Alone? Not alone.

Alone? Not alone.

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in; it means a lot to me. It signifies that my time spent writing to you, blogging, is valued by you.

I woke up early this Saturday morning. Dave was already getting ready to go to work. I had planned on staying at home, so I lay in bed with my cuppa for company, and considered the day ahead.

Always need a plan…

Clean the kitchen floor. Finish the ironing, so we don’t have to circumnavigate the ironing board which has been erected in the kitchen all week, waiting for me to make a move. Change the bedding. Hoover. Go to the local farm shop for freshly picked cherries.

But I felt uneasy. Not sure why. After all, a day off? A day to chill? A day to catch up on personal stuff?

Dave came upstairs to say “bye, see you this evening” – and then it hit me. I didn’t want to be alone. “Give me 5 minutes. I’m coming with you. Paul’s in at the office, and he’ll be glad of the company too”.

Leapt out of bed, threw on some clothes, cleaned my teeth, and was down in the kitchen ready to leave before he’d even found his keys!

We drove across the Ashdown Forest, and I worked it out. I was puzzled why I had been anxious about the day ahead alone. I’m alone every day! Dave goes to work every day! I have spent weeks – nay, months – alone. And I’m usually fine with my own company. Would even go so far as to say I enjoy it. So why the panic this morning? And then I realised. It’s Saturday.

NO SHAC-SHACK. No 500 chattering arty friends to welcome at 10am. Nobody to get dressed up for, nobody to prepare a creative breakfast for. NO COMPANY. And the thought of staying alone in my head all day today just freaked me out.

I think today is the first day I have truly grasped the value of the SHAC Shack for all of us – me included. I knew it was doing the trick, I knew it was helping a lot of people, giving them something to distract them, I knew it was giving ME direction. But today, I actually FELT the absence of our group, our daily get together. It’s powerful stuff. We really are social animals, aren’t we?

Social connection is absolutely crucial to us humans. And even if a pandemic prohibits us from getting together physically, we find a way to get together, to gather. To be a community.

Today, by virtue of the absence of our daily gathering, I actually FELT an impending sense of loneliness, and a fear of spending the day alone with my thoughts. I think all the uncertainty around Covid 19, around the business, is always there, just underneath the surface. But the SHAC Shack forces me to redirect my thinking. Every morning. Take that way, and what have you got? A minefield.

So here I sit, in my office in a ghost ship called Clarity, with Paul in his office two doors along, and I’m writing to my fellow doodlers instead of chatting to them!

Much better that way. No good alone today. You just have to know yourself – and do what you have to do to keep the head clear of demons, right? But who am I telling? Like you don’t know this.

Time to go move some boxes from one room to another. A little physical exertion is good too!

TV at 11am.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

78 thoughts on “Alone? Not alone.

    1. I for one miss you on a Saturday I can never wait for Monday for our Shac again,this little Shac has kept us all sane for weeks now, and how we are all loving it
      Enjoy your weekend and see you Monday, Take Care xx

  1. Hope you have a good weekend Barb and manage to stay out of your head. I ma making the most of the shed because come the 22nd I will be back working from school three days a week as we expand our offering to Y5 as well as Y6. Hoping my next lot of goodies arrive today so I can get on with the next samples. In the meantime I am carrying on with my tags, but it isn’t the same without company in the background. Might have to go on YouTube and play some of the SHACs that I missed. Stay safe and best wishes to Dave and Paul.

  2. You are not alone trust us we value what you do and give ys. Say hi to Paul from sharen and Steve mason he knows from his demos at rushden we miss him. Have a lovely day both of youx

  3. You will never be alone Barbara, even though we aren’t meeting in the shac shac, I for one think about you and the team and look at all the artwork that everyone is creating daily and I’m sure I’m not the only one. We all appreciate what you are doing so the weekend is your time to catch up and relax (you still communicate via fb comments anyway). You will still have those 500 odd people there come Monday morning ready and waiting, we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Enjoy Dave’s company today, the ironing can definitely wait!!!

  4. Good morning Barbara. The SHAC SHAC gathering has been wonderful and has unleashed hidden talent and inspired creativity and confidence in so many of us. It has been and continues to be a wonderful experience. My husband doesn’t join in but he listens in as he works at his computer and, like me, finds your voice, your stories and your laughter soothing and inspiring.

    Thank you Barbara and enjoy your weekend.

