Under pressure

Under pressure

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Wednesday’s blog is all about why we craft as opposed to what we craft, right? With that in mind, let’s talk about the SHAC Schack and its primary purpose today.

The SHAC-Shack stands for SAFE HAPPY AND CREATIVE, STAY HOME AND CRAFT (or even STAY HOME AND COOK with DAVE on ClarityMatters.com today !!! Check it out! My hubby never ceases to impress me)

But back to the daily doodle sessions, and why I started them back in March. It was quite simply because the world was in turmoil, nobody knew was happening, the lockdown had turned our lives upside down, and I could see that many of our Clarity friends were floundering and anxious. So I created a safe place where we could meet every day, away from the awful daily news. I tried to build a routine into our mornings, give us something to focus on other than disease and death.

To be honest, WHAT we were doing was secondary; the primary purpose of the daily meeting was to give us a reason to even get up and get going. And the only thing EVERYBODY had at home, the only guaranteed ingredients were a pencil and a piece of paper, a pen and an eraser. So a daily Doodle session was the best solution.

10 weeks on, all we have used this week is a pencil and a piece of paper, a pen and an eraser. (oh. and a ruler)

I have heard myself say almost daily, “there are no experts in this building” “this is not a competition”. I have laughed my head off at my own dire drawings, I have repeatedly said, “if you want to join in great, if you want to just hang out in a fun room and drink coffee with us, great.”

I just want to keep you company and give you something to do if you NEED something to do.

This was never a masterclass in illustration. I am not a master. This was never a masterclass in colouring. I am not a master of anything.

Now when I read that people are upset, that they are stressed because the doodles we are doodling are beyond their grasp, then I have to bring it right back to the primary purpose: this was only ever meant to be a place to go for company, not a place to compare your doodle abilities with other peoples’.

We crafters have done what we do best, and turned it into a proper craft session, as you do, but how often have I said, “don’t be judging yourself harshly here” “celebrate your art”. I thought you would enjoy virtual trips around the globe, since we can’t get out, I thought it would be interesting to visit different countries.

Now just for a moment, I’d like to point a few things out. The only pressure point THE ONLY REAL PRESSURE POINT is on ME. Not anybody else. And that is OK. That is how it is meant to be.

I am under pressure to be there every day at 9.30am and to fire up the Facebook Live machine and all the cameras. If I don’t show up, the bus don’t leave the depot!

I am the one who has to steer the hour. And remember to change the batteries!

I am the one who has to have doodled something to share. It is all I think about, is where we’re off to next time!! You’re in Holland – I’m already panicking about where we’re going the week after next!!!

I am the one who employs people to marshall the room so that it is safe for you and troll-free. We had a bunch of thugs in there yesterday, spewing vile stuff. My hope is the filters and the marshalling worked.

I am the one who employs people to transfer the files to Youtube etc, so that you can watch whenever you like. That takes a good hour of somebody else’s day to load and title and file, you know.

I am the one who employs people to create pdfs and digi downloads, to help you with your doodle shapes if you aren’t happy. All takes time, you know…

I am the one who has to talk non stop for an hour, whilst drawing – and try not to swear ! It’s not easy to chat for an hour with nobody to bounce off.

So. If you are feeling pressured in the SHAC-Shack, if you’re beating yourself up because you are comparing your work with other peoples’, all I can say is, CHILL! And spare a thought for the woman driving the bus; she really IS under pressure. And her tulips were pretty ropey, too !!

I have just read through what I have written here, and I got something wrong: I don’t HAVE TO do any of it. I CHOOSE to. I choose to put that pressure on myself, because I believe the SHAC-SHACK still helps a lot of people, including myself.

Choices, choices, choices.

Stay Safe and Craft.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

163 thoughts on “Under pressure

  1. What you are doing is a Godsend to all who choose to be there with you….no pressure should be place on what is being created. It’s the creative process that is the big help here! Everyone needs to take a deep breath and exhale. You choose to be there for all of us; we choose to be there for you. Thank you with all my heart, Barbara. You truly do have a kind heart….

    1. You a wonderful talented Lady who has brought us together helped us focus and have fun in differcult times there should be no pressure we all don’t do things the same that’s what makes it more interesting.

    2. My day for the last eleven weeks has centered on the 10 am start in the Shak Shak and I cannot thank you enough Barbara for your vision , skill and often humorous stories of your life. The Shak, Shak and especially you, has made Lockdown bearable. Ignore the dissenting voices – they are always the most vocal.
      P.s also thank you for your daily blog.

    3. Barbara, you are doing a fantastic job,I don’t always Doodle at the time, but go back and try again.I sent some to my granddaughter to try as she is suffering from anxiety and stress.She was all geared up to do her GCSES and then.. nothing,no social life etc.I think quite a few teenagers are experiencing this, but she made a good job of the geisha and I still forward the printouts for her to do.You are well loved by so many people.Thankyou.

  2. I really appreciate the time and effort u have spent over the last few weeks helping to keep us all calm. It’s great to learn new tips. U are truly amazing and I thank you for all that u do. Stay safe xxx

  3. I am soooo sorry that there were thugs in our Shac yday and that they were spewing vileness and throwing around blame and general yukiness.
    I for one(and I KNOW I am not alone) REALLY REALLY appreciate U, Ur humour, Ur artwork and patience with us. I appreciate Ur time and willingness to do all the above that U do , for us , just cos U wanted to.
    I would love to give U a medal for all the help and happiness and joy U hav given us during lockdown. U and Ur staff and the clarity family hav been AMAZING and I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Thank U for giving me routine and a reason to be up.
    I love all the places we hav visited, I love the colouring , and I love Ur stories. THANK you Barbara. Thank U ♥️

  4. Just keep on keeping on Barbara. I pop into the Shac every day even when I’m not in a good place to do the doodling. The banter is enough to cheer me up. I’m having a painful bout at the moment and I am just watching. Be encouraged, you are very much appreciated xx

  5. Well Barbara all I can say flower is you are good for me, good for my mindfulness, my peacefulness, my limited skills …improving daily, and my Happiness. Just thank you from the bottom of my heart 💓

    1. Thank you from the bottom of MY HEART. I put you on in the background while I was working back when you started. I then made a huge decision that the calm you exuded was what i needed. I took a breath and talked to my hubby. I handed in my notice and now I am retired/ taking a work break. I potter, I walk I breath and I am on shac. Shack 9 on YouTube . I had a happy half hour at 7.30 this morning as I couldn’t wait to put the wreath on top of my bird table . I walk past my doodles and can’t believe I did that! I don’t worry about lockdown. My life is better because of you xxxx kg

      1. I for one enjoy our daily get togethers but until today have not been able to be there live. I never drew or coloured anything but have learnt so much from you. Please do not feel pressured by some of the comments about struggles we only struggle because we want to make you proud of what you have made us realise that if you put your mind to it you can achieve. Rtf hank you Barbara

  6. Barbara I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into the last weeks. You have helped to keep me sane and I love your cheerfulness. You have definitely helped me and I have learnt so much about colouring, etc. I will never be an artist but thanks to you I feel that I can be proud of what I have done, thank you for just being you and being there for us xx

  7. I am so grateful that you have chosen to shoulder this as it has given me and others I know so much. I have many friends who would never try to draw a stick man, never mind a windmill, who can now draw windmills and tulips and dream catchers and elephants…. And their mental health has improved by just joining in.
    You are amazing at sharing your calm voice of reason to still the storm we are going through just now. Its brilliant that you have an awesome team to help you do this.
    It frustrates me when people think they have failed as they have not produced a photographic reproduction. It’s art and we need to remember that even the greatest artists don’t draw or paint what looks like a photo. Everyone will create something unique that is theirs, like their finger print, every one different. It’s lovely seeing everyone’s version.

  8. I love my shak shak hour! Yes, some of my drawings are ropey but I look back and see how far I have come. You need to start at the beginning – no point in jumping in at a master class if you haven’t ever done it before! I’ve even made sure work knows I don’t want meetings before 11 (and I’m a school assistant!) 😀 Keep going Barbara – we love it all!

  9. Thank you, Barbara, for driving the bus and taking us on the magical mystery tour around the world. Although I’ve drawn things I never thought I could and coloured and shaded like never before, I’m still not confident to set out on my own journey.I’ll keep my seat on the bus and tag along with you and other Doodlers, if you don’t mind. Sometimes I think we crafters are our own worst critics and aim for perfection, which can be a good thing until it becomes stressful and has a negative effect. I’m learning to enjoy what I can do, push myself a little bit more but if I feel myself getting wound up over something, I put the pen down, have a cuppa and just enjoy the banter. Often, I’ll come back and re-watch later and try again. I appreciate everything Barbara has done and continues to do for us but please, Barbara, don’t you overdo it! We need you in the front of the bus for a while longer. Lots of love xx

  10. You’re an amazing person, giving up your time to do this daily.
    I love listening in every day, I don’t always listen live but, don’t beat myself up if I don’t always get it right, I used to until listening to you, I’m just enjoying the sessions and the other lovely people on there.
    Thank you many times over Barbara Gray, I hope your mental health stays good too. Xx

  11. Carry on Barb I work in day but catch up at night even just for the banter makes my day more bearable I can tell u ……I love it…love to hear it stories and it laugh is infectious most times I have happy tears down my cheeks listening to u …Carry on if people r hard on themselves so be it can always turn over…to speak ….lots of luv and hugs carry on xxx

  12. We are all coping with the pandemic differently. My way is to ignore the media and live in my little bubble with my two adorable miniature poodles. I am so glad that you are doing the doodling and colouring as it gives a bit of something to aim for and to listen to you. Some days I just watch and listen but I eventually catch up. Please keep driving the bus.

  13. Really appreciate you giving your time and the tips you pass on to us, I choose what I want to join in with, and sometimes choose to do other things instead, but I always watch and listen when I can, as I love the company and chat, thank you so much for what you do .xx

  14. For 61 years I believed I couldn’t draw but you have proved me wrong. I really appreciate all that you have taught me so far and look forward to further doodles and colouring tutorials in the future. For those who are finding it stressful, I do feel for them, but please everyone work at your own pace do what you are comfortable with. Barbara please don’t stress either we are happy you driving this bus, and will do wherever you take us. Thank you.

