How time flies….

How time flies….

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just revving up for a Skype call with Janice at HOCHANDA CRAFT TV at 2pm. With the Lockdown and all that comes with it, I have been leafing back through the blogs, as you know, and checking what was happening 3 years ago today, or 4 years ago today, or even 5 years ago today!

Well, 3 years ago today I was on my way to New York to be with Grace, who had to have a throat operation.

4 years ago today, we were in Maui on vacation.

5 years ago today, we launched the Groovi System on TV.

The days, the months and the years all roll into one, don’t they. And the power of hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Grace survived the op; she has a sizeable smile of a scar on her throat – but it wasn’t cancer.

The trip to Maui with Dave and my brother was so magical, we took the whole family back there last year, to celebrate my 60th.

The Groovi Parchment System has evolved into something quite wonderful. It gives us a superb way to take our Clarity designs and transfer them onto parchment easily and neatly. From Maria’s simple question, “can you etch into acrylic?” a whole wonderful and comprehensive collection of plates and plate mates, grids and templates has been designed, developed and manufactured by the Clarity Team. Fantastic product.

Join me at 6pm this evening on Hochanda, to see the latest addition to the Groovi family of plates: The “It’s a Wrap” collection, designed by Linda Williams.

Gotta go!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “How time flies….

  1. And all of this happened before I had even heard of Clarity! Looking forward to this afternoon. Beautiful day so a bit torn between the garden and the demos! Think tonight might involve another shopping spree!! However, having just bought 120 polychromos (already have 60 from you) and 120 Faber Castell Albrecht Dürer watercolour pencils, I may have spent enough for the weekend! The new ones arrived yesterday!! Happy days! All set now for future colouring and painting sessions! Already have the watercolour journals! Have a good day. Hxx

  2. Time goes by very fast. Just watching you on hochanda just now. I still love these stamps and remember you demoing them years and years ago. Brilliant that they have stood the test of time.
    Have a fabulous day and looking forward to the Shac tomorrow. X

  3. Remember the launch of Groovi very well, could not wait to get the starter kit. Bank balance has never recovered. I am waiting for today’s plates later. I know I will want them. Xx

  4. Goodness, is it really three years since Grace was ill and you flew to her side?! The relief seems like only yesterday. You aren’t going to have any wrap plates left, so don’t blink!

  5. I love looking at memories on social media. Last year, I was organising Samuel’s 21st birthday party and helping organise his college Summer fair. Previous years include organising fundraising events, a social event with a DJ friend in Peterborough and a huge reunion in London with my old FCO friends. Anyone would think that I like to organise, hahaha x

  6. Looking forward to the 6pm show ,watched the afternoon ones am sorely tempted Def will want tonight’s they look amazing from the bits of demos I’ve seen . Had a lovely surprise visit from my best friend today with flowers for my birthday on Tuesday ,real tonic as I’ve been a bit down the last few days . Need to work on hubby for the new plates as a birthday present especially as we couldn’t celebrate our ruby wedding anniversary last week 🤣😂🤣

  7. The stamp stamps were not on my ‘must have’ list when they first came out but seeing the shows this afternoon I am finally persuaded to add them to my order tonight.
    Rained all day today but the plants are looking healthier and the grass is greening up. We may yet get some good colour in the garden.
    Off now to place my order for Linda’s plates.
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  8. I have had the stamp stamps since they originally came out…not used them for some time, but, after today’s show, I will be digging them out of the file. I used to cut out the masks, unfortunately my eyes are not so good now (waiting for a cataract op) I need help, are the masks available to purchase? I could only find them in a bundle with stamps.

  9. Enjoyed the shows today, amazing what you can get into a little stamp. The wrap this evening is beautiful don’t know if I am clever enough for those, will have to think about it. I met you at port sunlight when it was the beginning of groovi. Still have the piece you did for me. Hope you have managed to rest today. Xxxxx

  10. how time flies….66 years ago today my hubby was born….a blessed day. He is my world, has been since we were 18. yes the years fly by too quickly. We still feel 25 inside, but alas, our bodies are not so good as they were. Being you every day really helps me, so helps him, spend some of this flying time so well. See you in the morning xx

  11. My gosh where does the time go. It doesn’t seem 5 years since groovi came out, in saying that I am running out of room for it in my craftroom. Taking over a wardrobe now, Pete put shelves in it for me. Must get the new wraps they are so gorgeous. Spent most of the day today doing groovi as it’s been a little bit neglected since lock down as I have been enjoying more stamping. Hope you have had time to relax a bit today. See you in the morning

  12. Hello Barb, time is flying by faster and faster as I get older. I know they say time flies when you are having fun, and some of the things you describe are not fun, but worrying times and hard work, but they work out for the best right? Have to catch up on the shows. Take care all. Bx

  13. Hi I missed the Hochanda stamp show on Sunday. Is there any way to catch up and see it? Love doodling with Barbara every morning and I’m definitely going to keep a look out for the geisha stamp. X

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