Some Partial Art – and More Blog Candy!

Some Partial Art – and More Blog Candy!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in! And Thank you so much for joining yesterday in the 100 Hours SHAC Celebrations!

Recently in the SHAC-Shack we ventured up to the Water colour end of the Pergaliner pencil box, right? So how about a simple little step by step here, using both ends of the box – and our lovely Petite watercolour Journal..

I have done a little page to commemorate the 100 hours, using just part of one of the entwined frames I drew a while ago. All available individually, but great savings on the bundle!

Spring frame mounted on a megamount, just used partially. Let’s call it Partial Art!! I slid a larger Megamount in underneath the water colour leaf I was stamping on, to ensure a completely flat surface too. And I used a waterproof black Archival ink pad, so it stayed pristine when I started throwing water at it!

Just placed 2 parts on the little page, then very randomly washed over the flowers and leaves with water colour..

Once the wash was down and dry, I went back in to add depth with the same colours over the top, but using B Pencils from the other end.

Couple of our new FEEL GOOD FACTOR Stickers to tie it all togather. Happy Days.

I thought we might have another little giveaway today? How about a lovely little Water colour petite Journal and a set of the 3 little watercolour brushes too. It’s just a gesture, but so useful!

All you have to do, to be in it to win it is tell me which has been your favourite thing to do in the SHAC SHACK since we started. Write your answer below, and then I will get Dave to pick 5 lucky winners out of the hat….

Gotta go. It’s teatime!!

Love always

Barb xxxx

223 thoughts on “Some Partial Art – and More Blog Candy!

    1. It’s hard to say I have loved going places, that taught me to draw and I’m thrilled, thankyou Barbaraxx

  1. I love going to Africa. It was fun learning to draw the people. The elephants were a challenge but I got there in the end.

    1. Our trip to New Mexico, I loved drawing the dream catcher and arrows and listening to all of Barbara’s fascinating stories 🙂 xxx

  2. I have enjoyed all of the projects but the owls in the postcards were a favourite their eyes really gave them character and the feathers for doodles it has to be Happy so many new techniques learnt and a bit of artistic license xx

  3. Difficult to say as I’ve enjoyed it all but to actually draw and get some decent results has been the greatest thing for me I think. X. P.s. then again I’ve learnt to colour differently too ! X

    1. I have loved the doodling and the discovery that I can draw! I like the way you showed us how to turn hearts into Birds on a wire and incomplete figure 8s into boats. Favourite piece? – Well, the Geisha was amazing – I was so pleased with her that I recreated her on a birthday card, my first hand-drawn card (at least, first since I was about 6, which is probably the last time I drew freely before Shac-shac!). THANK YOU!!

  4. I loved the very beginning, the birds on the wire, three trees, rabbits and flowers. Didn’t progress from there really but have done several postcard doodles for my scrapbooking.x

  5. For me l loved the doodling especially the bunnies..they were my favourite and now when I make cards I doodle one on the flap where you close..but I enjoyed all the time spent with you it has all been a lot of fun for me..thank you for all your time

  6. I loved to learn how to draw and to colour any of the themes because I became more confident and now I can say « I am able to draw » and understand how to mix the colours. I am very happy 😊. Thank you so much !!

  7. My favourite doodle so far is our walk in the woods. Favourite postcard, the bluetits!
    But my favourite SHAC-Shack thing is simply listening to you Barb, whilst I craft 🙂

  8. I’m finding it very had to choose I have enjoyed so much l think it’s the owls it gave me so much confidence to use the different aspects of using the blending coloured pencils thank you Barbara for your time and laughter and tears xx

  9. I loved the variety in the woods. It made me look at the leaves and flowers properly so that I could draw them. I’ve learnt a lot since I started, gained confidence to try different things and, after 9 months of retirement, I’ve finally learnt to slow down.
    Thank you x

  10. Think it was are trip to Africa when I suddenly found I could draw and enjoyed it everything since real buzz. Yet to go back do ballon plus kite finish Japan did lady just needs tree and circle thank you so much xxx

  11. I think the cockerels have been my favorite, but I am just amazed at what I have achieved so far. Thank you Barbara xx

  12. Hi Barbara and hello to Dave too,
    I have enjoyed learning to draw and learning to stop judging my own work so harshly. There are no experts in the building but lots of folk who encourage each other and are therefore blossoming in our abilities.
    Thank you Barbara and all the safe, happy and creative gang.

  13. I have loved every minute of the time spent in the Shac, but my favourite was Hawaii as it brought back so many happy memories of when I travelled there when I was 15. Its when I learned how pineapples grow, visited the Arizona sight which was very emotional reading the names and watching the Japanese tourists threw Roses into the sea as they remembered those lost. Lots more memories and has made me determined to go back and explore more of the islands away from Honilulu. I still wear the shell jewelry we bought there and that too evokes happy memories.

  14. I cannot pick 1 thing as its all been fab encouraging and a learning curve. But most of all the company as been excellent over lockdown even though I’ve worked through with nhs..been a godsend for chilling out after teatime. Thanku so much Barbara ..clarity and all the shackers keep up the fab work much lovexxx

  15. I loved colouring the blue tits especially as I was able to use the polychromo’s. The colour was so vivid!

  16. I love it all but something happened in Japan, I found my confidence and enjoyed going a little off piste. We started serious colouring and just loved the pretty Geisha and the cherry blossom.