  15. I absolutely love the shack. When I see some of the places we are going I think “wtf, I cant do that!”. I give everything a go and it normally turns ok, ish. What you have done for your avid Clarity followers, is nothing but beautiful and kind. I talk back to you every morning, laugh and cry also. Maybe you should take a few days off to chill out. You have done so much for me, I think you should do something for you! Chillax and please don’t stress. XXX

  16. I am delighted to join you and everyone else every morning. Couldn’t draw at all when we first started but am amazed at what I can do, even if I do say sometimes, Barb you have got to be …… joking when I see what we are going to do! Always get there eventually and really enjoy the virtual tours abroad and the colouring. Nothing interferes with daily doodle. Very, very grateful for all the time and effort you put in for us all and for all the clarity team. You keep many of us sane, and we love hearing all your stories. Your sessions help us get through each day. Can never thank you enough Xxxxxxx

  17. I love what you do. You are amazing to give up your time and expertise EVERY DAY and I love listening to your tales. I’m lucky to have my hubby but I think he appreciates a quiet hour as well! Lots of love to you x

  18. When I worked and people were angry, we tried to remember that THEY may be having a bad day (someone may have run over their cat!) so we tried not to judge. Also we ‘geed’ ourselves up by remembering that everyone has to go to the toilet – even those cross and unhappy folks! Great leveller.
    Being in a team to share good and bad days is great, being a crafter is like being in one big team. I recall you once said – there is no I in team, and I pointed out that there is a me!
    Let ’em go. Forget what they fling at you. Do a Hills Clinton, ‘when they go low – we go high’.
    I got some of your early DVD’s from e-bay with a job lot, and watched one last night. I had not realised that you – lady – hit the ground running, I was just as entranced as I am with your doodlyshac.
    And…your kids love you, so does Dave. At the end of the day, isn’t that enough?
    I love you too.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  19. If it wasn’t for you Barb, I don’t think I’d be as sane as I am. You bring my blood pressure down every morning and stop me from climbing the walls. THANK YOU for all you have done in the past 10 weeks. I haven’t taken part with the doodling but I am colouring better than I ever did.

    Love you 😍

    Zena. xxx

    1. I saw the comment on Facebook from someone saying they were stopping the doodle because it was too much pressure, and I knew right away that it would be upsetting. We really shouldn’t judge our own work against others’, we are each of us unique and there is no need to compare or compete. you freely give us your time and teaching and and all we need to do is enjoy the ride. Please, please don’t despair – you’re doing so much good for so many and the vast majority truly appreciate it. xx

  20. Thank you so much Barbara. I really really appreciate all you are doing and am well aware that it doesn’t just happen. A lot of effort has to go into it. Art is a very individual thing and nobody should be disappointed with their efforts. It’s their own work and they should be proud of it. Take care. X

  21. I haven’t drawn anything since I left school over 37 years ago and by joining in with the shac shac and the daily doodles and colouring you have brought my love of art back again. At the same time it helps me to stop worrying about my 17 year old daughter who is in the UK while I’m stuck in turkey. She is a care worker and has been working through out this pandemic so our daily sessions in the morning stop me stressing too much over something I cannot control. For this I can not thank you enough . I love your stories about school and chatham as they bring back my memories of going to John fisher which was down the road from your school. Small world lol. I hope you do not put to much pressure on yourself and have time to destress for your own well being.
    Looking forward to thr shac shac wherever it takes us x

  22. Barb. I’ve only recently found your daily chats and doodles, and so glad I did. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is, “it’ll do”. This applies to so much more than just my attempts at doodling. I’m working from home but make sure I switch off from my inbox, grab a coffee and doodle along at 10. Best of all, you crack me up no end! You have a kind heart x

  23. Its such a pity that a minority of people can be so nasty, I feel sorry for them as they are missing out on such love and support in the Shack. I have not missed a day so far and some of my efforts are laughable but it makes me happy and that’s all that matters so you just carry on as you do…..you are a very special lady and so well loved….take care xxxx

  24. Oh my goodness Barbara what would l have done without you and the shac shack.? Learning to live on my own for the first time in my life of 71 years after the death of my husband of 52 was really hard. Then with covid 19 I was told to self isolate. If it hadn’t been for you I don’t know what I would have done, yes I’m a crafter, and a Pergamano tutor for 20 years but I was finding it really hard to get the motivation to do anything. I thought initially that I would just listen to you on my phone but I soon wanted to join in and switched my laptop on and the rest is history I haven’t missed a day, from the bottom of my heart thank you, for your time for your kindness for your generosity you are a gem xxx

  25. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For giving my day structure, for giving me confidence to draw and colour, for making me smile and laugh but most of all for just being you, you amazing, creative and inspirational lady. We are all blessed to have you in our lives and any naysayers should be ignored. See you tomorrow in the SHAC Shack. Xxx

  26. I just read this and want to say that you have been my rock in this Covid storm Barbara…I found you on day 1 and haven’t missed a day since (watched on catch up today for the first time) I have said it before in here and on the FB group, I couldn’t draw a straight line at the start of this journey with you, and while I’m far from perfect -you should see my windmill!😂 I am learning so much and loving the mindfulness the laughs you give. Keep doing what you are doing Barb and know that you are loved and appreciated by a lot of people 😘😘😘

  27. Barbara, you are truly an amazing, caring and selfless woman, who has helped so many of us during these difficult uncertain days. I hope you know just how much all your time and effort and all you are doing for others is really appreciated and there is much love from us all for you. You are one very special person and I take my hat off to you, wish I had half your energy (ps. Thanks for making me giggle)
    Heather K xx

  28. Barbara, thank you for choosing to “drive the bus” – I for one would be lost without our weekday sessions and deeply appreciate all that you and those that support you do for us each day. When my anxiety is too much for me, I just make a cuppa and listen to your lovely stories and calming manner – it is great to know that I have a “safe” place to go to where I can spend time with so many wonderful friends. The few times that you have cried, I have cried with you. I love that every other week you challenge me with things I wouldn’t normally do. The last time I picked up a pencil and drew anything was my A-level year and because of you, I have rediscovered my love of sketching and creating my own “Barbara-inspired” images. Thank you so much for being our “bus driver”. I am still shielding and I couldn’t imagine how I would have got through this time without your sessions and lovely , calming manner. Please, don’t change a thing and please don’t let some unpleasant people spoil it for a community who truly love and appreciate you. Big hugs

  29. All I can say Barbara is you are a life saver to myself and many others. I havent drawn since I left school in 1971. I sit and answer your questions, laugh at your funnies. I don’t know why people are being critical if they don’t like it then why watch? I think you are amazing giving us your time and knowledge. I love our doodle trips and our colouring weeks.
    Please stay safe Barbara and know so many people love you 😍.

  30. Hi Barbara
    I have not found time to join in nor have I found time to watch all of the SHAC SHAC videos but what I have done is come home from a busy hard day in work and watched snippets of your videos, read posts and seen my FB page flooded with fabulous pictures. You have managed to put a smile back on a tired face so thank you but when you need to stop or take a rest we will all understand as it should be fun for all including you. Stay safe. Love Helen 💗 x

  31. From day one when I logged in my respect for you has grown and when clapping for the NHS and careers I also clap for you. The SHAC shac has been the medicine I and except so many of us will look back on that has kept us sane. Thank you so much xxx

  32. I so wish I could hug you right now Barb. Everything you do is to make other people happy. It’s the least we can all do for you in return.
    I admit I haven’t seen all the shac shack episodes (yet), but I am often busy with Samuel at that time. Once our shielding is over, and Samuel can return to college, I’ll be firing up the first of the YouTube videos and having a go. It won’t be a masterpiece, you might not even recognise which class it’s from! But none of that matters. I will have fun, learn how to doodle, be proud of my creations and be proud of my amazing friend, who does so much to keep US happy, even if she is struggling. Love you always Barb xx

  33. I’ve been with you from the beginning , or maybe that should be you’ve been with me ! I answer you when you ask questions , i drink my coffee when we have a coffee break , and I’m always suprised at how quickly the hour seems to disappear! And how slow the weekends are too ! So greatful that you’re back at 10 am Monday morning with your banter and your tricks , and your friendship , offering us all some release from reality if only for 1 hour , keep up the good work you are keeping me sane thanks Barbara

  34. Thank you so very much for doing this for us each day. Every doodle Monday I think “I can’t do that” by Friday I’m pleased I tried. Colouring Monday I find more of a challenge due to osteoarthritis in my hands and having the larger book rather than postcards. I plan to cut book, or draw border round postcard area next week to see if easier. I look forward to seeing your help with watercolour pencils later on as apart from Pergaliners all my pencils are watercolour. I cannot see how or why anyone could or would cause you trouble especially as we don’t have to pay anything for this, unless of course we need an eraser or ruler! Thank you again Barbara so much but please don’t let this affect you. I’m sure we’d understand if you had to stop. Love from me and my husband who has had to chivvy me up sometimes to log on!
    Enjoying Holland is there an easy mouse doodle please.
    Ann in Maidstone area

  35. All the comments I have read have been 100% in support of you and everything you do for us. Many of us have agreed that you are the lynch pin of our day, and that it is right for us to do what we can, and admire what we can’t! I had to stop trying to keep up with you as I was putting myself under pressure, cross that I am no longer fit and able to keep up…one day a long time ago I could have done. However, you continue to be kind and generous, putting it up so we can catch up later. I hope you and your company are being rewarded a little by any sales you make along the way. I know I have chosen to buy my pencils from you, not others because of your kindness and time..you deserve it. I hope others feel the same way. I think all your followers are on one mind, you are incredible! Thank you x

  36. Well said Barbara! You are doing the most fantastic thing and have literally grounded me, entertained me, made me feel like I wasnt alone -you, Barbara, have saved me. You should feel so proud of yourself.
    Love and huge thanks xxx

  37. I have ‘dipped’ in and out of your shack and thoroughly enjoyed watching( sometimes joining in ) and admire the time and effort you go to. I can appreciate how you must feel when negative comments are made. THEY HAVE THE PROBLEM NOT YOU !!!!!!