    And, of course, see you on Monday at 10.00am!

  5. Am glad you worked out what was making you feel strange today before he left. I do not join you at 10 in the mornings. As have been at work 3 hours already. Today unlike you I wish I was on my own so I could get on but until other half is back at work I have no alone time. It has been strange be going out every day and him being home, our house have seen both sides he is lonely and I need some peace. We will all get there. Thank you for keeping going for those stuck at home and for us weekend crafters who love all your shows and products

  6. Barbara you have no idea how much your daily shows means to us Icc vs e been in lockdown since 25th February as I had a knee replacement operation then just as I was getting mobile I was hit with the lockdown and I’m shielding until the end of June Your daily programmes have kept me from going mad As I live alone I am for 1 hour a day not lonely and it means the world to me So THANK YOU Barbara for giving your precious time to us crafters Wr love you!

  7. Barbara ive felt exactly the same today. Woke up early 6am and feel so lonely ,I hate weekends since ive been in self isolation. But today because of the buddy thing i can go and see my sister. Ive had a rubbish time esp last few weeks. Need desperately to go back to work,feeling useless. Love our shac shac and im saving the holland house part for next week as i dont colour ( pencils on my wish list for next month) although i do watch for the company .

  8. I have spent the last 7 or 8 years alone, probably longer really if truth be known. Social anxiety controlled me. But social media has been my friend. It’s also been my enemy at times but last month I took a leap of faith on recommendation of my sister Freda, and joined you. Never picked up a pencil to draw but I was mesmerised by you Barbara. You are like a comfort blanket in lonely and scary times. I can’t thank you enough. I dread the day it stops. I guess we will be like fledglings taking that same leap of faith and flying on our own 🥴 Much respect and love 💕

    1. I’ve lived alone apart from my dog since my hubby died in 2010. I’ve been lucky enough to see my daughter and grandsons a lot over the years, doing childcare, school runs etc. That all ended with this wretched lockdown, and sadly my beloved dog died two months ago. Today I can ‘bubble’ with my family, cuddle and hug them. And the sheer delight of anticipating that is not only making me giddy with anticipation, but bringing home to me as never before how very lonely these last months have been. Barb, you’ve been a Godsend, even though I’ve only been able to catch up on YouTube. Thank you. X

  9. Hi Barbara you have done so much to help us to come to terms with what going on in the world now . You have been there 5 days a week and it you have done so much to help me I would not have been able to do all that doddle s I am sure it’s been hard for you too with your family so far away to .i just won’t to thank you so much giving us all the tips and your knowledge I do chat back to you every day well done barb xx. Stay safe

  10. I too miss the shac at the weekend . I could feel the anxiety this morning so it was an online jig saw to my rescue . Distracts those negative thoughts! I’ve some work to do on my Holland doodle and some work on my book mark still needs doing so reckon I’ve plenty to occupy me till Monday . Have a peaceful week end . 💖💖💖

  11. There are *always* better things to do than housework! More seriously ….. I think we all miss you and the companionship of others on Saturdays and Sundays. I know I do.

  12. My go to emotional response is to withdraw and go quiet…until I get to the point when I know that actually that isn’t good for me anymore and I’m in danger of getting lost there! Think every school report said I was too quiet and should contribute more in class…but like you said you just have to know what’s right for you and I’ve learnt that some people are listeners. Have a good weekend, fingers crossed we have a bit of sunshine. Xx

  13. Yes know exactly what you mean I love my own company but also crave for what was normal, be able to jump in the car and pop to a friends, miss our little group of parchers meeting up once a fortnight, miss a bit of real retail therapy, miss our trip to France and spending time with our Dutch, Belgium, French friends. I will never again take for granted what was normal. But for now I have my Netherlands masterpiece to finish. Thank you Barbara and enjoy your return to Clarity Towers. Xxx

  14. Hi Barb, I do know exactly how you feel, normally when I work from home, I am on my own with Hubby leaving early morning and returning in the evening. But with him being furloughed, and being around every day, I do wonder how I am going to manage when he goes back to work. So for what you do every day keeping people company through Social Media, thank you so much. And for going in and keeping Paul company, I am sure he values that just as much. Say hi to him from B. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  15. Adam Lindsay Gordon — ‘Life is mostly froth and bubble,Two things stand like stone.Kindness in another’s trouble,Courage in your own.’
    My mum taught me this poem and it has helped enormously in my life, through hard times and good.
    It seems like you already live this way too, Barbara. xx
    Maybe a candidate for a poem stamp?!

