And yet more blog candy..

And yet more blog candy..

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Work-free zone here today, so I shall offer up one more little useful thing or two, or 10! Yesterday we had a giveaway with the little Petite Water colour journal and the little set of 3 water colour brushes. Today, let’s go large!

Just think about where you would like to go in the SHAC-Shack Bus, and what you would like to doodle draw and colour during the next 100 hours. Write down your ideas below. Then we will pick 10 random winners to receive these oh-so-handy gifts.

Your ideas and suggestions will also give me the bus driver a guiding light…

We’ll pick all the winners tomorrow and the day after….I think that’ll doodle on the 100 hours celebration front. Don’t forget to get your FEEL GOOD FACTOR STICKERS! stick em here, stick them there stick everywhere!

Stay safe.

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

209 thoughts on “And yet more blog candy..

    1. Staycation as long as ive got a seat on the bus and not been left 👟👟running behind with me cream tea , fish and chips or stick of rock. Lol📢 everyone on the bus.!

  1. I’d love to go to the North Pole to see Father Christmas and his elves and all that lovely Christmas holly and berries.

    1. Lived and worked in Brazil for a year in the 80s. Would love a trip back so much to see. Carnival, Corcovado , sugar loaf mountain . New year at Copacabana. Beautiful huge blue butterflies and humming birds in the forest. Coconut sellers. Iguasu waterfall. Rock crystals. I could go on.

  2. I would like to visit an English country garden. Anywhere is fun with the great SHAC SHACK family though….. Bus driver a bit weird but we love her for that as she makes us all feel normal. X

  3. Funnily enough, I also thought India, perhaps the Taj Mahal?
    Australia, Ayers Rock , aboriginal art etc
    There are so many beautiful places we could go in the world but equally the Untied Kingdom has some fantastic scenery and traditions so we could avoid the quarantine and stay home!
    Wherever you decide will be fun xx

  4. Hi Barbara
    I would love to go back to China but to the south where those lovely blocky mountains are.
    Sher-sher! (Thank you in Chinese, but the spelling is probably hopeless!)
    See you in the morning

  5. I think we should go to Spain. flamenco. Castanets, bulls. Lots of scope
    New Zealand the Maori culture and of course sheep
    Venice. Theatrical masks and gondolas.

    Worlds our oyster, oh yeh we’ve already been under the sea and what fun that was..

    See you tomorrow.

  6. Jamaica
    Dominican Republic
    St Lucia
    Kerala, South India

    And yes that’s all the places we have been on holiday and can only dream off at the moment

  7. Nova Scotia Canada…Peggy’s Cove…Balancing Rock…whale watching..or the west coast..Rocky Mountains….my little home town of Annapolis with Fort Anne or the Habitation..Historic Gardens I think you would like our little piece of the peaceful and quiet..and beautiful to look at…hope you have a good week end

  8. English cottage garden with hollyhocks, foxgloves, delphinium, Lupins and large Colourful blooms of
    The hydrangea.

  9. Hi Barbara hope you’re had a good relaxing weekend.
    Have been daydreaming about places I’d like to go on our magical mystery tour bus,
    Firstly somewhere with penguins, think I might be able to draw a penguin.
    Next choice somewhere like the Alhambra Palace beautiful architecture but also amazing stone carvings and glazed tile work, think it might be fun to doodle and colour.
    Lastly and I’m not sure it’s possible but how about inside a cosy safe cottage with a log fire and armchair.
    Have a good evening be safe.

  10. I would love to learn to colour hills and mountains, thinking Scottish landscapes, to draw various types of flowers and animals and to do more water-colouring, particularly of flowers, on watercolour paper. Hope you’ve had a good weekend. Lots of love, Hxx

  11. I would go anywhere on the bus. Learned and enjoyed so much. Perhaps a lovely stately home and walled garden. 51st wedding anniversary today and never a cross word!!

  12. As its the year for staycations I would like to doodle some UK landmarks – doesn’t matter which ones as it woud be a magical mystery tour aboard Barbs bus

  13. I’d love to go on a canal boat trip . Through the little villages . Lots of beautiful trees and wildlife .

  14. I would love to go to Australia to see koalas, kangaroos, emus, Sydney harbour and Opera house and native art of dreamtime, or Antartica to see penguins, or South America to see the rainbow 🌈 mountains.

