A little peep….

A little peep….

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. It’s all go here! Didn’t the Live Pergamano Skype with Paul and Hochanda work well?! Top banana. He’s got the same cameras and kit at Clarity Towers as mine in the SHAC-Shack now. Much better being able to flick between cameras, innit. Thank you for watching and supporting us too. Those embroidery plates are delightful – and actually very achievable.

Me? I’ve been working on one of the Stamp Club Projects this afternoon. All done. I LOVE this new Let’s Dance! stamp!! Our Clarity club numbers are growing too, which is great. Thank goodness too! I guess folks have realised that this pandemic isn’t going away any time soon. So they are settling in to learning new skills at home, and the 4 Clarity Clubs are a really good way of learning, and receiving a lovely brand new, never been seen before, stamp, stencil, Groovi plate and/or die every month too.

We’ve got 4 strands to the Club: Stamps, Stencils, Groovi and Dies. Blimming good value for money, I think. Especially when you get 10-15% discount (depending on how many you sign up for) on all Clarity purchases as soon as you join! Blimey, you pay as much with other companies just to get the discount on orders!

If you aren’t a Clarity member, it might be worth taking a look…there’s a huge box right on the home page of our website:


On another note, the digital proofs came back from the printers for a pair of new Designer paper pads that I have rustled up ready for September… cor!!! So exciting!! These are very cool – and hot hot hot too! It’s always intense when the proofs come back prior to print. Is the colour match perfect? Are the tones exact? And this time – I’d say, 10/10 5 stars – brilliant!! Super happy with the colour match.

Say hello to Antarctica and Amazonia….

Onwards and upwards we pedal.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

33 thoughts on “A little peep….

  1. Oh wow! They look amazing Barb. I thought the Skype demos worked brilliantly. More dynamic and almost as though Paul was in the studio. Nice that he could answer the presenters’ questions whilst doing the demo and also getting feedback on the actual camera shot.

  2. Liking the look of those new designer papers very much. And I love my monthly New Design Club envelope, a special surprise treat to look forward to I do recommend it xx

  3. Hi,
    I haven’t yet had a chance to catch the groovi demo today.
    I love the look of the new papers. Wow.
    Linda Dewar x

  4. Paul did very well today with his Skype demos – and both he and the presenter (can’t remember her name!) were on the same wavelength when Paul’s screen froze……very professional. I can’t decide whether to have another try at the embroidery as I found it hard to do with eyesight problems. I really love the new Designer papers too. See ya in the SHAC tomorrow…… Beryl S xx

  5. They look beautiful. I love getting my club envelope every month – such a special treat for myself! We’ve been out at the seaside today in the sunshine- such an amazing day!

  6. The show went very well, looked as though Paul had been doing it for years. Only one freeze out of Skype that’s pretty good and it was handled well.The papers looks terrific can’t wait.

    Congratulations to all of you at Clarity!

  7. Very excited about the new designer papers – Amazonia and Antartica, great names to set the imagination going! Today’s Hochanda shows (highlighting Tina’s amazing embroidery plates) were brilliant! The new studio setup at Clarity Towers enables really professional interaction between Clarity and the Hochanda presenters! And Paul’s calm, relaxing and inspirational delivery was as awesome as always!
    Thoroughly recommend the Design Clubs – a lovely inspirational surprise every month!
    Clarity – all things magical!

  8. Hi Barb,
    Paul did a brilliant job. I love the embroidery plates and actually took the Christmas ones away when we went to Pembroke last October. I used to sit in the bar doing them while Dave was doing his crosswords. I had my A5 Lightwave with me and a lot of people, including the barman , we’re really intrigued and impressed with what I was doing. The new papers look absolutely gorgeous – can’t wait to see them . Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  9. Evening Barbara.
    Paul did a brilliant job with the live demos today. It felt like he was actually in the studio. Great job and much better for interaction between Paul or yourself and the presenter.
    Those new papers look fabulous! Great colours. I’ll look forward to seeing them in the flesh.
    Enjoy your evening. Love and hugs Xxxx.

  10. The new papers look beautiful and the colours are glorious. I am off to watch Paul and then I am going to have another go at those pesky 💦🤪. Hugs. Annette X

  11. Still got to do me bubble tonight loving all the drawing been busy even went out for coffee was nice to get out but bc strange Paul’s shows were great too watch some must go got some bubbles to make lots love Joy xxx

  12. The cameras worked really well and Paul did a brilliant job, The only problem for me is that this live system gives the presenter the ability to cut in. The products are brilliant and the demos sell them. I really enjoyed the recorded demo without interruption not being critical just giving my take on it

  13. Must agree with you Paul did a great job this morning. It felt as if he was actually in the studio. The New papers look great .

  14. They look fab – great colours! Got to catch up with Paul. Hubby said did I want an anniversary present – would be rude to say no although he thinks I’ve got more than enough Groovi – he just goes to understand! X

  15. Watched part of the show this morning brilliant love those plates too.
    New papers look awesome just checked and I have clarity pads untouched ! A word to self use the papers don’t save them for best 🤣😅

  16. Loving the look of the new papers.
    Paul did a great job this morning, loved the demos and the plates, mine are well used.

  17. I really want to thank you Barbara for this week’s Under the sea theme in the Shack Shac. I love anything marine and was so captivated by your discussion about the Silver Collar shells, especially when you cracked one open for the very 1st time….your excitement was so tangible that I felt as excited as you! I was so inspired that I went on line to read about the Legend poem and all the info about these lovely shells…it blew me away so much so that I shared all the info with my hubby and again today when I saw my parents….fascinating indeed. Isn’t nature a wonderful thing?!👍

  18. Liking the look of the new paper – roll on September.
    Paul did a great job on his first live skype demo despite the freeze. The presenter did a good job filling the gap till it got going again.
    I have to agree with Annette. It has been wonderful being able to see the demos without interruption and I must say that it annoyed me when the presenter kept cutting in today especially as Paul is so good at explaining things anyway.
    I know the products need promoting but surely the questions could wait until the demo was over.
    Received my Poppets order today. I am not normally in to “cute” but these are going to make Christmas magical.
    I have a request.
    I loaned my boy and girl elf groovi plates and stamp to a pal who wanted to make some tree decorations. Having painstakingly cut a few out she asked me for the die. Is there one and if not could we have one please if not this year perhaps next?
    Lots of colouring to do on my Poppets which I stamped this afternoon so methinks I’d better stop now.
    Take care all 🍒🍒🍒

  19. Brilliant day from the shak and Paul and the blog. How lucky we are. Not to mention quick response from the lovely Grace. What a wonderful craft company and community

  20. Great news about the papers. Must catch up with Paul now. I’m with the people who like uninterrupted demos. They are so much easier to understand.

  21. Love these new designs, colours, how you keep it all happening beats me! Paul did great and I bet now a few more companies will follow your lead into Skype telly live demos xx

  22. Hello Barb, well these new papers are just gorgeous, can’t wait to see the whole range, the colours are superb. Did not catch Paul’s show unfortunately, but I bet he did a great job as he normally does. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  23. OMG these are papers are to die for louts of purpleys my fave colour. You’ve Deffo come up trumps Barb.

    Miles behind with TV no at the best of weeks but plan for this evening is to make my tea an settle down. For some reason I couldn’t get on this blog but hey how I’m visiting now

  24. Those new papers look stunning. I love getting my new design club stamp & die each month – mind you I have got a few months projects to catch up on! Ive been retired for a whole two weeks now and still don’t have enough time in the day for all the crafting I want to do 😄😄

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