A Simple step-by-step Guide to Happy Gridwork and a Precious Poppet …

A Simple step-by-step Guide to Happy Gridwork and a Precious Poppet …

Hi there.

Thanks for poppeting in again! Oh boy oh boy! What a launch!! Proud Mum moment here. I knew you’d like these little beauties by Marina, and we made so many stamps! Hats off to Jason and the team for pulling this mega project off. It has been amazing. And just what the doctor ordered at Clarity. So thank you thank you, for watching, supporting and investing in us again. We have more of these little beauties in the pipeline too. Watch this space….

As promised, here is the stamping step by step on parchment I rustled up yesterday, using Josie’s King Charles Grid Plate and the new Poppet called Presh…I shall put an ingredients list at the end for you.

Ready? Here goes…

Stamp the large Poppet into the middle of an A5 sheet of plain parchment, using black Archival ink. Let it dry for 5 minutes.

While she’s drying, let’s decide on the size of our frame. We are using the King Charles plate. ALL Josie’s grids work beautifully, by the way. Slot the grid plate into the Groovi Plate Mate from the Starter Kit. Pop the poppet over the top and count along the top pattern. I think I will use the whole frame. ie. all 10 repeat patterns. Set Presh to one side, and

place another piece of A5 parchment on top of the pattern, using the embossed line around the edge as your guide. We are embossing first, so have the plate round the right way, with the engraved side facing up. If you look at the second photo, you can see how I am travelling around the outer edge with all the embossing dots first. You can use the Pergamano 1.5 embossing tool, or the No. 2 tool from our Groovi Starter Kit.

Turn the artwork and build the outer frame, then simply fill in all the dots. These grids really are a dream to use. Imagine having to count all these patterns out of a plain grid! That’s what parchers used to do! Gasp. All you have to do now is count the repeat patterns up the side of the grid! Ten here.

This is what we should now have. Hahahahaha. Can you spot the missing dot? Just noticed it.

Next thing is embossing the open petal pattern. Still working on the back of the parchment, transfer the work to either the soft side of your black mat in the Groovi Starter Kit, or your pink Excellent embossing mat. Use either the Pergamano embossing tools 4 or 3.5, or the 3 and 4 balltools in the Starter Kit. Go all the way round once, gently embossing the petals. Then allow to sit while you go to Presh.

This is where Clarity Fresh Cut Dies SAVE YOU HOURS AND HOURS!!! Pick the Picot nested squares to cut out the Presh centrepiece.

Cut out a piece of designer card out at the same time. I went with a blue and red Northern Lights Petite topper card. Any die cutting machine will do the job. We sell the Gemini, because that’s the one I like and use, but my friends use loads of different ones.

Before you transfer the little picot cut piece with stamped Presh to the accompanying Groovi plate, wipe it with a tumble dryer sheet AWAY from the acrylic plate. The reason I suggest you do this is so that the tool will glide easily along the grooves. The reason I suggest you do this AWAY from the acrylic plate is so that the plate doesn’t get greasy and the Groovi tabs stick well! How does she know these things,eh? Use the No. 1 tools to introduce the white embossed double-line frames. TOP TIP: Use the Groovi Guard to hold the parchment tight in place while you run the Groovi tool along the grooves. Place it right up on the line – it helps massively, especially on long runs.

Let’s add another layer of whitework to the petal pattern on the back. Take your time with this. Use the same tool or the next size down to go round the second time. White is not expected yet. Look below. Letting the whitework rest between layers makes for much better whitework.

So while the whitework is cooling off and resting, let’s make a start on the perforating. Flip the Grid plate in the plate mate. I find the lightwave is a Godsend when you are perforating. Sandwich the Super foam between the Lightwave and the Plate Mate with the flipped Grid plate. If you can read Perforate this side up, you’re good to go!

You will be perforating ON THE FRONT, so flip your artwork too. Look at the large photo below. The dark dots are the ones you have already embossed. The more faded dots are the actual holes in the grid. Position the parchment so that the faded dots sit perfectly around your embossed work, and secure with Groovi tabs.