  15. i would like to explore more frames and patterns
    more flower and leaf techniques
    oh gnomes maybe!
    and anything else you might have to do with lettering techniques.
    You taught me the most fantastic thing writing HAPPY. I have always joined the second line from the single pencil line and it never looked good. Thanks to the SHAC you taught me to use the single pencil line as the spine and do two lines on either side of that letter! THANKYOU

  16. Easter Island and draw the stone heads that are there.
    Anywhere that has the spectacular northern lights
    Egypt, maybe a Nile cruise on a small boat. I loved it there would go back in a second.

  17. I’d love to go to Egypt to see the pyramid and the Egyptian writing and Mummy’s. I’m sure it will be a great adventure where ever the bus takes us x

  18. I would love the Clarity bus to perhaps head towards South America, Inca ruins, rainforests, glaciers.
    But as long as we are all together, keeping safe anywhere will be lovely!
    Looking forward to boarding the bus tomorrow morning to see how our stars and snowflakes develop.
    Have a good evening everyone.

  19. I just love a bit of zentangle, with regard to a trip I think someone mentioned a canal trip above and I wouldn’t mind giving that a go, otherwise I’m easy ! Thanks for more blog candy xx

  20. I would like to go around the world in a frenzy of colour. From the icy blue of the North Pole to the cool greens and blues of the mountains to the spicy reds and oranges of India and the Carribean and the deep brown and green of the rainforests. A rainbow of colours of land and water

  21. Oh I would love to doodle a nativity scene. I would also like to be able to draw a rose. In all honesty I would love to doodle anything with you in the drivers seat Barbara. I have so enjoyed the first 100 hours and I am looking forward to the next. Enjoy your evening. Hugs xxx

  22. I keep thinking a lovely Kentish oast house in a lovely English country garden (so much scope for different flowers) or a Scottish piper and a furry cow (I do love the highland cattle) with a loch and castle ……
    Too many ideas sorry….

  23. I have always loved both aboriginal and Maori art when visiting australia or New Zealand, or closer to home maybe Scotland Ireland and Wales could provide some ideas. Where ever you take us we’ll enjoy the ride I am sure.

  24. I would like to loose myself in The moon and stars, Bali paddy fields, Water Falls, Amazon Jungle, Snowdon, and a river with kingfishers and crashing waves.

  25. I would love India, with the amazing colours and patterns…. or maybe the Scottish Highlands / Outer Hebrides, with white sanded beaches, turquoise waters, remote croft cottages, thistles and puffins 🙂
    But anywhere is great… thank you so much for your enthusiasm, generosity and the inspiration you share so freely.

  26. Anywhere you fancy would be good and i would be happy to go anywhere with you! I would like to draw some more scenes such as coastal, lake District, realistic forests and some more perspective skills would be very useful. How about some flower postcards to colour.? Perhaps you could use the art work from the flower alphabet stamps to make them easier and quicker to produce.It would make a change from birds and increase skills. Thanks for everything.xx

  27. Either Alsaka with bears and moose And the Inuit traditions
    or south pole with penguins and whales etc

    How about Russia with the domed churches and Russian dolls etc

    New Zealand with Mauri traditions

    Ireland and the celtic crosses and love knots

  28. Teddy bears picnic,
    North Pole to see Santa
    Holly bush with robin
    Wales, see Linda Williams
    Kew Gardens
    ……. to name but a few but I’m just happy to followxx

  29. Cornwall ( although I am biased as I live here!) but have always admired the engine houses near the waters edge, along coastal paths also dotting the landscape as you drive along.

  30. To be honest, I really don’t mind. As you have introduced each new project, I have thought ‘I will never be able to do that’, but each time I have been proved wrong. I love the challenge of the project, the company of the other Shacers and listening to you, so any subject suits me. Here is to the next 100 hours! Hugs. Annette X

  31. I’d love to go to Australia (and visit my family I haven’t seen since the early 1980s), but with Christmas fast approaching, maybe Iceland with some Christmas scenes to doodle? If the heat comes back it’s be a lovely way to keep cool too!

