Take a walk in the garden with me….

Take a walk in the garden with me….

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Been prepping for Sunday’s rather special One Day Special. Remember those fab Garden Groovi Plates by Linda Williams? Well, we’ve turned them into a magnificent collection of Garden Stamps. Honestly! I can‘t stop building scenes with them! The possibilities are endless!

And as if that wasn’t irresistible already, have you got those Entwined Season stamps I drew a few months ago? These ones:

Wait till you build the scenes within these frames! Like this:

Wonderful fit. Perfect match. I hope you like them as much as we do. I have never seen a collection of Garden Stamps like it. The Groovi plates contained so many elements – and now there are as many stamps! 94 to be exact. Plus masks.

I reckon we’ll be busy, don‘t you?

Love and hugs

Barb xx

19 thoughts on “Take a walk in the garden with me….

  1. What lovely artwork – I reckon you’re right; these are going to fly out (I hope you’ve got a very very large stock)😂

  2. Ooh think I’m going to like these stamps , have already got the entwined frames , looking forward to the shows.

  3. Ooooh! Can’t wait to see what you create with these. I love those frames so much. Thanks for my two parcels today – my sale goodies with gorgeous free papers and my prize from the Clarity Matters draw. Day off tomorrow too – can’t wait to have a proper play! X

  4. What a beautiful card! Times like this I wish I was a stamper, but I am just not in a position to start another branch of crafting. I shall have to watch and admire all the stunning artwork. You will definitely have sell outs this weekend! Hugs. Annette X

  5. Great scenes. Shak this morning great too. Hope you didn’t hear me shouting at you. Dolphins and seals have flippers. People in the sea wear Fins! Sorry but need to get that straight 🤣. Looking forward to programmes at the weekend

  6. They are beautiful Barbara, look forward to the weekend show. I’m madly colouring Hawaii at the moment so I’m afraid I can’t go walking with you in the garden – besides it’s raining!!!!!

  7. Oh Barbara, what are you doing to me. More beautiful stamps to buy and I am already in the dog house!!! Running out of storage space too. Still, crafting with Clarity keeps me happy and contented so maybe I will have another blitz in the art room and get rid of some surplus painting gear.

    Can’t believe how fast the first half of the year has passed us by, before we know it Christmas will be here. Hey, that’s an idea, we had 4 trees in our old house and now only have room for one so if I lose all the surplus decorations it will give me an extra cupboard. Now why did I not think of this before?

    Watched the Pergamano shows today, already have these plates. Loved what Paul produced and the samples were great as usual. Really looking forward to the shows this weekend but will have to record some.
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  8. Oh Barbara, what a lovely card. I’d love to go for a walk in the garden with you but my back and COPD have been playing me up for the last week and I’m beginning to rattle with all the pain killers. Hopefully the sun will come back soon, that’ll make it better for me. Looking forward to the show, have to see if I can squeeze the bank account a bit more. 😊

  9. Hi Barb,
    So looking forward to seeing these stamps. Your demo is gorgeous, love the colours you’ve chosen. I’m really into stamping at the moment so I have a feeling these might just find my basket. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  10. Beautiful card, in my favourite colours. Looking forward to the weekend shows. Just been watching todays show’s with Paul, lovely demos and great samples too.
    Stay safe, Jackie x

  11. Hi Barbara, oh yes, your going to be busy. These look great and I have my eye on the corset plates too. It’s my birthday on Sunday soooooo 😉 x

  12. Wow that’s gorgeous, but not for me at the moment, not used my garden plates yet or the frames, but everyone will love them so I bet they’ll sell out. Lovely Shac Shack this morning, hope you’ve done all you prepping so you can relax this weekend.xxx

  13. After Barbara telling us to use the other end of the blending tools, my husband made a new wooden holder for the “other way round” blenders! All sorts of things appear from his lathe!

  14. Doing a happy dance as I am and always will be a stamper and I love these images when you showed them as Groovi plates, thank you Barbara and Team Clarity xx

  15. Hello Barb, I think this is another winning range. I can already hear the Bank Managers groaning. The demo piece is just gorgeous. Can’t wait for the shows to see what you bring us. Take care and stay safe everyone. BX

  16. Oh dear, there goes my resolution to buy no more stamps. Must have missed the earlier parchment shows but luckily with the stamps I can do both. That doesn’t stop me buying Groovi plates of course. Have been loving our daily drawing sessions. Can’t believe what you have helped me to achieve. Thank you Barbara.

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