    Virtual travel with all the stackers. ♥️

  17. I loved the doodling, adding colour to the postcards and the conversation…. The mindfulness was amazing and soothed it my worried soul. Thank you

  18. I loved all the hours and what we were doing–doodling, coloring….
    But perhaps my favorite is the watercoloring–I love doing that for many years now and learned a lot when we were doing this in the Shac hours!!!
    Stay save and healthy and enjoy your weekend with Dave and your parents too?
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  19. Loved the dream catcher week……. not just because of surprising myself with my abilities….. but listening to the stories about New Mexico that took me away from the worrying times to a much happier place…….

  20. Is there one favourite thing? Every single thing we have done in the SHAC SHAC has been a new experience for me, I feel I have gained so much confidence with drawing, colouring and tackling so many new things it’s been great. If I had to pick just one thing though, it would be tackling watercolour and actually being able to get a semi decent picture at the end of it! Thank you so much Barbara! Here’s to many more hours! X

    1. Like everyone I love it all but if I had to choose it would be the doodling that has progressed to proper drawing- I look at some of the things I’ve created and go wow I did that!

  21. Probably the woods and under the sea , have enjoyed learning all the different techniques , am loving this week’s snowflakes and using the tracing paper ,done a few more today looking forward to next week

  22. Just learning to draw. I cannot believe what I have been able to do and really can’t choose a favourite, as each one was a step forward in ability for me. However, the woodland was a bit special for some reason.
    You are very generous with the blog candy, but please don’t include me in this one. I know that it is not really for me and would rather give another chance to someone who would love it. Thanks for your generosity though and have a lovely evening. Hugs. Annette X

  23. I’ve really enjoyed been told to have a go – and been pleasantly surprised by most of my attempts. If you don’t try, you won’t know how it’ll turn out, until it’s finished. Thanks Barbara x

  24. Magic mushrooms in the woods! Very difficult to choose. It has been so marvellous to progress with your tuition. Very, very grateful

  25. Walk in the wood, really amazed myself as to what I could create with Barbara’s help and tuition. Thank you

  26. Being able to draw recognisable pictures and learning the tricks of colouring. Don’t have a favourite, love everything we have created. Boy have you given me confidence and support in a dark time. Thankyou with buckets of love. X

  27. I have loved it all. I think the most effective things I have learnt is how to get character into birds’ eyes, feathers and birch trees.

  28. I have loved all of them so far, but my favourite and the one I was so chuffed with was the Geisha girl. She was fantastic!

  29. Hard to choose but definitely drawing. As I have come such a long way from struggling at the start. Thought I was just going to doodle and ended up drawing whole scenes.

  30. The birch trees were my absolute favourite because I was so pleased with the result. That postcard was amazing. I don’t have those frames that you used so I might just have to see if they fall into my basket!! Have a good weekend. Lots of love. Hx

  31. I loved doing the woodland scene and my favourite postcard has to be the blue tits. It’s all been a wonderful learning curve. Thank you Barbara. x

  32. My favourite drawing was the kite scene, I’ve also enjoyed learning to persevere with colouring, get through my feeling I’ll never be finished to the stage where I just colour and chill.
    Shac shac saved me from lovkdown depression … thank you Barbara xx

  33. I loved the mushrooms and the birds on the wire the bunnies I especially loved the banter I enjoyed it all, Thank you to the most amazing teacher Barbara Gray xxxxx

  34. Shading
    Hot air balloons
    Aloha writing

    Sharing our work
    Helping each other
    Carrot people

    And darn well drawing something other people can recognise!

  35. I have loved every doodle but my absolute favourite was our trip to Africa, I did the original doodle, coloured it…….then did another one as I preferred just the penned image…….I loved it so much I framed it, it is now hanging up on a wall…..this was my turning point when I considered myself to be able to draw.
    It’s all down to you…lovely lady x

  36. I have loved the Doodling/drawing element the most. The excitement of seeing what you planned for us at the beginning of the week and being sure I’d never manage it right through to the satisfaction at the end of Doing my best.. Only with your guidance is this possible. Thank you again Barbara.

  37. I think my best bit has been learning the tricks and tips to draw something I would initially think I could not do and that the use of the rubber (or eraser) is not to be sniffed at and it’s a ‘pieceacake’ as there are no experts in this building . We are all on a level playing field.

  38. I love learning to do the shading. It makes such a difference to the picture. Second is learning how to colour. Had no idea it was so involved.
    Thanks so much!

  39. For the most part I like drawing the scenes rather than colouring the p/card and really need to try harder with watercolour as I love the soft effect. I think my favourite drawings were under the sea and the dream-catcher, arrows and desert scene. if pushed, i’d say the latter as I learned so many techniques that week, especially about shading.

  40. Drawing the African scene and then making a copy to colour afterwards has been my favourite. So hard to choose as have loved it all. Personally i could do with some more help with drawing perspective if you ever the time. Bless you for your kindness.x

  41. I have loved being part of the Shac Shack community from day one. So many challenges and adventures on the Clarity bus. Looking back at all my pieces of art it is very hard to choose a favourite but I think doodling some birds on a wire on day one has to be my favourite. Why? Because it was the beginning of an amazing creative journey for myself and hundreds of other SHAC SHACKERS! Thank you Barbara.