  32. Anywhere in the British Isles would be lovely. So many beautiful area and landmarks. Quite happy for the bus driver to take us on a mystery trip .😊

  33. Could you show us how to draw penguins in Antarctica? Oh, and how about a trip to the Bavarian Alps? Though, to be honest, any destination will be fun with you as the driver! Looking forward to the next 100 hours xx

  34. Love to go on tour with you Barbara.
    I thought maybe it’s possible to visit Ireland or Berrick upon Tweed where we had our last holiday together 20 years ago.
    Or visiting Wetherby where our friend lives, or going to visit Beatrix Potter in the LakeDistrict.
    All driving through Memory Lane.
    Great you had a day off and enjoyed a quiet weekend.
    Will see you tomorrow again in the Shac Shack!!
    Stay save!💝👼🍀🌹
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  35. St Ives in Cornwall…….the harbour and the boats and all those cottages ( and the Sloop Inn) on the waterfront….
    Portmeirion and all the amazing Italian architecture…with the odd large ball from The Prisoner !

    1. Oh yes, I would love to go back to our favourite place in St Ives & Carbis Bay, ride the train or walk the coast path. Unfortunately, we cannot get there now because of husbands health & mobility problems. Xx Thanks Val for suggesting it.

  36. Hi Barbara hope you have had a chilled weekend, how about a drive down the Amalie coast Italy although it is a little hair raising but I’m sure you would be fine. I had some lovely holidays with my neighbour but sadly we had another holiday booked but she past away. Or Rye in East Sussex , I’m sure you would no a lot about this place.

    Mary Lang xx

  37. Wow, just finished reading through all the wonderful ideas that everyone had. Think just about everything has been covered. I am happy to just follow along. So enjoy spending time with you each day. Looking forward to the next 100. Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

    1. If I could really travel Cathie, I would go to your beautiful country. My daughter, her husband and three children live in North Vancouver and I am desperate to see them again. They live in such a stunning part of the world too. X

  38. I would love to doodle standing stones, Stonehenge, Ring of Brodger, Callanish with their stunning settings.
    Happy to go wherever you take us though.

  39. It’s not the destination for me but the people on the bus, although I do like a ice cream at the seaside 😀

  40. Well done Barbara, I had a stamp years ago I think it was in one of your design club packages, of a little quirky cottage, so how about houses, a village of gingerbread houses or similar, so would that be your parents origins in Germany?

  41. The Lake District. A water colour of the lakes with the hills in the background, perhaps a reflection in the water.

  42. Stonehenge or a historic building, I really wouldn’t know where to start with something like that, I know you would be able to show us the way. Thank you so very very much for making me realise I can draw, for keeping me and your thousands of viewers calm and sharing your love and knowledge and creating a community.

  43. I Would love to visit fields of poppies and corn on a lovely sunny day or anywhere the bus should take us as it will be enjoyable where ever it stops and love listening to Barbara’s stories it keeps us all calm xxxx

  44. I would love to go to Devon or Cornwall and enjoy a cream tea with a beautiful view with the shac shockers.

  45. Hi Barbara,
    what a nice idea to let us choose what we want to doodle. I would like to go to disneyland or another fairyland there we can draw fairies, animals and backgrounds. And I also would like to learn a little bit of steampunk (so to industrial England round 1900), how to make kuggs and robots and other (imagionairie) figures and machines. I would love to go to Paris with the fashion world. We are most women in the Shac Shac so perhaps you could drive us to Paris. last but not least I would like to draw icebergs and the North Pole, perhaps with icebears and Eskimo’s and Igloes. (intresting white on white and greyscales)

  46. Flowers, Christmas, nature, I loved the woodland. Lots of wonderful ideas have been suggested. Happy with any of them.xxxx

  47. Here Yvonne again,
    I thing that Islamic art would be so gorgeous to make. Like the Alhambra palace in Spain or to draw a wall with different tiles in Islamic design. Nice to doodle and nice to color in.

  48. Australia, New Zealand, the jungle, London Zoo or anywhere you want to take your very grateful bunch of followers. Xx

  49. I like the idea of a mythical forest, with amazing flowers and mushroom homes for the little forest folk. But also looking forward to colouring some of the exotic birds on the postcards.

