Hi there.

Thanks for joining me. Sometimes it does the soul good to look back, don’t you find? Just remembered where we were on this very day last year…

Lahaina, Maui, with the family.

Surprise 60th birthday party for yours truly…what a wonderful treat!

At the time, I did quietly think it had been a bit extravagant. New Mexico, San Francisco, Maui. I mean, really. Now I am so SOSOSOSOSOSO glad we did it. Got together, had the vacation of a lifetime, did the beachfront villa and all that jazz.

The year has just been so different, so frightening, so worrying SOSOSOSO bloody stressful. Gracie just called from New York an hour ago, and told us there‘s a hurricane headed for them. All I could tell her was to close all the blinds in their glass-front apartment in Brooklyn, and go inside inside, where there are no windows.

I’m guessing these two lovely people will also be SOSOSOSSOSOSOOSOSO glad we had our super time together last August.

And our lad Mark in San Francisco too. Haven’t seen him since that trip, apart from Facetime. He’s safe. Well, he was last time we spoke. What a shitshow this is.

But I’ll tell you what. The trip last year? Thank goodness we were able to and we did. And we did when we were able to.

…eh Dave….what a difference a Dave makes.

Yep. And what a difference a year makes.

Love and hugs.

Barb xxx

30 thoughts on “SOSOSOSOSOSOSO Grateful

  1. Lovely photos and many lovely memories to hold onto, keeping everything crossed for Grace and Mark in their respective homes. Here’s hoping you get to be together again very soon x

  2. Thinking of you and your family tonight and praying they will be safe. Loving hugs for you and Dave too xx

  3. Such lovely memories for you. Just remember that this, too, will pass and you will create so many more with your lovely family. I was shredding today and opened a box full of cards I got 10 years ago. So grateful for the years that were before those cards arrived. Also had my fiftieth birthday cards in that box from 6 months later. A wee bit of an emotional afternoon but the shredder has been busy. No point in holding onto all the cards any longer. I need to clear out and so far have filled four black bags with shredded paper. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to move the filing cabinet. Only one more drawer to empty now. It’s full of candles!! I’ll be ok if there is a power cut!! Lol. Enjoy your evening. Hxx

  4. What wonderful memories for you. The pictures are great.
    This pandemic has left me wondering if we will ever get back to “normal” now that the government are once again sending mixed messages.
    Booked the plumber, who can come tomorrow, but was rather surprised to get a phone call from his boss who gave me the Covid-19 third degree interrogation on our status. Sign of the times sadly.
    Hope you and the crew are all well.
    Love and virtual hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  5. I haven’t posted for over a week, as I just couldn’t motivate myself to do much at all. I am grateful for the SHAC this week, as it might help to shake me up a bit. Lovely memories from your family trip. I can’t believe it is a year ago, although so much has happened since.
    Glad that your chicks are safe and thank goodness for FaceTime. Hugs. Annette X

  6. I am trying to focus on my hopes for the future, rather than looking back too much. My next appointment is with my hairdresser to stop my hair blowing into my eyes (the last thing I want right now. Then two weeks later, I get my post op appointment, hopefully then being referred for the second op. New glasses should then enable me to dive back into my hobbies. Small things are keeping me going at the moment. Two parcels arrived from Clarity in the last few days, more to look forward to. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  7. My Christmas Poppets arrived today, just found them in the recycle box and haven’t had a look at them yet as I am babysitting the little ones. We have just watched Our Yorkshire Farm and now they have gone to bed. I wonder what the future holds for them, I hope schools can start safely as they need to have their education .
    Ella (7) has got into vegetable growing during lockdown, her hero is Alan Titchmarsh, and the pumpkin plant is a bit like Jack’s beanstalk, it just keeps growing.
    Thinking of Grace and hope that hurricane loses some strength before it hits NY xx

  8. Like you we had a big family holiday last year. The hotel wasn’t the best but being together really made up for it. Those memories have kept me going during lockdown. Feeling thankful that I’ve got such a wonderful family xxx

  9. Such happy memories for you and all you can do is take one day at a time Barbara. Grace and Mark are sensible people and I pray that they will stay safe.
    Sending you a virtual hug. Xxxx

