You’ll NEVER believe it…

You’ll NEVER believe it…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just been unpacking, after a fab week in the Netherlands. So enjoyed it. And the little carrot characters we doodled today just make me smile.

But today is the day we find out who won the Blog Candy! Remember on Monday? I asked you to see how many words you could make out od the phrase on the card I made?

All things Grow with Love.

Well, I thought I’d have a little dabble myself, and when I’d found 40, I thought, “that’ll do donkey,” “that’s respectable”

So imagine my surprise – nay, my incredulity – when the emails started pouring in. 145, 150, 170, 203, 226, 239, climbing climbing, 271,

Beautiful, painstakingly handwritten lists of words….isn’t that just wonderful?

climbing climbing…321, 357, then huge leap! 641! What!!?? Can‘t be. And whilst I was trying to figure out how, in came 743, then 750, then 800! And still it kept climbing…846, 935, 980.

Then the count topped 1,000. Yep. 1,100, even 1195. And it finally stopped at 1231. Let me say that slowly for you…

One thousand, two hundred and thirty one words made from ALLTHINGSGROWWITHLOVE. That truly is remarkable, isn’t it?!

And who is the crazy, clever person who topped the charts, and blew the doors off?

Gill Wilding.

Blimey Gill. You must have been working on that list into the night!!! Well done to you, and actually, blimming well done and hats off to every single one of you good people, who joined in. You ALL beat me!!! Who knew that you were such wordsmiths?!?!? I always knew that our Clarity friends were bright sparks, but what dedication!!

So a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher goes to a very worthy winner, Gill.

And the other cheeky little blog candy was won by ‘Yvonne’, who sent in a one liner – and nailed how the card was made totally.

Looks great, it’s the stamp of the bird table which we did in the Shac Shac! And some Pergamano colouring pencils as well as some lovely paper which I spend time looking at rather than using!!

Well done to you too Yvonne. Comical really. Hundreds of collective hours were spent in the drafting of these wordlists, and Yvonne swoops in with a sentence.

All good fun. Thanks for joining in all you lovely, lovely people. Something about the Lockdown and the Schac-Shack has created a shift in our relationship, hasn’t it? Maybe it’s because we hang out together nearly every day!!

Have a great weekend! See you tomorrow.

And don’t forget! We’re on the telly – tomorrow 11am and 3pm.

Love always

Barb xxx

25 thoughts on “You’ll NEVER believe it…

  1. Well done to the winning girls. Have lots of fun choosing your products.
    Really enjoyed Holland this week, and the carrots are a game changer. Makes drawing people so much quicker and more likely to be in proportion. Hopefully the carrots I am growing will look as good!

  2. Who would have thought so many words. Love the little description of the card as well.

    Have a great weekend Barbara, Dave and all the Shackers xxx

  3. Well done to the winners, but especially Gill. WOW! I am in awe of your vocabulary and boy, did you deserve to win. Enjoy your prize. 👏
    Barbara, thanks again for a great week in Holland. I am actually starting to draw things on my own, without copying, which is absolutely thrilling for me. Your carrot people are a real game changer though and my family were very impressed!
    I have a folder, with pockets, into which I have put all my doodles, dated and in order. I have included the postcards, which are still blank, but one day I might use the knowledge you have shared and colour them. I will still be there every day, enjoying learning and listening. Have a great weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  4. Congratulations to Gill & Yvonne on winning the Blog Candy. I did start on the words but got nowhere near any of the above. Probably should have torn pieces of paper up with a letter on each & played with them to make words rather than staring at the words on the card but hey it could keep the grand kids quiet for a few hours on a rainy day. I will make some packs up ready ( I could even use my new alphabet stamps)
    I decided to delay my return from Holland so have booked my flight for Sunday evening – loving the carrot people, all I need now is to find the clog shop.

  5. Congratulations to Gill and Yvonne!!!💐
    I have enjoyed todays Shac so much! Barbara how did you find out those carrot people!!!😁 I do love them!
    And thank you so much for all the free designs you gave us to download.
    Have a great weekend and stay save and healthy.
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  6. Hi Barb, I did think there would be many many words to be found in that phrase with the amount of letters involved. But whether anyone would be bored/motivated enough to follow the trail to the end…!!! 😉 Clearly these clever people have far more headspace, and energy, than I have! I took one look at it and my head said “you’re joking, nae way” 😉 So a big well done to everyone who stayed the course (without losing the will to live, ha, ha), you are all winners.

    As for Yvonne. Opposite poles. I love it. There’s the proof right there if ever there was that everyone who tells me to stop overthinking everything are right… Well, maybe… Sometimes… Ha, ha. Something I’ll never learn to do with the brain I have!!! Well done Yvonne.

    I’ve seen the promo on Hochanda today, Freeview will be on from 7am to 10pm from the 1st July everyone. Yay. Mind you it might not be for long as I can’t see how they can afford it now when they couldn’t 6 months ago. That seemed to be the reason anyway. So, everyone start supporting Hochanda in the evenings to keep this going.

