It’s a Wrap!

It’s a Wrap!

Hi there.

Thanks so much for popping in. After another week of chillin in the SHAC Shack with my fellow doodlers – Facebook is full of Mandarin Ducks! It’s good for the soul, it really is.

I just watched the news for the first time in a week. Ended up shouting at the box because of selfish people and career politicians, then crying my eyes out because of evil child abuse. Such a roller coaster of emotion – and can I do anything to change anything? Well, I can donate money to the little boy’s cause, to the Evelina Hospital for saving his life, but I can’t help him grow a new pair of legs. I can make sure we personally stay away from crowded places, just stay close to home, but I can’t prevent others from partying on the beaches. So that’ll teach me to watch the 6 o’clock news. What was I thinking ?! It’s a shitshow. It’s a total shitshow.

And this week was all about staying positive on the SHAC-Shack, wasn’t it? We did so well too. In fact, let’s keep it coming. Let’s turn it round, and get positive. Let’s shine a light on a dear friend of mine, who is pedalling away in the background at Clarity, drawing, designing, helping keep Clarity going with all her mighty might. Linda Williams. What she has done for the parching community over the years – for Pergamano and Groovi – is nothing less than phenomenal – and trust me – you only know a tiny fraction of it.

On Sunday, we have the privilege of showcasing a new trio of A4 Groovi plates designed by her good self. I think they are brilliantly conceptualised, and the art you can create with them is simply exquisite. Take a look at the masterpieces she has made for us, to help us launch the plates on HOCHANDA! She and Lynne Jackson both. They’ve taken all the work and the ache out of Paul’s and my TV demos by staging and prepping everything for us. Just LOOK at these pieces of artwork!!

I do hope you join us at 6pm on Sunday evening .

My brother Steve – he who makes the Groovi Plates- has been preparing this feast for weeks. The ever clever Clarity team has created wonderful art samples to inspire you. The videos are already at the studios. Now we just hope you like them as much as we do.

There is great joy to be had in making beautiful things.

Love always, stay safe

Barb xxx

35 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap!

  1. Love, love, love those! I’ll be watching Hochanda and sending my order for I know it will be sold out fast. Thank you.😊

  2. They are absolutely stunning! Well done you lot. I can forsee a sell out in 15 mins. It will be a busy one. Just look at those samples.

  3. Beautiful. I don’t do pergamano or groovi but crafting has kept me going through this time. Scrapbooking and card making, and it is Clarity products that have helped me improve ovet the last few years. SHAC everyone.

  4. Beautiful cannot wait to see the show, I know they will be jumping in to my basket , lol . love meeting in the shac shac every day even if catch up later because of work xx

  5. They look stunning, I can see I will need to watch the show on Sunday and get my pennies at the ready. Haven’t finished my ducks yet as had to take my husband to hospital but will catch up at the weekend. Thank you so much for the colouring this week I like you have refrained from watching the news, just really winds me up far better to go to the shack shac and hang out with you and all your lovely followers on clarity and Groovi worldwide. Try to forget it all and get a restful weekend. In the words of someone who I have come to admire greatly, “This too shall Pass!” Xx

  6. Be prepared for blown off doors again. These are stunning. Congratulations Linda for a set of brilliant plates.

  7. They are we don’t get to buy off Hochanda here in Canada I will be looking for them on you web site… Love the samples..have me sold on them..have a good weekend you I don’t like to watch the news..hard to keep positive when you do ..but I love your daily sessions..thank you.

  8. Hi Barbara
    Oh my. Has Linda done it again and then some I predict a fast sell out and I will be there with my debit card in hand
    Linda your designs and your enthusiasm make us all aspire to become as good as you wow 😯 just Wow 😯
    As for the news Barbara I have not watched any of it this week it’s soul destroying, I will not be watching it anytime soon. So keep on welcoming us into your shac Shack try to have a good weekend
    Love to you and all your family 🤗

  9. Beautiful designs and can’t wait to see the full designs and plates. Have loved the colouring this week, what a range of colours we used and I didn’t get a brown out until the bulrushes – actually tell a lie we used it for the ducks eyes didn’t we. As for the news, all the sear words come out again. Yesterday I couldn’t get little Maddie McCann out my head so was a bit weepy all day. However, I’ve pulled it around today just about. Thanks for this week once again x

    1. Me too Jackie. I also have very heightened emotions at the moment. Watching Kate Garraway talking about her husband on GMB today nearly finished me off. We have a lot to be thankful for. X

  10. Never tried Pergamano or Groovi but these samples are gorgeous. I’ve been colouring and drawing along most days Barb, and you’ve really taught me alot, thank you. Keep smiling and stop watching the news. I don’t have live tv, only Netflix and Amazon Prime, and I never buy a paper so I’m avoiding the news! Love and hugs

  11. Oh my, they are stunning! I am looking forward to seeing the launch on Sunday. Also looking forward to our new destination in the SHAC on Monday. I wonder if it will be Amsterdam? I have been singing ‘A mouse lived in a windmill in old Amsterdam’ Since you mentioned the bicycles this morning.
    Have a good weekend and don’t watch the news! Hugs. Annette. X