      1. Lovely little poem – I hadn’t heard it before. One for my little book but would def, be interested in a stamp

  16. Thank you so much for being part of my daily routine. I have learnt so much and conquered my fear of drawing, instilled at school. You brighten my days with joy and laughter. I really appreciate all your time and inspiration.
    Enjoy your day.

  17. Oh Barbara.. I really know that feeling… always remember you are not alone, we are always thinking of you… to be honest I’m dreading the Shac closing….!!! Sending you lots of love & virtual hugs…. Sam… Xxx

  18. I miss our weekday get togethers too and when “those” feelings creep in, I hop onto Clarity Worldwide and enjoy all of the artwork that’s posted there and soon I start to feel more on an even keel and can face the rest of the day again.

  19. Missing all the gang too especially you, I have just got dressed, no rush today. Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday at the shac. Xx

  20. Good morning. You are not alone, we are all still here tweaking our doodles, but i really understand where you are, Our son and daughter in law had to move in with us in February, and as I am shielded we have seen more of one another than is really comfortable. I value my times alone with you. I have to spend much of my time in bed, still in the heart of our little bungalow. Today I have taken my monthly pill, so once more am horizontal, but tomorrow will be better, and Monday better still, with my colouring pencils. Love to you and all the shackers

  21. It’s funny you saying that. I was sitting here this morning looking at the clock and thinking no SHAC SHACK. I miss it, too. It’s always good to meet up with you in the morning and I really enjoy the banter that goes on between the rest of us. It’s 10.05! It is dull here today and I need a plan but I’m avoiding it!! I have work to do today for Monday. I won’t be able to join you on Monday morning as I have to head to a place near Helensburgh, Cardross it is called, for half an hour max! Four hours travelling! If I am allowed in to the Sick Kid’s Hospital then I will be heading there afterwards so it will be evening or at least later in the day before I can join you but it will be worth the wait. I might just catch a glimpse of what you are doing before I leave but I shouldn’t really. I want to stop at the Tree Shop on Loch Fyne if if is open to buy a couple of plants and it will be the only chance I will get as it is about 30 miles away from me, but really just down the road for me!! Lol. Anyway, I have to work today and then I will do a bit of groovi unless I do it the other way round. Maybe that would be a plan! First things first. I need to go and get dressed! Hope you have a good day in the office! I am all set to record Hochanda at 11 and 3 so I will watch those, too, maybe even at 11! You can tell the plan is well formulated!! Lol. Anyway, I hope you have a good day today. I’m sure you will find lots to do and the ironing will still be there when you go home! Take care. Lots of love to you, Dave and Paul. Hxx

    1. Loch Fyne – one of our favourite places. So envious of where you live Hilda. We’ll be up there in the motor home as soon as we can! Xx

  22. In a way I’ve been lucky during all this madness , still going to work ,haven’t missed a day , see mum and dad every week although from a distance when I take shopping over . Have chats with family . Will be nice to actually see everyone properly though fingers crossed won’t be to long

  23. 10 years ago I had an illness causing me to be unable to move. I used to say to my husband I felt lonely. My husband said why, our family and friends visit, but I think it was because I couldn’t control the situation and was alone in my thoughts and didn’t know what my future was. But a doctor said to me you will get better, it will take time. I learnt a lot being in my own thoughts but I looked forward from that moment. I am fortunate and I am almost 100% healthy now. I really believe things will get better but it will take time. You Barbara have been a lifeline for so many of us, and everyday we can drop in for a class and read your blog. We have fun while learning to be creative. It is like chatting to a friend I amongst others are often chatting back to you. Thank you for being there xxxx

  24. Hi Barb The shac shac has been my saving grace too, you will never be alone as you have done so much for hundreds of us. We all love you so much and miss you at weekends but you do need time for yourself. Having been with you on the shac shac from day one I have learnt such a lot and I am truly grateful. I lost my Mum not long ago and to me there was not a purpose for me anymore, but now I realise that there is and you keep us amused occupied and educated. Thank you so much Barb have a lovely weekend and looking forward to Monday already. Big hugs stay safe and well xxx