    Nope, no song jumped out at me from your blog title today. I’ll give you one of my own then – I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want… I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really, really, really wanna… – TO GET OUT OF HERE FOR FRESH AIR AND SPACE, NATURE SPACE. Oh, and a poke o’ chips, well a white pudding supper actually but white pudding isnae allergy friendly. Nae chance on the getting out of here. As for the poke o’ chips, there’s a good chippie at the bottom of my road but even if it’s open, and I had someone to go, methinks the chips wouldnae be edible after I’d quarantined them for 3 days, ha, ha!!! I don’t suppose anyone has any recommendations for chips or wedges or something that I can order from sainsbury’s and cook in the oven or grill? Super tasty ones. The healthier the better as preservatives etc. cause me problems too.

    I hope you have a good weekend. Love you xxx

    1. Have a look at McCains Gastro Chips, big and delicious, crispy with a soft centre if well cooked or wedges, drier but still good. Both are tasty but you will have to check for allergies.

  7. Congratulations both of you ! I must admit to giving up with the words after getting to 304 and didn’t enter! We’ve had best news today, hubby’s prostate reading has come down (negligee) so the hormone injection is working for now. I know it will stop one day but so far so good. Have loved being in Holland, still finishing off and have even drawn a mouse ! Have a good weekend everyone. Thanks Barbara and Clarity team x x

      1. P.s. happy for you both getting the best news. I bet you’ve not stopped smiling. Enjoy your happy weekend xx

        1. Ha! Ha! Thanks Brenda, I reread to see what word – that was certainly a good one – should read negligible if you didn’t work it out ! LOL xx

  8. Thank you Barbara for another wonderful week on our travels. Absolutely loved doing the windmill, houses and of course carrot people. Such a revelation! This was my favourite so far (but I say that after each one😂). Can’t thank you enough for all you are doing x

  9. Well done, folks, particularly with the words! Fantastic effort by you all. It has been a beautiful day here in Argyll. Got the front grass cut and having got a delivery of 30 plug begonias which I had completely forgotten I had ordered, I spent a while potting them all on and dahlia’s that I had grown from seed! Jiggered now. Sun rays breaking through light clouds just now. I just hope it rains tonight because I didn’t water the veg or the tubs!! Hope you all have a good weekend. Hx

  10. Well done ladies. I had no spare brain capacity to tackle your challenge this week but I’m amazed at all the ladies who got all those words from your little phrase. Enjoy the weekend x

  11. Congratulations ladies – well done. I got to around the 320 mark before my brain gave out.
    I’ve painted small carrot people in watercolour but never tried it with pencils. It will be interesting to see how you do it when we get to that lesson. We are still catching up on the doodles and enjoying every minute.
    Stay safe.

  12. Hi Barb,
    Well done to the two ladies especially Gill – I couldn’t believe it when I read how many words you’d found – unbelievable!!! I suddenly feel very stupid! It’s been an absolutely foul day up here today, never stopped raining. Can’t believe that it’s not long ago that we were basking in glorious sunshine! Been squirting rabbits with water on and off all day, trying to stop them eating my bedding plants – actually went and bought a water blaster toy ! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  13. Thank you Barbara for the prize and thank you everyone for your congratulations. The words just kept pouring out of my head, especially at 6.00 am! Well done Yvonne, I couldn’t start to get my head round that one. We all have different brains. Enjoyed our trip to The Netherlands this week. Wonder what we’ll be colouring next week. Have a good weekend. Xx

  14. Congratulations to Gill and Yvonne. I gave up on the words are finding 126 three letter words and didn’t get round to starting on four, five, six or seven etc. I have been looking at facebook today and have seen all the fantastic doodling that’s been going on…those Dutch scenes are incredible!! x

  15. Well done, Gill – I hope you had as much fun as I did compiling your list. As I said in my email to Barbara, this type of word search holds a special place in my heart, because it’s something we used to do with Dad on our visits to the Hospice. Those visits had to stop when Lockdown started and, sadly, Dad died last month so, when Barb set this challenge, we decided to throw ourselves into it in his memory. I think I’m still making words even now!

  16. Thank you for another brilliant week in the Shac Shack. Still to finish off my scene. Congratulatiins to Gill and Yvonne. My goodness Yvonne you are amazing finding all those words. Have a brilliant weekend

  17. Well done Gill! I reckoned there were about a thousand but gave up typing at 800 and then ran out of time!
    It has been the most lovely week in the Netherlands and I have two nice doodles to remember it all by.
    Yes I do think that things have shifted Barb, because we all spend so much time together either in the shac shack or outside in the worldwide community. I genuinely feel like I have made new friends through it so thank you everyone.

    I know it must feel like you’re talking to yourself Barb but honestly we are all joining in, laughing with you, talking back and sharing our stories after yours, it’s just that you can’t actually hear us!
    Have a lovely relaxing weekend doodlers xx

  18. Well done to both Gill and Yvonne, Gill, you amaze me, you have a very good mind, and Yvonne too for squeezing all that thought into one sentence. Take care all. Bx

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