If the cor-cor-corset fits – wear it!!

If the cor-cor-corset fits – wear it!!

Hi there.

Thanks for joining me. Been up since the crack of sparrows, prepping for Sunday’s HOCHANDA TV shows. It’s the Big TV Weekend of the month, the first Sunday of the month. Has been for as long as I can remember back.

Happy to report that all 2-4pm Sunday projects are done and dusted, filmed and sent. Now I just need to sort out the 6pm launch of the ODS! No worries. I’ve called in the cavalry on that one! Paul will be here at 11 this morning, as soon as we have finished our 10am Hawaii Session.

So what’s being showcased on Sunday? Well, 2-4pm it’s usually our Clarity Classics, where we look back in time to the best of the best back then. We revamp, restyle, rework – and bring back our loveliest designs – often in a much better format. This Sunday is no exception. This time we’re getting all nostalgic with our corsets! We’ve added a dummy and tags, a hanger and a little ruler too – just for good measure. (hahahaha)

We thought it would make a fantastic Groovi plate too. Cor! Chantilly lace!!

We can dream!!! I designed this corset set a long time ago, way before TV. Still love it.

Corsets? Grass Skirts? The lengths we women go to to look good! At this stage in my life, I think I’m definitely headed for the Grass Skirt department! But I do love the feminine corset – it’s just beautifully sexy.

I’ve done 6 demos in total, and I’ve pretty much got EVERYTHING out of the kitchen cupboard! So I hope you can tune in on Sunday at 2pm for a 2 hour bonanza.

And don’t forget: It’s the Pergamano Show on HOCHANDA TV tomorrow, at 1pm11am and 3pm. We’re shining a light on some superb Parchlet Groovi Plates, designed by lovely Tina Cox.

Anyway, gotta go. Time to squeeze into my grass skirt and catch up with my hula-doodlers at 10!

Love always

Barb xxx

21 thoughts on “If the cor-cor-corset fits – wear it!!

  1. Love the corset but I’m afraid being in lockdown there is no way it would fit me 🤣🤣🤣 see you in our grass skirts at 10am

  2. Hello Barbara
    The corset and ‘feminine’ legs are two of my favourite stamps. I am looking forward to Sunday to see what new ideas you have come up with.

  3. Having got the corsets …yet .ha ha .Just got home from work , time for tea ,toast , shower before I join you all in Hawaii . C u at 10 😄

  4. Wow, you are definitely a morning person! The hardest thing I do before doodling is open my eyes!! Lol. Looking forward to the demos at the weekend. Rain forecast! See you shortly. Hx

  5. Hula-doodlers 🙂 I love it.
    This is stamp is so pretty, but not in my stash! Might have to put it on my wish list
    Right, back to work, so that I can finish up and go back to doodling!

  6. I gave up corsets and such a long time ago preferring comfort to style. I still have a tailors dummy though it no longer expands to my size.
    I would like the upcoming garden stamps but may have to hold fire for a while. Hubby totted up my spend at Clarity in June and put me on the naughty chair in the naughty corner in the naughty room and locked the door. Now should I tot up his spend on gadgets and other toys? Not if I want the door unlocked (haha).
    Have all the shows on record so I don’t miss anything.
    Slowly catching up on the doodles. Also watched the Allium project. Reminded me I have all the DVD’s so will have to dig them out and re-watch as if I remember rightly there are a lot
    of interesting ideas there.
    The sun has started to shine and the birds are twittering but rain is forecast for this afternoon so I will stay cosy for now.
    Stay safe.

  7. Funnily enough, long after we discovered Clarity and I had joined the stamp club, my daughter found the corset stamp at a second hand sale and bought it for me. I shall be watching with interest for ideas for it.
    Still loving being in Hawaii. See you there tomorrow. Xx

  8. Oh I do remember the corset and stocking days. With a good pair of heels. Much happier in the flip flops and kimono.

  9. I’ve the corset and tape from years ago, one of my first stamps from Clarity, set the digi box to record, but will watch to, so looking forward to a sofa surfing weekend.

  10. Oh those were the days! Not that I wore them, but at least I knew that I could if I had wanted to! For some reason, during lockdown, all my clothes have shrunk.
    Now I shall have to stick to Clarity corsets, but I will be a lot more comfortable. Hugs. Annette X

  11. Love the corset, 1 of the first Clarity stamps I bought. It goes great with the new set. Wx

  12. Aliums and corsets were my first ever Claritystamps and are still some of my favourites! I’ll look forward to seeing the shows at the weekend x

  13. I’ve always liked the corset stamp but preferred stockings to wear.

    Had two surprises this evening. Thank you, Barbara, for my lovely prize stencils. I thought I had listened to the blog but not carefully apparently. Anyway, lovely surprise! The second was the sale. Wow! I wasn’t expecting that either. Just as well the Bank of England says we are going to have a V shaped recovery from the pandemic.

  14. My birthday today; clever husband surprised me with two erasers!! and blending tool and 20 blending tips! He knows where to find me at 10am each day! Back to Hawaii!

  15. Hi Barb,
    I can remember trying to do the corset in fantasy fibres and trying to actually lace it up with thread many years ago now. I liked the “feminine” legs that went with it too. Looking forward to the shows. Thank you for the sale too – I’ve got my eyes on a few things I must say, but it always amazes me how much stuff I have already. I sit and work my way through the sale goodies saying to myself ‘ got it, got it, got it etc’! Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  16. Hi Barbara
    I remember watching you demo this stamp with fantasy fibres and film at Ally Pally many years ago and admiring what you did. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it this time. Thank you for the members sale, didn’t expect one after the open day discount but it means a couple of things that nearly went on the basket last time might fall in the basket this time!
    Love Diane xx

  17. Hello Barb, some of my favourites here, love the re-vamp, can’t wait to see what inspiration you bring to us on Sunday. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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