Virtually back in the Studio!

Virtually back in the Studio!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in, and thanks for watching HOCHANDA today if you did. The LIVE Skype is most definitely the way forward. It feels almost as though we are in the room with the presenter – but we’re still safe at home. Which is where I have to stay if I am going to be able to visit my parents and look after them. That’s my choice, of course.

Those 2-way Christmas Baubles of ours are such a pleasure to use, and really simple. If you missed the shows, then do go back and watch the demo on REWIND. (11am for the stamps 3pm for the Groovi)

And there was an absurdly good Parchment and Lightwave offer on the 1pm show. Amazing offer. Has to be done from time to time.

Here is one of the bauble demos.

So many possibilities! It‘s true what I said. Most folks get into cardmaking at Christmas. When they decide to MAKE their Christmas cards instead of buy them. That’s usually the point when folks buy their first stamps. Is that true for you too?

I really want to draw a fourth bauble. I think I can feel one brewing. Question is, can we get it into production early enough for you to be able to make your Christmas cards?!?

I have a question for you then. When do you start making your Christmas cards? Tell me. Then I know whether I have time to rustle up a fourth bauble!

Got to go. My list of things to do is getting longer ….

I am intrigued to know when you start Christmas card production…

I bet many of you have already started!!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

69 thoughts on “Virtually back in the Studio!

  1. Hello Barbara
    I start my Christmas cards in January, then make a few each month. Saves the mad rush every autumn. If you don’t get the fourth bauble out this year you know what? In the great scheme of things it doesn’t matter. We can use it for Christmas 2021. Something to look forward to.

  2. I start around october, or end of September, but may start sooner due to lockdown. Have a rest, will watch today’s shows now. See you in the Shack Shack in Monday. Of to do some grey scale shading. I love greyscale and have a coliuring book with greyscale fairy’s. I will post if it looks good😊😂

  3. Hi Barbara I’ve bought these baubles as my first set of stamps. You’ve inspired me to have a go at making my own Christmas cards x

  4. I love the bauble stamps. I used to start in August during the school holidays but now leave it until a bit later…

  5. I did mine in March when I was on sick leave with my broken knee. Little did I know then that furlough was going to happen and I’m still not working and looking like I may not be going back to the airport. Loving the new stamps x

  6. I’ve been colouring a couple of Pergamano poppets each day since they arrived and, as I was lucky enough to get the baubles a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been having a play with them I’ll start assembling cards next week……by the time I start writing my Christmas cards, I would have forgotten what I’ve made and it becomes a pleasant surprise sifting through the storage box. Loved the demos on Hochanda. Lots of inspiration. Thank you x

  7. I’m starting mine in September when we would have been going on holiday! Love the baubles and the demos today! Xx

  8. Usually start around the end of Sept. I do my special ones first daughter ,grandson,granddaughter hubby etc. Then towards the end of Oct I do as ‘ll the others. Enjoy the rest of you weekend see you on Mondayxx

  9. Usually start around the end of Sept. I do my special ones first daughter ,grandson,granddaughter hubby etc. Then towards the end of Oct I do as ‘ll the others. Enjoy the rest of you weekend see you on Mondayxx

  10. I tend to start end of September have done some this year as been at home but always room for more xx fabulous demos today from both yourself and Paul always worth watching and the Skype is great xx

  11. I started mine in June. But, I have cut down the number of hand made Christmas cards I give out. It’s just family & close friends now.

  12. I usually start in January, managed a few each month, then lockdown happened, so I’ve been a little more productive since then doing 2/3 a month.
    I would love a 4th bauble whenever you find the time to design and produce it, next year is fine and would be something to look forward too, xx

  13. I’m in a Facebook group that encourages making Christmas cards throughout the year, so I try to make one Christmas card each week, meaning my Christmas card production goes on all year round!! I don’t actually send that many cards, but I just enjoy the crafting and it’s good to have a theme and a deadline to work to. Used to enjoy the monthly challenge for the same reason – sometimes, when you feel you have no mojo, it’s helpful to have something to work towards

  14. I usually start in January and do a few each month..that way I’m not rushing and am sure to have enough ..even for the unexpected one you may need…

  15. I always promise my self to start in October but normaly I start late November. I do not make many as we Danes do not send out so many cards any more due to high cost.

  16. I usually start production in June and then I may have a few extra to sell for charity. But whenever you do a new design then that’s OK, can always do a few ready for 2021!! Wonder what’s going to happen next year? I think I’m going to start 2020 all over again.

  17. I’ve already started with the Poppet collection but only because I love them and I’m stamping and colouring them. I normally start about October. I was unable to watch Hochanda this morning so caught up this afternoon. Only trouble was the stamps had sold out. However I nipped to your shop and found them. Only trouble was I couldn’t get my Hochanda Freedom offer. Never mind, they were still a good price

  18. I belong to a Facebook group called Make One Christmas Card Every Week Throughout 2020. So I’ve been making Christmas cards all year since last Christmas!

