Stop don’t stop.

Stop don’t stop.

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Been working away on my own up here above the garage in the SHAC Shack. It’s comical. There are about 400 of us in here at 10am, and them as quickly as you show up, you all go again. Like a murmuration of starlings…

Busy is definitely my solution. All the time I am busy, I am distracted. It’s always been that way. As soon as I stop working I flounder. Just as well I wasn’t sent home or furloughed! Mind you, I bet I’d have made a start on that book which wants to be written, or that lino-cutting which is still sitting in a pile, ready to be tackled.

But it’s fine. One day at a time, it’s fine. Just got to keep on truckin – and add a daily romp through the woods!

The Clarity TV shows on at the weekend are almost ready. The stamps being showcased at 2-4pm Sunday are a real blast from the past! Love em!! Stampstamps. Blimey. Took me right back to the 90’s when we were exhibiting at the Old Corn Exchange in Newbury, and Julie Hickey (who has been around about as long as me!) got so excited about the idea of creating scenes within postage stamps! I remember thinking, “wow! If she likes them that much, then we may be onto a winner here!” And we were. They sold like hotcakes. Couldn’t make them fast enough.

20 years on, I think they need an airing, so I’ve teamed them up with another fave of mine, the ABC Jungle, and we will have a play on Sunday, if you’re game?

Just time to catch that walk, if I get my skates on.

Love always,

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “Stop don’t stop.

  1. Oh gosh now you have made me feel old Barb – I remember the young Julie when she first started out . My daughter started demonstrating for Inca Stamp back whilst at Uni back in 1992 and she and Julie were friends back then.


  2. Hi Barb, yep keeping busy is good distraction, but there’s keeping busy, and there’s keeping busy! Keeping too busy ends up becoming chronically ill. Hmm, wonder how I know that… It was my way of coping, correction, my way of TRYING to cope, but was actually

    Well, that’s my face smiling from ear to ear and feeling feel good feelings. Another, different, lone piper walking the streets. Braw. I don’t know who is organising this as the pipers are accompanied by a 3 wheel motorbike, and a person carrying a big Saltire with writing on it. I could see this time that on line was thanking the NHS. I shouted thank you out the window. I was lucky as I got a double performance as he walked down the street outside my front door, stopped at the junction at the end of my garden to play for us out looking, then walked up the street at the back of my house. I love it. I am soooo Scottish, despite my autism noise issues bagpipes and pipe bands always stir (non autistic) feelings inside me, as well as making me feel happy. My poor wee cat always hides under the bed though, usually it’s just Gala day and New Year’s day, so the wee soul must be wondering what’s going on!!!

    Anyway, where was I. Sorry. I just wanted to share. Can I share another positive? Up here today was the first midweek day since March that the number of people who have died from Covid was in single figures. A good milestone reached, instead of all the bad milestones there has been for months.

    Back to what I was saying…
    It was my way of coping, correction, my way of TRYING to cope, but was actually detrimental and destructive to my physical and mental health. So, just be careful please. Glad to hear you are going out for a walk every day just now. maybe you could set aside a wee bit of time each day to read too. These are still keeping busy but in a healthy way and will help with the balance of keeping busy with your work. Take care, and remember to look after YOU. Love you xxx
    The make noise for essential workers has ended, hasn’t it? I don’t need to put myself through the scary pot and spoon noise making this evening do I?

  3. Alas no walk today, we both finished our work too late but the woods will still be there tomorrow … They are pretty old and are called ‘Lime Kiln Woods’ so the clue is there really ! Looking forward to that…’stop’ yes let’s do that… x

  4. I’ve still got my Stampstamps, didn’t know they were that old though lol! Loved them then & still do, looking forward to seeing the new images xx

  5. I still have my Stampstamps, loved them then & still do, though I didn’t realise they were that old. Take a little time out now again, the walk will be good for you. Looking forward to the new images and shows xx

  6. Can’t wait to see the shows and looking forward to finishing the ducks tomorrow. I’ve so enjoyed this week although when I first saw the ducks I wasn’t so sure. When we colour it brings the picture to life so thank you for that. I have to smile when you talk of being ‘busy’. That is the word in Guide Dog training when we need the puppies to toilet (wee) and Big Busy for the other so when people mention the word it makes me think of my puppies (I’m retired from that now unfortunately). Can’t wait to see where we’re going next week