  50. Love to go to Barcelona and Kenya, special memories for me. Anywhere in England. Spring scenes to give us hope would be great. I enjoy everything we do with you Barbara…. As long as there is room on that bus I don’t mind the destination x

  51. I’d go anywhere with you , ha ha can feel a song coming on , love the theatre especially musicals .. how about outer space ,stars planets , meteorites xx

  52. I’ve got a season ticket for the bus so wherever the bus goes, I go! However, my choices would be more water colouring scenes e.g flowers, fields, coastal scenes. Also zentangle lettering and I think Venice lends itself to good doodling- gondola, canals, bridges, masks etc. Thanks a million xx

  53. I would love to go back to the beginning and improve what we learnt in the beginning and more advanced with the best bus driver I have ever known

  54. I was going to say The Netherlands but we have already been there so other places that I have lived in would be either, Hong Kong, India or Iran.
    But anywhere would be lovely. Looking forward to tomorrow. 10am. See you there.

  55. Hi Barbara
    I am happy to go along with our driver and all the lovely people so long as we stay safe. What with all of the many suggestions me thinks ideas for more lovely artwork from you and your team.
    My passion is flowers and nothing gives me greater pleasure than taking images of flowers or filling in your beautiful artwork. Take care.
    Mary xx

  56. I like the idea of the autumn colours in New England. They are so amazing. Thanks for all your inspiration Barbara.

  57. So many good ideas. I would love to draw more flowers and leaves, liked the idea of some Christmas scenes ,but anywhere would be fine as I thoroughly enjoy the good company and the laughter and the tears and the knowledge. Thanks for 100 happy hours and here’s to the next 100. See you all tomorrow.

  58. Rocky Mountains
    Or closer to home the Kent countryside – poppy fields and Oast Houses

    To be honest I’m happy to go anywhere with all you lovely people

  59. Pretty much anything in the UK or anywhere else for that matter as long as it’s a challenge but whatever is chosen is fine by me. For me and a great many more this has been a lifeline. Thank you so much.

  60. It would be Egypt for me, Valley of the Kings, the Pyramids, Karnak and perhaps a little side excursion to Jordan for a visit to Petra. You could do a little trip down here to Cornwall, engine houses, rocky cliffs, fishing villages and the sea smooth as silk or crashing over the sea walls as it did this week. Anywhere really, learning that I can draw has been amazing xx

  61. Somewhere cold could be Iceland, Alaska or Norway or if you fancy a warm holiday we could visit Egypt. A staycation could be Scotland but I’m happy with the gang anywhere!

  62. Will go anywhere but would like a river scene or a cliff scene if abroad would like Iceland fjord or waterfalls x happy to go anywhere also happy to try fairy or fantasy or anything the bus driver fancies as just enjoying the ride xx

  63. I would like to doodle something like a large stained glass window in a church in a lovely setting. Loving Shac Shac thank you x

  64. How about a tumbling down cottage, or any form of transport, planes, trains to doodle? I can’t think of anything better to colour than the birds. Hope we’re doing the kingfisher. Is there a peacock I wonder.
    It’ll be great whatever you decide. Xx

  65. I would like to draw more flowers especially learn how to capture fuschias and other flowers please.
    Also simply learning doodles like we started to do at the beginning would be great.
    Looking forward to being you anywhere – perhaps we should start with Kent as many of us would have been there last week! Xx

  66. How about a window or a door, always imagine what is going on inside or to the side just out of the picture. Or some Interesting architectural feature. Anywhere is great. X

  67. Angels, fairies
    Seaside locations
    Whatever you choose Barbara is good with me. I have not travelled very far so I love to share your journeys and listen to your memories.

  68. English country cottage with lovely garden with seats and tree swing colourful flowers etc
    Christmas scenes…maybe igloos and penguins.
    Maybe a farm scene for ur Dave and us would be lovely.
    Anything is lovely all ur ideas so far have been amazing im quite far behind still…. but still catch up and watch everyday very mindful and relaxing for me as work for nhs. I do love ur stories too and when u start giggling I’m right there giggling to the point I’m in tears better than any medicine the SHAC SHAC.
    Thanku was much for ur time

  69. Australia please, my son and family live there. They have beautiful flowers and cute animals. Except for the spiders !!! Xx

  70. Egypt for me please. I’ve always wanted to go there. Was going for my 60th but then the troubles started so it didn’t happen. Don’t think I will be going now so this will be the next best thing, to visit this magical place with you.