    Simple but effective, it has unlocked a new found confidence for drawing.

  42. Hello
    For me it is just being part of a creative, artistic group. Everyone is positive and supportive and if there was more of that in the world then we’d all be in a better place. Thanks everyone!

  43. The birds, flowers and leaves. Week one was brilliant for me as I have a tremor. It was good to produce something. I’ve so enjoyed just listening though. I’ve learned a lot that I can hopefully put into practice after I’ve had surgery. 🤞🏻

  44. Ooh – hard to choose! I guess my favourite hours were all the pen doodles. There’s just something very freeing about switching off and drifting, letting the pen change empty spaces. Love it ☺️

  45. I’m going to take us right back to the beginning with the word HAPPY
    because that’s how it made me feel x

  46. I have loved it all and the way that you have broken everything down meant that it made it easier to achieve. I have always dreamt that I could draw but like hundreds of others was told I had no talent, you have given me at 71years old such joy many many thanks for your time , generosity, and compassion xxx

  47. Each day at 10 o’ clock the excitement waiting on Barbara was indescribable and with out fail i gained more information and ideas. Words are inadequate to describe the talent and humour,and
    travel knowledge of this lady,Thank you Barbara and continued blessings and health with your talents. x

  48. Loved New Mexico, but enjoyed watching listening to all your stories ,learning different things about the countries you have visited😄 .
    Mary x

  49. I loved the early day’s when we learnt how to draw the birds, flowers and tree’s. The whole journey has been a blast x

  50. There’s just so much that I’ve loved doing that I can’t narrow it down to one thing. Think it’s somewhere in amongst the Woodland, the bamboo in Hawaii, colouring and water colouring.
    I just enjoy it all!!
    Thank you xx

  51. I’ve enjoyed it all! I’ve gained so much confidence with my drawing and doodles but I loved learning how to use water colour pencils- thank you so much for all your tuition.

  52. I’ve loved every minute of it but the colouring has to be top of my list. So relaxing.
    This 100 hours has been a great gift from you to us crafters and I thank you for your generosity.
    Enjoy your weekend with the lovely Dave, so nice to meet him at last.
    Stay safe, stay well, stay happy.
    Love and hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  53. I am thoroughly enjoying the journey we are all on but my favourite was stopping at the House that jack build


  54. How can I choose. The little birds on the first day amazed me. Learning to use the polychromos was brilliant. Loved travelling, but being home in the woods as we all are, was a delight. Best of all being together, happy, sad and learning. X thank you xx

  55. Learning how to colour using both types of pencils. Enjoyed all the colouring sessions and gained a lot of confidence. Thank you.

  56. Loved every day, even when working from home, listening to your stories made me not feel so alone. Better than any radio station, always mafe me feel like we were all in the room together. The colouring techniques will be so useful.
    Thank you xoxox

  57. The Geisha; I was amazed that I could draw the scene. I have used the image so many time to share and make cards. It was the focus for my sisters birthday card and I bought her the stamps as a present which she loved.
    Not always made the live hour but always caught up and finished each project by the end of the week, it has been a good confidence boost.
    The skills I have learnt have been transfered to other crafts and media to do things I never thought I could.
    Thanks Elaine

  58. For me it has to be the Happy, learning the shading and adding the flowers and birds. Have loved it all and looking back can’t believe how far I’ve come. Thank you so much for the 100 hours of your time and teaching us all that we can do it x

  59. The Geisha, because when I first saw it, I felt that I would not be able to reproduce it. The feeling I got when I did indeed achieve it was fantastic.

  60. It is very hard to pick a favourite, but if I have to choose it would be the woodlands and Japan.
    Never thought I would be able to draw a figure but with your encouragement Barbara, the Geisha appeared.
    Many blessings lovely lady x

  61. I love everything Oriental so it has to be the Geisha for me ,but my grandson adored my Cockrels which he couldn’t believe that I had actually done.
    Most of all your company has been invaluable, thank you for being you.

  62. Laughing along with you Barb when you talked about your lockdown bristly legs!!
    Doodle. Amsterdam and into the woods
    Colouring – humming birds and owls eyes …uhm and Nuthatches
    Oh blinkin heck. The lot, loved it all…wasn’t much I didn’t enjoy..
    My favourite thing of the 100 days, was joining the SHAC SHAC on day one. So I’m a centurion too.

  63. So many, I’ve loved every single thing. Is that being greedy? I think it was the moment I said l can do this.
    When my eldest Son saw the Mexico picture, with my fluffy feathers. He said to me, its like I had been there. He has i’ve only gone there virtually. But as I’ve said every one is an adventure. Which I’ve throughly enjoyed. I just get better & better every week. So thank Barbara so much. Loved every minute! & that’s the truth. 👏👏👏😁😘

  64. I enjoyed the chequered border in the early doodling sessions and I love the snowflakes even though we haven’t finished with them yet. Plus the chat.

