Friday – It’s a flowerful thing

Friday – It’s a flowerful thing

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Friday’s blog a private peek, right?

A few weeks ago, when things were really getting on top of me, my darling friend Linda Williams sent me a bunch of fabulous flowers. Or should I say box? They came from London. Freddies Flowers is the name of the company. They were amazing flowers, and lasted ages! I was so impressed I decided to investigate the company….

So. Freddies Flowers is a family run business out of London. Freddies parents had a flower shop in Pimlico, and he grew up around flowers.

The flowers are always seasonal, and each week Freddie and his team create a fresh bouquet, based on what’s in season.

The box comes with beautiful, fresh, closed flowers – all ready to be arranged. There is a flyer inside the box, telling you about each bloom, what it is called, and even how to create the perfect arrangement.

You can choose whether you have the flowers sent to you every week, every fortnight, once a month – or just once. You can send them to friends as a treat. If you are having the flowers delived to your house every Friday, but you’re going to be away, you can redirect them to somebody else.

The website will tell you everything. It is blimming excellent.

Freddies Flowers

Well, I decided to try it out. I signed up for the weekly delivery. I love fresh flowers in the house, and since lockdown we haven’t really had any. Dave is always so good at treating me to a lovely bunch, but all the flower shops have been closed.

Well, I have waited a month before sharing my review with you, to make sure that it actually does what it says on the tin. It does. It really does. I even redirected the flowers to Mum one week, to see if it would work. And it did. She loved them too.

As a business woman, I think the whole concept is sublime. The marketing, the pricepoint, the educational aspect, right down to Freddies Vase (which I also invested in). It has such a fresh, upbeat, happy, delightful feel to it, I decided to tell you about it too. many of you may already know about Freddies Flowers. Linda clearly did!

This morning, my Freddies Flowers box was already outside the front door at 8am

Last weeks flowers were still going strong, so I refreshed them and moved them out of the special vase into the old Spode jug….

It’s such a highlight during these dark times. Extravagant? Well, we haven‘t been to a restaurant since March, and we haven’t drunk hooch for 20+ years, so sod it. Bargain!!!

This week‘s flowers, complete with how to arrange…

And you even get to learn things too! Look!

And just in case the flowers were looking a little bit wilted, like me this week –

But they weren’t . They were delivered super duper early, before it could get warm.

Highly recommend checking out Freddies Flowers. 5 stars from me. It will make you smile. I actually look forward to and get excited about Friday Flower Day!!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

PS They do not know I am writing this rave review. I gain nothing from doing so, except sharing something super with a bunch of fellow crafters .

It‘s really flowerful stuff.

29 thoughts on “Friday – It’s a flowerful thing

  1. What an amazing Company and a lovely idea, enjoy your flowers.
    I’ve just realised that an order I placed with a company on FB is a scam!! When you are trying to help businesses keep afloat it is so sad that out there are a few out to rip you off. I don’t normally order off of FB sites but couldn’t resist the sandals, say no more.
    Enjoy your weekend and a big thank you for another enjoyable week. X

  2. what a lovely idea Barb – I wonder if they do a monthly rather than weekly [more affordable for me]…….must look into it.

  3. A lovely idea. Perhaps I should have a look. I had to wait until baby number 4 before I got flowers off Fred. Even these days it is extremely rare. He just does not think about it, would never mind if I bought my own . Fresh flowers do make a room look lovely. X X

  4. They look beautiful. I have seen the tv adverts but thought they were subscription only so it’s good to know you can do single orders. I love fresh flowers in the house. Enjoy, we need to treat ourselves in these strange times! My treat seem to be stamps……now I wonder where I can get those from!!!! 😜😆 xx

  5. Hello Barbara
    Linda very kindly sent me some of Freddie’s Flowers back in May and, like you, I was very impressed.
    Unfortunately I didn’t think of shouting out on social media, although I did tell Freddie.
    Enjoy your flowers,

  6. Gorgeous flowers , have heard about them but not used . I usually only get flowers when I buy them from work reduced 😂🤣, have a good weekend

  7. They look beautiful. I almost bought myself some flowers the other day, then remembered I had already packed all the vases! I love to hear of people treating themselves to something they love. Enjoy them x

  8. Have also heard about Freddies flowers but never thought of ordering they look absolutely gorgeous. Will have to have another look at the website. Enjoy your weekend I’m off to see to my blue tits and blossom.

  9. What a shrewd businessman. However, I think I’ll stick to Flowers by Morna, three miles away, as poor Freddie’s legs would be knackered by the time he peddled up here!! Lol. Enjoy your flowers. They look beautiful. We’ve got it hot again today. The humidity is awful but there is also a breeze blowing. That’s said, I have drawn the curtains, have a fan blowing and have come inside. Glad I got my hair cut yesterday. It will dry quicker today!! The last time it was done was the 4th March!! Have a good weekend, Barb. Hxx

  10. Beautiful flowers Barbara!!! It’s good to treat yourself.
    We have also a company in the Netherlands where you can order a bunch of flowers and a flowershop in the neighbourhood will deliver the flowers already made into a beautiful bunch of flowers.
    You can even order a vase with the flowers.
    Enjoy your flowers and weekend.
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  11. Thank you for sharing Barbara. One to definitely investigate.
    Sometimes we need to treat ourselves and flowers are non-fattening.
    So pleased Dave is more comfortable.
    Great session this morning.
    I hope your weekend goes well. I will try to watch the programmes if I can.