  38. I don’t know how you come up with the ideas but love them,not sure when we start but love it by the end, thank you, xxx

  39. I would like to add my thanks to all those who have already done so. My SHAC-Shack journey has not been very consistent and I haven’t got much completed but that is irrelevant as the time spent each morning with you is priceless in terms of our collective mental health. I live in hope that you truly realise that the hundreds (thousands?) of us who gather to spend that precious hour with you appreciate your time so much and are extremely thankful that you are there. There have been times recently that I have struggled to hold everything together but I know that for that one hour I can be calm and enjoy the company of a very special lady. Thank you for taking the time to do this for us. Stay safe and well. Xxxx

  40. Reading your blog tonight really upset me, as I hate to think of you beating yourself up, when all you have done is provide us with a wonderful way to cope.
    I have chosen not to do the colouring, as I have no patience and get frustrated with myself, which stresses me out, so I just join in and enjoy your tales and the virtual company of a great group of people. I have listened to you and I know that we are not in competition, in fact my doodles often prove that point! But I love it and as I have said many times, I really appreciate you giving me the confidence to try.
    Your doodle sessions are the only reason I want lockdown to continue! Thank you again, for your company and your time. And please thank Dave for the recipe. Brilliant! Hugs Annette.

  41. I cannot find enough words to thank you for all your hard work and those behind the scenes. We, here have had a few medical problems and going to the shac everyday has been wonderful. It is a privilege to craft with such a lovely host. Lots of love. I for one have learned so much. Also think my creative juices have been awakened. Xx

  42. I never really comment on anything but feel I have to today. I agree with all what the other lovely ladies have said above, you certainly have made a huge difference to me during this horrible time. I love what you do, how you selflessly give your time and chat. It makes me sad to think that anybody can give a negative thought to what you do. I will always find fault with what i produce but through you have learnt to find fun in it and acceptance. Love you loads x

  43. Barbara, I am glad that you have released all your anger at what has happened to you from some people. I know nothing about what it was or who it was, but they do not count, they are not worth the time thinking about. Just focus on all the people who have commentated on how they are enjoying what you are doing. We are all grateful for your time and the wonderful stories you tell. Let alone the learning side of it.
    I wonder also, if you are reading some of the comments about not being able to do it well, and taking a lot of attempts at drawing things, in the wrong way, and thinking they are negative comments, rather than them just saying it’s not easy for them. We are all different with different skill sets and you cannot please everyone. However it seems to me you are pleasing the majority.
    I think we might be putting too much pressure on you with the shac shac at a time when you must be stressed with the work situation. We love, love,love what you are doing but not at the cost of your mental health.
    If it is getting too much for you, then you have to think about the benefit to you, and not the benefit of all of us. If you are still enjoying it, then we welcome it, if not time to call a halt. I hope I am not speaking too frankly here, but it is meant with love. I hope this is just a hiccup for you, and tomorrow will be better.
    love and hugs Sue

  44. I can’t believe what I’ve just read, how can anyone comment so negatively about someone who has given her all for the sake of others wellbeing. I can only add my appreciation like everyone else that has posted before me. Not only am I consumed in doodling for the hour you are with us Barbara, it carries on into the day and evening sometimes. I’ve learnt that housework doesn’t matter anymore and the washing can wait. I felt part of a group of people that were so supportive and friendly. I’m just gobsmacked to think that someone has upset our leader. We all love you Barbara and we are so grateful and appreciative of what you are doing for us. Big hugs xx

  45. Thank you Barb, I don’t know where I’d be (or what state I’d be in) if it wasn’t for the Shac Shack. I am throughly enjoying every minute. You really cheer me up with the banter & I have found out that I can draw, RESULT!! Thank you for all the time & effort you put in – can’t be easy, but I for one am extremely grateful xx

  46. Oh Barb, thank you so much for your honesty, please consider yourself virtually hugged (and you’re free to fend me off too!)

    I know the SHAC-Shack has been great for me. I enjoy it, am learning every day, and increasing my belief in ‘my’ art. However, if I thought you weren’t enjoying it and didn’t want to be there, then that would be different; what do they say “When the fun stops, stop”

    Please accept my appreciation for everything that you’re doing for the Clarity community. It feels like an intrinsic part of your make up, who ‘you are’, and I’d hate to feel that I was taking it for granted.

    So if the fun’s stopped for you, and you feel you have to ‘fake it to make it’, please be kind to yourself, we’d understand.

    Whatever happens, I have a fantastic folder of art that I treasure, and love sharing with people.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart
    Claire xx

  47. Well, I for one, thank you so much for what you’re doing. I would never have done such drawing/doodling/colouring. It’s great to see what others have done too. Although you might think you’re talking to yourself, I reckon there are loads of us answering, nodding our heads, and sitting on that bus doodling or just listening. I often call out to hubby to tell him what you’ve just said too. You have to do what is right for you don’t you, but you’re doing what‘s GOOD for us (as well as you). Keep calm and carry on please, although I think we all know you’ll have to go back to the day job one day ….. you will have to wean us off if so I reckon ! As for tulips, I could draw them easily up until today !! I am going back to them tonight LOL !! Thanks from bottom of my heart for all you’re doing x x

    1. P.s. thugs/trolls ? I’m glad I missed them as I was having a bad day of my own yesterday. As my sister said earlier I think a lot of us have hit a brick wall this week, probably because of other things in the news etc bringing us down. Anyway, chin up x

  48. I cannot believe what I have just read. How can anyone complain about the amazing hour you give of your time 5 days out of 7 and that doesnt take into account the extra time putting these hours together. I admit I am not the greatest artist in the world but my colouring has come on so much that my daughter has asked me to do some pictures for her nursery. Well chuffed. Mind there is no help for the windmill. It resembles a coffee pot. Am considering putting a cup and saucer on the side of it. But I love it dearly and it cheers my morning. So Barbara dont listen to the people who can’t own up to their inability and have to blame someone else. These past 10/11 weeks would have been very lacking in fun without your cheerful banter in the morning. At least the rest of the day has a smile on its face after spending time with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  49. Hi Barbara

    I have been in the Shac with you most days and have caught up with the ones I have missed and I love it. I love my craft but always thought I couldn’t draw, but you’ve proved I can. If you’d told me a few months ago that I would be happily drawing an African family and colouring mandarin ducks I would have told you that you’d lost the plot but I look at my drawings, and yes, they are a bit wonky or someone else’s work is better , but I am proud of myself and have shown my work to others and YOU have supported me to do that. Your banter makes me giggle, or makes me cry but always because you care and you are so honest in what you say. I wish we could talk back to you during the session because then you’d know we were with you and laughing along with you and chatting back to the screen, although how you’d control the noise level of 400 people is quite beyond me!
    Thank you so much for all that you do and remember that for every nasty person there are 400 who are with you, appreciate you and wouldn’t be in such a good place without your daily Shac session. This time has put so much emotional pressure on all of us and we all need to cut ourselves, and each other, some slack when it all gets too much.
    See you tomorrow at 10, and by the way, your tulips are pretty good!
    With much love

  50. What you do for us all is truly amazing barbara and I am so thankful to you for showing me back to my pencils 💛 I suffer with terrible social anxiety and depression and u have helped me to deal with lockdown through drawing and it has helped keep my mood level and healthy. I’ve always loved to draw but never felt confident but ur catchphrase there are no experts here has helped me to just draw and love each picture I create. I am drawing again everyday and feel the happiest I have been for a very long time. Thankyou to you and you’re team from the bottom of my heart xx

  51. Hi Barbara I really appreciate all the hard work you put into the doodle sessions every day. It gives me a reason to get up at a reasonable time every morning. I haven’t tried drawing anything for years but am loving the sessions, even looked up Dutch patterns today! And my colouring has definitely improved. Take care of yourself.

  52. Why is it that some people can not bear to see someone else enjoying themselves and purposefully go out of their way to destroy that pleasure. Nothing but pure jealousy I suppose. Dearest Barbara, what you have been doing over these long weeks is bring pleasure, company and sanity to so many people. We all love and care about you greatly. I can not thank you enough for all that you have done and are continuing to do but do please remember to take of yourself as well. Xxx

  53. How right you are Barbara, we all need a reason to get up and have a focus to the day. Your doodle sessions are just that. When we started I made an agreement with myself that I would not join in the class if I was not washed, dressed and had my breakfast, I still stick to that.
    I am sorry to hear that there have been some horrid comments – I don’t understand why anybody does that. Thank goodness they can be filtered out.
    I missed last week because I was unwell but I am slowly catching up.
    I am enjoying our visit to Holland. I enjoy the process of creating a picture. Thank goodness no judges or masters.
    I hope you have a good evening. Look after yourself, you are important to us. xx

  54. Barbara you have become family to so many of us. The doodle sessions have been fantastic, not just the drawing and the colouring but the atmosphere you create. I love the sessions, so much so Hubby gives me an hour of work to do them(and still pays me). They create such a calmness that is so valuable. I missed a few when we had the virus but they were a Godsend when I was recovering. I am aware that this fantastic thing you do is given selflessly purely to help people. I am impressed with my drawing and colouring now. I don’t show it because parts are better than others (My spears were absolutely fantastic and I’m thrilled with them). Even now I look at them and I’m still impressed. I am learning from you to look at things and break them down to easier parts. I can now shade which is something I’ve always made a pigs ear of. So very many positives have come out of these sessions for me. There are many people who are doing better art work than me but I don’t worry about that. Mine is good for me and that’s what matters most. We should all appreciate our own work as well as that of others. You do have the pressure and I know that it takes time to prep everything and I love the very clever way that you incorporate things we have already learnt, I really, really appreciate the time you give. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  55. The shac shack is awesome I have made new friends on face book too x
    The colouring I love, I could sit and colour all day, I’ve learnt an awful lot from Barbara in the shac shack so thank you.
    Doodling seems to stress me so I just look at everyones work and smile, I don’t understand why people leave negative comments you just can’t please some folk so I choose to ignore them
    Thank you again to you and your amazing team for the shac shack videos downloads and utube too it is appreciated 😊👍
    Love and hugs Julie xxx

  56. Oh Barbara, you are a godsend!!! I love my SHAC time, and I think I’ve progressed a lot. What I haven’t felt at any time is pressure. I’m usually laughing hysterically at what I’ve produced, and rubbing out and drawing till it’s okay. I love the lessons, and I love that you share so much of yourself and your talents with us. Sending love and sooooo much appreciation xxx

  57. Hi Barbara,
    First, Thank you. You didn’t have to do what you’ve done, you made a choice to be on Facebook, and it’s been great. I haven’t been at many live streams, but I read your blog every day and catch up when I can, for a few minutes it’s something positive in my day. So second, Thank you, it’s meant a lot to know there’s a safe, happy place to retreat to.

