Man oh Mandala!

Man oh Mandala!

Hi there

Thanks for joining me. How quickly did today fly by?

One minute you’re putting your lippy on, getting all ready set go for the 9am SKYPE TV show. The next minute, major rush of blood to the head when the sound dies and you lose the SKYPE connection. Can’t hear Paula, can’t hear anybody. Nada. By the time you re-establish the SKYPE connection, the stamps have pretty much sold out and the job’s done. The hour was over before I even got out the starting blocks!

Glad you liked them!

Next stop Pearly Bauble on Facebook Live. Can’t wait to see how you clever fellow doodlers finish that one off ! You don’t realise just HOW zen and chill that SHAC-Shack hour is until you sandwich it between 2 LIVE SKYPE Shopping Telly hours!

Then it was back to HOCHANDA for the second LIVE hour, which flew by too. Just had time to do a grungy Gelpress

…and a mandala flower with the new FUN shape masks

before they sold out too, and it was time to say farewell! Well, here are the masks if you missed them! FUN shape masks

Thank you for following, watching and buying. It was certainly a successful day – even if a little stressful to begin with!

Have a great weekend.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “Man oh Mandala!

  1. Caught up with the shows and bought the full set (just as cheap as buying the other two sets on their own). Missed the SHAC though as had to do a last minute dash to get #3 son enrolled on his college course between his night shifts.

  2. My bank managers not gonna be happy with me , but hey ho I will be when that large stash is delivered by Mr Postie! What a day Barb you were brill and we knew Tina’s stamps would fly. Can’t wait for mine to arrive with all my other goodies. Just wondering how to hide them from Mr Mr😅. Have a lovely long weekend. See you Tuesday! X

  3. What a day you have had and I missed all of it. I was at my daughter’s new home, pinning up hems on curtains and now have all the sewing to do over the weekend. When things quite down next week, I shall have a whole week of the SHAC to catch up.
    Have a lovely weekend. Hugs. Annette XX

  4. Well done Barbara on today’s mammoth work load. So pleased for you that everything came out in the wash. Try and relax this weekend. I’m going to stick at the baubles and see if I can crack it xx

  5. You are amazing Barbara ! Mandala stamps just fab love how you got me to think outside the box.Haven’t yet had time to join the shac shac doing Christmas baubles but I am so impressed with the designs and the many talented people out there posting their work .Please tell me you will make these into stamps if the time allows they are so classic and beautiful .However do take care of yourself there is only one you !.Warm regards Carmel

  6. Managed to catch the second show, will watch the first on catch up.
    Beautiful designs by Tina so I decided to treat myself and ordered them directly. Then I saw the demo with the masks and went back and ordered them too. Fantastic inspiration from the DT. Going to watch the demos again and make some notes. Hubby really needs to get a wriggle on and finish my craft cave in the garden so I can have a play x

  7. Barb, glad you’ve survived today, hope there’s a bit of down time for you over the weekend with Dave.
    I also loved this morning’s SHAC-Shack session, yet another as yet unfinished project, but I know it’ll be there waiting when my head is in the right space.
    Thank you 🙂

  8. Hubby and I watched the shows together. He said the stamps looked too heavy but then I told him to look at Barb’s lovely Gel press samples, much more delicate. Soooo, when he said ‘Well if you want them get them’ I didn’t need telling twice. Then of course up came the Cherry Green stamps and the fun masks, so I sneaked in another crafty order with Clarity !!!
    It is no wonder they all sold out. Your dream teams examples and your demos were just what we needed to cheer us up on this wet and windy morning.
    Thank you for a splendid morning’s crafting – you are a star.

  9. I have done so many zoom meetings and they are hilarious where folk are muted and can’t find the button or don’t know how to switch on the camera and it is so entertaining! You did well this morning when you lost the connection and you did a great job with demos. I have bought so much recently – actually since I got hooked on Clarity – that I decided to hold fire but I really had to sit on my hands when I saw the masks and what you did with them. I may yet succumb but keep telling myself I need to use the stuff I have bought before I buy any more! We’ll see how long that lasts!! Probably till next weekend! Lol. Well, it’s only money and I can’t take it with me! I got a delivery today and among it was the 90 gsm tracing paper. I had 60 gsm in the house but what a difference the 90 gsm makes! I have redone the bauble tonight on tracing paper. I was off the day you threaded beads – lol – so they are a bit iffy but still quite pleased with it! Hope you have a good weekend. Lots of love. Hxx

  10. What a brilliant day! Can’t imagine how stressful it was for you in the first show, but you absolutely kept it together. Lovely stamps and gorgeous samples from the team – more added to my wish list! I expect you’ll sleep well tonight 😴

  11. Bit of a whirlwind day here too but not as stressful as doing a Skype video…Planned a” leisurely look” at the 9am show then had a call to say Grandson would be dropped at 8.45. Parked him with a snack, tracing paper and pencils at the table and got my Hochanda order in before the first sell out. Trip to T.Wells and a meal out later,[first for 6 months] Felt so strange to have a busy day. Pleased you had a shopping trip with your Mum. Here’s to many more, Cheers Barbara,X

  12. Hi Barb, what great shows despite the technical issues, lovely to see the reaction to these beautiful stamps was overwhelming. Like the look of the Gel Press project. Have the stamps on my wish list. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  13. How you cope Barbara! As you say “all in a days work”. Loved the stamps, my order is hovering just so versatile. Have a good weekend and thank you for the bauble technique. X

  14. What a busy day for you, but luckily no journey to and from the studio! I saw a little of one of your shows live, and have the others recorded for when John’s rugby is finished on TV. I remember Jane Nestorenko and her mandala creations from many years ago, and somewhere still have a DVD and some wooden stamps in my stash – all packed up just now, but one day soon….. x

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