Plums keep you regular…

Plums keep you regular…

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Remember I told you about our little shopping expedition last week? When I took Mum to Marks & Sparks for the first time since lockdown? Well, it being the first time I had been to a proper supermarket since March too, I think I got a little over exuberant, and bought way too much fresh fruit ! Way too much of everything really. Oooh Plums! Oooh Cherries! Oooh Mango! etc etc etc. 3 days later and I’m wondering how to eat it all. Was on the phone to Mum earlier, and she has clearly had the same dilemma, but is one step ahead of me. She had just taken her Pflaumenstreuselkuchen out of the oven. (Plum crumble cake). Good thinking batman! I thought.

I have already blogged this recipe years ago for you, one Christmas, but I dutifully took the photo step by step again, just in case. Made me laugh. When I did find the old blog, the pictures are pretty much identical, right down to the apron, the baking tray and the bowl!! Clearly a well rehearsed recipe!

So I have just used the original photos – much easier.

All you need is  1/2 pound butter,  2 punnets of plums, some plain flour,  sugar salt Oh. And a secret ingredient….  

  Sieve and mix the flour and sugar in a bowl. How much? About 8 heaped tablespoons of flour  and 6 tablespoons of sugar.  

Look how short my hair was then !

  Cut the salted butter up into little squares,    

and drop the squares into the flour sugar mix. Hold one square back….  

  Most important: add a good pinch of salt to the mix.    Eine Prise Salz as my Mum always reminds me…  

    Right. There’s no other way round this: off with the rings on your fingers! Put them in the cupboard out of the way,  roll your sleeves up and start making your crumble. Just squish the butter lumps gently  and coat them with the mix.  

  If you think its too oily, add some more flour and sugar. I did! Then I decided I’d added too much flour,  so added more butter. It’s just like making a card really.  You can add it but you can’t take it away!!!  

  Now use the butter paper to grease a large flat baking tray.  

Make a base with some of the crumble mix. I know.  I’m rubbish at weights and amounts.  If I say not too much, or just a little of it, does that help?  

Spread it out and flatten it with any floured flat thing you can find.  

How you arrive at this is up to you. It’s YOUR creation!  

See how much crumble is still left in the bowl?  Loads!!!  

Now for the magic ingredient… Quality Street??? Is she serious?!?  

Aha! Bread Crumbs! Believe it or not,  my Mum and Dad periodically give me tins of breadcrumbs. Isn’t that wonderful? I use them for breading cutlets, making this cake, all sorts!   So sprinkle a thin layer of breadrumbs over the crumble mix. This will stop the juice from the plums make the base all soggy.  

  Ok. Plums next. Marks & Spencer Victoria Plums are divine (if you like plums) But believe you me, you can use ANY plums, old or new,  and this cake will taste wonderful.   Cut them in half, get rid of the stone,   

and cut each half into 4 little crescent moons. I leave them all attached.  

Lay them in rows on the breadcrumb/crumble base.  

  Only takes about half an hour tops to do the lot…  

Assistant Dave required to hoover up crumble on floor,  so that I don’t traipse it all over the house later!  

    Looking good!  

Cover with the rest of the crumble. This is usually where you wish  you hadn’t used so much for the base….  

   Half an hour in the middle of a hottish oven, about gas mark 6, or until it’s gold brown and bubbling.    

Allow to get cold. Then it slices and lifts out of the tray in neat beautiful slabs. This tastes fantastic served with fresh cream and will easily be enough for 12 people. Or… 2 slices each for Dave and me per day for 3 days…

Diet? What diet? Plums are good for you!