  58. I have only seen positive and supportive posts on FB so cannot comment on that. I have been with you from the start as Tina Cox shared your doodling sessions. It has certainly saved me and cheered me up and given me a reason to get up. I thought I couldn’t draw but am constantly surprised by all of my achievements. It must take you hours to research and prep for each day and I don’t know how you manage it in your busy life. Thank you so much. It has helped me beyond words. I love your cheerful banter and you make me laugh out loud. Something I didn’t think would happen during lockdown. I also constantly admire your artwork and your knowledge and I am so happy that you are sharing it with us. I must admit I don’t watch live but watch you in the SHAC shack on FB in the afternoon. I really look forward to this time and feel part of a group which really helps. You are so talented and the way you explain things and break them down has helped me. If I get a problem I now think “How would Barbara break it down”. I see things in a different way and appreciate nature more. You have given me so much and no doubt have helped many more in the SHAC shack. Thank you again. xxxxx

  59. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Barbara. I am waking up about 4am every day so your company at 10 o’clock is a time to quite all those thoughts that are rattling around in my head. I love your stories, they are so amusing. Please be assured that the time you have given up is VERY MUCH appreciated but don’t put yourself under too much pressure. Oh and did Dave tell you that we are all coming round to sample his naan bread?

  60. Hi Barbara
    I would like to thank you for you thoughtfulness, your kindness, the wayyou give up your precious time to think of all of us. I may not be able to join you all at 10:00 am each morning as i have been working all though this. I come home late afternoon grab a cuppa, log onto my computer and away i go. I enjoy this hour it takes the stress of the day away and i can loose myself on a journey with a difference. So thank you so much for keeping us all sane .x

  61. Barbara, I have loved every single video so far. I am chuffed to bits when my drawings turn out half decent. Your instructions are so simple even a child could follow them. Please keep on keeping on.

  62. Hi Barbara
    I would like to thank you for you thoughtfulness, your kindness, the wayyou give up your precious time to think of all of us. I may not be able to join you all at 10:00 am each morning as i have been working all though this. I come home late afternoon grab a cuppa, log onto my computer and away i go. I enjoy this hour it takes the stress of the day away and i can loose myself on a journey with a difference. So thank you so much for keeping us all sane .x

  63. Barbara

    You are keeping me going . Since having a stroke in my 50s I have poor concentration. My solution is I do everything in short bites. I watch your initial chat on Facebook and see what we are doing. Then later I watch a bit more usually while resting in the afternoon . Then I catch up over a few YouTube session. It’s 17years since my stroke and it’s taken a while to adapt . I went from flying around the world on business to not able to catch the bus to the shop. I’m rambling a bit sorry. What I’m trying to say is some people may not be ready to accept where they are on their journey and it’s for them to come to terms with it. There are 400+ of us looking forward to sharing your day xx

  64. I have no other words to say only thank you for everything you do for us, it is so appreciated by so many. Lots of love Barbaraxx

  65. My dear friend, I have to argue with you today. You ARE a master, a master of kindness and understanding, of knowing how to help us survive the most difficult times that most of us have ever known. A master of giving us confidence in our ability to cope with what life throws at us. A master of showing us what we can do, not what we can’t do, of forgetting all the negativity of our school art teachers. I have loved colouring all my life, but these last few weeks have taught me so much I never knew, and given me the confidence to take things down a different path, using those new skills. We all owe you a huge debt, and need to remember how much of your time and thought you give us to keep us sane. At this time, we can only write our gratitude, but a time will come when we can hug you in real life when it is safe. Meanwhile, a profound thank you is due to you and everyone in the Clarity family. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  66. Thank you.
    I am loving doing the doodles. It’s sparked my interest again in painting.
    Today I shared the hour with my daughter. We had a lovely time.
    Thanks x

  67. Barbara,
    I can only thank you for keeping me sane with the Shac Shack, I didn’t join you for the first week as I was working from home, since then I have been furloughed. You have given me a purpose to get up, dressed and ready to join you at 10am. I have seen my drawing skills improve a 100% and my colouring skills too. Your witty stories have raised my spirits when I have felt down and depressed. I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and all you continue to do.

  68. I have got so much fulfilment through joining in the SHAC SHAC sessions.Each one has brought surprises about what can be achieved and gratitude that you have been prepared to give up your time not only to lead each session but to prepare what next adventure to encounter.
    Thank you for all your time and effort to show us a way of positively getting through these strange times.l do hope that you do get the benefit from these fascinating sessions as you say you do.
    Thank you for all you have done & I look forward to joining you on further adventures!

  69. Dear Barbara,
    All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. Firstly thank you for your time, for giving me the encouragement to try something I wouldn’t have attempted on my own. Also for having something to look forward to each day, either live, or later in the day, with like minded friends.
    A big thank you to all the Clarity team behind the scenes. I have made several orders during lockdown and have received first class service, as always! Have also thoroughly enjoyed reading Grace’s blogs and Dave’s recipes! Hope your Dad’s bike arrived ok. Stay safe all of you! Big hug x
    Love Alex x

  70. Dear Barbara, I haven’t been able to spend much time in the Shac Shack, as I’m still working full time (and a bit more ….) but I hope you can see from the comments on this blog how much your sessions mean to people and what a difference you’ve made to this situation for folk. I love being able to drop in and do a bit of colouring when I get 5 minutes at a weekend (still not finished my nuthatches yet, though 😆). You’ve given people a real gift during this time. Thank you for all you and the Clarity team have been doing these past weeks. Keep calm and craft on!

  71. I say thanks Barbara for doing Shac and I haven’t been to a single session. I am fortunate enough to be still working. I feel the goodness of what you are doing from the excited comments on the fb group. It is kind and kindness rocks the world. Thanks, Rebecca

  72. I for one thoroughly enjoy the daily sessions and get irritated when something/anything interferes with my plans to catch up every afternoon as it has this week. I spend a lot of time home alone and crafting with you helps me feel less lonely. I frequently respond to your questions, usually answering in the negative when you ask if we’ve got something you’ve demonstrated. I’m not an artist but hey it’s fun learning. No idea about the trolls but ignore them please for your sake, they obviously have nothing better to do with their time.
    Look after yourself and your lovely family. Please stay safe.

  73. Dear Barbara. I’m in since day 24, and looking forward every day to the next SHAC shack. On saterday and sunday i’m lucky with the days 1 to 23. So i hope you have the strenght to go on, because you make so many people realy happy, including me. So thank you for the effort, the time you put in it, the talk ( in your own 🙂 ) and many, many more.
    Btw, did the bike for your dad was realy there this morning?
    And i am surprised the progress i made ever since. Glad i found you.
    Love and a hugh xxx annemie

  74. I’m way behind the train with my Shac efforts but I feel blessed that I can accept that and know that I will catch up when I can. I have also learnt to control my inner critic and have the confidence to go my own way and enjoy the process of crafting even when the product isn’t perfect. For those with anxiety or confidence issues it is not so easy to bypass or move on or just stop at the junction. What you have done over lockdown to help most people to have a focus and a safe escape for an hour cannot be right for everyone but please don’t be upset or hurt if they are telling you that they can’t cope or keep up. Maybe if they walk beside the train they will find a place to enjoy seeing others on their journey and appreciate the skills of the driver. You are amazing Barbara Gray. Amazing x

  75. Barbara, you have been an inspiration over the last 10 weeks. The effort you have put in has been monumental and we crafters who love you for you kindness and compassion will have no truck with the trolls and the keyboard warriors. Viva la Shac Shac!

  76. Oh Barb, that’s upset me for you. You give so much for all your Clarity fans and loads more folk. I don’t just mean in time! Why oh why folk still feel the need to hurt, destroy, upset, belittle, another human being, I’ll never know. Especially right now when not only is this pandemic ravishing the world, but also all the wrongnesses, injustices, unfairnesses, intolerances, poverty, discrimination etc., etc. is so highlighted for all to see. It totally and utterly sickens me right into my soul, including those who have been nasty to you. We don’t all like every person we come in contact with. We don’t always like every bit of the people we class as friends and family. We may not like our work colleagues, presenters, jounalists on the telly for example. Where is the tolerance, kindness, treating others as you wish to be treated yourself, showing respect and politeness. It’s inbuilt in all of us. We are supposedly the intelligent of all the species on this planet. It sure wouldn’t look that way to aliens looking in on our planet… I, personally, have had more than enough of the hatred, mistreatment, bickering, biting, argumentativeness, the constant trying to find ways to put others down. I’m literally sick to my stomach and rock bottom from it all, and then I come here and read this. SHAME ON YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE. This time, of all times, is the time we ALL need to come together, show our humanity and generosity of kindness to all, to turn the world into a much fairer, safer, encompassing, happier world for ALL.

    As for your SHAC Shack. I’m feel so sad that I am unable to join you and be part of it. These people who have been nasty, or any moaners, complainers, should count their lucky stars that they have the ability to join you! Some of us are so desperate to…

    I sure do appreciate what you have selflessly given every day for all these weeks. I appreciate greatly that your team are putting them on youtube too. I hope I get well again, back into a much better routine, and in a better place in my head, so that I can work my way through your lessons, learn new skills, and enjoy your companionship. That is all I have to look forward to these days, gives me something that maybe I can have at some point.

