Technology stops play…

Technology stops play…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. It’s been a challenging day today, or should we say a growing day. Yes. A Growing Day. I‘ve grown loads.

No water, and no microphone

No water is just an inconvenience which will be resolved, but out of our hands.

No microphone. The lapel mic died. Just stopped speaking to the computer. Jim tried his best remotely, but to no avail. So unfortunately, the SHAC-Shack was very quiet today. In fact, it was SILENT! I do apologise if you were sitting patiently, waiting to crack on with your Blue Tits. I had prepped it all lovely too. But hey ho. It’s not terminal. Still not fixed though. So whether we can hook up tomorrow at 10am remains to be seen.

Thing is, it’s a glitch. Nothing serious, nothing terible. It will get sorted. We just have to figure out what’s wrong.

There is so much calamity and carnage in the big wide world, so much senseless tragedy, so much needless suffering, so much pain; it sure does rightsize what’s going on in my little world.

Also, when one thing after another after another after another keeps piling up, I get calmer and calmer. I find it almost comical. It’s like these things are being sent to test us, to see how we react. Have I finally figured out not to panic when things don’t go perfectly according to plan, like this morning? I surprised myself today. Was completely calm. Called Jim. Said I thought there was a problem with the sound. Thought the best solution was to go live with no sound, so you’d know it was just a technical glitch, and that I hadn’t been arrested for strangling the neighbour!

And guess what? He didn’t make a sound today, didn’t lock his dog out, didn’t start with the strimming, or a-mowing or the tree felling. Maybe the neighbour on the other side sorted him out! Hahahaha.

That’s another thing I have learnt over the years. Things usually take care of themselves if you let them. They really do.

Dave’s just come home and said that we’ve had a huge flash flood in Edenbridge, so water’s a-comin’ !!!

Best go get the buckets out!!

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

22 thoughts on “Technology stops play…

  1. Hi Barbara I missed you this morning. Tehnology often lets us down. I was worried that you would be stressed and upset. I was pleased when I read that you were calm. I hope you get the water back soon. I am looking forward to tomorrow when we get back on track. If is doesn’t work out – no worries. I hope you have a good evening. Hugs xxx

  2. I wasn’t there this morning, was going to catch up later, but no worries, not done all my colouring from yesterday, so it will give me extra time to catch up. I’m also pleased you didn’t panic and get stressed out, these things come to try us, don’t they, its just a blip in the scheme of things. That’s how I look at it when things happen to me. Hope you get your water back on soon, and have a relaxing evening. xx

  3. Water is the most important thing! The rest we can cope with. I though Sue’s comment was hilarious but it disappeared probably because Facebook didn’t appreciate her saying that we could titivate our tits! X

  4. Massive storm here so hope it came your way. Technology is great…when it works, but tomorrow is another day. XX

  5. They keep promising us a storm, it looks like it might happen…but no, we are sizzling, a couple of rumbles this afternoon, thought good here it comes….put everything outside
    away….then nothing, out came the sun and it’s hotter than ever, so hiding indoors now from the heat.
    Hope this ends soon.

  6. Hope you can get it fixed by tomorrow but if not I’m sure everyone will join you next week. I’m saving all the episodes to catch up when I move and all my craft stash is in boxes. I think some pens, pencils and a sketch book will fit in my little flat and I can’t wait!!! X

  7. Missed you today Barbara but I am pleased you didn’t get stressed. The problem will get sorted and then we will all be able to meet up again. If it doesn’t happen tomorrow it will happen next week sometime. I do wish you did not have so much on your plate but then I don’t think you are going to change.
    Have a relaxing evening with Dave. xx

  8. Missed you today Barb, and the storm missed Four Elms lol saw it go round the hills hit edenbridge , westerham , sevenoaks lol lol , a lot cooler now though 😀

  9. We had a river rushing past our house last night and I don’t mean the brook in the field next to the house lol. Luckily the water didn’t come past the pavement. Hope all is resolved for you soon.

  10. Computers are wonderful things – when they work. As long as you are not stressing about it there’s always another day. Hope the only water you get is from your taps.

