Heat stops play today

Heat stops play today

Hi there,

Too hot to play in the SHAC-Shack under the roof here today! We kept going at work all afternoon, but it was over 37ºC. That’s nearly 100º Fahrenheit! Is it a record? Is it an all time hottest day in UK history? Who cares. It was too hot to tango for this old bird…

So I shall go sit in the shade with Dave and Jilly, who’s hanging out with us this weekend. Maybe we’ll go for a walk in the woods later, when it cools down.

Cold water with lime cordial on ice. That’s what’s needed. To put my feet in! Yummy. I shall come up here very early tomorrow, before it gets hot again.

Stay cool, drink lots of water, and don’t run around. It’s ok to stay at home and chill. In fact, it’s highly recommended!!

This would be our nearest seaside resort: Brighton Beach Summer 2020. Words fail me.

Love and hugs


26 thoughts on “Heat stops play today

  1. Best stay in the shade in the garden. I can’t understand why people want to go to an overcrowded beach. We are lucky up here – far fewer people and much cooler too. Enjoy your weekend with your friends x

  2. Sheer madness. Can’t see the fun in that at all. Can’t go in my craft room in the loft in this heat so just a bit of colouring in the relatively cool of my basement kitchen. Enjoy your walk

  3. Good Grief! I assumed that the picture was from last year. The weather in my corner of the US has turned cooler and drier which is a relief. Wish we could get some rain though.

    I hope that you enjoy a relaxing weekend sitting in the shade with a nice cool beverage.

  4. It is 124F in our conservatory – it gets full sun all afternoon – and over 90F in our lounge despite cooling fans going full blast – no part of the house is cool.
    I just cannot understand the mentality of people crowding on beaches like this. They will be the first to gripe if they get ill – that is if they survive. It is no wonder there is an upsurge in cases. We won’t be going anywhere.
    Try to have a relaxing weekend and enjoy your walks in the woods with Dave.

  5. Definitely best to keep cool and in the shade. Far too hot for me too so just relaxed. While Brighton is one of my fave places I’ve not been since February and have absolutely no desire to join ‘the mad crowd” flocking the beach there. Looking at the photo I’m shaking my head in disbelief and like you words fail me. Enjoy your evening with Dave and Jilly and hope you can go for a walk in the woods later when it’s a bit cooler. Hugs xxx

  6. I’ve been in the office all day. As the office used to be three rooms we have 3 lots of air-con. Cool! Only had two on though. We get full sun on the windows in the afternoon.
    Those people on the beach will soon blame others if they get ill. It’s always someone else’s fault!
    Looking forward to some crafting this weekend. I made a groovi card for my friends 65th which wason Monday. She loved it.

  7. Shame on those idiots at the beach! I bet they’ll think it’s not their fault if they or someone they love gets ill. The BBC news showed St Ives today and it too was busy with more idiots!
    It’s been too hot to even craft and I have to admit I’ll be happy once it cools. Enjoy your walk lovely lady x

  8. Not so hot here in the south west luckily, but a cool drink and a walk in the woods sounds a great idea in the cool of the evening Barbara. Enjoy having your friend around. We have been out and about but are careful where we go and would certainly not be sitting on any crowded beaches! x

  9. Don’t understand why they do it I have only just braved a trip to garden centre which only had a few people in. Rather stay home draw as long as see my girls grandchildren and they are safe we are happy joy xxx

  10. We would love to sit in the shade in our garden but have a neighbour who continues to play his boom boom music (can’t actually hear the music) so we’re forced to stay indoors with windows and doors shut. Sometimes I feel like a prisoner 😢

  11. I have been shopping at Aldi at 7.30 on Friday mornings, all through lockdown. They let us oldies in early! The staff there have been amazing and I have always felt safe. I have complemented the manager on his store and staff a few times and this morning, when I was at the till, he presented me with a big bunch of flowers ‘for being nice and saying positive things’. How lovely was that? It really made my day. It just shows how a little thank you or kind word can make a difference.
    You then made my day even better, when I watched the Shack. They say that laughter is the best medicine and you sure made me feel happy. Thank you. What a lovely (but very hot!) day it has been. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  12. Lime Cordial sound just lovely. Cannot believe the beach!! It is nowhere near that hot up here, in fact, we had rain. Blue sky tonight but nice and cool. Overcast for a large part of the day. The west coast is definitely the place to be! The 83 is closed due to a landslide so that will keep the tourists away from here, or at least some of them! Sadly, it also means I’m going to cancel my first hair appointment in Glasgow for next week as I’m not prepared to add an extra hour on to my journey there and back! I think someone is making sure I stay away from the city and safe! Have a lovely weekend with your friend. Hope it cools down enough to sleep. Lots of love. Hxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    At least it hasn’t been that hot up here -quite cloudy and windy at times but humid. Met 2 good friends this morning for a catch up – we socially distanced in a garden and had a lovely time. I really don’t understand those people on the beach. Have they no sense or are they just extremely selfish? There was a piece on the news tonight about St,Ives ( or it could have been Torquay, can’t remember) and the poor locals were passed themselves because of the overcrowding. I felt so sorry for them. It hasn’t been too bad up here thankfully. I’ve found that people are wearing masks and are mostly sensible about distancing thankfully. I’ve resorted to wearing a visor because I do struggle to breathe in a mask because of my asthma. Hope you manage to get a good night’s sleep in the heat. Love and hugs Alison xx

