The Wendy House and the Owls

The Wendy House and the Owls

Hi there. Thanks for popping in. Glorious day today. Found the PERFECT little place to sit and work on our owls, in readiness for the SHAC-Shack session tomorrow…

Early in the morning, the sun shines in on the little Wendy House at the bottom of the garden. So I thought to myself, I thought, “right Mrs. You are going to set yourself up in that there little house for the morning, and enjoy your art. And I did.

I have been up in the artroom above the garage aka THE SHAC-SHACK for days, weeks and months now. And whilst it is lovely, and I am grateful for such a great artspace, it is a WORK SPACE. It is where I WORK. It is the place I associate with WORK, not play.

So today, I made a decision to play, not work. And I got totally immersed in the owls. The energy in the Wendy house is wonderfully tranquil, no traffic on a Sunday morning, and the lighting is ideal. Grace had treated me to a jigsaw puzzle table, which arrived Friday – and is brilliant for colouring too! Perfect.

Rightio. The owls. I haven’t finished them by any stretch! I was trying out different colours and tricks, to share with you, and it’s not a race, is it?! But the eyes have it. Tomorrow we will begin with the eyes….pieceacake.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning! It’s been important to stop for a week and regroup, get a few things sorted out, have a think and a tidy up. For all of us I reckon! But now I’m all fired up and raring to go.

Didn’t have to go far to find a slice of heaven. It was right there, in front of me: the Wendy house and the owls.

If you fancy joining me for a little owly colouring session, I will see you at 10am tomorrow, on Facebook LIVE on the Claritystamp Facebook Page. In fact, I think I may squeeze in a cheeky little hour or so now, and figure out what I plan to do in the background…

Tawittawoo! I know what I’ll do! But will it be black? Or will it be blue?

If you haven’t got the Feathered Friends Postcards yet, get them today, and join in too!

As for what to colour in with? Well, I am going to use my Faber Castell Polychromos tin of 60.

Considered purchase for sure, but a brilliant investment if you are wanting to hone your colouring skills. We have a great price on them. CLICK HERE

If you have our Pergaliners, then the greys and neutrals will be an issue (there aren’t any in the box!) So we have also compiled a little set of 12 individual Polychromos pencils, to supplement that collection. You could certainly colour in the owls beautifully with this little set!

A word about our Perga Liners pencils, in case you are new to Clarity and Pergamano. They are great quality. You get 16 blending pencils (same sort as the Polychromos) and 20 watercolour pencils. Down the road I would like to use the water colour pencils during our SHAC-Shack sessions too. Choices, choices, choices.

So I shall love you and leave you, because I wannahaveaplay!

Until tomorrow,

Love always

Barb xxx

37 thoughts on “The Wendy House and the Owls

  1. What a lovely garden you have, Beautiful place just to be.
    I’m waiting on our new summerhouse/ craft cave which is in the next 10 days, cant wait to have my own crafty space again. Hubby is doing the works for me, insulation, electrics and lighting, can’t wait x

    1. So looking forward to being back in the Shac Shac your owls are looking beautiful, can’t wait to start mine
      Hope you feel more refreshed and better

  2. Your wee house looks so tranquil. I have been sewing masks, trying out various designs over the weekend. Come up with a couple that work, so will make a few of each of them.
    I am now chilling playing with ink, making backgrounds for cards that I will stamp later.
    Really looking forward to the Shac tomorrow.

  3. What a lovely spot to practise with the owls. The weather has been just right today. Looking forward to tomorrow. Relax this evening.

  4. Good to hear you sounding so upbeat and positive after what has been a difficult few months. We are all behind you and the good shop Clarity. xxx

  5. Happy Days. Looking forward to tomorrow already! I still haven’t played catch up but that’s ok. I’ll get there. I always do. Busyish week ahead work wise but at least I will be free each day at 10 a.m. I have everyone well trained now!! Lol. Nice table, by the way! Enjoy a lovely relaxing evening. See you in the morning. Going to have some raspberries from the garden now (and cream!) and then maybe I will boil up thousands of blackcurrants, lol, to make blackcurrant jelly!! There are still as many in the garden – all from one bush! Hxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    What a beautiful place to craft in! I can certainly see the appeal. I remember when you started colouring the owls and I was in awe of how realistic they looked. Hopefully one day you’ll get them finished and what a beautiful picture that would be. Love my Polychromos too, I am lucky to have the full set which I treasure! Love and hugsAlison xx

  7. Good to hear you sounding so upbeat and positive after what has been a difficult few months. We are all behind you and the good ship Clarity. xxx

  8. I love your Wendy house retreat , it looks so peaceful. I am really looking forward to tomorrow and the owls enjoy your evening xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    So glad you found time to relax and recharge the battery’s And by the looks of your artwork on the Owls we are in for a treat.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of Sunday best wishes to Dave 🤗

  10. Looks great in your Wendy house and your beautiful garden. How lovely to be able to take yourself completely away and just chill. You definitely have needed it. Have to say have missed our sessions each morning but have been able to catch up on a few other projects which has been great. Enjoy your colouring and see you in the morning x PS hope Dave’s foot is better!

