Owls are next on the List!

Owls are next on the List!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Delighted to confirm that those extra individual Polychromos pencils I mentioned yesterday are already in da house! I know, right?! So they’re loaded on our website, both individually and as a little 12-piece bundle.


I am so pleased, because after a little break in the SHAC-Shack next week, Owls are up on the colouring postcards, and the beiges and greys are pretty key. So it was going to be great for the Polychromos colourists, but a bit lame for the PergaLiner artists. Now here’s the perfect supplement for the latter, who don’t have any greys and beiges in their box.

Tell you what though, all you Perga Liner peeps! Wait till we start on the water colour end of the box, the 20 aquarelly pencils in your selection! Then who’ll be laughing?!

Anyway, I am stepping to the back for a few days. It’s time to retreat for a week, not only to play catch up with paperwork and housework, but also to consider the next Clarity steps. We can’t just bumble along anymore, with that kind of carefree hit and hope strategy. We have to be both careful and nimble if we are going to survive the next few months as a company. What a game this is! But there you have it, once again.

It is never the event, but how you react to it that will ultimately affect you.

So, weather permitting, there’ll be plenty of fresh air, walking and talking with Dave. Mind you, he is really hobbling at the moment. Severe arthritis again. Must be very painful; he’s very subdued.

And I’ll not be getting up at 5am either! It works when you’re working, but not when you’re not!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

52 thoughts on “Owls are next on the List!

  1. I’m glad you are taking some time for yourself. The last 14 weeks have been amazing and you know you have our undying gratitude. Hope Dave’s foot/ankle settles down. I know how painful an arthritic ankle can be. See you on the other side refreshed and with some decisions and plans made. Take care. Xx

  2. Glad that your taking so e time off, im back at work full time next week so wont feel like im missing out lol. Enjoy yourbreak barbara in the meantime i still have to finish up in hawaii and go back to holland and new mexico . Stay safe xxxx

  3. Hope the weather is good next week so you can get out walking , clear the head and lay plans for the next stage. I’ll take the opportunity to catch up with some cardmaking using my new doodling skills! Thank you so much! See you soon in the Shac Shack xx

  4. So sorry to hear that Dave is in such pain. That’s not good. Sounds like you are on quite a challenging road in more ways than one. Acceptance may well be the first step for some of what is around for you. I think I heard a prayer once that might be very relevant right now and not just for you!! Take care of yourselves whatever you do. Lots of love. Hxx

  5. Have a lovely week off – glad you are taking some time for yourself. Hope the weather is kind to you. Sympathise with Dave -wet weather makes mine worse. I”l use the break to catch up. Take care! xx

  6. Have a wonderful relaxing break and make the most of those lay-ins and come back refreshed. Thank you and your wonderful team for all you have done for us to keep us inspired during these difficult times. I’m no longer a traveller myself, but you really brought our travels to life with your wonderful stories, and I still love those slippers.
    Relax and take are
    Heather xox

  7. Enjoy your break AND make sure you get plenty of ME time. (All work and no play is not good).
    Hope Dave’s ankle/foot improves. Hopefully if we get some decent weather next week it will – it’s been a bad week for “Arfur” – I know I have the T-shirt this week and relish a few days without waking in the early hours not knowing what do do with a painful ankle! (not helped by the fact that I caught it the back of it on the wheelie bin the other week, and now having to attend a wound clinic twice a week! (At least I have finished the antibiotics and the rigmarole of arranging meals around them!)
    As an aside ….. I presume it was my painful ankle waking me at 5 am and not you making a noise getting up – I don’t DO early – rofl!
    Take care and remember to have some FUN!
    Mags x

  8. I hope the sun shines & that you are both able to relax & recharge your batteries. You deserve it xxx

  9. Good that you’re taking some time off from the Shac Shack. Will be good for you to have a bir of a break and also concentrate on the business side of the things. Difficult times but I do hope you all at Clarity will be ok and the your company will sail through this crisis without too many scratches, if you see what I mean.
    Poor Dave! I do sympathise with him as I do know how painful arthritis is. My doctor has told me to keep moving even if it’s painful and I do. It does help! Hope Dave will feel better soon. Have a lovely weekend. Xxx