    Love you special lady ♥️xxx

    1. I am so, so sorry, from the bottom of my heart. I’ve just been reading Grace’s facebook page and saw what she put on that saying “all lives matter” is classed as racist to black people. I wrote “all lives matter” at the end of a comment on here once last week or the week before. All I can say is that it was completely meant in the right way. I am autisitc and my brain inteprets and communictes in a different way to normal brains. That’s what happened here, my brain literally doesn’t understand the your world language. That doesn’t make me racist, it makes me say and understand things in a different way. All I know is that the words I used have a different meaning in the non autistic world to the one I meant. I now know never to write those words again. This is not an excuse, it’s an explanation. I am horrified and distressed that I have written something that may well have deeply offended people. My genuine heartfelt apologies. I hope anyone I have offended can find it in them to forgive me.

  77. Hi Barbara. I don’t really know where to start, I’ve got so much in my head (not all in the right order!!) However, I saw some of the comments and I did try to reiterate with people that they don’t have to be perfect, that it’s fun and it’s up to them how much they do (No experts, remember)
    I for one have been saved, by yourself, from having a nervous breakdown because of this virus. My DIL nan was one of the first to pass away ( only 96 deaths at that point) my husband was seriously ill in Jan/ Feb which we now know was Covid 19 and I myself have had it. Scarey doesn’t cut it! We never went anywhere by the way! We also have 2 members of our family going through cancer and my daughter is 4 years clear of breast cancer.
    Anyway, YOU have stopped me crying every day. Given me peace and calm, and made me smile. Brought out the ‘doodler’ in me and yes, given me a purpose. So, no words are enough to thank you, but the gratitude I have will last forever, and every time I open my file, I will smile, and recall the fun and remember the beautiful person you are.
    You have such a difficult job, trying to cater for all abilities. As an ex teacher of special needs I know how broad a spectrum that is! You are a superstar who has saved me from insanity, and even when the time comes when you have to stop, I have a legacy, in the form of my tatty file, to remind me that when times are tough, head down and doodle.
    Thank you, for everything. Thank you for being the person you are. Thank you for sharing.
    Now I’m crying.
    Loads of love.
    Sheila x x x

  78. Hi Barbara I so appreciate all that you do to make the SHAC SHAC happen. It is a huge undertaking by you. Thank you so much. I was quite sad that I missed my first session today. We did have a nice time in Exbury Gardens. When we got back we had some bad news about my dad. Of course there isn’t much we can do from where we are. When I was catching up the Tulips really helped me to unwind. If there is anything I can do to help in anyway just ask. Hugs Jackie T

  79. I totally agree with every message on here and on Clarity worldwide, in reply to this message from you. I feel I have made a new friend (even though I have ‘known’ you since 1993), one who is always just a few clicks away, and who has taught me that I can relax and enjoy messing about with artwork without having to have everything just right as I do when making cards etc to give away. I’ve learned so much that I can use in so many ways and my eyes have been opened to new techniques and shortcuts. Best of all I’ve enjoyed the stories each day -it’s like reading a really good book,an autobiography, that I don’t want to end. Your daily hour is the best part of the weeks of lockdown so ‘thank you’ seems inadequate for what you do and who you are, but THANK YOU, and I’ll be a little sad when it all goes back to ‘normal’ and we meet no longer.

  80. Barbara, you are doing a great job and from my point of view, I see a lot of us having a laugh at our efforts and laughing with each other when we create a Dalek or think our geisha is standing on a pile of snakes or we feel to need to bring in a demolition team. A lot of us are laughing with each other and have another go because we choose to do so. We want to learn. We actually want to get better at drawing and colouring and we are, thanks to the effort that you and others on the Clarity team put in each and every day. You’re doing a grand job and we are getting along just fine encouraging one another so don’t worry about us, in that sense. As long as you keep turning up, we’ll keep turning up and having and laugh with each other and encouraging each other and you are the catalyst for all of that. Calm, my friend. Breathe and it will be ok, as you keep telling us. You will be ok and so will we. See you tomorrow. Lots of love. Hxx

  81. I don’t often comment on things but feel the need today! Barbara you must know how grateful we all are for what you do for us every day. As you say you choose to do this but your commitment is such that we know without a doubt you will be there for us every day. Sometimes I doodle, sometimes I just watch and listen, sometimes I don’t join in at 10.00, sometimes I watch on YouTube later and sometimes I decide that today I won’t join at all. But we all have these choices and can step back at any time whereas you don’t. So thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, your time and your love with us all.

  82. I have only just found the Shac, and have started from the beginning on Utube. My biggest regret is that I didn’t start ten weeks ago, my head would certainly be in a better place….so thank you Barbara, ….you will probably never know how many people appreciate and rely on the life line you provide in the shac.

  83. I cant believe people are doing this to such an amazing person.

    I just want to say thankyou from the bottom of my heart. I am still playing catch up and currently on the nuthatch. I have just bought some pencils and it is making my soul sing I have never had so much enjoyment from colouring I have always been afraid of it and worked with silhouette stamps.

    Oh and by the way the colours you got in your racy pow wow blew me away gorgeous.

    So Thank you. You are appreciated so very much. Love light and bright blessings. Xxx stay safe. Xx

  84. I just found your blog today and I’m so glad, I needed to hear this today more than any other day, I’ve been a crafter and painter for many of my 64 years but a fall from a height on a rocky shore gave me brain injury that is stealing my eye sight. I know my time is limited to create as I wish and have been putting too much pressure on myself,, this post was a wake up call, you don’t know me, I don’t know you but you really hit home to me today! I thank you for that.

  85. Thanks again for such honesty, and for “choosing the pressure” to do all you have done. I started the doodles, and was really enjoying it, but succumbed to my own pressure of not being happy with my results. I chose to take a break, to reflect and unwind, not knowing that within weeks I would need emergency surgery and a few weeks doing nuffink. Frustrating. Just getting to the point where I want to try again, pick up where I left off, and bless you for all the YouTube’s!
    It gas also taught me that I need to be mindful how I let my own pressure of comparison wear me down, and adjust. I felt like just jumping in on the current week, but have decided to go back to Mexico and see how I get on. You have made the learning enjoyable, and I don’t want to miss any tips or tricks!

    Thank you so much x

  86. You have done a great job you are an amazing and inspiring lady, keep going because your efforts are appreciated and valued by many.

  87. I have often wondered over the past few weeks how you find the time to run the Shac Shack every week day. Not only do you give up 1 to 1-1 1/2 hours every morning to teach us such amazing skills, you must spend at least twice as long researching and preparing work to show us on the next stage of the journey. Dave gets roped in as well. You are a joy to watch and I thank you for all the help you have given me and countless others. Your generosity is wonderful and and I am so sad that some people are complaining. Please, please ignore them. Thank you Barbara, Dave, Paul and all the team at Clarity. Brenda xx

  88. Barbara you are a gem. I don’t know of anyone who gives so much of themselves so selflessly to so many others. We all adore what you do and really appreciate the time and effort you put into this. I am well aware how much work goes into the preparation of any workshop, but to add to this the videos for Youtube, running a business and a home etc…………well the naysayers should try it sometime, they would get a severe shock.
    Ray and I fully endorse all the great comments of the above crafters and assure you we will continue to support you and Clarity in any way we can.
    We both enjoy the banter in the doodle sessions and often talk to you even though you can’t hear us. Perhaps that is for the good as Ray has a wicked sense of humour and has me in fits. Between the pair of you I’ve had some joyful times and am so pleased he has joined me in the doodle sessions.
    Dave’s recipe has gone in my cook book and I will try it at the weekend. So nice to see him on Matters.
    Take it easy on yourself, you are loved and appreciated.
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  89. Thank you Barbara for giving up your time to help us all. My brother and his family live in the Netherlands. I sent him a photo of my current attempt and he just said “did you do that” and when I said that we had done over 50 hours he actually said my attempt was impressive. High praise from a brother! I am enjoying all of the places that we have visited. Thank you

  90. These shac shac hours are a blessing. They have and are a life saver for me. During this awful time I have been is some very dark places, but this in hour, I feel myself climbing out of the dark cave. I have a laugh at what you are saying. I laugh at myself when I make a complete mess of the doodles, and sometimes they actually turn out pretty good, but in this hour I am happy, and I have you to thank Barbara, for giving up your time, not just the hour when we watch you, but all the hours you spend getting ready for it, posting the videos so we can watch all over again, and carryon crafting and catching up on the doodles we weren’t able to do with the live stream. So from the bottom of my heart, I say, thank you for being such a brilliant friend in keeping us company every day, so until tomorrow, I’ll say bye for now, see you tomorrow on the bus in Holland.

  91. Barbara I feel so sorry for you that the few bad comments upset you so much!
    Don’t hope it is too much for you to do the Shac every weekday and I couldn’t think there will not a Shac during weektime any more.🙈
    But if it is too much for you than please listen to your inner voice and do the Shac 3 times a week.
    Take care of yourself Barbara because you are the driver and the most important person of the whole Shac Shack!!!
    Before you started the Shac I was depressed of staying home with nobody around only two kitties, but they don’t talk to you, do they? No children and grandchildren to come in and visiting all was quiet. The only people I was seeing was the lady at the shop to buy my shoppings once a week. Nobody to talk to day after day. Oh I doing crafting a lot,but being on your own and not allowed going anywhere except the shopping once a week is very depressing .
    And then there was a lovely lady who loved to do some doodling with strange people and you make me laugh and give me back the joy to live again. You make my day and although I didn’t a lot of the drawings I love every minute of the hour you are with us.
    But again…take care of yourself!!!!
    I know there is a whole business to carry on,but if you get a burn-out (sorry) that is not only bad for your business but also for yourself too!!!
    Love you and please take care of yourself…..a big hug to you!💖👼🙏🌹

  92. Hi Barbara! I am in Canada and catch you on replays. I started watching when you were in Africa. I went back and have been working my way through all the videos. You are a voice of reason and calm in my day. I even did a FaceTime session with my granddaughter and we did the words with vines and flowers. She went on to do 6 more for her friends using their names. She is 11. I’m already wondering how we will cope when this ends and your life gets back to normal. You have been so generous with your time and talent. Thank you from the bottom of my creative heart! ❤️❤️