  65. It’s difficult to choose a favourite as I’ve been on the shac shack bus every day and have found such enjoyment in feeling part of a like minded community for an hour every day. The fact that I now seem to be able to draw is a bonus, – I was blown away by my hot air balloon doodle and both me and my son are still spellbound by the 3D borders that really look curved; but for me it’s been the journey. I’ve loved the honesty and openness you have shown Barbara and chuckled away with you on many of your stories. I can’t Thankyou enough for giving so freely of your time and immense talent and bringing us all together.

  66. My favourite thing is to use what I learnt about doodling to add interest to my stamped images .Micron pens are the business ! I am amazed at the many talented people posting their art work and your generosity sharing the techniques Barbara .I have a lot to catch up on and so the u tube videos are super .Take care of yourself and well done on all your hard work .

  67. I’ve learnt the most from the Doodling/Drawing being one of those that would have automatically said “I can’t do that”. The geisha was my favourite.

  68. Barb,
    That’s such a difficult decision.
    Drawing is my favourite thing, Japan was amazing, because it was so beautiful and such a serene and peaceful scene. Also surprisingly I’ve really enjoyed the precise colouring with the pencils. Which is not really my style. The water colouring has always annoyed me before, as I could never get the effect I wanted. The SHAC has made me practise both of these techniques more, and I will keep pursuing those. Hopefully in the SHAC SHAC.
    I have an idea that also for you, the water colouring has reawakened something, because it is different.
    Hugs Sue

  69. I think it was the woods as it was really the first time I started adding my own drawings. I have also loved all the colouring as it has been such an eye opener to see how it is so different from colouring in! It has all been such an amazing 20 weeks. Thank you. Xxx

  70. The snowflakes this week has been fantastic. Thank you Barbara for all your hard work, enjoyed it from day one.

  71. Loved all the art work, learned a lot about shading but best part was being sure of good company and a laugh for an hour each morning. X

  72. My favourite thing is going to the Shac Shac what a pleasure it brings to be able to join in and learn so much from you. Colouring the Cockerels and the Hummingbirds felt like a life changing experience for me, as for 61 years I thought colouring was just about staying in the lines!
    Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you and Clarity does! X😘

  73. The Bird House and Bower is my favourite because it was the first time I produced something freehand that looked something like reasonable. All down to your tuition Barbara.
    SHAC shack has given me a structure to my day and helped me to maintain a balance.
    Thank you again Barbara.

  74. New Mexico is my favourite!
    I’ve gained the confidence in my own drawing ability to now take teacher led art lessons in watercolour, graphite and pastel.
    Thank you Barbara xx

  75. Finding with your teaching that I could draw and the House that Barbara showed us how to build and the feeling of community at a lonely time.

  76. I have to say I have loved every single project we have done, if I only have to choose one it would be the Geisha girl. Please dont put my name in as I have them, so give someone else a chance.

  77. I have enjoyed gaining confidence to put pen to paper and draw something recognisable. In particular i never thought i could achieve the Geisha doodle…. and i did. I will be forever greatful to you Barbara x

  78. I have loved all the things you have patiently taught us to do but the thing that astounds me is listening to all your anecdotes and memories as you chatter away to give us time to catch up
    How do you remember all these incidents and occasions?
    I have to write endless lists to get anything done – if its not written down it doesn’t happen.
    Thanks for all the time you have invested in us

  79. I love today’s blog and have the stamp so will recreate it. I too have loved every minute we have spent together but if I have to pick one skill I have learned it has to be the flowers and leaves (I really enjoyed the birdhouse and entwined word)? In fact I now decorate my envelopes with a corner of trellis entwined with leaves and flowers which look quite pretty. Thanks so much Barb xx

  80. Learning how to shade, in pencils and with colours as it brings my work to life in a way I couldn’t do before visiting the SHAC-SHACK

  81. Enjoyed learning about shading, and also how you need three tones of one colour…..this has been an eye opener into the world of colour x

  82. I have so enjoyed everything and learned so much from our very talented Barbara. It is difficult to choose one but the Cockrels and the Woods were my favs. And now I am so excited to start the snowflakes and christmas baubles. Thank you so much Barb your a Star….

  83. Favourite piece of art- the geisha. However I just love to sit and doodle along with you Barbara ( and all the shac shacers) and forget what’s going on outside in the world and inside my head!!!!

  84. Doodling, all of it but used “ this too shall pass” on postcards for friends and as a thank you for essential service staff. Best of all is the SHAC shack safe haven, and Barbara’s honesty about the way a lot of us are feeling 💕

  85. The fact that every session has been wonderfully filmed and is on YouTube is brilliant. I have continued to work during lockdown and have spent many hours working in my garden that being able to catch up on YouTube is really useful. It also means that I can pause and go back when I have missed something.
    As for may favourite piece – that has to be the heart. I was so pleased with it I made it into a card and sold it for charity.

  86. I have loved it all from the pencil drawings that we began with. The heart with the name & zentangle ribbons – I am now on my 4th -each with my granddaughters names in which I am going to frame & give them to them for Christmas so they have a memory of Grandma’s lockdown art.
    I also loved learning how by adding thin layers of colour you could blend them to create texture so I have an 8 aperture picture frame waiting for the postcards 4 portrait & 4 landscape so I must check how many of each we have done.
    To add to all this I have loved the tales & facts that you have told us about New Mexico, Hawaii & Africa as we have doodled & penned our pictures & the tears & the laughter that has gone with them.
    Yesterday’s 100 hour was the icing on the cake !!