  71. Yay… 100 hours, really made my day! Thanks Barbara for lifting our hearts each morning. A trip to France would be lovely. I’ve really missed seeing the fields of sunflowers and the old stone cottages with their shutters. There always seems to be an old man wandering through a village in a traditional beret, carrying a French stick fresh from the boulangerie. The markets full of people and fresh food. Happy memories of holidays past. X

  72. Happy to take a magical mystery tour anywhere you choose. Some great suggestions here. Would love to draw penguins, dragons, bats, hares & any flowers. Totally hooked on colouring now, maybe more techniques colouring the most popular Clarity stamps? I would also like you to work your magic on some designer papers. I love it when you see something in the pattern & turn it into a work of art! I hope SHAC Shack will continue for at least another 100 hours if you have the stamina. Thanks for sharing with us all xx

  73. My choice would be England , Scotland Wales and Ireland and all the iconic images associated with these places . But I would be happy with anywhere really .

  74. A country garden, yours maybe 😉
    Something Celtic
    The theatre
    A playground
    But basically anywhere, you come up with great ideas , and it’s the company that’s important xx

  75. I’m just going to list ideas with meaning to me:-
    My favourite building is the National History Museum in London both inside and outside. I’ve sat a looked at the outside if that building and the ‘decorations’ which are a part of it for hours.
    This led me onto the Pagoda in Kew Gardens: I would love to draw that.
    The Eden Project is magnificent viewed from outside and its interiors.
    An English coastal site. I went to Sidmouth in Devon for many holidays.

  76. Come up to the Highlands for a visit? Or if you fancy somewhere further afield what about Thailand or Vietnam- lots of iconic sights and concepts for doodles there! Hope you have enjoyed your day off ? X

  77. I have lived in North Carolina USA for 40+ years. I came down here from Alexandria Virginia (born there), just outside of Washington DC. I have not had to opportunity to travel outside the USA, so anywhere is fine with me. Looking forward to the next 100 episodes!

  78. Hello wonderful bus driver. I love all the complex ideas above, but I would also like to spent more time on some different flowers and leaves, perhaps linked in to an autumn theme…so long as you drive I will be on board. Xxx

  79. A lovely Buddha, Moroccan/Islamic art, or a nice autumnal wreath with acorns, sycamore keys, berries oak/ maple leaves – nice coloured in with reds, oranges, yellows and bright greens. But all the suggestions have something to offer. Thank you Barbara🙂

  80. Could we visit India? There are so many pattern opportunities with mandala and henna patterns. For a staycation a set of flower postcards would be brilliant please.x

  81. How about a VW Camper Van with scenery in the back ground.
    With you Barbara in the driving seat.

    Failing that I would like to be able to draw a daffodil in detail.

    I like the idea of postcards of different flowers for colouring.

    So long as you stay safe and happy that’s all that matters.

  82. I would like to go somewhere snowy like Austria or Switzerland or Norway or Finland – we could doodle snowmen, icicles, huskies, sledges, reindeer………….

  83. How about….
    Lights…New York.
    Northern Lights.
    Scottish Crofts.
    Thatch Cottages.
    Bluebell woods.
    Under the sea….
    Some of my favourite things!

  84. I would like to see India, New York and having visited last week Stonehenge and maybe the sites of Bristol. The Riverside is lovely and the Clifton suspension bridge is spectacular. The new stickers may have fallen into my basket earlier this evening lol. I already have 2 lots of the brush pens and three large watercolour pads and journals so please don’t enter me for the draw.

  85. I am happy to travel anywhere that the bus takes us. But I do love places with traditional costumes and history.
    Also you have told us you would show us how to draw eyes please xx

  86. Nature is great, coral reef, lush jungles, English country garden – so many lovely ideas from everyone. I’ve enjoyed every thing we’ve done especially colouring the owls.