  93. Oh Barbara, who has got to you? I for one am so grateful for your chatty blog and live SHAC SHAK daily shows! You are a godsend. At 10.00 I hurriedly make a coffee though this morning I spilt it, so was late to class, and then I sit down to an hour of your chat, giggles and your great ways! I am so grateful that we mostly only need a pencil, paper, rubber and black pens! A lot of other people’s daily shows do a hard sell of their products. You, just sit there and show us what we can do with the simple things! Yes I have now bought the super rubber, and the black pens! They are superb! I didn’t have to buy them, but they do make a difference! Last week I drew my own mandarin duck as I haven’t got the cards. It wasn’t great but I coloured it all the same! Was quite pleased with it, when it was finished! You have shown us so many news ways . Thankyou so much! Xxx

  94. Barbara, Thank you so much for the many hours of fun I’ve had with you each day, if I can’t join at 10 every day I know I can join in later, you give us all such good instructions that we use and surprise ourselves when it does look like a windmill,??? or a hand becomes a tree, you have helped more than you can know when some days have been hard in lockdown. So please carry on Being yourself and giving us pleasure . Xxx

  95. I have been doodling and colouring with you since day 1, mainly joining the live sessions and occasionally having to watch on catch up and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute. I have learned a lot, laughed a lot and am very grateful for your time and commitment to all your SHAC SHAC followers. I cannot believe that anyone could find something negative to say about you but unfortunately there is always someone ready to be hurtful, heaven knows why! All I can say is ignore them, hard as it is. You are a special lady and have helped a lot of people in these troubled times. Keep safe xx

  96. Barbara, the hour I spend with you is the highlight of my day. I don’t watch live but catch up about 5pm . It is my reward for dealing with all the work, anxiety and worry of the day. I couldn’t appreciate you more than i already do and my skills have improved beyond recognition. But this isn’t about me it’s about you. If you have had enough then nobody has any right to grumble. Please stop if it’s too much . We need you to be kind to yourself, for once.!

  97. Hi Barbara I would be lost without you I look forward to you every morning., I don’t do all the drawings I give it a go but if can’t get it I either do a different version or leave that bit out, my sister was an Artist but I’m definitely not but unfortunately she is not with us no more due to Cancer so I do my best and know she would be proud of what I’ve achieved but that is all down to you Barbara can’t thank you enough x x

  98. Hi Barbara, just wanted to send a Huge thank you for everything you are doing at this difficult time..& for sharing your daily blog…I always look forward to it. We appreciate how hard you and your family (& Clarity family) work! Have to say thanks to Dave too…my husband tried the wild garlic pesto last week and says it’s the best he’s tasted..!! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow…Love & Hugs Anne xx

  99. I have a family of 7 in a shared household, so I don’t have time to watch your show live. Even the time lag is such that it doesn’t allow me to. However, I go every night when I take a little break from everyday life to see what’s new on your blog. Your energy, good mood and knowledge inspires and calms me and fills me with the hope that I too may someday try what you show us. Courage continues and thank you a thousand times for your effort and willingness to share knowledge with everyone who watches you! Greetings from Slovenia!

  100. Dear Barbara. I love what you do for us. I would love to give you a huge hug to say thank you.
    I do however have an issue with this weeks windmill.
    I showed my husband. Explained what you said about the Arcamedes screw. He’s an engineer. I could now probably build one. I can tell you where the nearest ones are in Lincolnshire.
    I do love you but next holiday please can we go back to the woods or the beach. 🤪🥰🥰🥰

  101. Well hopefully by the time you get to my comment you will have realised what a great difference you have made to our lives over the last 10 1/2 weeks. I for one have so enjoyed our morning sessions, a great start to the day. A number of skills learnt, tips on colouring gained & the enjoyment of sharing my doodles with my family. I also love hearing the many tales you tell us – definitely a book in there just waiting to be written. This week has reminded me of our family cycling trip to Holland. We planned a circular route from Delft using Trekkershutten to stay in. At the time when we went cycle helmets were just coming in so we had 4 identical helmets ( a polystyrene base with a florescent multi coloured stretch nylon cover) I think you will get the picture !! We passed a school at coming out time when hundreds of bikes emerged not a helmet in sight – you can just imagine the words that came out of teenage daughter’s mouth. Then later as we rode into the wind & rain looking for our accommodation – she threw her bike to the ground & shouted ”why can’t I belong to a proper family”. Thanks for bringing those memories back.
    As long as you feel able to drive the bus around the globe I will be there with my HB pencil sharpened & coloured pencils at the ready to go wherever you decide to take us x

  102. THANK YOU for all your time and effort. I LOVE the SHAC SHAC and all it entails. I have learnt so much and have had so much mindful time carved out for me. My skills have improved exponentially and I am pleased with MY progress. I don’t feel the need to compare myself with anyone else, just comparing my week one doodles (which at the time I was in awe of) to my current ones fills me with pride. Long may the SHAC continue and I can’t wait to see where we go next xx

  103. Hi Barbara,
    Am loving our trip to Holland this week . Thank you for all the work and effort you have put in to get us all through this awful pandemic. The Shac Shak is the highlight of my day as due to shielding my husband I only go out to walk the dog . By finding Clarity I have a whole new absorbing hobby and am so enjoying
    It, so a big thank you to you and your team for keeping me sane😀 x

  104. Dear Barbara ,you are appreciated and much admired.Your genuineness shines through.
    I have lots to catch up on in the shack shac but just knowing you are there is like having a good book to read but not wanting to finish it !
    I may not always post but its obvious from reading that you have made a difference to many .Take care of yourself too .Warm regards Carmel

  105. Just before lockdown my husband had a knee replacement things were very difficult without follow up help and then along came Barbara with her shac shack well he was there with his paper and pens and I could hear him giggling away to your banter he so looks forward to his morning fix so thank you Barbara for helping him though this difficult time you are such a gem

  106. Right Barb no more nonsense. You are everything Maggie said. I was in the session and either the filters worked or i was too busy drawing and redrawing a windmill. The reason i started poating my doodles on the facebook page was to show people perfe t creations werent always being produced, what was important to me was that i felt i was making progress. At the start of a weeks project it can be challenging, especially for those like me who literally could not draw one straight line never mind two and who looked on in amazement as you drew rows of identical tiles on a bird house roof and who swore when u told me the photo corners were easy. At the end of the week, my photo corners werent perfect but i had learnt a huge amount. I also reminded myself if u drew these at school u had 40 years practise!! My kite looked like a kite. You nearly stopped me in my tracks when you said ” but of course its not thst type of shadow” WOAH WOAH WOAH – there were different types of shadows. I have discovered that my brain can not convert 2d onto 3d, i just cant see it, but now it looks almost as if i can ( and you have no idea how much a huge leap over all mankind that is). I was starting my Holland picture from scratch this evening. My picture has a row of 1p circles accross the bottom of tile windmill, and i was thinking ok, i can put leaves in that one, the 3d black and white border we all love, i could do ribbons ( with a depth shadow or two) to someone who for 44 years has accepted the art teachers were right and there was little point me doing art ( at all) you have no idea how much has become clear. I am really pleased for the people who can produce beautiful drawings and they inspire me. I am producing things i never thought possible you are not just a master but a blooming magician. You have freely given 53 hours of your time for free. For us. Customers or none customers alike. You may have recommended certain tools but that is to make our job easier. I can not imagine the cost of that number of teaching hours on a retreat well over £500 and heading for a thousand. Supporting caring and providing a haven for 500 people live and 6.5k after only 24 hours. You have held their sttention for 12 weeks just doing your best for us, incurring costs in labour to protect us and give us a safety net with downloads and to share a piece of your heart every dsy with us. The amount of live coming through thst screen should be palpable in your craft room we have vome to know do well. You know how much you have helped me. You know i have been shielding and been out once. I have bad health and a progressive heart and lung condition etc etc, our income has shrunk due to covid firm reductions but u my desr are b×÷÷÷÷y marvellous. I dont kniw of anyone rlse who vould hold the attention of so many people, from all over the world, every week day. AND on top of that you gave shielding parents, worries a out them (and if keith is anything to go by) desperately worried about taking any germs over, hence your own isolation, havingvyour work world turned upside down overnight AND in the middle of moving premises and getg the new premises up and running AND having a business you have worked your arse off to create from scratch ( and those who knuw you from your old video days knowbit really was scratch) and employees i know you feel a huge responsibility towards and the uncertainty of when this will all be over. Yet you make us laugh, help us draw, through migraines, tooth infections, exercise bike delivery men, batteries failing, internet wobbles, dave buying a nose bucket filled with yoghurt and 24 creme eggs AND that is even before Grace and Mark going through this whole pandemic on the other side of the world and now grace has the riots and protests to contend with as a beautiful dual heritage girl. AND then some people decide trolling is an appropriate way to treat you. Theres a phrase im searching for and let mectell you it rhymes with mandarin duck. You have every right to be upset as they have tried to spoil the calm supportive and friendly group thst you worked hard to create. When you launch facebook live tomorrow feel 500 people sending you love gratitude and healing through their screens. We will hold you under the shadow of our booby wings and keep you there as long as needed. The best compliment i can give you is that when i now feel my anxiety increase or similar now i reach strsight gor my cluring pencils and believe me 13 weeks ago, that would never have happened. I dont care about hair or make up and come in your pjs, we love you, just as you are. Sleep well ( gin helps) hx

  107. What you are doing is a life saver for some, all I have for you is admiration, thanks and love for all you do and have done for us. Like you say you don’t have too but want too. You are AMAZING and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Love & hugs xxx

  108. Thank you so much Barbara for all your time and hard work. The hour I spend with you each morning sets me up for the day. You have inspired me to draw some of my cards myself instead of always relying on stamps. That is something I would never have dreamed of doing before the SHAC shack, so thank you so very much. You are a star and such a good teacher and inspiration. xx

  109. Barbara, I wrote a long post of Facebook about the wonderful affect you’ve had on us all over the last 11 or 12weeks, and I got nearly 600 comments and likes…..not 1 bad comment. You are very much appreciated so please please please, don’t let these few miserable, jealous people upset you in any way. You’ve been a real tonic and saving grace doing the Shac shac. I hope it has helped you as much as I know it’s helped ALL those following, so please don’t let the few dobadders get you down. It’s themselves they’re unhappy with! Stay safe….and please stay online. Much love from us all.xxx❤️❤️❤️❤️