  14. Went to visit my brother today, have not seen him since Christmas. A nice pleasant time in his garden.
    I cannot believe people crowding onto beaches. This pandemic will never be over if they do not do as they are told. We just kept as cool as possible once we got back home. X

  15. Roasting in my bit of Kent too. I fished out a roll of foil-backed stuff that is supposed to go behind radiators, and cut a piece for each south-facing window to deflect the heat -it helped!! Just a bit. Had all blinds and curtains closed and just some top windows open on the ‘cool’ side for air. Had a wet towel hanging over the back door until i had to shut it because my stupid dog kept going outside and ‘sunbathing’ -idiot hound!!! Love him to bits but don’t need him roasted. Now (10pm) it is down to about 25 indoors but feels cooler in the bedrooms as they face the woodland and trees overhang the roof. Have also ordered a fan as mine, when retrieved from storage, wasn’t working!!

  16. I cannot understand the mentality of those people on Brighton beach. Have they no thought for their safety?
    Living down here in Cornwall we are experiencing something similar. I can understand that people need a break and Cornwall is a great place for that but they are not following the social distancing rule and very few are wearing face coverings in the street. Also all the towns are marked with Keep Left arrows but they might as well not have bothered. I know you don’t have to but in such crowded places it would seem sensible. While we have been fairly lucky in escaping the worst of the pandemic do they not consider they may be bringing the virus down with them. As to going to the beach I think I will give it a miss.
    OK, rant over. Have a good weekend and keep cool xx

  17. The beach is the very last place I want to be today or any day soon, not even this time next year!!
    Enjoy your weekend with Jill and Dave and a cool walk in the woods
    I’ve spent the day with a girl friend and her husband, we spent our time playing with our new Groovi plates and hibernating from the heat…..far too hot for me.

  18. I don’t understand the mentality of idiots who go to crowded beaches. It can’t be pleasant and certainly not cool. It will be somebody else’s fault if they fall ill.
    Home is where I will stay. I do not cope well with the heat.
    I hope you enjoyed your walk in the woods. Have a good weekend.

  19. Too hot to do anything today, stayed indoors where it was slightly cooler but can’t say what I have done other than put a few pieces in a jigsaw !!

  20. Amazing a trip to the beach is worth the risk of dying, killing or having you or yours left severely disabled. Look how quickly it re-closed some pubs. Let’s focus on woodland and fabulous new paper coming in September.

  21. Hello Barb, it was sweltering yesterday and looks like more of the same today. People are just idiots, I would rather sit with my kids in the garden, in the shade with my feet in a little paddling pool of cool water, having a lovely Lemon Gin. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  22. We had a lovely day at Weald and Downland open air museum yesterday. There were lots of shady paths to follow. I have no idea why people would want to crowd together on the beach like this. Have a great weekend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  23. I agreed to do a double shift today. As a carer tge places i go into were ridiculously hot , plus wearing full ppe made it worse,looking on the brightside i slept all night withbedroom door open and slept like a dream . Weekend off yay. # notgoingout

  24. I can think of a few words.Selfish, stupid and idiotic are probably the only ones suitable for this ‘ere’ blog . One woman on the news said the reason she was on the beach was that she had been indoors for 3 months and we don’t know how long this is going to go on for. All I can say is. if people are going to be so stupid , it is going to go on for a long time! Okay, rant over. Hope you all have a happy, healthy, safe weekend. xx

  25. RANT ALLERT!! What is wrong with these people!!! It beggars belief that anyone would want to get up close and uncomfortable to all those other greasy, sweaty bodies at any time, but even more so with the pandemic; and they are ‘enforcing’ this on their innocent children by dragging them along too! Opening the pubs, hairdressers and tattoo parlors does not give the go ahead for this stupid, thoughtless, selfish behavior, or perhaps it does in some people’s minds. I have been trying to think of any other inhabitant of our planet that displays this type of behavior and I can only come up with the Lemming; a small rodent, that when the population increases to a number where the natural resources of food and habitat run out, they go mad. Millions of Lemmings herd together, manically following each other into deadly situations; they drown in rivers or throw themselves off cliff tops to their death. This is a NATURAL culling for the benefit of the Lemmings that are left. The human, has evolved,(allegedly) not to have this self annihilation gene, but looking at this this lot on this beach and other overcrowded situations, I do wonder. I have a feeling that if this behavior continues, the pandemic, which is again on the increase, will do the culling for us and there will be no need to worry about keeping to a social distance, covid will have sorted that problem out for us!!

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