  25. Good morning Barbara. Hope today is a good distraction from all those thoughts ! I have got completely engrossed in my doodling, spending hours drawing and colouring distracting myself from all the worry of what’s going on around us. So thank you for that. Even my husbands constant sleeping habits when, we sit to watch something together hasn’t bothered me as, I just think ‘oh well off to doodling I go’ 😉Hope you have a relaxing weekend xx

  26. Dear Barbara the Shac Shack means so much. I love being there. My hubby works from home so I am never truly on my own. But Saturdays and Sundays do feel different. I love the direction the doodling and colouring take me in. I have had some difficult things to cope with this week and being able to concentrate on something creative has helped me so much. Enjoy your day at work. Thank you for all you do. Take care. Hugs Jackie T

  27. I totally get that feeling! and made worse by the impending chores that don’t offer up much joy, except when the jobs done. My main chore day is a Monday and if it wasnt for you waiting in the Shac Shack at 10.00am I would hide under my duvet ruminating which is not good for the soul! – You and your banter and everyone there sets the correct way forward for the day and then and only then do my chores get done! You did the right thing, do what you know will set the correct path for the day! Maybe put Paul on the naughty step, have a laugh. Today will be a good day! 👍😘x

  28. Good morning (said in Barbara style)
    Now, ironing! I thought I used to love ironing, or is it – I used to think I loved ironing- anyway, I used to do my ironing while watching the tele on a Tuesday afternoon. Well, we’ve been living in creased clothes for 12 weeks now, Tuesday afternoons don’t exist in the ironing world any more! And do you know, it hasn’t mattered a jot.
    My hubby hasn’t noticed, you don’t need ironed clothes for gardening or doodling and no visitors. Perfect!
    Well, it is because I have you, Barbara. You have taken away the need of my iron and given me a true purpose. Graham (hubby) works from home so has been happily (sort of) carrying on as normal, he even does the shopping, while I had been going slowly mad. Now I don’t have time to think about insanity because there is so much scope in a simple line and a few hearts, look where that’s taken us!
    I can’t thank you enough. I need my Shac Shack fix and the beauty is, a piece of paper, a pencil and imagination is my oyster.
    Loads of love. Be safe x x

  29. I’m missing the SHACShack too this morning, but it’s given me the opportunity to nip into the garden to have a tidy up. Now I’m watching the adapted Trooping the Colour at Windsor Castle. They’re at the Castle, I’m safe at home, remembering my Dad and Brother who both loved the ceremony and who are no more with us. Making me quite sad actually, but I’ll get over it. Beautiful music. Have a great day, safe in Clarity towers with Paul and Dave. See you on Monday. X

    1. Loch Fyne – one of our favourite places. So envious of where you live Hilda. We’ll be up there in the motor home as soon as we can! Xx

  30. I miss you too, you have been a life saver to all of us. I have done a bit of baking this morning to take my mind off things and still have to finish my Shac Shack doodle so I’m ok. Even Pete listens to you when I am watching you and doodling along as he is on his Flight Sim in the same room. I always talk back to you. Put in an order for the Wraps last night and the other garden plate of Linda’s among a few other bits, looking forward to getting that, but no rush, think I have enough to keep me out of trouble. Oh dear missing you on tele, must dash, thank you for all you’ve done and are still doing to help everyone. Love and big hugs

  31. The Shac Shack and my two dogs have given me purpose throughout all of this Covid 19 rubbish. As a retired nurse I was pulled in two ways, I was there at the beginning knowing what my former colleagues were going through and likely to face but on the other hand as someone who is slowly recovering from a Post Viral Reaction I couldn’t get involved. I’m single and I have to look after me cos no-one else can but then came along Barbara, gathering a bunch of people with Craft and Clarity in common. And thank goodness you did. We all have good days and bad days, some doodle, some don’t, some colour and some don’t but we are there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  32. Totally get this! I don’t always watch at 10 as go for a long walk with the dog but it is part of my daily routine. I was a bit like you last week as weather very wet so walks were shorter. I’ve also had to support my mum and one of daughters this week as each in turn have had a melt down due to being in total isolation. They don’t have my daily dose of doodling (not their thing). It has kept me sane. Thanks Barbara. Enjoy your weekend. Lots of hugs xxx

