Bob’s your Ankle

Bob’s your Ankle

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Had such a giggle today in the SHAC Shack, when I confessed to Bob’s your Ankle and the Little Mouse With Clothes on!! If you’ve no idea what I’m on about, then check this out! About 19 minutes in I reckon…

It amazes me the memories that pop in when I’m woffling away. You do realise that none of this is scripted, don’t you. I write down factoids, but the anecdotes? Nope, they just surface, all be themselves. Best that way. More organic, methinks.

Time to stop. I’ve just heard Dave’s car in the drive.

Until tomorrow.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxxx

29 thoughts on “Bob’s your Ankle

  1. Love all the facts but also love hearing your funny stories. When my son was young he used to ask for frog in the ditch for tea. He meant toad in the hole x

  2. We used to live in Germany when we were kids and used to go on day trips to Holland. Guess what song Mum always sang in the car on the way!…..little mouse with clogs on, Where ….on the stair…..🎶🎶🎶
    Oh Barb…Thanks for the memories…🎶🎶🎶❤️❤️❤️

  3. Just love your little anecdotes, gives us a giggle. Your Mum is a real sweetie, I met her at an open day, lovely lady, just like her daughter! Xx

  4. It was really funny this morning but I can’t talk! I never hear lyrics correctly so may well have had some bloomers over the years! Have a lovely evening. Hx

  5. I’m still laughing ! So pleased I’ve got some houses together now, even started some Groovi and fitted in a dog walk this afternoon in between showers. Very breezy here though. Even got hubby started on his ship he bought 4 or so years ago ! He stuck something together decided it was wrong, well stuck with. I thought ‘repair shop’ got the rubbing alcohol out and a cotton bud, hey presto he got it unstuck and is a happy chappy. So glad I’ve got him motivated again. See you tomorrow, I will have interrupt as he has a hospital check up appointment over the phone at 10.30 ish. Please keep fingers crossed for us. X

  6. Barb you do make me laugh – not an easy thing to do at 10.00 in the morning I can tell you! Not only did I lol today but yesterday too when you said if we put a pin in our neck it would make our heads pop up too (reguarding the tulips)! So funny. Thank you for all you teach us in the Shac Shack and thank you for being you 😘 xxx

  7. It was such a laugh Barb. How funny though, that when I caught a bit of a Hels Sheridan show (on catch up on the other side!) later on, she was talking about Bob’s your uncle and Fanny’s your aunt! Also, the mouse in the windmill song on the Sewing Bee the night before. It is really weird how these things happen.
    I drafted my buildings this afternoon, so will see how they look when I Ink them tomorrow. Can’t believe it will be Friday again so soon and our visit to Holland will be over. Have a good evening with Dave. Hugs. Annette X

  8. Hi Barb, I’ve been singing it since I read talk of windmills and Holland this week… I think I have the correct words although my track record on that is pretty poor!!! I struggle to understand the words that are being sung and often end up singing gobbledy gook, but since I’m only singing to myself, who cares, I don’t, and sometimes it makes me laugh when I realise the sentences I am singing.

    Glad you managed to have a wee laugh during your hour in the SHAC Shack today. Hope that continued for the rest of your day too.

    I hope you have a lovely evening with Dave, just chilling I hope. Love you xxx

    That’s me just had my weekly piper walking my streets. A Young lad this week. I was clapping along from my window, and shouted thank you as he went past. He stopped and gave me a wee serenade, and smile, bless him. I found out it started as part of make noise for our essential workers, just going round a few streets in the village. They are wanting it to continue and trying to get lots more pipers and other musicians to do it so they can do all the streets. Looks like they have enough to cover my street each week now, yay. They wanted to keep it going to thank us for coming out to make noise for our essential workers all these weeks. I guess to cheer us all up too. How special eh.

  9. You sound a bit happier today Barbara. I love listening to you chatting away whilst we draw. I’ve spent most of the day drawing my houses, loving it. What else is there to do, whilst we’re being sensible? See you tomorrow xxx

  10. Loved the “clothes” on the mouse! My friend always refers to DIY botches as Keith Robinson ! I cannot be unkind and correct her. Enjoy your weekend. Hope you had his tea ready. See you tomorrow

  11. Loved the chat this morning (looking forward to constructing houses once we get the photo!). When my brother was tiny, we said the Lords Prayer at Sunday school and Allan always said ‘Our father who are in heaven, Hello, what’s your name? He died of cancer (aged 62) last year, so I guess he knows the answer now -maybe!!!