  12. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! These are definitely going in my basket on Sunday.
    There are a lot of people who have not considered the consequences of their actions this last week. Any death is a tragedy for someone, but the protesting crowds could unwittingly kill far more people by spreading the virus. It is my opinion that the lockdown is being eased much too soon and I forsee a spike in the offing.
    Your videos and products are a light in the gloom and keep us interested, positive, occupied, calm and happy. As someone who will be compelled to stay in lockdown with my husband until he can get new tests for his heart, lungs, liver and nerve damage I know we will get through this no matter how long it takes.
    We had some rain this morning then the sun came out. This was followed by a visit from the window cleaner who we hadn’t seen for some time. He did a grand job and spurred me on to do the insides. Then guess what – DOWN CAME THE RAIN and it hasn’t stopped since. The plants have perked up though so that’s a positive.
    Nice to hear from Grace today and to see the lovely cards she is showcasing. There are certainly some talented people out there in the Groovi world.
    Try to get a rest this weekend and look after that neck.
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  13. Wow how stunning really love them and these will be watching on Sunday the work Linda as done always is
    amazing thank you love Kathleen. Xxx

  14. Hello Barbara
    A few words of advice. Don’t watch/listen to the news. It should come with a health warning.

  15. The new plates look fabulous, they will definitely be going in my basket. Just my style. Not watching too much news these days just get the main bits then leave it at that. Otherwise I get upset. Anyway thank-you for the great colouring sessions this week. Need to finish my Mandarins over the weekend but quite pleased with my achievements. I could not have done it without your guidance. X

  16. Thank you for this week. I only watch the news once a day and that’s once too much at the moment. As you say we’re unable to change it but what we can do is support each other. Stay safe and well Barbara hope your Mum & Dad were ok today. Try and take time to rest this weekend – see you on our travels Monday. I’ll be watching g at the weekend

  17. Can’t wait Barbara, love Linda,s plates, so much talent and such a lovely lady as you are Barbara, stay positive safe and well ,we WILL get through this

  18. Hi Barb,
    These look absolutely gorgeous. I have a feeling that they might just drop into my basket! I’ve given up watching the news apart from once a day – it’s all I can cope with. Had to go for X-ray on my knee today prior to a video call with my consultant on Wednesday. Hopefully, I might get my new knee soon! Looking forward to the shows. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  19. The news is awful. My heart just goes out to Madeleine McCann’s family and indeed to the family of the young German girl. There are no words.
    I am looking forward to seeing those fantastic plates in action this weekend and have spent a while today colouring my ducks! Not quite finished yet but getting there. Loved doing this.
    Not at all confident on bikes!! Monday should be interesting!
    Hope you had a lovely time at your mum and dad’s and that the ginger does the trick tonight and you switch off and sleep well. Take care. Hxx

  20. Only watch the news to see if any of the rules change…we ain’t goin’ anywhere soon!

    Really looking forward to Linda’s new designs on Sunday and know that they’ll be winging their way to me.

  21. Those plates give such pretty results, I hope Steve has made plenty because I can see them flying off the shelves. Looking forward to the stamps as well, just wondering whether the stamp stamps are the same size as the original ones ?
    Mandarins are finished& I’ve got my jumper & bicycle clips ready for Monday.

  22. Oh my goodness, that parchment work is akin to looking at a very beautiful, very fragile and very old piece of needlework. Just stunning and maybe one day I will take up Groovi if I could aim at those kind of results.
    As for the news, I am avoiding all of it but once in a blue moon I start to watch. Then I get cross within moments and turn off. The media world are messing with our heads. I know there is bad stuff out there but I need to protect myself and live in my little bubble and every time I watch or listen to the news my peace and harmony is threatened.

  23. Hi Barbara and fellow shac shack group, we must all try and stay positive and not watch too much news I only skirt it now as I just get too upset. I shall be watching on Sunday trying to sit on my hands but will probably not happen. Take care all xx

  24. Hello Barb, whilst I am not a Parcher, there are just not enough words to describe the beauty of these samples. I am sure there are Groovi enthusiasts and seasoned Parchers, wishing the hours away until Sunday. Take care and stay safe all. Bx

  25. Hi Barbara
    These are so beautiful I’m sure they will sell out fast. I still see tge samples and go eeek, I can’t do that but you’ve taught me with time, practice and patience I can! I’ve started doodling, I’m about 3 weeks behind you now but finally told myself to stop sorting and cleaning and just relax. I’m now loosing a couple of hours a day and I’m having fun. I’m hoping to catch up a big this weekend but also hope with the cooler weather we can return to some favourite walks we’ve had for the last few weeks without crowds of people now being there with music parties and non social distancing. Thank you for all you are doing.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Diane, I would say you are not losing two hours a day but gaining by having time to yourself doing something so absorbing and calming. I still have parts of the doodles I haven’t done and will make time to go back to them.

  26. Hi Barbara and everyone,
    We are the same ,do not watch the news on Tv only the quick bit at 6.00 o’clock and then switch off.
    On another subject, just love these new groovi plates I think they will be a must have.
    These samples are beautiful , can you tell me if they are done on coloured parchment???? Will see your shows tomorrow.
    Please luck after yourselves.
    Thinking of you and everyone on the blog.
    Lynn xx💖

  27. Hi Barbara, I just wanted to add my voice to the many others in saying “thank you so much” for your amazing doodling and colouring sessions and for all the time you spend on it. We appreciate that it is not just the one hour a day, there is all your preparation time as well. I am thoroughly enjoying them and I am really grateful to you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us all. I also love listening to your outlook on life in these extraordinary times. It is something we all look forward every day and although I cannot join you live at 10 in the mornings I catch up on YouTube.
    Once again thank you so much.

  28. Oh my goodness aren’t they beautiful. They look so pretty and would be beautiful simply framed and hung on my wall. I am still catching upon the doodles and loving every moment of the time you spend making the videos. Thank you.

  29. Thanks to Grace for leading me here. Got my plates this morning but can’t get the instructions or ideas so this helps enormously.

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