Ready to perforate? Pick the 1-needle 2-needle and 4-needle bold tools – and go for it. You can’t go wrong, because you can only perforate where the holes are in the grid. And the light peeping through the perforations shows you where you’ve been and if you’ve missed any too.

Another layer of whitework can still be done after you’ve perforated. Just be careful around the holes. This artwork is really starting to take shape, isn’t it.

Right. Now for the cutting. Pick your scissors. I use the exclusive ones, the least expensive ones. The ringlocks are great if you have larger fingers. When you cut, make sure the scissors are positioned over the waste, and start the cutting from the inside, working your way outwards. Keeping the parchment art in the A5 sheet keeps it strongest while you cut.

Time for a break from cutting. I find I need to stretch my fingers and neck from time to time, so back to Presh, for a touch of whitework. The No. 6 Ball tool is my best friend on these larger areas.

Picot Crosses now. There are pleant of them. Just remember to keep the scissorss over the part that is going to fall out. You can see here my fiest one was ropey. The second one and all thereafter were better. So. Do the first one on scrap, to get your eye in!

Now, finally, the outside edge. This is where I cut the A5 parchment back to the edge of the design. Snip snip snip…..

Feels good when it’s done! Time for a cuppa.

I was adding layers of soft whitework to Presh as I was cutting. Then I went in on the fur collar, the booties and hat rim on the bird, and used a No. 1 tool to add a fur texture with gentle outward flicks. See? Always from the back.

Now it’s time to add a flash of colour using the Perga Liner pencils or Polychromos on the back. I smoothed out the colour with a dry blending pen too. The light blue Polychromo is in that set of 12 I bought in for the greys.

Glitter last. Use the mapping pen and Pergamano sticky ink to add glitter to the little picture.

Assembly time. Here’s how to use brads to attach layered parchment art. Super foam underneath, or cutting foam. Layer your work as you want to attach it. In the top left hand corner perforate all the layers with a bold 1 needle tool. Hold the work while you press a Pergamano brad through that hole. Leave the brad in the foam cushino underneath. Next, do the same in the bottom righthand corner. Then do the other two corners.

Card layer. Picot cut a piece of the same Designer paper from the Northern Lights as you used for the petite centre. Attach it to the correct cardblank. I went with 7×7 in.

Use a glue runner behind the middle area of the artwork to attach to the card. All done.

Loads of tips and tricks there. Hope you enjoyed it and hope you want to try it!

Here’s the ingredient list, complete with links to the Claritystamp website.

Mega list, I know! Mega project too!

I got everything out of the cupboard for this one!!And you may be thinking that’s a helluva cost attached to one card!! Hahahaha. I know, right? But actually, that’s the bulk of the entire Parching stash!

It’s like most hobbies. You need your basic tools. And with parching, it’s no different. If you’re looking for a beautiful hobby, look no further! Groovi Pergamano art is wonderful. And the Starter Kit is the starting place.

I shall get in touch with Linda, Hazel and Glynis, and fire up a Zoom snipping coffee morning for us. In fact, we ought to think about a Zoom whitework morning too! And a Zoom Gridwork morning! Leave it with me xxx

Love and hugs

Barb xx

29 thoughts on “A Simple step-by-step Guide to Happy Gridwork and a Precious Poppet …

  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Barbara! Can’t wait to try this out when my poppets arrive. Thank you for such comprehensive instruction. Xxxx

  2. Oh boy Barbara this is stunning. I love it. Those little Poppets are gorgeous. See you tomorrow in the Shac Shack. Have a good day. Take care. Hugs xxx

  3. This card is stunning and I look forward to following your fantastic notes(and tips). A big thank you for all the work you do.

