It’s a GRAY Day

It’s a GRAY Day

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. It’s GRAY DAY today. The colour GRAY that is. Or Grey – whichever works for you!

Was clearing away the Mandala demos in the SHAC in readiness for next weeks Birthday Marathon on HOCHANDA, and got caught in a shady spot…

You know when you should be doing one thing, but the hands just start doing something else? Well, I was supposed to be filing all the arty bits away for a rainy day, when I came across the mandala where I had masked out the centre and added the wee stamp that always reminds me of our Mark.

Mmmm. I bet you could make this look really layered if you added a little shade, I thought…so out came the GRAY/GREY Polychromos – and I was lost for about an hour.

You just have to see the layers in your mind’s eye, then start to define them.

Gently does it, layer of grey on layer of grey, getting darker as you go, and closer to the lineart with each layer of colour.

Now look for another layer within the mandala pattern…

Now let}s go round the outer edge..

What a difference a little shading makes!

Thank you Tina for the fabulous Mandalas! What a dream to work with.

There’s a set of 12 Polychromos on the Clarity website, a super set of greys and neutral colours you might enjoy if you don’t have the 60 set of Polychromos. In fact, even if you DO have the 60, the little bundle of 12 only duplicates one – my fave Warm Grey No. 2!!


Also, I have figured out what we’re doing next in the SHAC-Shack. it’s Postcard week next week, which suits me down to the ground, since it coincides with the run up to the busiest, long weekend of the year in our HOCHANDA TV calendar. And we won’t be straying far beyond these colours: Grey, light grey, dark gray, darker gray, maybe a little ivory and beige – but that’s it. A real study in shading – one feather at a time. Sounds very relaxing to me…

Stay safe, love and hugs

Barb xxx

23 thoughts on “It’s a GRAY Day

  1. Sounds good to me for next week. Love colouring! Might have said that before!! Lol. The mandala just jumps off the page with a bit of shading. Time well spent, Barb. Nothing wrong with relaxing. Have a good weekend. Hxx

  2. I need these mandalas in my life! Also loved the tuna shaped masks and mount board shapes and…. and… and…

  3. I really like the mandala’s l said to you husband I don’t need them !! And what’s happened I ordered them so many ideas you can do with them l have told him I did order them opps!!and what did he say ( you said you didn’t want them) men don’t understand us do they

  4. Oh that’s fab how it looks decoupaged but without the cutting.
    Colouring sounds good to me for next week. You’re going to be manic anyway so using the postcards makes perfect sense.
    I’ll be joining in with that I think.
    Make sure you have some ‘me’ time though.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  5. What a lovely piece of art. My craft room is completely empty now, but the box of Clarity stamps in storage is bigger than all the others, so I shall just have to save my pennies until our new house is ready and keep my wish list up to date – noone will see a few extras when that big box is unpacked, will they? Enjoy the weekend x

  6. Brilliant, love these stamps, gone onto my wish list, though I may be temped to order them soon, if my resistance falters! received my club goodies today, all lovely, thank you. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  7. The Mandalay is beautiful love how the shading makes it pop. Love colouring the postcards can’t wait for Tuesday. Enjoy your

  8. Oh Barbara that is gorgeous. I love those stamps. I am looking forward to Tuesday and a bit of restful colouring. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hugs xxx

  9. Wow – the shading makes such an impact. Hoping to join you in the shack next week. Really looming forward to it

  10. Wow! At first glance I thought that you had fussy cut all those layers and was wonder how you did it so nicely. Your shading seems like it would be very mindful.

    Those mandalas are amazing as well. Can only justify one and still trying to decide.

  11. The stamps are fantastic, I ordered mine as long as the programme started! Very pleased we will be colouring next week.

  12. Received my club goodies today, and updated the diary with show times. Goodness, Barbara, you and Paul will need a proper rest after that marathon.
    I had my doubts at first as I was not sure I would use the Mandala stamps very much, but watching your demos again and seeing the samples I am glad I ordered them. Your shading on this one really makes the layers pop.
    Stay safe but enjoy this Bank Holiday weekend.

  13. Love the shading Barbara. Next week sounds good to me can’t wait. I think i might know what we are colouring in. I’ll wait and see if I’m right. Have a good weekend. See you in the Shac Shack on Tuesday xxx

  14. Looking forward to the shading postcard week. Any hints as to which one, as I need to copy it a couple of times so I can get it right when my hands pack up! I never feel ‘safe’ just having one to work on!! I love the way the mandala image goes totally 3D with just a bit of pencil work. They are very versatile stamps.

  15. Wow love the new stamps and the layering you have done on today’s art looks so 3D. I really enjoy adding in shading to give the look of layers. XX

  16. I love mandalas. Cant wait to catch up I’m stumped on the baubles. Loving our meetings every day. Where would we be without them 😊

  17. Wow what a difference a bit of shading does to the original stamp work. It looks 3d – great for cards that have to go in the post. A great way to relax for an hour or so & then go back to what you were meant to be doing !! Looking forward to next week, its going to be a busy one !!

  18. Hello Barb, it continues to amaze me how you make something flat look so dimensional. I guess I need to just keep trying right. These stamps are really wonderful. Mmmm postcards and shading, may have to skive off work a bit or do a lot of catching up. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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