new wardrobe together with my sons’ help – probably not the most sensible activity in this heat. I looked like I’d been caught in a downpour by the time we’d finished 😂 Hoping to spend sometime crafting today, so may now get my floral round dies out – thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Bit windy here but did manage to have a socially distance visit with my sister which was fab. Then on my way home saw my best friend who has been shielding for over 4 month sitting in her garden so stopped by her fence for a chat. It was so lovely to see her. Family and good friends are what matter and we have bucket loads of friends in the shac.

  16. Hello Barb, hope you had a great afternoon, love the step by step of this project, the zesty colours of the paper look great with the black, and the dies are lovely designs. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  17. What a lovely way to spend the day Barbara. In the garden with your good friends. Our daughter and son-in-law came to visit yesterday bringing afternoon tea with them. It was a lovely treat all round. Take care. Hugs xxx

  18. Hope you had a lovely BBQ and spent quality time with Dave and Jilly. John and I had a lovely walk in the woods too yesterday. Being with nature is so good for the soul!

  19. Ho Barbara, great you’re spending some quality time with Fave and your friend Jilly. We all need a mini holiday sometimes, don’t we? Especially in this HOT and muggy weather. Also been just chilling and now enjoying a lovely cold strawberry and lime cider! So refreshing! Just realised this is your blog from yesterday so you will have had your BBQ. Hope you enjoyed it and who knows, you may have another one tonight. Looking forward to joining you in the SHAC Shack tomorrow morning. Cheers! Xxx

    PS: Love the dies.

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