  110. Love what you have done for us all. I hope it isn’t getting too much for you. You are brilliant and generous with your time. Sometimes I can’t keep up but I step back and catch up on YouTube. I have also decided to leave some activities so that I don’t feel pressured. I love that I can just watch and choose to join in or not. You are fantastic and thanks to all those in the background too. Sending you lots of hugs xx

  111. Love what you have done for us all. I hope it isn’t getting too much for you. You are brilliant and generous with your time. Sometimes I can’t keep up but I step back and catch up on YouTube. I have also decided to leave some activities so that I don’t feel pressured. I love that I can just watch and choose to join in or not. You are fantastic and thanks to all those in the background too. Sending you lots of hugs xx

  112. Barbara, you are a wonderful inspiration and a wonderful person to be doing this everyday. I fully appreciate the work, effort and love that go into the SHAC Shack every weekday and no doubt your thoughts and the practice you do at the weekends too, and all this at the same time as running a business. I’m not the best drawer in town but always try my best and so grateful to have you there to show us the way to go. I admit that I have watched almost every day but not crafted along, that’s purely down to my confidence. I didn’t start catching up until three weeks ago when I got myself a sketch pad, which by the way was a wrong choice, I should have just used copier paper as I realise that micron pens glide better on it, hey ho. I’ve just started on the Nuthatch so still got a bit to catch up but so looking forward to going to Mexico, Africa and Holland and also colouring in the hens and Mandarin ducks. Like many folk have already said, that hour is the highlight of my day and thank you for it. I hope at the end of all this you feel happy with what you have done for other people and feel proud. Best wishes, Jan xx

  113. I agree with what everyone has said and I hope you read all these messages Barbara. I agree with them all. You have certainly helped me. For at least an hour every day we can forget what is happening around us. Sometimes for more than an hour when there is ‘homework’. I can’t believe how I have progressed since the beginning. I love hearing your stories of places you have visited. Brings back happy memories. You make me chuckle. Thank you for all your hard work. Listen to the people who care about you not the others.

  114. I can only speak for myself and say that I always felt rubbish at drawing etc but you have given me confidence to try and I have surprised myself and feel I am improving. You certainly are keeping us going in these difficult times and as you cans, lots of people appreciate your efforts. Take care xoxo

  115. The work you put into keeping us entertained is massive. Thank you.
    I understand that at times people feel pressure to keep up, but the pressure is being applied by themselves.
    I know Monday right from the start I couldn’t keep up so I just enjoyed broadcast. It wasn’t your fault it was me. I caught up later that day.
    Having the video available allows everyone to work in whatever time chunks they have at whatever speed they want. You’ve done everything you can to relieve pressure.
    I enjoy the doing and don’t pressure myself to finish them. Whilst the video exist I may get finish them.
    Again thank you for our sessions together.

  116. My dear tour driver( art teacher, colourist, design specialist, mentor, counsellor and friend), I do hope that the reason these remarks have got to you is not that you are weary after 53 hours of live teaching plus ? hours of preparation. As if that is not all you choose to do, businesswoman, wife, mother etc. I have so appreciated your 53 hours of company plus hours on Hochanda. My book that I started with you all those weeks ago is a testament to so much I have learned along the way. My husband is impressed at the improvement which he sees in other crafting projects that I do. That does not mean I am great at what I do but like you, I choose to do it and it is far from perfect but my creativity is important for my soul. So if the tour operator is weary it is understandable but I like over 500 other fellow travellers are hoping not, but if you are stop at the next stop and take a break, we will all understand, you have to have self-care as well as care for all of us. Words cannot express the thankfulness for what you are doing. So please Barbara do what you have to do and choose what you want to do, we all understand. Good nigh see you in the morning all being well.

  117. I can only agree with all the wonderful comments above. I can’t draw for toffee but it doesn’t matter one jot. I have loved every moment of the SHAC, there must be loads like me isolating at home and for one hour each day I’m not home alone but joined by a bunch of lovely doodlers just hanging out together having fun. I really appreciate all your hard work and love the funny stories. Thank you so much xxx

  118. Barbara I am so sorry to hear the hurt in your blog today. When will people learn to keep quiet if they can’t find anything good or positive to say? I don’t do Facebook because of this negativity and spiteful behaviour but I have so enjoyed following your SHAC Shack on YouTube. The initial doodles filled me with confidence as I have never been able to draw. Even my husband joined in! I bought the postcards when you launched them but never had the confidence to colour them in. I am now so inspired & have found a new love colouring with my Polychromos. If you had told me 10 weeks ago I could produce such results with a tin of pencils I simply would not have believed you. I love it!
    I hope you take heart from all the positive comments above & realise how much all your hard work is appreciated. Not all hero’s wear capes!!
    With love & grateful thanks to you and all the Clarity team xx

  119. Why oh why do people feel the need to try and bring others down? What do they get out of trolling another human being…I just don’t get it. I thought FB was finally being used for the right reason during lockdown, keeping people together, sharing thoughts, allowing isolated families a connection and filling the void. It saddens me that people like them are able to bully others, they obviously have too much time on their hands…🙁 Sending you hugs Barbara. Xx

  120. Hi Barbara. It’s such a shame when, no matter how hard you try, there are always some people who give you grief. And sometimes it’s really hard to ignore. But the way you’ve reached out to all of us during this very difficult and stressful time in our lives has been astonishing. As you say, it’s not about the doodling, although I love it. It’s about sharing, and staying sane. And thanks to you I, at least, am managing that. I was there on day one, absolutely convinced that I couldn’t draw. But you have given me the confidence to try and now I’m drawing my own stuff as well as still loving drawing with you and everyone else who takes part. I’ve even passed on what I’ve learned from you to my young grand-daughters and we have weekly sessions online. I totally get the anxiety that you feel, as I too suffer in that way. I know that when it hits you it’s really hard to get the negative thoughts out of your head. But the drawing has really helped me to get some focus and I really do appreciate the enormous effort that you and the Clarity team put in to the sessions. You were saying today that you wished there was a way that you could actually communicate with us. Well let me tell you that you ARE communicating with us in lots of ways and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who speaks back to you, even though you can’t hear us. So… ignore the moaners – they’re not worth your thoughts!! And, by the way, I thought your tulips were lovely!! Take care and stay safe and sane. Diane xxxx

  121. Ignore the dissenting voices – they are always the most vocal. Ignorance is best ignore, you are a beautiful, talented compassionate lady, who has cared enough in the last few weeks to do what you have been doing and so many people applaud you for it …. go on being the wonderful person you are, don’t ever change xxx

  122. Hi Barbara, you are doing a fantastic job, for love alone. For those of us “shielding” there is no sign of any freedom yet so please don’t give up, you would be sorely missed. Yesterday you commented on my amazing granddaughter who had a heart transplant: what I didn’t tell you was that her brother was found to have the same condition and also had a heart transplant. So three of us are shielding in this family but just getting on with life and being thankful. I have plenty to do, but I so look forward to your company and a laugh in the shac shack. Thank you so much.xx

  123. Dear Barbara,
    Let all these comments be your filter against the negativity, the nastiness and the trolls.
    Thank you for your time, your inspiration and motivation, your joyful and entertaining story telling, your friendship and encouragement. Thank you for the SHAC shack, thank you for Clarity and all that comes with it, especially Team Clarity. Thank you for all the years of calm, creative contentment that Clarity has given me. Most of all, thank you for being you! Keep driving the bus Barb and I’ll keep on being a passenger on board, probably sat at the back, smile on my face as we enjoy the next part of the Magical Clarity Tour!

  124. I love our get together. I have a lovely lockdown book. My pictures aren’t perfect, but I am so proud of what I have achieved with the help of Barbara. But what is amazing is relaxing while listening and drawing. I laugh with you Barbara, feel your sadness, and enjoy doodling with our group. I feel very calm and not alone. So Barbara I really appreciate you for sharing your time, and all the effort you go to. Thank you so much xxx

  125. My word, even at this time, when we should all be working together, it seems some people just can’t find it in their hearts to be kind. I’m sure I speak for a few hundred of us that join you each morning when I say a heartfelt and sincere thank you to you Barbara. You are the kindest most selfless person I know. You give up your time for us each morning so we can take away our anxiety and thoughts of what is happening in the world. You encourage us to find it in ourselves to draw and colour and create something we would, normally, have doubted we could achieve. You are an amazing lady, don’t let trolls upset you, they are not worth it. You are a true inspiration, thank you xx

  126. Hi Barbara
    Well I have to tell you reading your blog filled me with sadness and made me cry
    You certainly spoke from the heart and your soul,
    I will never understand the mentality of these people deriving pleasure from hurting others.
    You are a very special lady and your followers will always be there, so take heart in the comments and compliments that have been posted on here supporting all you do.
    These times have put a strain on everyone and you have definitely got more than most on your plate
    As you always say One Day At A Time and your other one
    Fake It To Make It
    Sometimes that one is impossible to do!!
    I am sure that everyone in the shac shack tomorrow morning will be there to support you.
    I’m waffling now as I really don’t know what to say to you other than Thank You for being you
    And if you need to swear do it Hugs 🤗

  127. Thank you so much Barbara for your time, and all the work you and your clarity team do for us. I would never have imagined how far I have progressed with my drawing and colouring. Joining you in the shac-shack is like having a friend pop in for a chat, love hearing your stories while I doodle or colour in along with you, and everyone else. If I can’t watch you live, it’s great to catch up on youtube, or being able to re-watch if I want to have another try. So, thank you again, for the inspiration, and your time.xxx

  128. Barbara, as we all know “You can please some people all of the time, all people some of the time but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. That said, why those who aren’t happy with their personal results should take their ‘disappointment’ out on others (you in particular) is beyond me…it’s their high expectations of themselves that’s the problem and it is THEIR problem so let THEM deal with it! I’ve only managed to join in with a few SHAC sessions (hope to catch up with more via You Tube) and thoroughly enjoyed myself….had a good giggle at some of my efforts but the pleasure I had from joining in was great. Thank you for the time and effort you and everyone involved in the sessions gives freely….the majority really do appreciate it! xx

  129. Barb, today I had such an awful negative day with all this awful news. My anxiety was so high…then my cat ruined my own drawing after I put so much effort in . But I decided to doodle the Dutch picture and I calmed down…….. All the effort you put in is amazing and I’m so grateful. Tonight I feel tired but I’ve left a picture that I’ve enjoyed doing….and cant wait to get up to finish. Those words mean more than you can understand….. ‘can’t wait to get up……….’. That alone is a miracle. So thank you doesn’t seem enough……but THANK YOU!!! Xxxx

  130. Hi. I left a long reply in support, but it seems to have gone into cyber space. Can’t remember it all, but I am so grateful to you, Barbara, for keeping me sane and stopping me from crying every day! (Long story)
    When all the shac shack eventually stops, I will have a legacy to look back on to remember the good times we had when the times were tough.
    Thank you x x

  131. Barbara, you are such a good teacher that I have got to lesson 17 with recognisable results and I’m blind! I just follow along at my pace perfectly happy repeating things until they are OK. You could read the phone book and that would calm me down because you genuinely care. I’d probably get struck off if I told you what I think about people being nasty – you think you swear!? – but pity them that it makes them happy and we will all ignore them together. Vengeance is mine, said the Lord? I particularly like the bit about kindness being like lumping hot coals on their head. But that’s just me… Karma will take care of them. Is it time to have a sensible conversation about people chipping in for the costs? Charging tends to be a barrier for trolls even if it isn’t much and this is going on much longer than we hoped. There is a year’s course called Wanderlust where people can see video lessons, so maybe have a look at that but for doodling?