  33. Well Barbara, you have just voiced what’s in my head,!
    I write a daily blog on Facebook, to cheer us all up,
    and to give me focus, and stop the overthinking and depression.
    My heart goes out to you, and my thoughts love and healing too.
    We are family, and thank you for your honesty, oh and by the way,
    Forget the ironing, it’s not that important, you are.(and I can draw now, thanks to you) .
    Love Vicky xxxxxxxx

  34. Well Barbara, you have just voiced what’s in my head,!
    I write a daily blog on Facebook, to cheer us all up,
    and to give me focus, and stop the overthinking and depression.
    My heart goes out to you, and my thoughts love and healing too.
    We are family, and thank you for your honesty, oh and by the way,
    Forget the ironing, it’s not that important, you are.(and I can draw now, thanks to you) .
    Love Vicky xxxxxxxx

  35. My husband is unusually out today . I’m rarely on my own . I love groovi shack and it would be a welcome distraction today. I just have some washing to do and the rest of my time will be doing groovi and watching Hochanda. My polychromos came this week and my blending tool so can’t wait for Monday to try them on the postcards .
    Hope you have time to chill later.
    Take care

  36. I totally get how you feel. Our minds do strange things to us, don’t they? I must have had a weird dream last night (maybe it was the wee dram of JD for a nightcap!) but this morning I just had to add railings along the canal by my townhouses in Holland. I didn’t want my carrot people to fall in! I never thought of that yesterday.
    At least you have Paul for company today and hopefully you will be visiting your parents tomorrow.
    Will be joining you all in the SHAC on Monday. Hugs Annette X

  37. I think everyone is appreciating to some extent what loneliness is like during this covid crisis. Our befriending charity is so busy at the moment too – lots of people waiting for someone to talk to, and for some it will be their only social contact in a week. Doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? Enjoy the change of scene and the socially distanced company, although I’m sure it feels strange with the office so quiet. X

  38. I’ve lived alone apart from my dog since my hubby died in 2010. I’ve been lucky enough to see my daughter and grandsons a lot over the years, doing childcare, school runs etc. That all ended with this wretched lockdown, and sadly my beloved dog died two months ago. Today I can ‘bubble’ with my family, cuddle and hug them. And the sheer delight of anticipating that is not only making me giddy with anticipation, but bringing home to me as never before how very lonely these last months have been. Barb, you’ve been a Godsend, even though I’ve only been able to catch up on YouTube. Thank you. X

  39. Yep Barb, we humans are social creatures, as I was saying the other day, it’s innate. You don’t know how lucky you are that you have Dave, Paul and all your other friends and family. You don’t know how lucky you are to be able to jump out of bed and be with Dave and Paul.

    I’m crying here actually, hurting so much. Reading your blog has opened the flood gates that I was trying so hard to keep firmly fixed. I am feeling excruciating loneliness. I don’t know how many weeks it is now since I had a proper 2 way conversation with a human being in any format. As for human company, that’s been months, unless you count watching my volunteer through my window cut my grass the other week. It sure has taken it’s toll on my mental and physical health, on top of the obvious pandemic and world stuff, and having no outlet for any of that either. I’m also very ill just now, have been getting worse for a few weeks now, my cfs I think. That doesn’t help matters. It should have been Gala day here today too, so the lack of community buzz, and no parade going past my kitchen window isn’t helping. 🙁

    I’m not able to join in the SHAC Shack, it proved too much for my cfs.

    I’m off to get some food before going back to bed. I hope everyone has a good weekend.
    Love you, enjoy your day of companionship xxx

    1. Hello Brenda,
      Please forgive the intrusion. I am sorry to read your post and hear how much you are struggling. I think I speak for many on here when I say how much I look forward to reading your posts. You are such an inspiration.

    2. Wish I could help. Hate to hear people are struggling with out help or social contact. You are in my thoughts. Hopefully with improved weather your strength with increase a little.

    3. Hi Brenda, sorry you are finding things more difficult at the moment. When I first read this I just wished I could reach out & give you a big hug. I then went & found Barbara’s blog from February when she met up with you whilst up in Scotland for the SCCC show – how things have changed for all of us since then. Hope you will soon be able to have a visitor as lockdown eases. I am going over to see my mom of 91 tomorrow – her first words when I told her it was now possible to visit her indoors was could she have a hug. So sending a big virtual hug to you Brenda & even if you don’t feel like doodling you can always listen to Barbara & read our comments as we have had several good laughs this week over mis understanding /mis hearing of words. Thursday was a real LOL day. xx

  40. Huge hugs.

    I’m still following along in the back catalogue of episodes enjoying every minute. I sit there talking to my tablet like a crazy person as if you can here me. Laughing and crying along with you.
    Your doodle and colouring has been invaluable to me.
    I cant say thankyou enough.