  11. I just want to thankyou for all the work you have put in during lockdown ,it has been very much appreciated. P lease could you show us the jigsaw puzzle table as i am looking for one having been given a jigsaw for my birthday during lockdown. Keep well look after yourself

  12. I’m so excited about tomorrow 😁. Glad you’ve sorted a few things, had a bit of a rest or at least a change of routine. Thank you so much xx

  13. Those owls look fantastic, can’t wait to re-group with our Shac family. It will be good to be back with you at the helm Barbara. I’m going to have a mug of your ginger brew tonight to make sure I get a good night’s sleep xx

  14. Good to be back to something like ‘normal’!!
    Hey….this is spooky, at 04.00 a.m. I was up to watch the space station (as you do) – sun was just under the horizon and I saw a large silhouette soar from the big tree at the back to the trees at the front, yes, it was an owl, first time I’ve actually seen one so clearly. No idea what type, but it was spectacular – just like your colouring will be I’m sure. Saw loads of bats too – will they be on the colouring roster?
    Hope you are both well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  15. Drat – Drat–Drat – got to go out tomorrow morning but will watch later. Everything is laid out on my table in readiness. I love owls, they are such graceful birds.
    Your garden and Wendy house are lovely. Glad you’ve had such a good day.
    I miss the garden we had at the old house, don’t particularly have any enthuse for this one which is only a sixth of the size, no room for a wendy house and feels too enclosed.
    Beautiful sunny day here today.
    Stay safe. 🍒🍒🍒

  16. I have summer house envy! It looks so peaceful and beautiful in your garden and a wonderful place to relax.
    I have just watched the programme about the uber talented Kenneth-Mason family on BBC. Fantastic it was too. What a lovely, talented family they are and their lucky neighbours have been treated to weekly concerts on clap for carers Thursdays during lockdown. I remember you saying that you played the cello in the school orchestra, as did I, but somehow I don’t think we were in the same league. Oh well, we enjoyed it, which is the main thing. Try to give it a watch, if you get the chance. See you tomorrow. Hugs. Annette. X

  17. A fabulous space to ‘play’. I have a summerhouse too, it’s so tranquil out there, sun shining, birds singing, prob is I usually fall asleep.
    Looking forward to doodling again…….colouring not my thing but will be there tomorrow watching. X

  18. Wow, they look stunning! Am hoping I’ll be finishing work in the next couple of weeks and then I can head back to try out retirement and start to catch up with all the amazing sessions I’ve missed. Your garden is fabulous as well – in much better shape than mine!

  19. So looking forward to the owls. My mum loved them. I will practice on the postcard and then do the large one. Looking forward to the water colouring with the pencils. You look so relaxed In your summer shac xxx

  20. Love that table and your garden! Wonderfully tranquil scene ☺️
    Am looking forward to the owls but my extra FC’s yet. Will that matter? Xx

  21. Wow what a lovely green space and ‘she shed’ . You look so happy sitting in your Wendy House making plans for tomorrow. I’ve so missed the SHAC Shack and I am very excited to join everyone tomorrow. Misplaced my postcards so will have to doodle and colour, that will get me back in the swing of things.

    Hope you had a chance to rest last week and Thankyou in advance for spending your time with us again.

  22. Oh wow, what a wonderful Wendy house, and garden, I would love a little place like that, a little piece of heaven.

    The owls look every bit as good as your work always does…just beautiful. Looking forward to tomorrow. Xxx

  23. Lovely Wendy house xx
    Have fun I’ve been colouring today too, so relaxing. See you tomorrow 10am sharp xxx

  24. Hoping my extra FC pencils come tomorrow meanwhile I will just go with the flow & just watch if necessary & then catch up with the colouring later. It will be great to be back in the SHAC Shack.
    Your garden looks beautiful & having the Wendy House overlooking it – what more could you ask for when sitting colouring with that view.
    See you at 10am

  25. O what a lovely garden you have! And that little Wendy house!!!!! So nice. I bet you can totally concentrate you on your hobby. And nice with the sun there. Here in Sweden it’s raining the last two weeks and the 14 days weather prognoses is not much better. The temperature lies under 20 degrees. Our Holiday starts Friday. Normally we would have travelled to Austria to celebrate our 40 year wedding anniversary. But due to covid-19 we cancelled it and now we are forced to stay in cold and rainy Sweden. At least for 14 days. We have 4 weeks so we pray for warmer weather the rest of our holiday. There is though two good things with rainy days….. it makes you sleep better and you have more time for your hobbies . Barbara enjoy your time in the Wendy house. It is a lovely place and I couldn’t think a better place to Color the owls.

  26. What a lovely garden! Oh, and I love your Wendy House! So peaceful! And wasn’t it a beautiful day yesterday! Glad you had a relaxing say and enjoyed having a play, colouring in the owls. Looking forward to joining you in the SHAC Shack at 10. Hugs xxx

  27. Ah as you say it’s all in the eyes! What a beautiful view of your Garden. How lovely to be sitting out enjoying nature whilst colouring. Hoping my boss doesn’t set a call for 10am then I can listen and half watch along and catch up on YouTube later. I’ve missed the sound of you keeping me company, but I’m real glad you had some you time. See you soon.xx

  28. Hello Barb, you have the most beautiful garden, love the Wendy house, what a lovely little space to get away to. Need to get my owls out, maybe I can sneak a few minutes away from work, but either way can catch up later. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  29. Your Wendy house looks lovely and a good place to sit and do some coloring!
    Love the owls and the parchment owls are stunning!!!
    Enjoy your evening and see you all tomorrow again!
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

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