  87. Or complete contrast – Darwin, Australia
    Aborigines, crocodiles, kangaroo s, wallabies, lightening storms, barramundi, spiders, frilled necked lizards, snakes

  88. Kent is the garden of England, very close to my heart, miss it and my family, would love to be sitting in a typical kent country Garden, sharing the serenity of peaceful bird song, the scent of heady flowers and a good old pot of tea. With family and friends. India might be nice lots of inspiring colours buildings animals, or a magical mystery tour! But where ever we go it will be wonderful! Barb Bus tours are the best. Don’t you agree!x

  89. The Seaside is calling…. a beach scene with deck chairs, buckets and spades in the foreground … maybe a family playing in the surf in the background… sand dunes and grasses swaying in the sea breeze. Beach huts in the distance… birds flying overhead, a lighthouse on a rocky outcrop… but wherever you take us, we’ll enjoy the journey x

  90. Happy to go anywhere, I have enjoyed the journey so far. I had a go at a visit to India on my own as I was lucky enough to visit 14 years ago. I will post a copy on the website tomorrow. One place I have not seen suggested is Russia, plenty of beautiful palaces and interesting buildings, amber, faberge eggs and oh, the nested dolls. The hand painted ones are stunning and extremely expensive. Very interesting country to visit.
    Happy to further explore colouring the clarity postcards and watercolouring techniques.
    Really grateful for you giving us all your time and insights.

  91. Maybe Egypt to visit the pyramids, perhaps ancient Egypt and meet a pharo.
    Wherever we venture it’s sure to be fun.

  92. How about Cambodia and Angkor Wat? We went there a couple of years ago and it was stunning. The architecture was amazing and I think the stone work, patterns and statues would lend themselves to a doodle or two. On saying that I’m happy to take the bus anywhere 😃

  93. Cottage garden ,botanical gardens, ferns would be lovely .Also to visit Bethlehem,Nazareth the old city of Jerusalem .A trip anywhere right now would be magic!

  94. A visit to Native Americans would be interesting, but I am happy to get on the bus and see where it takes us.

  95. Aa this is the only bus I ride I am delighted it will be running for another 100 days.
    Wonderful suggestions from everyone and I am happy to go along with whatever you decide. However, flowers and colouring are my preference.
    How about :
    a full blown rose with a bud and leaves
    Hellebores (also known as a Christmas rose)
    Anyway, I will be on the bus, and enjoying every minute of it as you are a very good driver.
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  96. I think there are more than enough ideas here, I’d be happy to just stay on the bus and go where you go, but if we have to say a place I think it would be the trip you did with Dave and your brother a few years ago in France where you visited Cordoba etc it was so

  97. How about Italy, leaning Tower of pisa.
    Or Venice, with the Vanecian ladies & Gentlman. Masks & all the costumes.
    Or how about Kew Gardens. Botanical flowers. Or anywhere where our driver is willing to take us. I’m just very happy to be on the same bus as my Shacker Mates, & you ofcourse Barbara 😉😁😘

  98. The Swiss Alps would be nice but I would also like to visit Alice in wonderland and meet all her animal friends or any fantasy place somewhere far from the reality of 2020!

  99. I would love to go to Turkey. The beautiful tiles, home of the tulip. The view in Istanbul of the Blue mosque and Aya Sofia with the sun going down. Also all the archeological sites, Troy, Ephesus. I suppose I am a bit biased as we spent 4 wonderful years there in 1980s.

  100. I’d love to go to Spain. Flamenco, Alhambra Moorish patterns, lace, castles, mosaics, sombreros, bougainvillea… sea ,sand.
    Just love it xxx

  101. Hello Barbara I would like to invite you to Ireland to visit the gnomes and fairies and leporhorns in a magic Garden or maby a visit to somewhere in Toronto Canada but happy to go wherever the bus takes me

  102. I’m happy to go anywhere on the bus but as mentioned by many others, Australia, Egypt, India, Mandalas, Italy, Morrocan tiles. There’s so much to fill the next 100 hours with. Many thanks for you time, commitment and love xx

  103. India, followed by any where in the UK for the landmarks, an English country garden with thatched cottage or a calming trip on the canal with narrow boat.
    Happy to stay on the bus for another 100 days so long as Barbara is the driver!!

