No Words

No Words

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Wednesday’s blog come from the heart, right? Well here goes.

This old world is groaning under the weight of oppression and aggression, fears and tears just now. So I can choose to groan along and add to the negativity which is choking us. Or, as a dear old friend taught me long ago, “Turn it round, Barb. You’ve got to turn it round.”

I found a great video on Youtube which speaks volumes. More than words. Watch it please.

What I love is the sheer diversity and innocence. We are these people. The vast vast vast majority of people are these people.

Do us a favour: share this video. Share share share. Move it. Let the positive energy ripple out. We are in crisis.

Let’s meet again at 10 am in the SHAC Shack, and elect to remain kind and positive. Like the vast vaster vastest majority.

Love always

Barb xxx

21 thoughts on “No Words

  1. Thank you Barb! As the captain of the big ship Clarity, you inspire us to be better in all parts of our lives, not just our art. Shared on Facebook and asked my friends to share along with what they are grateful for.❤

  2. Beautiful video, beautiful people. Thanks for sharing.

    Been without a washing machine for 10days but the repair man came today, complete with coveralls, mask and gloves. He was such a cheery young man and did a marvellous job on my five year old machine. Apparently this make is supposed to be worked hard but mine had only done approx 1 years work in 5 years and this was the cause of the problem. Now where do I find more washing to do? What a laugh we had when he left.

    Your Grace is such a thoughtful person and the idea of ssending you all “Afternoon Tea” is a great one which you all obviously enjoyed. Great photo’s.

    Hope you are more rested today and your neck and wrists have had some relief. Do take care of yourself.

    Love and hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  3. Hi Barb, I’ve no words, sorry. I’m finding it all way too overwhelming for my wee head just now. But I can say one thing. I feel a shift is happening in the world, I feel it from inside me. Maybe, just maybe, this year will be the pivotal turning point in history onto a much better path for planet Earth and ALL it’s inhabitants. Let 2020 be the year that only the best in humanity starts to shine out.
    Love you xxx
    Always trying to be kind and positive

  4. Thank you Barbara , all those smiles -very uplifting.
    Feeling grateful for being able to ”facetime” my teenage granddaughters earlier. We arranged to spend time at the weekend in Japan, doodling a delightful Geisha.
    What you started all those weeks ago caused some very special ripples. Lots of love to you xx.

  5. I watched the news tonight because I realised from what you were saying that there was a great deal happening out there. Bits of it, I already knew but the rest… Shocking. Absolutely shocking but you are right, we are those people in the song. We are all the same and one clip in the song reminded me of a birthday which I celebrated in Malawi two and half years ago and of the kindness of the people around me. This song came to mind. Ein Bisschen Frieden – Two different versions. The second one is Nicole but I like the first one. Hadn’t heard it before.
    Stay safe and sane! Lots of love. Hxx

  6. What a wonderful testament, to the little things that we sometimes take for granted; Nature, people, gestures and words. A little piece of calm and colour every morning at 10 am. Delivered From the heart by Barbara. I am very grateful. Thank you

  7. This is a beautiful video and speaks volumes about positivity, unity and shared values and is very inspirational. Thanks for sharing with us Barbara. x

  8. Thanks Barabara for sharing yourself with us all, I have shared this beautiful video on my page xx

  9. Thank you lovely lady, whenever I feel overwhelmed by the bad in this world you reach out and lift me up again, remind me of the good and remind me to be grateful & happy so a huge thank you our Barbara xx

  10. Brought me to tears Barb. Now tagged the people I cannot get to at the moment (my 6 moth old grandson being one)
    Thanks for sharing it with us.
    You are an inspiration and our weekday morning meetup’s are keeping me sane right now! Thank you from my soul

  11. Hello Barb, and turn it around you no doubt will. Thanks for sharing the video. Take care. Bx

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