  87. Difficult to choose, have loved it all. My shading, colouring in, and drawing has improved so much. Never thought I would draw a picture for my calendar, but the lovely Geisha lady appeared for the month of June. Thank you Barbara, for your time, your teaching and your lovely company, it makes my day complete. xx

  88. I love all the processes as they all absorb me totally, but the things I go back to again and again are the simple doodles of the first 2 weeks. They are so versatile to make into beautiful cards and gifts.

    I am so tempted with your beautiful stamps, but I just don’t do the stamping bit any more…i cant do it very well on my lap, or in bed. Beautiful water colour blog,

  89. I have loved it all but learning how to colour in properly has been the icing on the cake. Think the blue tits are my favourite colourings and loved Hawaii too.

  90. The bird table and tiled roof. Before that I always said I can’t draw. After doing that I kept Going back to look at it and smiling for days and days. I then stopped saying I can’t draw. I am smiling now! I also love that the birds have a posh roof. I did have to rub out the bird that had eaten to much seed 😂

  91. Hi Barbara
    I don’t always comment but I just had to say that I have loved every doodle session I have watched all the colouring but the doodling had me well and truly hooked.
    My absolute favourite doodle has to be
    Down In The Woods the way you break down each element within the doodle just made it so easy to join in and the triptic element of the design. Is Inspired .
    I love my doodles all of them but the woods with the toadstools, and blackberries not forgetting the acorns loved it. Just loved it.
    Happy 100th hour to you and all in the shac shack 🤗

  92. I appreciate the confidence that I have discovered – that actually I am artistic after all, who knew, I certainly didn’t realise it before!

  93. Hi Barbara
    I’ve really enjoyed the drawing and was amazed my geisha girl looked very similar to yours but I have really enjoyed learning the shading techniques making my frames look round and stand out from the page. Thank you Barbara.
    Love Diane xx

  94. Every time we start a new project…we’ll it turns into my favourite! So, right now…snowflakes! It’s so darned hot here at the moment that it’s kinda refreshing doing icy things!
    Thank you for the chatter too Barbara, always learn something new listening to you and then feel better all day.

  95. So difficult to choose! The doodling over the colouring I would say. Either Africa when I first thought “I can really do this”
    Or the heart doodles where we could fill in the spaces with so many types of doodles plus the border – yes! that was my favourite doodle ever because the shading made it so 3D 😀

  96. The blue tits for colouring and painting, doodle has to be the geisha, but the best for me has to be using the water colour pencils and how to get the shading right.
    Thank you for being the bus driver, I’ve been along for the ride from day 1, loved the journey and found lots of great things along the way.

  97. I have enjoyed every moment…particularly the stripped back simplicity of the doodling and creating scenes as we progress through each week. I have expanded on things tried out in your lessons, for example the 3d tubular border and zentangles features quite often now around my work . The dreamcatcher inspired me to theme it for my daughter -in-law ‘s birthday…her card was the scene, including facts you had mentioned on it plus I made her a dreamcatcher and some turquoise jewellery as her gifts. Then you sparked an interest telling us about the Sand Dollar’s and the legend, so that sent me off for the rest of the afternoon to investigate more about the biology behind the creature and how it linked up with the legend and your face when you cracked one open to reveal the little “doves” within was priceless. You’ve also introduced me to colouring with Polychromos which I am loving too. So many thanks for giving me the chance to follow your Shack Shac and to lose my self in what you’ve got planned and in that time to be able to forget what is happening in the outside world and my health issues. It’s good therapy and if one could “bottle” the good vibes that it evokes…then one would be incredably wealthy! 👍

  98. Hi Barbara
    For me, it’s the DOODLES.
    I spent years believing that I “could not” draw. I had art teachers telling me that my work would never be “good enough”.
    I wish you had been my art teacher. You have taught me more about drawing, in the 100 hours we’ve shared than I ever learnt at school. You are an amazing, inspiring teacher. Nothing is ever out of our reach, you have taught us how to DECONSTRUCT everything and then gradually reconstruct back to its original form.
    Oh and the SHADING, wow what have you done!!! You teach us to draw inanimate objects and then you have brought them to life, giving them Structure and Depth and made them real. – Truly Amazing. Once you showed us how to add COLOUR, well, the Possibilities have become Endless.
    But I think the BESTEST THING has been YOU!!! And just how you have made me Feel!!
    I can only say Thank YOU
    Love & Hugs

  99. Love everything! But my favourite has to be learning to DRAW. Never thought I could until you proved me wrong Barbara. I now feel confident enough to have a go . Might not be great but I’m at least trying . Thank you 🙏

  100. The hour every day has been a time to be immersed in
    your humanity, sharing caring, warmth and humor.
    A time to look forward to, and to be transported away
    from loneliness and worry.
    I have learnt so much daily from your endless sharing of artistic skills and ideas.
    It has all been a beautiful journey.
    Thank you so very much Barbara.

  101. I loved doing the word in the heart and the patchwork patterns. And that I can catch up on YouTube with those that I missed. My box is all packed with micron pens, watercolour journal, pencils, mix mats – and one ink pad so I can still use my club goodies as they arrive through the winter months. It will be strange hearing all the heatwave comments during the autumn and winter months though! X

  102. I’ve loved everything! Listening to your stories and your sensible take on things, the camaraderie, seeing how everyone has progressed and finding out at 70 that I can draw having been told at school that I couldn’t. If I have to pick favourites for me it has to be the geisha and the hummingbirds.