  104. Hi Barbara
    I think my favourite so far is probably in the woods. I love nature so anything like that would be lovely. Or the sand dunes in Norfolk.
    Otherwise I think the Moon would be interesting, looking back on the world. Or being in that hot air ballon that we drew and looking down.
    For something different how about travelling back in time seeing people in different fashions or modes of transport. Even in foreign countries seeing people like the Romans, Egyptians, Kings and Queens or even cavemen and dinosaurs.
    My last choice is mystical, and with that you can go anywhere, dragons, Mermaids, Pirates, even Heaven.
    But wherever you decide to go next, we will all be on the bus with you, so it better be a very big bus.
    Take care and stay safe
    Love & Hugs

  105. So many lovely places have been suggested but a Christmas wreath would be nice or a fireplace decorated with Christmas stockings. I’ll just wait to see where the driver takes us. xx

  106. Fields
    Flowers…any flower
    Water mill (so enjoyed the windmill week!)

    Trying to think of something original, but most things have been mentioned already or are happily already available at Clarity!

  107. Would love to visit the Kimberly Region of Western Australia to see the landscape in the reds, oranges, browns, the earthy tonings that it is. (Google it to see the picturesque surroundings for yourself)

  108. I’m not much of a traveller, and I love the UK landscape – rivers, lakes, hills, mountains, beaches. Having said that, I’m enjoying the challenge of drawing things I wouldn’t normally draw.
    Thankyou Barbara.

  109. Hello Barb, I think everyone has picked all the places I would want the bus to stop at, but another visit to Africa, in particular South Africa, Poppy Fields, South America, India, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England. Wherever our lovely bus driver takes us. Let’s enjoy this journey together. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  110. I think we’ve all got the same ideas….funny that so we must be all like minded in the Shac Shack. Happy to go wherever you take us Barbara x

  111. Spanish Flamenco
    Venice. Venetians masks and gondolas
    New Zealand. Maori tribe, ferns oh and sheep!

    The world is our oyster, But we did under the sea recently!!

  112. What about a little trip in Brittany ? We have beautiful costumes with Many colours and instruments and landscapes ?
    Or learning to draw Celtic designs ?
    I love Egypt also and they have beautiful jewelry (bijoux)
    I would like to know how to draw animals also (cat, dog and African ones) and faces, expressions
    So much !
    Thank you Barbara for the time you share, offering your skills 🙏

  113. I’d like a trip round the countryside in UK, waterfalls, mountains, beautiful flowers and wildlife. So much right on our doorstep. I love colouring the birds so more please. Have loved the hours in the Shac and laughed so much ! X

  114. Hi Barbara. Hope you had a lovely weekend. My choice would be Granada, Spain with the stunning Alhambra palace. All that beautiful architecture, fresco and the gardens. Throw in a little flamenco and we’d have a great holiday. Thank you x

  115. Following on from the snow flakes a Christmassy scene would be nice, but cute things like reindeer, penguins, a decorated tree. I would also like to do more patterning – like the zen tangle we started and then did not go back to. I like the idea of repetitive patterns that we can use on different drawings. Thanks so much for all of your kindness it means so much. X

  116. I’ve just watched a Joanna Lumley programme where she played bits of her last few series and she visited some fabulous places on the Silk Road. Samarkand had beautiful buildings with glorious designs. Istanbul, the buildings and canals of Venice, Egypt. Close to home cityscapes, seaside and beach huts. In the end wherever we go I’ll be happy on the bus!

  117. The countryside ,maybe using watercolours but whatever is chosen please could you include shading techniques? I’m a slow learner and am not quite sure yet! Thank you xx

  118. Wherever the driver takes me on this wonderful magical mystery tour with the shac shac is absolutely fine by me. I’ve learnt so much at each stop the journey has been amazing. I don’t have the postcards so was a bit dubious about the colouring but I improvised and boy what a fab part of the journey that has been too. Wherever you decide to take us you can count me in.

  119. Anywhere, but a trip to Switzerland would be good with mountains, chocolate, wood carving, yodelling, and cheese!

  120. It matters not a jot where we go or what we draw. The main thing is that everyone stays safe enough until we are all able to come out and meet up in person.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  121. I would love to learn to draw more flowers and leaves and then perhaps watercolour them? Love all the patterns and zen tangle – can we finish the flag we started?

