One Day at a time? One piece at a time!

One Day at a time? One piece at a time!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Day off today. Late spring cleaning, light housework, making each room nice and tidy. Titivating, prettyfying. I have to be busy, even if Clarity is off the menu!

The weather was rather mis, so in the afternoon I settled down to another favourite pastime of mine, a jigsaw – which certainly does just that: Passes the time.

Christmas pressie from Sheila, my jigsaw partner on holiday last year!

I listened to my newest book by Kate Morton, The Distant Hours, whilst sitting with a rather challenging Wasgij in the living room. You see, now that’s another conundrum for me: I NEVER sit in the living room during the day time (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day!). It’s unheard of! The living room is the place we collapse in the evenings, in front of a log fire and the goggle box! It’s almost taboo to sit in there during the daytime, when you should be working! Who made that rule up? Well, today Oh Absurd Rule Maker, I fart in your general direction. The jigsaw is set up in the living room, and I am not moving it!

Still got a away to go….goodie. I hate it when it’s done. Like a great book or a great film.

These jigsaws are really cool, because they are NOT what’s on the lid; rather they are what what’s on the lid is looking at! Yeah, I know. I can hear you saying “why would you waste your precious time doing that ??” Thing is, looking for pieces and trying to reconstruct a picture from absolutely nothing and no lid is a perfect distraction and relaxation for me. And whilst colouring, doodling and drawing may yield a greater haul at the end, the jigsaw process is perfect for this tired head. Requires no real thought, allows me to listen to a story, yet keeps the hands going. Total switch off. Next best thing to being asleep, but awake.

One thing I would like to point out though: Check out where the TV is.

Yep. Behind me. Not interested in the box. It’s mostly just A WIND UP. Remember what we all agreed? No news is best.

So I shall love you and leave you till tomorrow. Must get back to that wasgij!! I’ve already been online, looking for the next one to tackle!!

Don’t forget: tomorrow. 2-4 pm, Stamps. 6pm Groovi. I think you will love these designs.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

24 thoughts on “One Day at a time? One piece at a time!

  1. We do a lot of jigsaws here (seems to be a retirement thing). BUT, big BUT, can you share a jigsaw? That is really, really hard, because HE does jigsaws from the inside out…and… I do them from the outside in. Either way, once you start, it’s hard to stop until it’s finished.
    Thank you really much for the ginger tea recipe, I had no idea how to make it and Mr G. really likes it (the Thai ladies who did the theraputic massages always gave him a cup of ginger tea at the end of the massage to cool him down – NO, not like that).
    Anyway, what’s happening to the singing princess? Next instalment awaited.
    Hope you are both well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  2. That’s what Ive been doing this afternoon – a jigsaw, had one on the go for a while but not picked it this lockdown, only in the last couple of days. Been cardmaking, doodling, colouring, reading, gardening, tidying, cleaning etc. Have enjoyed today, couldn’t do anything outside apart from popping out to dead head some poppies in between showers and feeding the kite some ham – i have to dash indoors though as I can’t be out there when he’s swooping but he’s fab to watch. Hubby’s watched a couple of films and I’ve been listening to audio book while I’ve jigsawed, now waiting for the toad in the hole to finish cooking …. Look forward to tomorrow’s shows. X

  3. My Mum has loads of Wasjig and Mike Jupp puzzles looking for a new home. Would you like me to ask her to save them for you? We are both huge jigsaw puzzle fans. I even have an App which gives you free puzzles every day – and they don’t give you a picture to go by! xx

  4. Glad you took a day off. That Wasgij looks complicated but I’m sure you will solve it in due course.
    Have all the shows tomorrow and Monday on record to make sure nothing is missed, just in case we get interruptions. The samples are amazing.
    Had a good day today, ignored the rain and got to grips with some doodling fun. This, combined with tangling has made for a happy, relaxing time. Thanks Barbara for being there for all of us.
    Stay safe, stay happy and keep smiling.

  5. Love the look of the puzzle, very funny…..until it resembles your reflection!! not that far at the moment but enjoying cooking lots of cakes and sponges etc, rusks and scones…so must be careful!
    Always loved seaside postcards…so funny! love puzzles too.

  6. As they say, no news is good news, and ain’t that true?! I’ve been colouring my ducks today. It’s still a work in progress but a very pleasant one! Chests and water to complete and then the shading! Hope no one reads that out of context! Lol.
    Think I’ll light the fire tonight. We have had some sun today but a bit overcast at times as well, however I have been too busy to notice!
    I used to loved doing jigsaws but have done none for the last fourteen years! When the kittens arrived, jigsaws were packed away! Tara would just lie on it now but in the past she and Toby would have pinched bits! The joys of kitties! Hope you both have a lovely weekend. Back to colouring or knitting now! One and a half socks finished! Take care. Hxx

  7. I love doing jigsaws and cross stitch, but do both of them digitally now thanks to apps being available on Fb. The jigsaw I’m in the midst of is 1000 pieces, and the benefit of them being online is they go into a gallery in the app when finished.

    Hugs xoxo

  8. We love Wasgij puzzles. We have done 3 x 1000 piece plus 3 x 500 piece normal puzzles whilst in lockdown. My husband starts & then I pop pieces in as I pass & when he has gone to bed. I blame the fairies when he complains!!
    We have 1 of each type left to do, think maybe I need to order some more as I think we will be in need of them for a while. I am now going to sit & do another frame doodle for our new arrival like we did for the word Love but I chose to do the granddaughters names as a lockdown keepsake. I then need to sort out frames for them but that may have to wait a while.
    Enjoy your evening with your wasgij – it is one we haven’t done.