  19. Hi,
    I start mine early as I have a fair few to make, shoe box full already. Still another 50 odd to go.
    Thanks for the on-going inspiration.
    Linda x

  20. Can’t get enthusiastic about Christmas till late Nov. So that’s when I start. Baubles it is this year! Need a bit more equipment as I evolve into a stamper though. XxPat Hosking

  21. I have to admit I make mine throughout the year, a few each month then I have some for us and a box for my mum. Love these bauble stamps and will purchase them when I can xx

  22. Evening Barbara. I do think the live Skype is the way forward for the foreseeable future. It means you can interact with the presenters much better and yet remain safe at home. And also no travelling which must take it out of you.
    As for when I start my cards…. Well. When I was working I used to make them all in the summer hols but since I’ve been retired I am sure the days go quicker and I now have less time than when I worked so last year it was the beginning of November when I finally finished my cards. I’m not leaving it as late this year but I need to decide what I’m doing for them this year. One thing is certain… They’ll be stamped cards… Groovi takes a lot longer although one or two special ones will be a parchment card.
    So if you fancy designing that 4th bauble feel free and if it’s not ready for this year next year will have it to use.
    Enjoy your evening.
    Love and hugs xxx

  23. Mine are all done. I do them as soon as I have some spare time. I always pick the hottest days of the year too. Maybe I should send out a warning next year before I start so you can all get ready for the heatwave lol.

  24. Hi Barbara those stamps are gorgeous. I love them. What fantastic cards they make. For me I make Christmas cards all year round. I never stop. Stay safe and happy. Take care. Hugs xxx

  25. I started Christmas cards early this year as I bought the bauble stamps and ‘little people’ Christmas stamps too late for last year’s production and I couldn’t wait to get started on them! With lockdown, I had 80+ stamped and groovied cards made. Any new designs will be welcome at any time! I might even start on next year’s batch!

  26. I started mine at lockdown. The shac shack and them have kept me sane. Now looking to do next years – only joking. Wouldn’t be here without you and your help. Many thanks x

  27. I start mine July/August, but I carry on making them up to Christmas so I have some ready to send to Australia, NZ, USA, Hong Kong and Japan from the end of September, usually the last posting date for the first two if sending by surface mail, which I have to use because of the expense when there are a fair number to send (my family all live there).

  28. I have this bauble stamp and love it.I usually start making my Christmas cards Sept/Oct. loved the shows.

  29. I actually used these stamps to make this years Christmas cards during lockdown in March. It was lovely seeing your demos and I now know why I was struggling to achieve the results I wanted but they are all good now. Will be starting on next years now using the poppets as I love colouring and will be able to take my time with them instead of the normal late rush. Hope you and Dave have a relaxing evening.

  30. I’ve now done the cards I will need to post so am ready to start on ones for people in our village. I will then do the special individual ones. I have to confess that I’m not usually so organized. Lockdown has had some benefits x

  31. For many years made loads of cards as I done two or three craft fairs, but find it too much for me now,
    plus all the lifting, loading and setting up. So no craft fairs now but will really enjoy putting my all into special cards for my special People.
    Used to make gift boxes as well etc.
    Will start when I get the urge…and keep going while in the mood….soon I hope! Starting to feel late already now!! O.K really.
    Favourite cards to make.

  32. I have these bauble stamps and love them x I make Christmas cards anytime in the year. Something will inspire me. I have lots of half finished ones, which I will finish. But your demonstrations today have inspired me to get them out. It would be lovely if you make another stamp xxx

  33. In my head and with all good intentions, I always think I will start during my summer holidays in Aug. The reality is I start about the last week of November and the its a stressful rush. This yr I have been furloughed since April, due back to work early September. Have I started , have I heck as like!!!

  34. Usually I start Christmas cards October-ish. This year? I’ve already made 35!
    I’ll go and watch today’s shows now. Looking forward to the bauble demos 🙂

  35. I have only made a very few for very close family for the last few years as I’ve been too busy. This year when I have time to start I cant find what I want to do. I bought some of the little twee girls and boys but nobody is sticking Christmas paper.

    In fact there is very little in the Christmas range anywhere in looked.

    I will make a start will have to make do with what I can find in my stash

    Normally used to start around june which reminds me to go look st last years club stuff for November ond December sd its usually Christmas stuff and always too late to use

  36. I start in January and am meant to make ten a month so not to have a last minute rush….doesn’t usually happen though

  37. I always say to myself I’ll start early… in reality- it’s about the first week in December when I start my Christmas cards 🤣

  38. Hi Barb,
    Loved this morning’s show. The baubles are gorgeous and I’m definitely getting the stamps ( direct from Clarity). I do try to get my cards done in October although I have been known to start them in December ( that was manic because I had 120 cards to make!). Last year I made them all using a foil press and did them all in two weeks in October. Going to stamp most of them this year. New design would be good anytime. Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  39. Can’t think about Christmas before October. Sometimes it’s been November before I start making the Christmas cards. This year it will have to wait until we can stop making scrubs… wonder when that’ll be! At least I know what the design will be because I bought the bauble stamps last year. Wonder what you have in mind for a new one. Xx

  40. If I am just making for friends and family I don’t start until 1st December but if I am doing a craft fair I might start in October ! I bought the baubles last year and did very well with them.
    Y xxx

  41. I start making mine in the days between Christmas and New Year. Since I’m in a festive mood plus it’s often too cold to go out, so why not. I usually make my special family ones later in the year but due to lockdown they’re already done for this year. I wonder how many others got an early start this year due to lockdown?