  12. I spent a good part of this morning reading yesterday’s blog and the replies – and I cried. You are so loved and much appreciated.
    You sound more cheerful today thank goodness, I was worried about you.
    We are going to spend a couple of hours this evening catching up on Youtube doodling together and having a giggle. Much better therapy than watching the telly.

    Was it Max Bygraves who sang the mouse song and windmills from Amsterdam? I can hear his voice in my head (shows how old I am) singing some fun songs. Those were the days!!!!

    My Wee Africa stamps arrived today. They nearly ended up in hubby’s collection but I managed to persuade him that they should live with mine as they were not really suitable for his pyrography. Phew!!! Linda’s new garden plate has already been traced out and coloured, just needs a bit of embossing and I will have a lovely card for a good friend.

    Stay well everyone. 🍒🍒🍒

    1. Now I’m singing – those were the days my friend…
      Between everyone’s windmills, tulips and Holland, Barb’s song title blog titles, and now me seeing song titles in fellow commenters… My head is full of endless loops of songs…!!! Ha, ha. Am I the only one to be seeing so many song titles everywhere here, have I finally lost the plot?!…

  13. My ruler and rubber arrived today just in time for drawing houses, hope they will be done by tomorrow .

  14. Hi Barbara the Shac Shack is so enjoyable because of all the banter and stories. I love being there with everyone and joining in with my doodles. Thank you again. Hugs Jackie T

  15. Just realised that I haven’t finished my houses from this morning – too busy laughing & I couldn’t see to draw straight lines. Not sure where the rest of the day has gone. It didn’t help that we were woken up this morning with a phone call telling me my internet connection wasn’t up to par & they needed to give me a code to correct it – at least I think that is what she was trying to tell me !!! I told her thank you very much but I wasn’t interested & put the phone down. Decided to stay up but then I fell asleep this afternoon so not a lot gained in time. Oh well tomorrows another day see you at 10, I will be at the bus stop in plenty of time x

    1. Sue
      I had one of those phone calls Monday morning. I also said I wasn’t interested and hung up. A bit worried I phoned my daughter and she said it was a scam and not to worry. Much better to think of tulips, windmills and houses and Shac Shack.

  16. Brilliant listening to you this morning in the Shac Shack, you gave us all a laugh. You aren’t alone singing the wrong words to songs, we tend to hear the wrong words and they stick, often been picked up that I sing the wrong words to some songs, it’s usually pop songs, even Adele’s. Enjoying our trip to Amsterdam will be sorry when it’s over. Received my new set of pergamano tools today and was so pleased there was a little booklet enclosed showing what could be done with them. xxx

  17. Hi Barbara
    Ohh you did make me laugh today I love listening to all your stories and memories, they sort of make me feel like I am part of your life..
    so carry on doing what you do it helps so many people. Hugs love to you and yours

  18. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for another amazing doodling session.
    I love your little stories, they are so real and I’m sure we can all relate to them.
    When my girls were little we were in the car and Madonna came on the radio, my girls were excitedly singing along and when it got to the chorus sang out at the top of their voices “Rubber don’t screech, I’m in puddles deep”. – Turned out it should have been “Papa don’t preach, I’m in trouble deep” was what they should have been singing.
    Love & hugs

  19. Misunderstood lyrics are always so funny. You have brought to mind my late friend Kathy, who always sang “Sean plays the ping pong ball” in the pinball wizard song by The Who. X

  20. Hello Barb, you never fail to make me laugh, giggle, smile. This is just so funny. Take care and stay safe all. Bx

  21. Hello Barbara. So delighted I managed to find you this morning. Yesterday it turned out my internet wasn’t working, some days I get the day before instead. I love the time with you, good stories and lots of laughs. I am not good at drawing, but managed the clog and little figures today, rope not good.
    Great to hear how you came to own pergamano . Spoke to Jeannine yesterday when I was ordering parchment. So nice to speak to someone. Very windy in Bury today the garden is covered in rose petals.
    Thank you for all the time you are spending with us. Xxxx

  22. Barbara ,
    just wanted to say thank you, not just at this time but many times when just reading your blog has helped.

  23. I love reading your blogs – except – I find it annoying that you do rather boast about all your trips. it must be nice to have the money to fly about like you do, but please don’t rub it in to us who don’t! Just stick to stamping and similar.
    Sorry to rant but this time of coronavirus is really getting to me.

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