  103. I have just read through all the comments and I am sure that they will warm your heart, the way that you have warmed ours over the 100 hours. You really are an amazing woman, to be able to bring so much joy and comfort to so many people and to bring them all together in support and friendship. Thank you. X

  104. The hour every day has been a time to be immersed
    in your caring warmth and humor.
    The Shac Shack transports me away from loneliness and worry.
    I have learnt so much daily from your endless sharing
    of artistic skills and ideas.
    It has been a beautiful journey.
    Thank you so very much Barbara.

  105. To put it simply, I’ve enjoyed every minute of the SHAC SHACK, hanging out with like minded people, listening to your calming voice, having a laugh, making new friends and finding that hidden inside me is an artist-in-waiting. Under your tuition I’ve doodled along, learnt new tricks, blended, watercoloured and shaded.
    Thank you Barbara. I’ve always said how inspirational you are.

  106. Difficult one this as I have so enjoyed every week, learning so much and looking back in my Shac Shack file, suddenly realised the cover is decorated with sea shells! The whole bundle is all I can say and you Barbara, the icing on the cake!x

  107. My favourite thing has got have been sitting with my other half for an hour and doing something TOGETHER for the last 100 days. Life gets so busy, you just don’t spend enough time with the people you love. The SHAC-SHAC as given us 100 hours sat side by side. Thanks Barb.

  108. It was the birds for me, as it was the start of a new beginning.
    We did not know where this would take us but we took a leap of faith at a time when there was so much uncertainty

  109. Thank,thank you,you make it look so easy and yes I was one of those who said I can’t draw and then managed to do the Geisha lady on a birthday card. I am chuffed to bits. Also loved the African one. But discovering how to draw simple birds and little boats and flowers does it for me.Thank you lovely lady.

  110. Love all the shac shac, but fell in love with under the sea. Thank you Barbara for all you advice and kindness over the 100 hours, looking forward to more. Please keep safe x

  111. So difficult to choose, looking back at all that we have achieved. I loved the beginning with the simple birds and trees – just proving to us all what we could do! I really enjoyed the kite, and the geisha but mostly the taking part and the enjoyment of sharing everyone’s feelings during this strange time. You, Barbara, have been a wonder and I love you for it. Thank you. Xx

  112. Love all the shac shac,but really enjoyed under the sea. Thank you for all your kindness and advice, I have learnt so much already. Stay safe. X

  113. Though not always able to join you live but thanks to the videos haven’t missed a session. Love the Shac Shack and have learnt so much. Loved doodling the kite with the frame and the scenery and my favourite postcard was the one with the blue tits. Just love blue tits. We’ve got lots visiting our garden and it’s a joy watching them.
    Thank you so much for the Shac Shack, Barbara. Thank you for your time and inspirations and also for sharing your stories with us. Ever thought of writing a book and doing your own illustrations? Hugs und Alles Liebe xxx

  114. I’ve loved it all but am so pleased with how the underwater drawing came out that I plan to copy it onto watercolour paper and colour it in and hang it in the bathroom. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to try x

  115. I’ve not always managed every day, but have loved being able to go back and catch up… and there’s still some of that to do. I loved the square design with the Smile signpost and have used it several times now for cards to send – sometimes with Smile and sometimes with Thanks – such a versatile design. Thanks so very much for your generosity of time and expertise as well as your openness to share a bit of yourself with us all, which has been such a joy.

    1. My favourite was the blue tits and trees
      But everything we have done with you has been a pleasure.

      You have given me so much, I am so grateful to you.
      THANK YOU💕🙏✏️✒️☕️🍰✍🏻😁🎨📘

  116. The very beginning. Getting started with little birds which gave confidence to continue with more detailed projects. x

  117. I too have loved it all but for me it was the beginning with the birds on a wire the flowers, leaves, trees and doodling the frames that looked 3D. I bought the ballon and bird house stamps and still can’t believe that my drawings are the same. All of the shac shac has been an amazing learning experience for me and I will always be grateful to Barbara for her generosity of spirit and time. Love, love, love it.

  118. I really enjoyed the trip to Hawaii. I never thought I could produce something that looked quite reasonable, art not my thing at school so never drew or painted anything so to colour anything at the ripe old age of 74 was an achievement and my husband of nearly 54 years insisted I posted it (in fact
    he did it for me, something else I will have to master!!)

  119. They are all my Favourites, as you have given me the courage to draw when I thought I couldn’t! If I really have to choose then the dream catcher in New Mexico would have to be it. Thank you again for your dedication to the Shac Shack. Xx

  120. Having run out of parchment, I rang Clarity to order a couple of packs. Thanks to the lovely lady at Clarity who took my order on thursday 20th. I told her I needed it asap, she said not to worry it would be sent out that day, and sure enough it was in my post box the next morning.
    Now that’s why I love Clarity and Barbara, great products, great service and great staff.
    Well done!!

  121. Progressing from doodles to drawing actual scenes has been very fulfilling… oh and learning how to colour properly with blendable pencils and adding in the watercolour ….. oh and knowing that listening to you will always cheer me up …… so basically loved everything!