  42. I’ll catch up with the shows soon. Thanks so much for your note in with my prize!

    I started Christmas earlier than ever this year, as I have more than ever to do. About 60 ready so far with at least the same still to do…

  43. I always intend to start in September, but never seem to get going on them much before the end of November. However, I have already purchased the stamp from you That I’m going to use.

  44. Really love these stamps and a fourth set would be great please. I always intend to start my Christmas cards in August but then life gets in the way so they don’t actually get started until probably September or Ocober! If I’m as late as November getting started then that would cause a major meltdown!

  45. I never stop making them. I make 10 a month until about September and for the rest of the year about 40 a month. All my cards are different and I like to start early so I have time to use different techniques. The closer I get to Christmas, the simpler the cards.

  46. Just started my poppet one’s. Normally my Christmas cards are die cut cards. But this year with the shac shac it’s stamping and colouring. I might combine with some very basic groovi, but I reckon reading all the comments Barb you’ll have plenty of take up on a new bauble for 2020 what a different year xmas cards.

  47. I’m on my last batch now and doing some water colouring with my new mix mat. Hopefully I’ll have enough as the craft room is going into storage! I’ll just have to doodle any last minute cards this year. Will be watching the shows later x

  48. Love the Joy to the World stamp. It fell into my basket lol. I’ve made half of my Christmas cards already using the shepherds die. I watched Paul demonstrate it on you tube and just had to have it. Then I ordered the Madonna die too. Now the bauble lol. As you can tell I only make religious cards.

  49. Hello Barb, will have to watch on catch up, love the examples shown here. Mmmm Christmas cards, thought about it quite a lot, have I started, not a chance, hopefully start by next month. Hubby wants his work ones (always unique)with the Madonna die, but like proper stained glass. Bit of a challenge there. Maybe get some down time this week and get a wiggle on. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  50. I usually start in October, pat myself on the back for being so organised, then don’t do any more until I realise that it is now December and I haven’t finished the Christmas cards. I then have to rush to get them done. I thought lockdown would be the ideal time to make them this year but that didn’t happen. So it looks like it will be the usual routine!! x

  51. Hi have 2 baubles, I Stamp and 1 Groovi, normally start around beginning of November when birthdays, anniversaries are over as I have a very large family and friends to make for so only make Christmas cards for close family and special friends, but think about them from about now onwards.Barbara your a marvel xx


  52. I make them all year round for a craft fair I do, helps pay for the addiction! Then I have a week off in November when I make a official card and mass produce it, so I know what I’ve sent out every year. I really missing seeing everyone at the craft shows, NEC etc, I love to meet up with old friends and see what’s new.

  53. These bauble stamps are my all time favourite and I so enjoyed using them last year would love another to add to the collection .I always intend starting my cards early doesn’t always happen ! However this year is so different I feel the urge to be christmassy early so yes please.

  54. I’ve been making Christmas cards since January with Jane Nestorenko, Linda and Tina’s designs, and am just about to start on the baubles and Poppets. There are also quite a few other Christmassy items in my Clarity cupboard and these will get an airing soon. By the end of September there are usually more than enough cards for my use and plenty left for local charities. I then sit back and craft for Spring. It lifts my spirits as I do not take kindly to the short days and long dark evenings. I think that is why I love Christmas as I know the daylight will start to get longer.
    Any time the new bauble set(s) arrive will be OK as we can always use them next year.
    The new format on Hochanda seems to be working well with Skype. Less travelling and more creating for you I think.
    Take care, keep well, stay safe.

  55. Ipthat was a great show Barb – love the baubles and you made it look easy to overlay so I will give it a try (have ordered). I was going to resist as I bought some new stamps and plates a while ago ready for my Christmas making sessions but the baubles will be joining my collection. I usually start production in August but here we are half way through and not yet started as there have been too many birthdays to create for lately (just had a new Great Grandbaby too,,). Are we going to be doing anything Christmassy in the ShacShac I wonder – just asking!

  56. Cannot start Christmas in glorious summer sunshine.
    Have to wait until the weather is autumnal and summer is over. But I did however watch your demo and throughly enjoyed it so will have to make a purchase.
    Have enjoyed the shack shack and followed it most days, great learning to draw.

  57. I tend to do some throughout the year when the fancy takes me however the bulk of mine are done September onwards.

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