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

38 thoughts on “Plums keep you regular…

  1. Thanks, I’ve just ordered some plums, will go back and add some more now ! Makes a change from the blackberries LOL !! Never thought of putting a layer of crumble at the bottom and thanks for the breadcrumb tip. Might cheat and use Aunt Bessie’s crumble mix as I’ve got one in the cupboard ! Just going back to a bauble before I put a breast of lamb in the oven …… bauble is coming along in stages, I’ve struggled with them but enjoyed them, I think it’s because I had to do catch up for two days ! Have a good Bank Holiday, I know you’re working but it’s nice work isn’t it ?! X

  2. We grow our own loganberries and end up with mounds of them….. Fortunately they freeze so we are able to have a crumble virtually every week throughout the winter. Enjoy x

  3. Lecker! I haven’t see Victoria plums yet, although I did get two off the tree in the garden. The birds or bees got a third and the fourth wasn’t ready! It’ll be gone by now! Definitely need to have a trip to Oban and M & S! Love the sound of that recipe but just about to start avoiding carbs. Note to self – must lose weight! A book that was recommended by my GP was the Obesity Code by Jung – not that I am obese but still need to lose weight! You might like it. Shouldn’t really mention it in a blog about Pflaumenstreuselkuchen! Seems a bit cruel! Lol. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. See you in the morning. Hxx

      1. Hilder try using almond flour (ground almonds) instead of flour, it’s a low carb alternative and tastes good too. I’ve been on low carb diet for 18 months and lost loads of weight. Hope that helps xx

        1. Hilda, is there not a market in Oban? get the fruit from them. wish I had a market close by but I get my fruit from Covent Garden and get it delivered 😉

  4. Thanks for the breadcrumb hint to stop soggy bottoms in the crumble.
    JJust about to head over to I laws for dinner and wish I had some plumbs to make this to take. Going to stop off and buy cheese cake instead, but will perhaps buy some plumbers to make for during the week for a treat.

  5. So glad you and mum enjoyed your trip to M&S. Oh boy, the Victoria plums are so good this year. Your dish looks delicious. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. One of the many things I miss about living in Kent is buying Victoria plums direct from the orchard farms – do they still do this? I would buy a whole tray of the things! Pounds and pounds of ’em!! Love them just as they are or to make jam, not to mention a few boxes for the freezer and my crumble is a bit different to your version, so many thanks, I will give that a try too (as soon as I have popped out to the supermarket to buy more toilet paper – all those plums eh?!!!) Closely followed on the heels of the plums are cobnuts – love them too, but such a short season! Do you remember a few years ago when you misread a roadside sign and thought they were selling local coconuts? Made me laugh so much I still remember it! Love & Hugs.

  7. Yes indeed! It is delicious especially with a little dollop of Ice Cream ! Thanks Barb x
    We have Bramley apples which are nearly ready and local Victoria plums coming In the next week or so. Diet , I don’t think so, not now , it’s time to enjoy nature’s bounty!

  8. Hi barb, oh I have to bookmark this recipe, it looks so yummy. Guess you are having that for dessert. I am on a seafood diet. I see food and eat it!! Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  9. I don’t think I would be able to wait until it’s cold. That would be fabulous warm with some vanilla ice cream. As I live in the US, I did need to translate some of it though. Had no idea what a punnet or gas mark 6 might be. 😄 I love a nice apple crumble with brown sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon.

  10. Thank you for the recipe Barbara. I just love plums. Victoria’s are my favourite. I know my hubby would like this he likes plums too. I am looking forward to next week it is all going to be exciting. Have a good day tomorrow. Take care. Hugs xxx

  11. I am literally drooling at the thought of this gorgeous plum crumble cake. I don’t think I could leave it to go cold… I’d love some hot with custard.
    When I’m feeling more up to things I think I’m going to try this.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  12. It was so funny….
    I thought am I on the right blog!!!
    That sounds good,
    Will try that too.
    but maybe black plums. Made a nice change to have a recipe.