  10. So pleased you are taking a break from the Shac, you certainly deserve it after all you have done for us during the last 14 weeks. It will also give those of us who are behind some time to catch up. Running a business is stressful at any time but in the current climate it must have been hard for you to juggle all the balls.
    Sorry to hear Dave is in so much pain, hope the weather gets a bit warmer which may help. Arthritis is something many in my family have suffered, some from a young age, so I am grateful that it hasn’t affected me so far.
    Owls are my favourite birds. I have the full range of Faber polychromos pencils, your post cards and the colouring book so am all set for what I am sure will be a super tutorial.
    I have been let out of the naughty room and will be able to buy the Garden stamps designed by Linda after all. Phwew!!!
    Thought I might have to miss out this time. All shows set to record too. Looks like it will be a fabulous crafting weekend.
    Take care of yourselves and stay safe.
    Virtual hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  11. E joy your well deserved break . Thank you for everything you have been doing . I have learned so much from your excellent teaching. Cheers, Coral

  12. I’ve loved every minute of the last 14 weeks in the SHAC shack and look forward to the owls (my pencil order will be in shortly). Although I’m so glad you are taking time out for yourself. I don’t claim to know the pressure that you must be under with your business and all the unknown quantities involved with the way things will be in the future. I can only imagine how anxious and neurotic I would be with a fraction of those responsibilities so make sure to take time to relax and soothe the mind as well as steering clarity. Take and much love, Nellie (Helen)

  13. So pleased you’re having a break. Time to reflect and plan your next steps is always time well spent. I hope Dave’s arthritis pain improves soon. The stress won’t be helping. The most important thing is you have each other to counsel and listen to reason. X

  14. enjoy your break – you’ve certainly earned it! everyone in the Clarity community is so grateful for all you, Dave and the team have been doing to keep the show on the road (and get a new show up and running!) Now it’s time to kick back and relax for a few days

  15. Hi Barbara and Dave, sorry to hear you are both worried and Dave is having arthritis again. Maybe it is time to live an antiflamatorial life?
    Tomorrow we are going to a little farm and see if we are able to get some cherries “directly from the tree” or Have some cherry /appel juice. The Black Cherries are the best.
    Looking forward to seeing the new summer garden stamps next week. X

  16. Thank you so much Barbara for all that you do and all that you have done for so many especially the SHAC SHAC which has helped me improve no end drawing and colouring, as my husband said the other day as we went through my SHAC SHAC book “who would have thought at the beginning of the year!!”.
    So thank you from me personally and for everyone else that you have chatted to over the weeks. Take a breather and refresh, you deserve it.

  17. Enjoy enjoy your free time ! And I hope everything gets better for David !! Look after yourselves 🙏

  18. You deserve a break from us all. You have kept us going in these difficult times, your tips, stories and love to us all is very special, you are truly an amazing person. Now take it easy and have some well earned time with your family. See you soon. Take care love dawn

  19. Will definitely miss you Barbara but it will do you both good to take some time out for yourselves between running the business and the things you have to do. So very grateful for all the time you have given us all, enjoyed all your banter, so pleased with what I have learnt from your teaching, thank you so much. Hope this with Dave’s ankle is just a blip and it will be better with some rest. Will look forward to colouring the owls with you when you are ready. Will check out my polychromos to see what if I need any of the colours you have, as I did buy some last year when I saw them in an artist’s shop, I probably have a couple of duplicates but will order any haven’t got from Clarity. You take care and remember to give yourself some ME time.xxx

  20. Hi Barbara I have ordered the pencils. I couldn’t resist. Thank for all you have done. I can draw and colour now. I love drawing images. I never knew I could do that. Enjoy your week off you do deserve some time. I hope Dave will be able to join you on your walks. I am looking forward to colouring the owls they will be fun. Take care. Hugs

  21. Interesting selection of colours of polychromos. Have ordered those I haven’t got. If you were thinking of using these ‘new’ colours for the owls then you’re putting serious pressure on your staff to get them out in time.
    Hope Dave gets some relief shortly.