  4. Beautiful. I will certainly bearing a go at this one.but I think it will take me longer than it took you. I’m sure it will be worth the effort. x

  5. Beautiful. I will certainly having a go at this one.but I think it will take me longer than it took you. I’m sure it will be worth the effort. x

  6. I am so looking forward to starting my Christmas cards. Christmas cards started to be a bit of a chore (I usually make about 70 just for the OH to send and about another 80 for friends and family).My whole mindset has changed this year and it’s going to be a chilled out Clarity Christmas…..Thanks for being so inspiring! Xxx

  7. What a brilliant step by step that is. I’m so glad the launch of these wonderful poppets has gone so well, I got the lot (well it had to be done didn’t it) and can’t wait for the next lot to be revealed. I have to admit I have sort of gone off parchment/groovi as I can never work out how to get things to fit in the area I want to work in, the designs are usually too big as I prefer smaller cards. Now seeing how you can stamp in the middle and use the grids I’m off to the website and may be sometime. Oh happy day.

  8. What brilliant step by step instructions for this stunning project which could be adapted for the smaller stamps as well. Off to place my order !
    A zoom coffee morning would be brilliant, I do miss the interaction with my Groovi friends. We did manage a socially distanced chat in the Bandstand at Bromsgrove a couple of weeks ago which was good but no Groovi.

  9. Really need these beauties especially pud my granddaughter’s nickname , can I use my gift voucher , bought for my birthday , if I phone my order in , I know a lot of companies aren’t excepting them at the moment

  10. Love this project, Barbara, and can’t wait for my poppets to arrive. One more week of work and then three weeks off so plenty time to craft – and maybe hoover but I wouldn’t want to overdo that!! Have a good day today. See you briefly tomorrow. Need to leave about 10.30 tomorrow but I’ll catch up later with what I miss. By the way, I really enjoyed your watercolour tips today. Need to work today still looking forward to seeing the 4 p.m. show. There’s just so much I want to do. Work is getting in the way!!!! Lol. Hx

  11. Hello Barbara
    This is a lovely project. And you learn something every day. I always cut the outer edge first. Never again! I will leave it until last from now on.

  12. Gorgeous and thank you for all the details, mind you, I think I can probably only manage the stamping, I don’t think I could do the rest! Anyway, I ordered the poppets – love them!
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite – or toothless as I have now nicknamed him – still has all his claws though!!)

  13. Thank you for taking the time to blog this step-by-step, it will be so helpful to those who are a little unsure on the proper procedure when making this kind of mixed art.
    Ordered the complete package yesterday and eagerly await the delivery. I started Christmas cards early this year, both for us and the local charity, but I really did need something different to inspire me to go forward and these fit the bill very well.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the demo’s today, just 4pm to go then it’s off to watch a Harry Potter marathon back to back session. Could be a late night tonight.
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  14. Gorgeous or what?! Been trying to resist these but my resolve is quickly waning…….. this project is exactly what I had in my mind when I saw the stamps! Oh dear…feel an order is on the way!

  15. I’m so glad the launch went well. If it took you four hours to make the card, I dread to think how many it took to write out the instructions but thank you for investing in us. You have already said you have too much on – start with one Saturday a month? No one can sustain the amount of voluntary work you are doing on top of very full time work and a family.

  16. She is gorgeous and I love these little poppets!!!💝
    Watched you yesterday wishing it is already September so I get my stamps of these little angels.
    Today I was away enjoying de birthday of my granddaughter who is 9 now.
    Will see you tomorrow in the Shac Shag-looking forwards-cann’t wait!
    Greetings Trijntje Huppel

  17. Hello Barb, what a great step by step, love the way you have brought Presh to life. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  18. Hi Barb,
    Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the step by step. Glad that the stamps were such a success. The DT did you proud again with such stunning samples – well done to all of them. Really enjoyed the shows. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  19. Such a beautiful card Barbara, I absolutely love it. I have never managed to get to grips with grid work, so I’d be interested in that one.. X

  20. I’m disappointed there’s no video. I love watching your videos! 😔

    I’m going to bite the bullet and order my groovi kit.

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