  7. Linda’s garden plate jumped into my basket today, eager to join it’s mates in my folder. These plates are really lovely and so versatile. Stunning artwork on the show.
    Cooler here today but still dry although rain predicted for tomorrow. A few cool days will be welcome as neither of us like too much heat and Ray can breathe a bit better.
    Will be interesting to see what you do with the stamp stamps.
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  8. Really enjoying the Shac Shac I adore colouring and doodling with you everyday. You are such a kind selfless person and have give us all a purpose in life during this difficult time and long may the Shac Shac continue. I am a disabled lady who has had to shield. I’ve recently lost my gorgeous mother so I was at my whats end before all this started and you’ve been my saving grace. Thank you Barbara take care my lovely xxx

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad you’ve found something to help you through your grief and this difficult time. take care, thinking of you xx

  9. Have enjoyed this week -except I still haven’t quite sorted out the ducks’ bums!! I too have a slow ‘romp’ in the woods each day , as I back onto woodland and the dogs love a walk there. Which is why I can’t join the Shac Shack live -can’t upset the dogs’ routines. They whined and pestered the one time I tried!! Now my friend and I do our daily lesson in the evening. Now off to feed hedgehogs and foxes -they wait for me every night and eat us out of house and home, but the ewards of seeing them come with their babies is worth every penny and some.

  10. It’s my artistic ambition to get my work on postage stamps, so stampstamps could be the answer! Will have to make a date with the TV to see what you do with them. Please take care, you make me laugh every morning, and that’s not too easy at the moment. X

  11. Hi Barb,
    I’ve still got my stamp stamps although I haven’t used them lately. I used to love watching you demonstrate with them on CandC , and was fascinated with the littles scenes you did. I’ll have to watch the shows and hopefully get re-inspired! Sending love and hugs,Alison xxx

  12. Was a bit late to the party this morning as we had an early morning phone call at 4.30 to tell us our new granddaughter had arrived. So awake that it was hard to get back to sleep but then finally dozed off to wake with a start at 9.50 but made it to find that the internet kept freezing, never the less I caught up as it was quite a chilled out session just doing the water but it was just what I needed. Thank you for doing what you are doing every morning, I love listening to your tales & snippets of information & it all makes for a great start to the rest of the day. Weather has been mixed here today with some short heavy showers so no walking in the garden but we did pop over to Moms to sort her new phones out & whilst there had a quick zoom meeting with the new baby – not sure when we will get to be able to have real cuddles but thank goodness for technology so that at least we can see them.
    Not sure what colour I am going to do my lilies – will check out google in a bit. See you in the Shac at 10 which will bring week 10 to a close. Wonder what you have lined up for us next week ?

  13. Ooooh you and Julie, two of my forever favourites, and I have been around for as long as you two too. When the first stamps came out we had no spare money, and I got one for a special occasion, a birthday, then has to save up for the right ink pad……I have very fond memories of aiming just for your 2 stands at every craft show I could get to, and standing mesmerised at your demonstrations. Now you are in my phone or laptop every day…what luxury. See you tomorrow xx

  14. Looking forward to sundays shows well I have been back in Africa finally completed one page just love drawing the people elephants tree. In between sorting through my craft room was there lot but tying nit to squeeze it all back in Claritystamp all went back of course hehe groovi is growing been making a card last couple days for friend who’s 70th was today. So over weekend need to catch up on me ducks was going to get stared tonight but me brother rang he is not good stomach cancer and with this virus his treatment wasn’t working but could get tests as cancer count was high and been to risky for him to go to hospital so has been sat at home getting g worse can’t swallow not good so hopefully Tuesday a stent will be fitted and will help for while so unfair for all those jabbing cancer treatment or having not been able to be treated not going to be the virus that gets them so he needed to chat lives on his own so gets depressed you met him last year so ducks tomorrow ones done bit more of craft room got some storage for groovi hopefully will work to put in tomorrow x

  15. Hi Barb, hope you got to enjoy a walk. Looking forward to the shows, I have not used my stamp stamps in ages. Time to get them out again. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  16. Please don’t stop. I tend or doodle with you later in the day.
    Watch news at lunchtime then calm down with you in the afternoon…
    Loving our time together I even answer even though I know it’s recorded….
    My painting classed have stoped so you give me a routine and a chance to learn.
    THANK YOU so much

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