    Bright blessings beautiful lady. Xxxx

  41. Television on record to watch later. Finished Holland picture as much as I can. Going through my groovi collection to see if i can make something resembling this weeks download so plenty go keep me busy for a while yet. See you monday and thank you to all at clarity for all you do

  42. Hello Barbara
    We all have to do what we have to do to stay safe mentally as well as physically. My youngest son has twice broken the guidelines to come and spend time with me and give me a hug. It was needed.
    Yesterday was the first day I felt weird just to the Covid-19 rules and regulations. Not depressed, more restless, fed up. Even sitting crafting didn’t lift my mood. But, hey, today is another day. Onwards and upwards, baby steps, one day at a time. Somehow we will get through this.
    Love to you, Dave and especially Paul at the moment,

  43. Yes we are all to different degrees social animals and your SHAC Shack doodling sessions have helped and inspired so many people and given them purpose, and all the artwork produced has been fantastic. I haven’t so far joined in but I have watched and shared the social experience. Enjoy the weekend and it is good to get out of the four walls. Lucky you, I used to love a drive through, and visits to the Ashdown Forest, when we lived in Surrey. x

  44. Hi Barbara, you know I love the shac Shack and I love watching you draw. I have learned a lot, practice, practice etc. and am enjoying it. Going to unpack my goodies from Clarity now then catch up on all the things I should have done in the week and go back to Holland for a while in my shac shack.
    Saw you on Hochanda, great, now take some time for yourself. Many thanks, Pat

  45. The one good thing about lockdown and shielding is the daily doodle. Not sure how I would have kept my spirits up otherwise. Take care.
    Sue X

  46. I know it’s strange because your in your corner and me in mine and I am on my own with daughter popping down from London if the weathers ok as we eat outdoors doing as we are told.As she lives in London she feels added responsibility to keep her distance. Having SHAC SHAC to look forward to is great and love your banter. My grandmother was a cockney so love the London accent. See you Monday xx

  47. This lockdown doesn’t worry us. We are happy being here together, crafting, laughing, reading, sleeping, fortunately not needing anyone to look after us.
    We generally leave the doodles for the weekend and have a wonderful time in the Shac shack together. Ray draws better than me but my colouring is more natural. Each to their own!!!
    I think we are all too critical of our own work. To quote an artist we know – art is a representation, not a photograph, and small imperfections make for individuality. Most people looking at our work will not notice these mishaps. At the end of the day does it really matter as long as we have enjoyed the journey?
    I’m glad you resolved your alone feeling today and that you are now more comfortable being with Dave and Paul nearby and knowing that we are always with you in thought if not in person.
    This has taken ages to type as I am trying to watch Paul at the same time. Still learning from him too.
    Stay Safe 🍒🍒🍒

  48. Sad day here for me too, anxiety is a terrible thing. It’s the anniversary of my Mums passing, 31 years and still so sad and miss her madly, especially now, although I don’t know what she would have made of all this. I was only 37 when she passed. I hope your day has improved, I had my daily video call with my granddaughter, I’m teaching her crochet. Both my son and daughter called today to check on me, feeling better now so going to carry on catching up with the SHAC SHACK 😍 you’re very good at encouraging and reassuring so it’s sad you feel anxious like yourself, I hope alls well now. xx

  49. You do realise that you have never been far from all the shac skackers thoughts during lockdown. You’ve inspired us you’ve made us laugh. I know I’ve shouted at you a few times. (Hate maths.)
    Not just in the U.K. but across the world.
    I know because of you I’ve had conversations with people in America Australia The Netherlands Germany and more. Thank you.
    Don’t be lonely just give a shout some one will answer.💐💐💐

  50. Hi Barbara — Just read your Saturday blog, and it hit me 100% right at home. I lost my son 16 years ago this July 4th, and even though I have another son and a husband, I have never felt that kind of being alone is that event brought on. I have one friend over about 30 years, and I understand what “alone” means because I am a person who needs interaction with other people, not just for myself, but for other people as well. I always feel alone, even when I am not alone, and this corona virus has magnified that feeling, along with all the riots etc going on. Going to the SHAC SHACK helps relieve that feeling, and gives the tough that we are not really alone and we have a purpose. We are always alone, we were born alone and we will die alone, but what we do and give in between will never be forgotten. Barbara, you will always be remembered as you are an amazing caring and giving person. Enjoy your weekend and spend time with the ones you love. Ironing can wait till another day. Be with your family and do things that will be remembered and rewarding for years.