  122. Your encouragement Barbara. Realising that my ability is beginning to expand. A favourite has been understanding how to use and blend the Pergaliner pencils, and the watercolouring was great fun. Thank you xx

  123. Looking back through all the weeks has made me really proud of all I have achieved. So grateful for the Shac Shac my favourite is the kite loved learning about shading as this is something I struggle with.

  124. It has to be HAPPY then adding the leaves and flowers and so on building up the scene. But enjoyed them all in their own way. It was so relaxing….. Well at times!!!

  125. Well I enjoy all of them, and feel so pleased with myself when I see the end results, however Africa was the first one that sprang to mind, I could never in a 100 years rather than 100 hours! think I would achieve such results, all down to Barbara’s humour and patience.
    Patricia xxx

  126. My favourite thing has been the shading, I love how it brings a piece to life. Also, getting to chat with my mum each weekend when we share what we’ve doodled.

  127. My favourite was when we went to Hawaii. I can’t draw for toffee, but… with your tuition I was absolutely amazed at what I achieved (so were my kids lol). Now when I’m in a virtual meeting at work I doodle bamboo! 😂 It’s hard to choose just one favourite though. Thank you. 😘

  128. I have loved learning new techniques whilst doing the postcards-particularly how to make the most of pencils when colouring!

  129. Each week I’ve thought ‘it can’t get better than this’ then another week goes by and I’m saying the same. I’ve loved every minute – I’ve laughed, cried and doodled with Barbara every day except 2. I suppose I’ve felt more relaxed in the woods so would pick that but then again …….

  130. Hello Barb, for me, it had to be the under the sea, because I just loved the fish and the shells, well just everything actually. I am still going back on all the others (and the sea one), doing little snippets of it, practicing until I feel confident enough to do the big all in one image. Long live Youtube for catch up and Barb and all the Facebook friends for encouragement and inspiration. Good luck in the draw everyone. Bx

  131. What a lovely make Barbara 🙂
    My favourite thing in the SHAC. What a hard question – it has all been fantastic. I’ve gained confidence, joined a happy community, kept my sanity, learned not to be scared of colour. I think my favourite is Shac 21. I named it “Peace Cove”. It’s where I go to in times of stress or just needing to refocus on what is good in life. It’s where I go to give thanks for what I have, for my health and family, for my online community of friends, for selfless people like yourself for giving us all your time for free. Thank you for all you have done for all of us. God bless xx

  132. I rewatched the 100th Shac,Shac and put all my doodling in order in my folder and couldn’t believe that I had that”Wow,I did that!” Moment
    I think my favorite doodle was the dream catcher, and the colouring is definitely the owls!
    I must admit in the early days I had a few moments when I thought I can’t do this,but with Your encouragement Barbara made me realize I can!
    Thank you so much X

  133. Africa brought back happy memories of a visit to a school in Kenya. The realisation that it is only a piece of paper and so it doesn’t matter if it is not perfect, it’s the taking part not the winning!

  134. Hello Barbara, I have been in the Shac Shack since day 1. I was one of those who said in the beginning “I can’t do that, no way”. But eventually with your wonderful way of breaking everything down and your gentle encouragement we no longer say that. I enjoyed the early days when we were just doodling birds, flowers and leaves but most of all it has been having you as our pocket philosopher keeping us calm and helping us stay focussed during these surreal times.
    Thank you for giving up your precious time to guide us through. xx

  135. I’ve loved the doodling journeys you have taken us on. I’m grateful to have learnt shading. Most of all I’ve enjoyed your company and the companionship of the whole group. Thank you

  136. Hello Barbara, my favourite was the Birdhouse and Bower. I got a bit left behind when things got more adventurous but am still catching up slowly. Thank you for all the tips and tricks and showing us that we can all make art. XX

  137. Loved doing the blue tits and visiting New Mexico. Your comments are always appreciated and the hour goes too fast!

  138. It has to be the trip to Africa for me. I drew the African father and child on my Fathers Day card for my Dad and he was chuffed to bits. He asked where the stamp came from and was absolutely amazed when I told him that I had drawn it. Thank you so much Barbara for giving me the confidence and tools to be able to draw my own cards. You are a very special lady. xx

  139. Hi Barbara. For me it has to be the trip to Holland. My dad’s family was originally from there and Amsterdam is a great place to visit. But all the doodling and drawing has been a revelation for me. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I could draw anything. When I look at my file of pictures I am still amazed that I drew them. Thank you so much for sharing your skills and inspiration with us. Hope you, Dave, your children and your parents are all safe and well. Looking forward to the next 100 SHAC Shacks!!!!! Love Diane. Xxxxx

  140. Suprisingly my favourite was when we coloured the humming birds. I have scanned this card in and printed out a set of notelets for my friend. In the doodling though it had to be the flowers. Although that was shac shac 9 by 36 I felt confident enough to send a card out to a friend that I had drawn and coloured myself. Thank you

  141. The blue tits, because I feed them every day in the garden, & every time I look at the coloured postcard it brings me such joy.

  142. My colouring has improved 100% so thank you Barbara, But my favourite bit of the Shac Shack was learning to draw the Geisha it really was a joy, and my effort was the one thing I am most proud of.