  13. Got back from a week away and all my Victoria Plums had disappeared from the tree! It was the first time it had had more than 2 too. To add insult to injury, I had visited my sister who had a tree groaning with plums, so much so it had split down the trunk! Wish I’d had some. Maybe next year for Pflaumenstreuselkuchen. Xx

  14. I’ve been watching You Tube to catch-up on baubles. I’ve just let it run back to back – your voice is so calming and there was such varied techniques I was fascinated. I loved the different hairstyles you had too. I’m finally coming to terms with baubles and loved the process in the end. Shall carry on again tomorrow

  15. Hi Barbara
    This sounds yummy, I will give it a try. Remember you giving us the recipe a few years ago and a German friend was talking about it this week. I was like you on my first shopping trip too! What are we like!
    Love Diane xx

  16. I wish I’d had this recipe last week!! We went to the local farm where they grow the fruit and sell it from a stall in the yard and I went mad and got 4 lb eating plums (Victorias)then another 2Kg (for £2) to make jam. They were perfectly good and I could have made the crumble with them, but instead, made 7 jars of plum chutney, that will be ready for Christmas presents. I still had 5 jars of plum jam in the cupboard from last year and made 8 jars of strawberry jam and conserve 2 weeks ago (£4 for 9 x 400gm punnets). so now I’m well jammed! Will be going back to the farm later in the week for more plums so will get extra for a crumble cake!! Thanks for the recipe!! (Making a courgette lemon cake tomorrow with excess courgettes!)

  17. Interesting recipe Barbara, I wondered what part the Quality Street had to play. I too miss buying direct from the grower. This was one of my highlights when I lived in Essex.
    I always buy too much fruit but it seems to go.
    Good to see that Dave can turn his hand to anything. A real bonus to have around.
    I hope you managed to get out into the fresh air today.

  18. This does look entirely delicious Barbara and may make a smaller version for two of us but will have to buy the plums first. Enjoy a goodly slice! x

  19. Oh I love crumble and that looks yummy. I need to cut down on the size of everything I make though. After living with us for 10 years, my daughter has managed to buy a home and she and my granddaughter are moving out/in on Tuesday. I have to get used to cooking for two again, which will be quite a challenge. No more treats in the cupboard either! I am just grateful that they are only a 10 minute drive away though, so will still be close.
    Have a good Bank holiday. It is my 70th birthday tomorrow, so they gave everyone a day off 😂 Hugs. Annette x

    1. Hope you have a very happy crumble 70th birthday!
      I’m definitely trying that recipe, great family desert, Cornish cream a plenty, no dots and dashes cooking for me!

  20. Looks wonderful, I love plums, well all fruit really. Not sure Fred would eat it though and I can’t entertain anyone at the moment. My family would demolish it. xx

  21. Wow looks gorgeous, I can remember you putting it on your blog quite a whole ago. Never did get around to making it. Actually we had apple and peach crumble yesterday then finished it off today yummy. Hope you are enjoying your Bank Holiday. We always seem to buy too much fruit and then struggle to get it eaten. I can understand you buying so much on your first visit to the shops, we did that for weeks mainly cakes and chocolate. At least fruit is good for

  22. Rhubarb and Ginger or apple and cinnamon for me, not so fond of plums, could try apricots I suppose. Whatever goes in it I absolutely love crumble with custard, cream or ice cream.
    Will try a smaller version of your recipe tomrrow.
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  23. You could always freeze excess, even if you need to cook some things first. But the recipe does sound yummy. Have a happy birthday week!

  24. That’s it! I know what I am doing tomorrow first thing. Off to the farm shop for my Vickies. The Vale of Evesham is the perfect area for plums, even though the Pershore Plum Festival has gone the way of most events this year. I do make a pig of myself when they are in season locally. xxx

  25. That looks and sounds deeelishous! I made tart tatin last night and that was yummy too. Diet, what diet?!!!

  26. Ohhh that looks delicious.
    Thanks for the recipe I may just try it out as we seem to have a lot of plums ready in the garden
    Hubby made plum and cinnamon jam and some plum chutney last week. This week he is starting on the damsons I wonder what he will be mixing up with those they are very sour lol. Lots of sugar needed me thinks. Take care stay safe. 🤗

  27. This sounds lovely. Great hint about using the breadcrumbs. If I made it with peaches or strawberries, would I need to alter any other ingredients, or perhaps use more breadcrumbs so soak up the moisture?

  28. I made this recipe when you first posted it and it became a firm favourite that I use often. Nice with apricots too. So simple it’s almost foolproof even for me! Thanks Barbara.

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