  9. Jigsaws are very addictive, and have found that once started I really just want to do it to the exclusion of everything This sounds so difficult having no picture to lead you in the right direction though, not sure I could tackle that. x

  10. Rest is an essential art. The weather here was wonderful. It poured. Just what the farmers and gardens need. I could feel the potatoes and tomatoes growing. All the shrubs had a good stretch too.

  11. Our daughter-in-law has several of the Wasgij, she loves them. Think we have bought her a couple. She thinks I should try one. Glad you have found a good way to relax, switch off. Fred is the TV fan in our house not me. Annoying me lately , the TV , not Fred. 😂. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow especially the new plates. X

  12. Hi shame you live so far away , we have 10 wasgig puzzles sat here we have done over the last few weeks xxx

  13. I should have stuck to the ‘no news’ rule today too! I came into the craft room to do some parching before settling in to watch a film in our living room. Billy Elliot. I know there is a lot of angst in that film, but it has such a lovely, positive ending and the music is ACE!

  14. I love jigsaw puzzles too, since lockdown I have done 2 – 1000 piece ones and 3 – 250 piece Wentworth wooden ones, the wooden ones are easier as you can sit down with them on a lap tray. Not as brave as you Barb doing the Wasgij ones. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow. Love the new garden plate of Linda’s and I think that and the Wraps will be going on my list of must haves. Thank you for this weeks Shac Shack I really enjoyed colouring the ducks, I wonder where we will be off to on Monday. Hope you manage some you and Dave time tomorrow. xxx

  15. There are so many jigsaw lovers here on your blog. I usually do a 1000 piece one in three or four days. I did one of those impossible ones where it is printed on both sides with a 90 degree rotation. 750 pieces, took a little bit longer but I got there in the end.
    I need to make a 65th birthday card for my friend so I think I will have to get my groovi stuff out tomorrow.

  16. Hi Barbara, Referring to rules, I see you adhere to the important “jigsaw rule”. The one my Nan made me stick to when I was a child, I am 74 now. The rule? 1) if there are any pieces stuck together they must be broken apart, it’s cheating if you don’t. 2) All the outside pieces must be sorted out first and put in the area where the jigsaw is to be built. 3)All the sky pieces must be sorted and put to one side. 4) All the grass pieces must be sorted and put to one side. You get the idea that most of Nan’s jigsaws were of gardens, must have been because we only had a back yard, haha. 5)Only then could all the other pieces be turned over. 6) The outside pieces must be all be completed before any other pieces were touched. You will note that there are a lot of MUSTS in Nan’s rules, haha. I have turned into my Nan, instilling /inflicting these rules onto my kids, grandson and now my little great grand daughter, haha. Nan’s jigsaws were always on the living room table and everyone that passed through to the kitchen would linger to put a piece in. I find that I do a lot of my jigsawing standing up, I seem to be able to “get my eye in” better from an upright angle. In Nan’s house at meal times the jigsaw would be carefully covered with a chenille table cloth to protect it and then the white tablecloth would be put over that. After the meal the clothes would be removed and the jigsaw would be there to continue. We didn’t have a TV then, just the wireless, a windup gramophone and LOTS of books and jigsaws. Happy days. OMG, just read through the last bit, anyone reading this under the age of 50 will think I lived in the dark ages. haha.

  17. Hi Barbara
    We love a good jigsaw in this house too, in fact there’s a Christmas challenge to find really difficult ones as presents. We’ve hot a few wasjigs but also some fiendish wentworth ones ( all over pine cones was a nightmare!). It’s definitely jigsaw weather at the moment though, blooming cold and damp, we got rather wet on our walk. Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows.
    Love Diane xxx

  18. Now with all your jigsaw fans who have become expert doodlers and colourists during lockdown, maybe you need to start selling a die to make them! We always struggle to get them for John’s mum, who only likes 500 pieces and doesn’t do chocolate box pictures. Enjoy x

  19. Morning Barbara,
    Love jigsaw too but haven’t done one for years. Too busy crafting – ha ha. I know what you mean about not wanting to watch, listen or read the news. My boyfriend had the news on last night while I was in my crafty corner making a card for my sister’s birthday. It was horrible what I had to listen to in the background and made me angry and sad. I think next time I will put my headphones on and listen to some nice music. Sadly, I could not join you in the SHAC last week, really missed my morning sessions with you, and I’m afraid I’m way behind with the episodes but good they are all there on YouTube to catch up later and with all that’s been going on I feel we’ll be stuck at home for a good while still. Looking forward to your shows this afternoon and to rejoining the SHAC tomorrow. Have a lovely Sunday. Hugs xxx

  20. We love a good jigsaw. When all this started we set up a table in our hall. This has meant that we have been able to tackle a couple of really big puzzles that normally there would be no room for. I have a softness for Thomas Kinkade puzzles. Enjoy your puzzle. I think they are a lovely way to relax. I might just order a Wasjig. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  21. Everyone needs a rest a distraction, I tidy my craft room x
    I don’t have to think or concentrate much. It really helps me.
    Enjoy your down time and your Wasgij
    I’m off to finish my ducks when I can find a place to sit at my desk. Looking forward to seeing the stamps on Hochanda
    Take care hugs x

  22. Hi Barb, love the look of that jigsaw, I have a very unfinished one of Bucks Palace, and have promised my self to finish it this year, one the new carpets are in (amazing how much this lockdown has put on hold), furniture is back in place, and space to put a huge jigsaw mat out. Looking forward to the shows today. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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