  11. These things are sent to try us – how we cope with them is what builds our character. I’m sure Jim will sort out your technical problem ready for next week.
    Another scorcher here today, was praying for some rain until I saw the floods and thunderstorms. Nature will have her way no matter what we do.
    Hope your water situation is sorted out soon.
    Have a lot of catching up to do on YouTube as it’s been too hot to craft. Fortunately the weekend looks as though it will be cooler.
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  12. Didn’t make the shac shack today, haven’t even finished my homework either, 😂
    Take care hugs hope the weather isn’t too bad xxx

  13. It was entertaining this morning watching you write notes to us! I think we all wrote notes back to you, too, as well as to each other! We just all need to learn sign language and then you can do a big zoom meeting with us all on mute!! Flash floods in Edenbridge! You get it all down there. Hope the water only comes out of your taps when it arrives at your house. We have had no thunder and lightening and no rain but it is very close tonight and when I got back an hour ago from Glasgow, the midges were out and about. That’s sitting in the garden over now!! Lol. It could be worse, a lot worse. I had a good look at the landslide on the Rest and Be Thankful. It is massive this time. Gouged a huge chunk out of the hillside and took the road with it so we will be travelling in convoy on the old road for quite some time to come. That’ll slow the tourists down! They’ll go straight to Oban and avoid our area all together! Anyway, I hope you get your sound sorted and your water. If not, there are bigger disasters at sea! I should have been leaving tomorrow to head to Maidstone. Glad I cancelled the hotel with the weather you’re having just now!! Lol. Take care. Hxx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Technology is a wonderful thing isn’t it, at least it is when working! Sorry you had a few problems this morning. Hopefully Jim will sort it out quickly. Been really miserable here today, cloudy and a bit dank. It has been threatening to rain and thunder for four days , but nothing doing! Forecast not brilliant either for the next few days. At least it has been cooler today and I might actually be able to sleep tonight. Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  15. Glad you are getting calmer. Hope the flash floods missed the new building and your home. We just had the thunder, so are back to heat and dust. Maybe the microphone blip is made to make you take a break? People can amuse themselves. May the burst water main be mended soon – or you will need to stay with someone and have no access to the shack. Now there’s a thought, putting yourself first?

  16. Sorry for all the difficulties you are having but I was grateful for the respite today to give me a chance to catch up a bit after being away last week. Thanks for everything you do for us. How did you know I needed catch up time and give us a day off?

  17. Never mind Barb. I’m sure it will get fixed soon and it’s not the end of the world.
    I can remember being in Crowborough a couple of years ago at a retreat. It was so very hot then too and the final night we were there we had the most amazing storm. I’ve not see lightning like that in a long time and even since. Susan was sharing a room with me at a B&B and it woke us both up and we lay in bed watching as the light ripped across the sky. The thunder shook the house and rattled the windows. And the rain was torrential. Cleared the air though and it was cooler for us travelling home.
    Hope you don’t get flooded out after having no water ….that really would add insult to injury.
    Hope to see you and hear you tomorrow.
    Love and hugs xxx

  18. Wow what an eventful morning for you, love your poem & the reply from one of the Shaccers – sorry can’t remember her name.
    Thought I would miss another day in the SHAC as we have been away for a couple of days & were travelling home this morning so was quite surprised to read what had happened, now I need to catch up with yesterday’s session as it was toooo hot to do anything last night. The storm went round us with just lightening in the distance but no rain. Hope all is sorted by tomorrow morning at 10 , will cross fingers & toes but if not will see you Monday. Its the first major hiccup in 19 weeks so in the grand scheme of things not so bad.

  19. Even though our ‘bus driver’ wasn’t with us we had a good old conflab between us all. What a great group and Sue Dakin certainly had us in fits of laughter again. What a remarkable lady she is. Think we’ll all agree we missed our daily hour this morning but a lot of us caught up or finished off other projects so in true fashion in the face of adversity we stayed calm and carried on. See you tomorrow all

  20. Hi Barbara, I was very late catching up this evening (usually evenings for me) and then I couldn’t find today’s shac shac….So glad that you are ok and it was only a technical hitch. I am loving the whole daily doodling experience, which I realised even more when you weren’t there! Thanks so much for bearing with the heat and giving us an hour of fun and friendship. Lovely to be part of this. Hope you find a cool spot & some time to chill …. cheers!

  21. Hello Barb, technology is right Pig when it does not play ball, ask me, I work in the industry. Hope you and Jim manage to get it sorted, and as you say this too shall pass. Hope your water issues are resolved. I am slowly catching up with all the You Tubes, and have started a bit of each just to practice at first, then will dive into the big pictures. Trying to work out how to watch while working! That will take my mind off the griping on conference calls, just need to remember to be quick on the mute button. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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