  12. I love Freddie’s Flowers – I subscribed back last November and was so impressed with the quality – they are just beautiful. They stay fresh for absolutely ages, I often skip a week or i’d have more flowers than I can manage! Recommended.

  13. My daughter won a 6 week delivery of Freddie’s Flowers..gorgeous(just as you describe) she treated me to a couple of boxes and I’m going to start ordering too. I agree “A real treat “

  14. How lovely ! Will take a look. I’ve just been given to bunches this afternoon, one bright yellow bunch including sunflowers, roses and gerberas and a separate bunch of red/pink/white roses. Just had 4 old school friends come for tea so I made cakes, they came at 2 and have just gone, managed to social distance in the conservatory as it rained for some of it! One of them was traveling through today so we decided we should all make the effort. It was lovely. X

  15. Beautiful flowers and impressed with the instructions that come with them.
    I love fresh flowers and used to treat myself occasionally. When we got together Ray said “don’t expect flowers and romantic rubbish from me” and I beleived him. Since we married he has bought me flowers, mostly roses, almost every week, only missing about 8 weeks in 22 years, until January when Covid hit the country and everything shut down. Somehow for Valentines day this year he managed to get some silk roses delivered so they would last forever, like our marriage he said. How’s that for a self confessed non-romantic who is really a big softy.
    We saw Freddie’s ad on TV this afternoon and I have a feeling he is considering trying the service as it is going to be a long time before he can go out to buy a bouquet. I will show him your blog and hope he takes your recommendation on board even if it is not until our anniversary in October. I live in hopes.
    More comfortable here today although still no rain.
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  16. What a lovely treat – and educational – and creative!! I have a friend who is a florist and she always calls flowers by their ‘proper’ latin names so as not to get confused! It is good practice and I try to do the same.
    Love my poppets – thank you.
    Hope you are all well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite) Being long haired, Bendycat is finding the heat a bit too much at the moment – so he brought me a mouse last night!!

  17. What a lovely idea and how good of the company to give you details of the flowers and how to arrange them (I generally just dump flowers I get in the post (rare!!) in a vase and pull them out a bit! At the moment, I’m picking roses, carnations and other flowers from the garden, mostly to give my friend next door, but I keep some for myself too. It’s a wonderful year for roses. Thanks for company details. I’ll keep it for when I send flowers next. I think I’d feel guilty spending money on flowers for myself, but that’s just me – I have to budget carefully.!

  18. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely bouquet and a brilliant idea. It’s always good to treat yourself – I do it at least once a month( guess what on?!). I’ve never heard of Freddie’s Flowers , they probably don’t deliver up here but I’ll have a look. I’ve finally got a date for my knee replacement , 3rd Sept, but have to self isolate from next Thursday and then travel into Darlington to have a pre op and then again for Covid swabs. What is the sense in making me isolate only to go out? I’m not allowed to have any visitors so I think I’ll be taking a lot of crafty stuff in to keep me occupied including the embroidery plates as they take ages to do! It’s a private hospital but I’m getting my op through NHS so I’ll see how the other half live! Been definitely cooler up here today, hope you’ve got a bit of respite from the heat. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  19. I love Freddie’s Flowers too 😊
    I signed up with them last year as they had a stand at Wisley Flower Show.
    They are an impressive company for sure, and I too would highly recommend them. Very reasonably priced as the flowers normally last for over two weeks. Just a water change every few days & you’re good to go!
    Very beautiful, and as you say, something to look forward to…..on a Tuesday for me 😊 💕💕💕

  20. Gorgeous flowers and a brilliant idea.
    I spent today cutting greenery and flowers in my neighbours garden which I have added some roses from the supermarket to, and have now arranged a huge arrangement for my daughter’s wedding tomorrow. Really chuffed at how they turned out.

  21. What a small world. My son also sent me the same flowers, mine too are lasting so well. He says it is the first of many I will receive simply to say thank you for being my mum. How nice is that.

  22. Your flowers are beautiful & can understand why you telling us all about them. Not a company I had heard of but will bear them in mind for future purchases. I have used a company called bloom&wild that does letterbox flowers which is a useful concept as the box can be put through the door as the name suggests.

  23. Wonderful flowers Barbara and when something works as it is intended to why not sing its praises. This way of selling flowers is just so different and Freddie obviously knows how to please and does it 110 percent. Enjoy this weeks beauties .

  24. Oh wow Barbara your flowers are gorgeous. I haven’t heard of that company I must check them out. I do like having flowers in the house. Have a great weekend. Take care. Hugs xxxx

  25. Hello Barb, I am sure they were at Chelsea last year (obviously this year was cancelled), and as you say a fantastic concept. Enjoy your flowers, they are gorgeous and why can’t we treat ourselves especially if it keeps another business going in the process. Will look into them, once we establish what is happening with Hubby’s work. Take care and stay safe everyone

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