  22. God bless both of you and a big thank you from me for your time and your great teaching and for the great chats about your travels it was magical

  23. Hope you and Dave have a relaxing week together you’ve certainly earned it having been so generous with your time, skills And amazing teaching ability you’re an incredible lady. Hope Dave’s foot improves and you are able to enjoy some walks together. Looking forward to the owls . Take care & thanks x

  24. I’ve so enjoyed these last weeks. What an amazing and talented lady you are. You’ve had me in stitches laughing . Ive been with you on all these magical journeys. I’m so jealous that I haven’t got your
    talent. You have given up so much of your time to support everybody at this difficult time. Thank you seems so inadequate but “Thank You. Have a great week off. Relax those neck muscles. Spend time with Dave but above all stay safe and take care. Looking forward to the pwls. God bless you Barbara. xxx

  25. Hi Barb,
    Glad to hear that you are taking a break and hopefully you will have some quality “ME” time with Dave. Sorry yo hear that Dave is struggling with his arthritis – he certainly has my sympathy as I know exactly what he is going through. Hopefully if we get some nice weather, it will get better. I know my knee has been giving me grief this past week as it has been more like Autumn and windy and wet up here.
    Have a lovely week, all my love,Alison xxx

  26. You and Dave enjoy your week’s break Barbara and hope the weather is better so you can have some nice walks and hopefully a bit more warmer weather will help his arthritic ankle and some time to regroup is always useful. x

  27. Barbara, thank you for all you’ve given us in the Shac Shac for 14 weeks, it’s been fantastic. Now enjoy your break with Dave, get Clarity sorted and come back fresh to show us how to do the owls.
    Stay safe, Jackie x
    ps, have ordered the Faber Castells, so hope they come in time for owl colouring.

    1. Enjoy your well earned break although you will still be busy sorting the next fase out for clarity such unsettled times.
      I have enjoyed your morning tuition in the shac shac .
      I will miss it next week like so so many of us but we all can do our own doodling and create some beautiful work to show you our thanks for what you have given to us.
      Hope Dave can enjoy some walks with you and the weather is kind.
      Stay safe and enjoy some me time.
      From Christine who reads your block daily but doesn’t comment only very occasionally. x

  28. Hi Barbara
    I’m so glad you are taking some you and Dave time.
    Whatever decisions you have to make you have a loyal clarity following and a team second to none
    Hugs to you and to Dave hope he feels better soon
    I know the pain of arthritis anyway have a good week off from our travels and recharge the old battery 🔋 hugs 🤗

  29. So glad to hear that news. Hope you manage to get some more relaxed time in your week. Maybe your plan could include a fortnight off on holiday next month. Sometimes your best ideas come when you are doing something else rather than any sort of work. Maybe, after a holiday, the Shack could become two hours on one of the days of the week with homework rather than every week day? We probably won’t have to live with this for years but there’s no vaccine for HIV yet, so we have to learn new safe habits. We can’t hide forever. You have enjoyed it and so have we but it sounds like the day job calls. Toddlers walk when we let go of them briefly. It’s time for us to learn some independence slowly too? You can always grab us if we fall back into lockdown again.

    So sorry to hear about Dave. I wish him a speedy recovery. Maybe he needs a blood test to make sure it is arthritis. A relative put up with years of agonising gout before a test showed he had both. For all I know, it is something else completely, like plantar fasciitis. That’s why doctors do tests and have a look. Save him it becoming chronic pain and phone the surgery? Good luck.

  30. Thank you so much for all the time and love you have generously donated to us all here in the Shac Shack.
    This little break will give me the opportunity to catch up.
    Re charge your batteries, Barbara, enjoy the time with hubby, chill as best you can and gather your thoughts
    The road ahead is bumpy, but hopefully you (and the rest of us) will get to the other side as relatively unscathed as possible.
    If wishes were wands the magic would be made.