  143. Apart from having something to share with my sister to make up for being unable to attend workshops and open days together, I have enjoyed learning how to use the simple HB pencil to get fantastic results.

  144. Africa for me, and the wonderful elephants my favourite animal. Having spent my teenage years in Africa this was a wonderful trip down memory lane. Thank you

  145. My favourite doodle has to be the walk in the woods. I never thought 100 hours of doodling could have been so therapeutic. I was a definite non drawer at the beginning, but now I can draw! There are some mornings when I just sit and listen and some when I doodle along. Whichever it is, at the end of the hour everything seems that much better. Thank you Barbara

  146. I have learnt such a lot from the shac shack and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of it , my favourite so far I think has got to be the walk in the woods followed by the dutch Windmill . I now look at things in a different light and think can I draw that ? Thank you Barbara for all of your time and knowledge that you have given us .x

  147. Enjoying your humour, giggling with you and crying with you, feeling your every emotion. Every days a school day, I’ve learnt at least 100 new things! Our brilliant Barb and her Shac Shac, ❤

  148. I as well am amazed at what I am able to draw, given your amazing instructions. I also love that all of the sessions are on you tube as I have been working all the way through the crisis and would have missed it all. I think of the sessions I have followed so far it is the woods for me. Still struggling with the wishing well though. Thank you soo much for all the time you are giving us. 100 hours, wow…
    Anja aus Hamburg, Germany

  149. AFRICA
    Only because I have to choose, each project has been a favourite for different reasons – from the challenge to the relaxation to the techniques I have been taught
    But my favourite has to be Africa, why?
    I was transported back to my favourite ever holiday, I am so proud of my elephants and when I was a child I used to draw African warriors.
    I loved every minute and didn’t want to leave this project.
    Thank you do much 🥰

  150. Enjoyed New Mexico and the dream catcher. I have drawn the dream catcher a few times now. We have laughed and cried with you and you have done fantastic work with us. I left my job in Sainsbury’s in May due to the virus, and have been with you since day 1. You have kept me sane. Thank you, and a big hug and all Gods blessings for you and Dave.

  151. For me, the best part has been my growing confidence – colouring would definitely be the owls, they were gorgeous. Doodling, New Mexico, the feathers and dream catcher.

  152. New Mexico dream catcher because boy do we need to hold on to our good dreams at the moment! And filter the bad ones.

  153. I don’t have a favourite but all the drawing / doodling projects have been for me the most relaxing and most enjoyable. I love Barbara’s style of “let’s see where we are heading” (don’t leave the building) then breaking every element of the picture down into easy to follow steps. I’m more often than not really pleased with the end results – that’s a miracle in itself.
    Colouring I find a challenge but not stressful so I will continue to persevere – one day hopefully I’ll be happy with the end results of a completed postcard.

  154. I love doodles but my colouring has taken off. Loving the new skills.

    I also love just listening to Barbara and her outlook on life. I’m now trying to input that into my life. Especially turning negatives into positives.
    Thank you x

  155. To choose one thing is just so difficult but I guess the one thing that impressed me the most was using just an HB pencil to colour with and being absolutely delighted with the results. Mind you my colouring has come on in leaps and bounds, so much so I’m colouring my Christmas cards…result.

  156. I really loved the Geisha, didn’t think at all that I could draw her and so enjoyed colouring her in too. Had so many wow comments about how lovely she was which was so nice.

  157. Learning to draw in bite size pieces is amazing but Geisha was my favourite. Love your company and something lovely to focus on. X. X

  158. Oh boy that is difficult. I really did like drawing the windmill. But I have liked so much. I have even drawn images and made my own cards. I never thought I would be able to do that. Take care. Hugs xxx

  159. hi Barbara,
    When it is about coloring than I choose the hummingbirds ( after Dee Paramours version).
    When it is the doodling I choose “the dreamcatcher” with the feathers and New Mexico.
    But actually all what we did was wonderfull and lovely to do.

  160. Definitely the owls – I remember you colouring them ages ago, I think for a card for your parents. Owls are my thing due to my surname, so I always go for anything related to them. And then there’s you, Barb. Anything you show us leaves me happy, you have such an artistic gift – just keep encouraging and teaching us please. The best thing to come out of Lockdown.

  161. I just found you ! And oh my I love it 🙂 I have done 5 days ( in 2 days time lol ) and my favorite so far is the trees! I don’t know if I’m going to continue on in order or sneak a peak at what you are up to now !

  162. Under the sea, learning how to draw water droplets.
    I have been wanting to learn how to do that for ages.
    Thank you

  163. The best part for me was just being in the SHAC shack every weekday morning. It gave me a sense of peace and calmed my mind. My blood pressure readings are much lower after an hour in the shak. Thank you for everything. You’re teaching methods are second to none. X Ann P

  164. Learning how to draw and it looks good!! The enjoyment of spending time with everyone and especially walk in the woods

  165. Learning to have confidence in my own abilities has been the main outcome of our time together. Being told at school that you can’t draw, tends to put you off, but with your gentle and heartfelt encouragement, I feel so much more positive that I can draw to the point where I’m proud to show other people what I can do. I totally loved doing all the flowers with all the swirls, and how something so simple can be so effective. Thank you. xx

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