  122. After my rather successful (even id i do say so myself) little hut in Hawaii, how about a thatched country cottage, complete with cottage garden and cream tea? Yum! (Always comes back to cake) lol x

  123. I would love a trip on the canal, anywhere in England. I had 20 glorious years on a narrowboat but when my husband died I could not manage it on my own.- Foxton locks or the Bingley five rise. Oh what memories!

  124. How about Italy. We lived there for 7 years, been back for 4, and it holds very fond memories. Beautiful scenery, wonderful Italian people, and some great architecture.

  125. Hi Barbara
    Really enjoying being on the bus. How about visiting Scotland, Wales and Ireland or some of the islands around? I will have fun wherever you go.
    Love Diane xx

  126. UK landmarks – wonderful Welsh castles, Scottish mountains with Highland cattle, English counrt gardens, Irish seascapes.

  127. I would like to doodle an English country garden with maybe a stream and trees. Colouring to include lots of shading which I really need to improve.

  128. I would like to go to, Nepal, Norway, or St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I had amazing holidays in these countries and would love to re visit them.

  129. How about a trip to the botanical gardens? I know we’ve already done some flower doodles but I’d love to learn even more different petal shapes and flower designs.

  130. Wow it’s going to take 100 years never mind 100 days to.cover all.those ideas 😂
    Well I’ll go anywhere on the clarity bus, but I quite fancy Iceland for some reason. Thanks take care xxx

  131. I have enjoyed every minute of it all so far, but a few ideas have popped into my head like;-
    Scenes within an iconic outline…e.g. The stag with a woodland theme within it etc. An advent calendar. Steampunk. Costumes through the ages. Celtic art, henna tattoos and mandalas. Trips to Include Aboriginal, Moroccan, Native Indian, Aztec, Egyptian, Venetian and Greek icons. Trips around the UK, picking up on scenes related to areas like the Lake District, Scottish Highlands, Irish folklore, cottage gardens, a canal trip, coastal scenes etc.
    More zentangles, borders and corner embellishments.
    Farm life….machinery, livestock etc.
    Fantasy fairies, gnomes, grottos and dragons, Halloween.
    Hobbies and occupations….at the potter’s wheel, in the sewing room, in the shed/greenhouse, the blacksmith ‘s forge, playground fun, fairgrounds and circuses etc.
    I could go on forever, but whatever we do with you it’s guaranteed to be fun and thought provoking and I can’t wait to get my daily “fix”….so many thanks to you for making it happen!

  132. Hmm, that’s a bit of a challenge on a Monday morning!
    I’d actually love to colour in the magpies – Covid Corvids as it were!
    Doodle-wise, maybe a cityscape or learning to draw more realistic flowers, e.g. roses.
    However, I love whatever we do, it’s so much about the process as well as the finished product – as is evidenced by all my ‘works in progress’ and the rather smaller number of completed projects!

  133. I’d love a trip to Australia, draw some aboriginal art, kangaroos, koalas, Australian landmarks. That way I’ll feel closer to my eldest son who now lives in Western Australia who I miss so very much and with all the restrictions I won’t be seeing for a long time ☹️.
    As long as your our bus driver Barbara we are happy to join you in your travels 🙂 xxx

  134. I’d love to do day trips around England and draw various scenes, architecture, lakes, hills and see the beautiful geography of the country over a trip from the SHAC-SHACK bus.

  135. I have two ideas…

    We could go into space with stars using our new grids, rockets and planets, shooting stars astronauts.


    Germany with their iconic buildings. I say this as you have told many a story and your mum would love it.

  136. Hi Barbara!
    Wherever you take us…and I’m up for anywhere….please please please can you include some frogs??
    Thank you!


  137. How about on a safari to Africa to visit the giraffes 🦒 and all the other animals on the loose now bus driver lol that would be ace to me Barbara thank you for all your time and hard work your putting in every day during the week and on the weekend I am sad not to see you but you deserve the weekend off x

  138. Hi Barbra, hope you’re well, I would love to learn how to do country side or beach & coastal sketching xxx

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