    I had your letter read to me today and was sad to hear things aren’t peachy. I signed up for an extra club (I hope) as a start to evening things up and emailed to ask for it to be backdated to stop confusion. There are a lot of us who will help if you say what would be useful.

    Chin up! We can do this, if we stick together.

  132. Barbara you are such a SPECIAL human being, reading all these posts just says it all. You have carried us through this awful time and without the end in sight although your voice is in my head “ this too shall pass”. Even my husband Michael gets my work station ready at the dining room table every morning with a cuppa and toast cut into bite size pieces so I can keep up with you and sets my iPad. He gets a quiet hour and wonders what I’m laughing at and hears me chatting away to you. When you said yesterday about being able to interact with us can you imagine all of us out there trying to shout hello! Love everything you stand for and the fact that I can now DRAW COLOUR AND DOODLE with your help. Xxxxx

  133. Hello Barb, just point me in their direction, they will get the temper and tongue lashing they deserve! If you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all! Where have they turned up and given up their time, and yes money, as you say you need the support of people to turn the daily sessions into remarkable reference videos, to go back to time and again. Where have they given us the ability or opportunity to focus on something other than all the ugliness and heartache and strife currently going on in this crazy world. You are a beautiful person and very generous with your time. Please don’t stop. I may not be there every day joining you, even very few of them, but I do go take a look as much as I can, and give it a little go. Please take care and start coating your shoulders with teflon, so that their nastiness just slides off. Take care all. Bx

  134. All I have to say is that my parents, who are not crafters and have probably not drawn since they were at school, have been keeping you company on YouTube since you started in March. Then they FaceTime me to show me what they have been doing. My Dad was so thrilled when his black and white frame suddenly turned three-dimensional. I am very grateful for all you have been doing and for the people who put the classes on YouTube, because it’s an hour or so each day where I’m not worrying about how they are managing. Love to you and Dave the baker xx

  135. Oh Barbara, as we know some people in this world are cruel bullies. Despite knowing logically that we should ignore them and move on, if we have big hearts, as you have, then it hurts. But ignore them we must or we give them what they strive for: attention and a reaction. Instead focus on the love, gratitude and the amazing skills that you have drawn out from all your genuine visitors to the Shac Shack. X

  136. Hi Barbara
    I have just been reading your blog and all the messages that followed and through all the tears I had whilst reading all of this I just want to say that I too am so grateful to you for all you are doing for us.
    I don’t always join in with what you are doing. I try to watch but some days I can’t even manage that, but just knowing you will be there at 10am is a total relaxant for me.
    I just want to say a big thank you from myself and I know that there are other people who read all of this but don’t feel that they can comment. So a huge thankyou from them too.
    Love and huge hugs

  137. I love your shows Barbara and you are the tonic I take in everyday. I wouldn’t miss a daily dose of the Gray medicine ever. You are a lovely kind generous person whose love for her Claritystamp family has no bounds. If I caused you concern I’m sorry it wasn’t meant that way.

  138. hi Barbara,
    I don’t always comment and don’t read your blog everyday – usually it can be a fair old catch up when I come on the computer and I can end up reading 2 weeks worth at a time. I haven’t been in the position to join you in the shac so far, but one of these days I will have the time, just not now. I’ve chatted with your lovely daughter on a couple of occasions on the website and she is a credit to you, such a lovely lass. From what I read of comments on your blog, you help so many people in their daily lives. Days we can laugh our socks off and I’ve even been know to sit crying with some of your blogs and I will eventually be able to craft again and play a mega catch up on the you tube. Don’t be disheartened by the negatives, you are well loved and very obviously much appreciated by people. sending big hugs Lynn.x

  139. I have just read through what everybody has said and I agree. You are bloody marvellous and I love listening to your London twang I’m from south London although I live in Wiltshire now. I really don’t know how you do it every day not only the hour you spend with us but all the preperation time. I thought I would make a card yesterday, it took me three hours just sorting everything out! Love you take care stay safe

  140. Barbara what can I say apart from you are a great inspiration to us all you share so much of yourself with us get us up get us going stay safe and keep on crafting ❤

  141. I’ve written and deleted so many responses and the only thing I really want to say is ‘thank you’. I havent doodled with you, my dad put a lot of pressure on me and my drawings when I was young and it means I put too much pressure on myself. I just enjoy the calm atmosphere and chance to relax with a cuppa. ❤

  142. Doubt you will see this Barb but just want to say a massive thank you for everything that you do in the Shac, your blog etc etc. Unbelievable to me that there were nasty people commenting in the Shac, why would you. All your efforts are more than appreciated. Certainly helping me keep a level head. Do it while you like it, stop it if it gets too much. You must look after you too. Nobody in the Shac would hold it against you. I feel pressure sometimes but it’s not about what we’re doing it’s my inability to get out of my own head. Name and shame the haters …. I ‘ll send the boys round🥰⚘⚘

  143. Barbara, I only get to have quick peeps at your shows as my other half just doesn’t get it, and he hogs the remote, but how I appreciate what you are doing for others whilst trying to keep your business afloat in these horrible times. What a calming influence is to be found doodling, stamping and Groovin and I don’t know how I would have survived 10+ weeks confined in a tiny house with 2 men for company had I not had your humour, enthusiasm and Clarity goodies to sustain me.
    You must be exhausted and I pray that this situation resolves soon, for all our sakes, but thank You, Dave, Paul and the Team for all that you are doing for us crafters. X

  144. Hi Barbara
    Wow! 158 friendly, positive, loving, appreciative thoughts on “under pressure”.
    You are helping so many with the SHAC-shack and your daily blog. Felt I needed to make my first comment -just to say thank you and please continue -you’re super!
    Stay safe.

  145. Wow
    Barbara it took me ages to get to the bottom of the list, so I could leave a post. not sure you will have time to read all these though. I do not comment often but have been with you in the shac shack from day one and know it is not a compettion but just to keep us grounded, it has given me structure to the day as both myself and my husband have to shield. Today I looked back on the work I have done and am very chuffed at the improvement in my work , My biggest problem is drawing a straight sure line, I am very wobberly.
    I just wanted to thank you for all the time you have given it is indeed the best gift that can be given,

  146. Well, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? Ditto to all the wonderful comments above. Every single day I have a purpose to get up and get going because I just cant miss the Shac Shack and the wonderfulness that you do every day. You, Dave and the whole Clarity team are just the most committed and caring people I know and that gives me hope that there really are still genuine and nice people still in this world and also many that go to the Shac Shack daily. I’ve been badly affected by ‘People’ in my life too, nastiness, jealously and for whatever reason. I have learned that there are just ‘Psychic Vultures’ (that’s what my physiologist calls them) out there and they circle nice people and when they find someone vulnerable they go in for the kill. However, they are cowards and hide behind their own troubles and for some reason it makes them feel better and powerful to bring you down. Ignore them and carry on smiling, they give up in the end and move on to the next easy target. Please dont let anyone make you feel bad Barbara they dont have the right. You know that you are a good person and that’s what matters, not what anyone else does, thinks or says! – You’re a grafter what you sow, so you reap, well done and thank you, it’s a pleasure to know you xx😘

  147. I really cannot add to these lovely comments, just to say I I agree with every good word that’s been said here. I have been with you since day 1 and when I wake up and its Saturday, I am disappointed that there won’t be and shac shack for 2 days!. I have always, like so many others, been really hard on my own work thinking …oh I cant draw, but guess what Barbara? you have shown me that maybe…. just maybe I CAN!
    Some mornings you look how I feel and It’s those days that I believe this helps you also to have somewhere where you are grounded and a safe haven.
    Please ignore the tolls, they feed on your upset,
    so (and I know it’s hard) ignore them. You have many many friends and admirers Barb and we all think you are fantastic! Keep it up xxxxxxx

  148. Barbara, I am so worried for you and have been for quite a while. I don’t know how you keep this up and I’m wondering at times, if you shouldn’t ; thinking you need a break.

    If you are in doubt that you have made a difference let me give you my one example. I consider myself a very strong independent woman who doesn’t need many people in my life other than my husband and grown child. I am turning 70 this week and have been through many ups and downs in my life. I found I have been drawn to your site daily just for the company and the routine. I once wrote you a message that I thought you had a psychology degree because you knew what people needed and you knew how to give it. That is a great talent and ability you have, the fact that you recognize that and your willing to give of yourself and resources Is commendable. However, there is a point where you must take care of yourself, your business, your marriage, and family. You cannot keep this up forever. You have a business to run that should be getting back into normal operations here very soon. You need to devote yourself to that and trying to make up for some of the lost resources. I for one and I hope many others recognize that. I personally don’t think you will lose any loyalty from your customers because you have been there for them all this time. I think you have to find a way to make a transition back to normal routine for yourself and for all your patrons.

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