  51. I think your Clarity family is growing as its seems to have taken me ages to read all the posts the last couple of days but isn’t it great that so many are joining in. I got as far as Brenda’s post & had to stop & gather my thoughts – I went & found your blog from February when you told us how you had spent time with her whilst up at the SCCC show – I then went back & replied to her as had a couple of others, sending her a virtual hug. There is alone & there is alone alone !! thankfully I haven’t got to that stage yet but I did feel a bit out of sorts yesterday & today & realised that it is the 12 weeks of non interaction with friends & family. Facetime & Zoom aren’t quite the same but better than nothing.
    Hope you feel better now for your visit to the office & seeing a different 4 walls.

  52. Oh Barbara I felt just the same way this morning so rang my Sister-in-Law to see if she wanted to go for a walk. We walked for 2 hours then home for lunch. I’ve been unsettled for the rest of the day and can’t even settle to finish my Holland picture. Instead I’ve doodled a vase of tulips and tomorrow I’ll get back to houses and carrots!!!! Have a good rest of the weekend with Dave and see you Monday xx

  53. Dear Barb do hope you are feeling better I hope you remembered to have breakfast after your rushed start to the day !!! Jan x

  54. Hello everyone, remember if you are feeling stressed due to this unbelievable thing always reach out and ask for help. The crafting community will be there for you, to support you and help you find a way forward. Hugs to you all, especially the crew at Clarity Towers, they will never know just how much good they are doing.

  55. I’ve always missed the shac shack at the weekends. However, I do a little house work when I’m not with the fellow shacer’s. So today I’ve managed no housework and have been colouring all day! See you Monday Barbara. Xxxx

  56. My friend and I are also looking forward to Monday, even though we join you in the early evening! It seems so strange to finish our meal and then NOT go to the Shac as we’ve been with it from day 1 and never missed!! We both have our doodles to finish, though I’ve been trying to do a special 90th birthday card for my friend whose birthday very soon. Used a mix of stamps including several Clarity ones plus Barb’s words. Tomorrow will get back to the carrots!

    1. Hi Barb,
      Sorry to hear that you had a bit of a wobbler this morning, but pleased that you worked out what was causing it and found the solution. I bet Paul was pleased to have some company even if you were in separate offices. Lockdown is not really that much different for me than normal although for some bizarre reason, I’m finding it difficult to remember what day it is! I think it’s because everyday is virtually the same and I can’t just go to the shops ( although I will be able to on Monday!) or meet friends. I’m not sure how I feel about going to shops right now, I think it’s a bit too early. I’m quite scared about catching Covid especially as my op shouldn’t be too long now ( I hope). Thank you for all that you do, love and hugs Alison.

  57. Barbara – you are not alone!! Take care and stay safe. Looking forward to Monday’s SHAC shack. Love and hugs Diane. Xxxxxx

  58. Your never alone Barbara I for one of many am here for you like you are for us I’m just the other end of a phone anytime lots love and cyber hugs for know it’s a horrible feeling love and prayers of peace Joy xxx

  59. I to feel lost at the weekend, I have sorted out all my clarity stamps and have been playing, gives me something to do, nice to remember and revisit them. I have had a go at all of your different styles of art but making my own art has been quite breath taking, I did not know I could do it, as I am sure a lot of people thought the same. So thank you for showing us the way and keeping us all entertained.

  60. In a way Barb it’s nice to know you need us as we need you. As sometimes worry that you may find it a pressure to ‘deliver’ Mon-Fri. Maybe sometimes you do, I know I would, but in the end you do us the world of good, only wish I had found the Shac from day one but the last 3 weeks have turned me around. It’s even more inspiring to hear your thoughts from your heart that you need us too, sort of makes me feel like your mate ie you help me I help you by turning up. One day at a time eh. Pencils at the ready for Monday. Much love. 😃😃⚘⚘⚘⚘

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