  31. Have loved learning to draw I’m not perfect but proud the fact I have a go I will use this week catching up on some I haven’t done behind on colouring this week cannot stop re drawing the pictures have some great you and Dave time do hope Dave’s pain level get better mine hasn’t been to good the heat and damp and not getting those injections not good and get chance to catch up on your jobs will miss you daily but will be on YouTube going through more drawing of you so still be seeing you lots love to you both Joy xxx

    1. Enjoy your well earned break although you will still be busy sorting the next fase out for clarity such unsettled times.
      I have enjoyed your morning tuition in the shac shac .
      I will miss it next week like so so many of us but we all can do our own doodling and create some beautiful work to show you our thanks for what you have given to us.
      Hope Dave can enjoy some walks with you and the weather is kind.
      Stay safe and enjoy some me time.
      From Christine who reads your block daily but doesn’t comment only very occasionally. x

  32. Hello Barb, I hope you have a great break and spend quality time with Dave. Hopefully the pain from the arthritis will ease. I really do sympathise with him, although mine is probably not as bad as his by the sounds of it. Looking forward to tomorrows shows. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  33. Enjoy your well earned break although you will still be busy sorting the next fase out for clarity such unsettled times.
    I have enjoyed your morning tuition in the shac shac .
    I will miss it next week like so so many of us but we all can do our own doodling and create some beautiful work to show you our thanks for what you have given to us.
    Hope Dave can enjoy some walks with you and the weather is kind.
    Stay safe and enjoy some me time.
    From Christine who reads your block daily but doesn’t comment only very occasionally. x

  34. enjoy your break we will wait, must have read my thoughts about the owls thanks see you soon loads of love hope Daves foot get better, but if you had not trodden on it wouldn’t have happened ha ha look after him so he can get up and make the tea xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  35. Hope you both enjoy this week off and be able to relax. We cant thank you enough for the last 14 weeks, I myself have learnt so much from you.
    That’s apart from enjoying the tales of your travels, your lovely sense of humour and your giggles!!

  36. You enjoy the break Barbara; you so deserve it. I hope Dave is up and about soon. Can’t wait for the watercolour sessions! And have ordered the new PC pencils. Stay safe and well. God bless xx

  37. I have ordered the set of pencils, was only going to order some of them then I reached the whole set & decided to go for it – easier for you to pick the order at Clarity Towers !! my excuse anyway.
    Hope Dave’s foot improves so you can enjoy some walks in the woods, if not sit in the garden & listen to the birds with a nice afternoon tea as a treat so you can pretend to be away on holiday.
    Looking forward to doing the owls when we meet up again meanwhile I am having a tidy up in my craft room. If I don’t appear at 10am on the 13th you had better send out a search party as its going to take a while.

  38. You are not alone in having to think about the future,so many businesses are having to change. This virus is not going away quickly. Hope you get some relaxation time. Reckon it might be the constant weather changes causing problems for Dave, I am very creaky and Fred is struggling a bit as well and he never has any arthritic problems. X

  39. Wonderful to hear you are stepping back. Very grateful for all your time, energy, humour, kindness and inspiration for the past many months in the SHAC SHAC. I truly do not know how you do all you do. You give so much time and care to the crafty community – please remember to take care of YOU. You are truly amazing and you inspire me everyday to be thoughtful and creative. I appreciate your words and thoughts shared that help me change my thoughts and perspectives during these surreal times. You are appreciated and admired.

  40. Have a great break. Relax. Chill. Laugh. Forget us Shackers for a week. We are all pretty busy now doing our own drawings and doodles now that we have more confidence. Am hoping we all get our pencils in time for the owls. No pressure there then! All these items keep jumping into my basket. Am trying to keep the good ship Clarity afloat by spending all my pocket money only on clarity products!! Is it working?
    Love and hugs to you and your lovely man xxxx

  41. Have brilliant week. Hope Dave’s ankle improves. Thank you for all you do. Looking forward to colouring the owls when we next meet up in the Shac. Shack. Take care and keep safe. X

  42. I’m so glad you are taking some time off. Yes, you absolutely deserve it, but you also need it. Time to recharge the batteries and all that! If you happen to visit your parents, just let me know and we can have a socially distanced cuppa to celebrate Samuel’s birthday!
    Take care Dave – I literally feel your pain! Spondylitis and osteoarthritis flare up, means I can’t move much at the moment! Love you both to the moon and back xxx

  43. You deserve a well earned break, missing you, but you have to think what is best for you, loving the hochanda shows, cost me a fortune lol, take care, look after Dave, hope he’s feeling better soon, loads of love to you both xxx

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