Water Colour Toadstools !

Water Colour Toadstools !

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Just a quickie. So glad this morning’s water colour SHAC-Shack was well received! I think we’ll have a good week, developing those new ideas and perhaps trying them out on different subjects! I had a real hankering to colour in our toadstools from last week’s woods, but was way too busy with so much else all afternoon. I saw somebody else on facebook had done it too, beautifully, and wanted to try it even more! Then this evening, I remembered. MAKE TIME.


And so I did. Thing is, there’s a lot of drying time involved, and I got impatient, so must remember to give time time next time! Oh. And a heatgun works like a charm too….

But I pencilled the toadstools from last week into my water colour pad, inked them up with my No. 1 Micron pen that we use for doodling – and I was good to go! So that’s good to know: The Micron pens are water tight!

Not finished by any stretch, but a great start! And I’ve left plenty of room on the A4 leaf to continue the woodland scene. I love being able to sketch my own art into a water colour pad and paint it. That’s new for me too.

See you tomorrow at 10 in the SHAC Shac! Here’s the link to the SHAC SHhack Shop, if you need a mix mat or anything. Actually, check out the bundle with the water colour pads, brush pens AND Mix mat. Very very good price…CLICK HERE

Gotta go. Been a long day!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

24 thoughts on “Water Colour Toadstools !

  1. I bought that a few weeks ago so it was sat waiting ready ! Managed to open the water brush after realising I was turning it the wrong way (so did hubby! So he couldn’t turn round and say his usual ‘… and they let you drive a car ….!’ LOL )

    Loved the water colour today xx

    1. Thankyou Jackie for the tip on how to open the pens – I struggled with that too! I also had my watercolour kit all ready to go but my postcard had already been sent ages ago when I first bought the set!!! I had to stamp the parrots to play with and when I feel more proficient, I shall paint the parrots page in the book. What a great lesson…thanks Barb. Xx

  2. Really enjoyed this morning, ordered myself a mat. Looking forward to tomorrow morning. Thanks Barbara see you all in the Shac Shack .

  3. What a brilliant start to the week , loved the water colouring , already got all the gear just need practice

  4. Loving the watercoloring this week, I’ve wanted to get to grips with this for sometime, thanks for all the hints & tips Barbara. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Xx

  5. Your toadstools look very vibrant. I’m loving the watercolouring. For once I have all the gear! Won’t see you tomorrow as it’s Tuesday group walk day. X

  6. Hi Barbara your toadstools are gorgeous. I did have a go at redrawing them but I didn’t use watercolour card. I placed an order to get a mix mat this morning and I have just had an email to say my order is on it’s way. What fantastic service. I am looking forward to the rest of the week. Take care. Hugs xxx

  7. Got as far as printing the toadstool template but then unable to watch Youtube without being inundated with ads . Got into a loop for some reason so shut down the computer ( I hate them when they don’t do what I want) and did some Groovin instead.
    Received 2 orders today, well pleased with the Owls, so had a play with them this afternoon.
    Long time no see Brenda – is she OK? Do hope so.
    Stay safe everyone.

    1. Hello Cherry,
      Brenda posted on the 14th July, when she mentioned that she is struggling with her CFS. Hopefully she will be back with the Clarity family soon, posting her wonderful, wise words. Take care Brenda.
      Loved this mornings session in the SHAC SHACK, thank you Barbara, you have unlocked my crafty mojo!
      Take care everyone, stay safe

    2. Thank you Cherry and Denise 😊xx
      Yep, still really struggling with my CFS although I think I may have identified the cause of at least part of the problem. Currently trying to work out how to lessen/change that activity although it may be that this is just how it’s got to be until there’s a vaccine. It’s ok, a lot of the time I don’t even have the energy to feel upset or whatever at managing so little 😉 ha, ha

      1. Hello Brenda
        Lovely to hear from you. Sorry to hear that you are still struggling. Keep strong, take care Denise x

  8. Glad you got some down time. I’ve been playing tonight, too, so that I am ready for part two tomorrow. I photocopied the postcard first onto watercolour paper and they are a bit orange so lesson learned before doing the postcards. Now ready to apply a little less orange to the postcard. We’ll see what happens. Lol. See you in the morning. Hx

  9. Hi Barbara
    I loved watching you this morning
    Lots to take in with your hints and tips cheers 🥂
    I like using water colour I seem to get a better result from my colouring attempts lol
    It’s not all about the results.
    For me Its all about the having a go.
    Have a lovely night catch you in the morning .

  10. My first attempt at water colouring, I have a long way to go. Thank you for all the hints and tips Barbara. See you tomorrow.

  11. Caught up with the shac shac this afternoon, so enjoyable, thank you. Also, delighted to receive my club goodies today, love them all. xx

  12. I enjoyed the water colouring this morning, have got as far as copying my woodland scene on to watercolour card but haven’t started to colour it in yet. Will join you for a short while tomorrow before I go over to my Mom’s then will catch up when I get home.
    Having read Claritymatters earlier it looks like a great weekend coming up so hope you manage to get some downtime in between shooting videos for the shows.

  13. Was so excited to try water colouring this morning. So much to
    learn . Bought a set of Faber Castell water colour pencils a while back but didn’t want to use them until I was shown the correct ways to use them. So glad I waited and thank you for today’s session. Have ordered the mix mat and a little water colour journal as I already have water pens. See you tomorrow xx

  14. Love this new technique and I too ordered the sketchbook bundle as soon as we finished yesterday’s session AND got an email to say my order had been dispatched! Barbara certainly kept to her word and picked and packed the goodies for our water colouring week. What a lady, thank you Barb xx

  15. Hello Barb, oh what a great watercolour image, your Toadstools look like they have been stamped. Must go have a look at that one, and maybe take up the offer! Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  16. I love the water colouring as I do quite a bit of that, but now I have a better understanding and ability to draw too. I love our lessons, listening to your stories and remembering, and our get togethers at the SHAC. Oh , and no , I can’t believe we’re nearly in August lol x.

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