A Groovi little Heart….

A Groovi little Heart….

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Way too hot to stay in here blogging! I is meltin!!!

But I wanted to blog the Groovi Step by step to completion which we started on HOCHANDA today, but didn’t have time to finish.

Can you read pictures? Good! Because I am dripping here, so will just post the pics!! You can fill in the instructions!! Pretend you‘re me, get your London hat on and read out the How-To as you go through the pictures!


Well done.

Piece of cake, eh?!?

Time to put my feet in a bucket of cold water. Ah … that’s right. No water….

Love and Hugs

Barb xxxxx

27 thoughts on “A Groovi little Heart….

  1. I hope you don’t have to wait too long for the water to return.
    I loved your trick of writing the letters in white pencil.
    I bought the Groovi heart plate as a reward for doing 3 hours of paperwork for my daughter! She doesn’t know yet that she’s bought it for me!!
    See you tomorrow in the SHAC Shack xx

  2. Still no water! Poor you. Hope it cools a bit for you soon. Lovely day up here but haven’t actually been out. Watched Hochanda, ordered stamps and then moved a couple of bookcases to finish paining the study! Wee bit to go but will finish it tonight. Big hair day tomorrow. Trip to the big city ahead. Scary thought but it will be fine! No plans to hang around! See you in the morning before I head off. Have a lovely evening. Hx

  3. I hope you have water soon. Its amazing how we take it for granted that water will flow out of our taps and its only when it doesn’t that you realise how lucky we are.
    Great groovi project. I do love the hearts… Both stamp and groovi format.
    Hope you get a bit of respite from this heat.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  4. Eeek no water! not good, hope it comes back on quickly. Its too hot to do any craft today so I have tidied the craft room and put away some stamps that have been sitting waiting for a while. Fingers crossed the weather breaks tonight…they keep saying it but will it happen…

  5. No water? – poor you, hope it comes back soon.
    Despite the heat had a wonderful night’s sleep on our new bed. Woke up refreshed, went to the foot lady and had a few probs attended to, so now feel ready to attack the world again.
    Thanks for the step by step, these stamps and the Groovi plate are lovely. My order is in. 💖
    Terrible train accident in Scotland due to the rain causing floods and landslide. So Sad.
    Hope it cools down tomorrow, our house hasn’t cooled below 83F overnight and is currently in the low 90’s and we’ve had enough of the heat. Where’s the snow?
    Stay safe everyone.

  6. Still no water? Poor you! Hope this will be sorted soon and that in the meantime you find other ways to cool down! Have a good evening and try to keep cool. Hugs xxx

  7. That is so beautiful. Praying you’ve soon got water again. We’ve just had a new boiler installed and now it turns out that the shower isn’t compatible with it so its working properly! Waiting for a new one to be fitted, but not great in this weather

  8. We finally have some rain, so hope it will cool things down a bit. Hope your water is back on.
    I love this Plate and the step by step is lovely. Thank you. Take care and sleep well. Hugs. Annette X

  9. Hi Barb,
    Oh gosh – no water, how awful! Hope you get some quickly. Your Groovi project is lovely. I had to record the shows as I was out for a socially distanced outside lunch with friends. However, I did buy both sets of stamps direct from Clarity so I’m happy! Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  10. Hi Barbara this is a stunning project it is just so pretty. It is still hot here but we do have water. I hope your water comes back soon. I am so pleased with my colouring this week. It has helped me keep calm with some odd things that are going on. See you tomorrow morning. Hugs xxx

  11. Really enjoying the colouring this week. Midge bites – they say Marmite keeps them away (eaten) and Avon Skin So Soft original is meant to work too. Keep cool.

  12. Still no water. !!
    Can’t help but think you’re being picked on. Over in Eastbourne I know they have water but been told to use only as essential.
    Well done to you and Paul on getting through your demos in such hot weather.

  13. I feel so sorry for those of you suffering with the heat. Here in West Cornwall it’s very warm but not so hot as the south east and our bedroom and sitting room face north east and there’s a light breeze wafting through the windows. Different story in the winter though!!
    So many people down here on holiday, the roads are very busy, haven’t ventured on to the popular beaches, just joined the grandchildren on a rocky beach on Sunday for some rock pooling and searching for sea glass, only a few people there. Hope you have got water by now xx

  14. This weather is crazy…. We don’t have your heat here, and last night we had thunder and lightening for hours. A lot of roads closed and mega flooding. You are welcome to some of our excess water!!!!

  15. A beautiful project and Groovi plate, I bought it when it first came out at the open day. It’s so useful for lots of occasions. I hope you soon get your water back on, bad enough it happening when it’s not hot but in this heat must be dreadful. Such a brilliant Shac Shack again today, loving the bluetits. Didn’t get to watch the shows as still trying to catch up on all the projects we’ve been doing but will see it on catch up over the weekend. Something good to look forward to watching. We had a few downpours of rain and a bit of thunder about an hour ago but hasn’t cooled it down yet.xxx

  16. Lovely step by step, I’m looking forward to watching the shows on catch up, as I’ve been out all day helping daughter take old sofas to tip. Drive home took 2 hours and it’s only 24 miles door to door, too many idiots on the road ploughing on through flood water and getting stranded.

  17. Hi Barbara
    So Sorry to hear this morning that you had no water. I promise that even though I only live about an hour from Crowborough, it wasn’t because I had put some water in Lily’s (my Labrador) paddling pool. She only has enough to cover her paws to cool them down when she gets back from her walk.
    I do hope you have some running water now and that you were able to cool down your feet.
    Thank you for showing us the lovely Groovi step by step little heart card that. It is stunning.
    Take care
    Love & Hugs

  18. Hello Barb, super shows, loved this demo, and thanks for finishing it here, despite the hot weather. Having no water in this heat is dire, I hope they have restored your water supply and you could cool down. We had a lovely storm last night and it really has cooled the air down. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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