A Precious little Poppet on Parchment….

A Precious little Poppet on Parchment….

Hi there.

Thanks for poppeting in! Got these little girls on the brain at the moment! All set for the 6pm launch of Marina Fedotova’s Christmas Poppets? I sure am!

I am really chuffed with myself right now. All week I KNEW I should be stamping these little cherubs on clear parchment in black, and creating a fabulous Josie Davidson grid around the outside. All week, I have been scrambling, doing demos for the TV launch, and saying to myself, “Nope. No time for gridwork today!” Even though you know they will be a match made in heaven, you opt for quicker, just to get ahead of the TV recording curve.

Well, this morning I woke up and said to myself, I said “Right. MAKE TIME”

So as soon as Dave trundled off up the road to work, I came up here to the SHAC, and made a plan. It’s taken 4 hours, start to finish, but she’s just as I pictured her….

Here we have our Presh, on a bed of Northern Lights Paper, framed with Josie’s Charles Grid.

Since Lockdown in March, things have been pretty manic here in Barbyland, and I don’t think I’ve gone near a Groovi plate since then, let alone a grid! You understand. Parchment art takes time. It takes as long as it takes -and you can’t rush it. That said, when you stop, make the decision to invest your time in it, and go with the processes, it is THE most therapeutic, relaxing, rewarding craft I know. I have had a fabulous morning….

It was also very gratifying to discover that I haven’t forgotten how it works either. It’s like riding a bike. You never forget how, do you. Those little picot scissors sat in my hand like a comfortable glove, and I was off again.

While I was sitting here alone in silence, snipping away and thinking – as you do, I had an idea. We really could organise a Zoom Snipping morning, where we hang out together and snip away. Maybe once a month on a Saturday morning. Help each other, practice. Why not? I’ll see if we can organize that. Paul is a dab hand at snipping too. And I’m sure Linda and Glynis and Hazel would join.

And the little Poppet stamps brilliantly on parchment too. We decided at Clarity that we would lose too much of their delicate line art on a Groovi plate, which is why I really wanted to stamp her on parchment and work with her in black line art. Beautiful.

Tomorrow, I shall write up a very detailed photo step by step on how to tackle that lovely gridwork. So easy with the plates! Easy to size, easy to match with the centrepiece. Just easy.

If this is the sort of Groovi parching art you have been wanting to get into, then poppet over here at lunchtime tomorrow, and I will have stepped up the whole project. I took loads of photos!

Enjoyed it so much, I may even do a youtube. Perhaps a different grid and a different Poppet, just for variety.

Anyway, must empty the washing machine and get some housework done!

See you at 6pm on HOCHANDA TV. I’ll announce the winner of the Poppet Names Competition live on air.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

27 thoughts on “A Precious little Poppet on Parchment….

  1. 4 hours – you’re some kid. That is amazing for fours. You could make a career out of this!! Lol. Have a great Saturday and I’ll see you tonight on Hochanda. Take care. Hx

  2. That really is beautiful, I have always wondered how stamping on parchment would look but have shied away from playing but not anymore! May just have to slip a few into my basket!

  3. Four hours! That would take me days!!!! What a stunning piece of art Barbara. What ink do you use to stamp on Parchment paper? Looking forward to tonight’s show.
    Stay safe and God bless.
    A x

  4. Ok Barbara, you’ve sold me. When I saw the stamps I thought “I wonder if they’d stamp on parchment”. You answered that question good and proper. I think (correction) I know it would take me a lot longer than that though. But that doesn’t matter a bit – as you say “it’s the journey that matters”. Look forward to seeing the stamps and demos tonight, and reading your blog tomorrow. Take care x

  5. Hi Barb,
    Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, been a bit out of sorts with myself for some reason.
    Anyway, this card is absolutely gorgeous. I wasn’t sure about the poppets when I first saw them, but now I’ve seen this my opinion has certainly changed! Works beautifully with the grid. I also like the stamp board shapes- they will be really handy to have.
    Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  6. Stamping on parchment certainly sells them to me, I am in seventh heaven with some grid work. We were supposed to be at our son’s this afternoon to celebrate his Birthday but a massive downpour has put paid to that. Hoping tomorrow will be better. Really fed up with weather and virus now. X

  7. Oh dear I have a nasty feeling my basket will be so heavy they won’t able t lift it off the ground. I’ve loved seeing a sneaky peek at the stamped samples but this on parchment is just to die for. Can’t wait for the shows later – I hope it goes really well for you.

  8. Beautiful piece of work Barbara . The stamp board looks interesting too. I see another order being placed shortly.

    Went to a different supermarket this morning, very early, (for variety of products I can’t get in our usual one), never again – it was dire!!! Rather do without than experience this again.

    Pleased you had a good morning.
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  9. Wow Barbara. That looks fab! I did wonder if I should do one on parchment but time was a bit tight just at the moment.
    I do love these stamps. I think they will be making a swift exit from Hochanda later tonight.
    A zoom snipping clinic sounds like a good plan and I’d be up for that most definitely!
    Looking forward to the shows later.
    Love and hugs xxx

  10. These images are super cute! Had to get some of the new stampboard shapes yesterday. Good luck for the launch, don’t think they will be hanging around for long. XX

  11. Having seen all the sneaky peeks from you & the design team I think some or maybe all the poppets will find their way into my basket. Am I right in thinking there are 2 sizes of stamp ? No doubt all will be revealed at 6pm so not long to wait.

  12. How lovely! I love the border with the image too,. I really miss parchment craft but my hands just won’t take it -seems I now have a ?? tumour in my right wrist so having to go for x-ray, scans etc to see what can be done. Meantime, no cutting, drawing difficult-but I can colour in for a while at least! And I can die-cut so not all gloom. Looking forward the 6pm show to watch the demos. Bea has made a lovely veg curry so we’ll watch while we eat!!

  13. Aah, Barbara – thank you. I am so thrilled to see these, and stamping them directly on to parchment was my absolute dream. I can’t wait to get these and have a go! Lynn xx

  14. I love how you’ve made this card, it is beautiful. I love how you have embossed the furry bits, makes it look so real. Can’t wait to get these stamps.
    Thank you for being you, and giving us your precious time xx

  15. What a beautiful piece, I often end up doing ‘quick’ as I’ve run out of time and need a card ‘tomorrow’ and don’t do a lot of the fancy borders but I loved them and have all the plates! Really must spend time just doing borders to have ready as frames for later. Look forward to the shows xx

  16. Oh Barbara what a stunning card you have created. I love those Poppets and the border you have created is gorgeous. I know everything is going to sell well. The Zoom parching sounds like a lovely idea. Take care. Hugs xxx

  17. Hi Barb, a really stunningly beautiful example of the stamps and doing it on parchment is just WOW. I think you will have many grateful followers if you do a snipping Zoom session. Did not watch the show, but it is recorded so will catchup. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  18. Such a beautiful creation! Caught up with all the shows yesterday and the demos and DT samples were amazing. My Christmas cards are almost done for this year now, but maybe next year they will feature poppets. I loved the vintage part coloured look x

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