  10. Thanks for sharing love the pics you all look so happy healthy and carefree !!!! So glad you all got that time together knowing what we know now with restricted travel. Hope all this gets over soon. Yes missing the kids thank goodness for FaceTime . Hang in there xoxo

  11. So good to do these things, memories live longer than dreams, that’s for sure. Happy days, hope all will be well.x

  12. Hi Barbara. Don’t your offspring and their partners all look alike. They could all be brothers and sisters!
    Still haven’t caught up with the doodling. Like everyone else by the sounds of it I’m sorting out the house ready for some decorating and trying to keep up with the garden. Still managing to keep up to date with your blog though.

  13. Which just goes to prove that you should never put off doing something you really want to do ‘cos there’s no guarantees that you’ll get another chance!

  14. That was a wonderful holiday with your nearest and dearest Barbara, well apart from your Mum and Dad who wouldn’t have been able to make it there but it was great you did it and there will be more lovely times to come for you and Dave. I hope the hurricane doesn’t do too much damage and Grace and Mark keep safe in their apartment. x

  15. Hello Barb, what wonderful memories to have. I hope Grace and her Mark are safe, and your Mark too. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  16. Yes so true, you’ve got to grab life with both hands and get the best out of every moment. Such a fab holiday, on reflection, that’s why it happened, funny how we all do things not knowing the underlying plan. Precious memories and we’ve all got to hang on to the belief that it all will improve. It will be different now. Love to all of you. X

  17. Wonderful photo of you all, yes so good looking back at our lovely memories. Don’t know where we’d be without facetime, it has sure kept me sane being able to see our kids and their families through this year. Have faith Barbara, it will pass. I have lovely memories of our weekend being all together at Symonds Yat in the Wye Valley for our 50th Wedding Anniversary almost 2 years ago now. You have kept so many of us sane with your shac Shack too, be forever grateful to you. Grace and Mark will be fine, as my Mum always used to say God’s good. We’ll pray for them. Have faith

  18. What beautiful photos – remind me of my vacation in Hawaii. And as you write SOSOSOSOSOSOSO grateful to celebrate my 60th birthday last november in a hot air balloon flying above Myanmar… a dream !!!!!!!!

  19. Terrific photo and lovely times to remember. We are certainly enjoying our reminiscing, it is getting us through some days when things are getting a bit much

  20. Beautiful photos and great memories. X

    Who’d have thought a year on and we’d be where we are, I sometimes think is this really happening and have to think what we did before, apart from holidays, seeing family and going out for meals, we’re not that different BUT we are because whatever we do we have to think about it first I suppose. On the plus side we’d never have done our doodling, drawing, painting and colouring like we are. Thank you x x

  21. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous photos of you all and lovely to see you all looking so relaxed and happy. That was a very special holiday for you all and what wonderful memories it has given you to look back on in these very strange times we are living in. Dave and I went up to Newcastle yesterday just for an hour – that’s all I can manage at the moment and it was very calm and well organised. What I do find though, is that the masks make me so hot and after a while really affects my breathing – I’m seriously considering getting a visor, even if I would look stupid walking around the shops! Love and hugs,Alison xx

  22. What a lovely memory for you. You can’t beat family – precious times.
    Thank you for sharing the story of the sand dollars. Absolutely rivetting. Nature is truly wonderful.
    God bless x

  23. Life has taught me to ‘do things’ when you can. Like you I had a 60th last year and the 2 week Far East cruise did seem extravagant but hubby convinced me to book – so I did! Wow what a lovely time we had and what wonderful memories and I’m so glad we went. My husband is 18 years older than me and I’m trying to make memories whilst I can as no one knows what is around the corner (especially this year!). My philosophy now is ‘Can we afford it then do it’ as life may be too short. Well done on creating those lovely memories and hope Grace is safe from the hurricane x

  24. Wow what an amazing trip. I bet you are so glad it was all last year. We celebrated my hubby’s 60th last year. Two tea parties and a trip away. We couldn’t do those things this year. He has just signed up for voluntary severance. We have to wait six weeks to see if he is accepted. It is all a game. Take care. Hugs xxx

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