Ocean Swirls.

Ocean Swirls.

Hi there

Thanks for joining me. Hot or what?!? Just a quickie today, to shed a little light on the upcoming TV shows tomorrow at 9am and 1pm on HOCHANDA.

My favourite kind of arty, grungy, Gelpressy printy stuff! A beautiful new Mixed Impressions double set, called Ocean Swirl,

plus a double stencil set. The large loose pieces are just what you NEED in your life!!

I got up at stupid o’clock this morning, to get the Hochanda filming done before the SHAC Shack hour, and before it got too hot again! Much better idea! It’s actually really lovely at 4 in the morning. Not a sound, except the birds.

Here are a couple of bits n bobs, giving you a flavour of the demos…

I think you will love these stamps. All the other Mixed Impression Stampsets will be on the show too, and with a 50% saving.

But now it is getting too hot to handle up here! Back in the old house, the old, COLD house. It’s like walking into a 450 year old fridge! They certainly knew how to build them back then! Warm in the winter, cold in the summer.

Until tomorrow.

Love always,

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “Ocean Swirls.

  1. Great idea to get up early ! I only see that early when we catch a flight though! Have a rest this afternoon. Love these stamps and stencils – very useful. See you tomorrow x

  2. Those look right up my street! Waiting patiently for my stencil card and card blanks to arrive so I can craft again. Making 227 cards for our sunshine packs depleted my stash drastically! We’re also in a house that’s over 130 years old and it’s lovely and cool in here too x

  3. Hi Barb, indeed the time is NOW. The time for everyone to rethink their previous life and to implement the changes they wish to as we all emerge into our new life. It’s hot here today too, one day when I’m not longing to be out in the fesh air somewhere. The usual Scottish breeze is keeping inside cooler but I still feel the difference from yesterday, very humid, makes my breathing feel laboured and would wipe me out so quickly if I wasn’t already, ha, ha! Mind you, I had to do the scary hose routine today so I did get to smell the fresh air and feel the breeze on my skin inbetween the scary parts of watching for folk coming and getting the window pulled down before they reached level!!! I’m really looking forward to your shows tomorrow, I think I’ll be watching your 9am one before venturing out of bed though… Thank you for the sneaky peeks, and for all you are doing. Love you xxx
    Ice cream time eh, me jealous, of course I am. I used to love a wee Lucas ice cream, although very occasionally I still do have a naughty treat of one, and so what re the consequences!!! That sure ain’t happening until everyone is vaccinated… Maybe I need to make a space in my wee freezer for a wee tub of posh ice cream the supermarket sells, a wee special treat. Any suggestions anyone? If I’m going to be this naughty it needs to be for something super good! Can you tell what my current craving is… ha, ha, there’s been many more between this and the chips one… No idea why I’m having all these cravings, maybe it’s boredom eh, lack of stimulation. By the way, I never got as far as having oven chips, being ill in bed stopped that one in it’s tracks, nor any of the other things I’ve been craving for. Maybe not worth the risk. Anyway, enjoy your ice creams everyone 😉

    1. My current craving is lovely fresh Cornish new potatoes, cooked with fresh garden mint, and then mixed with fresh chopped chives from the garden and posh mayonnaise. I could sit and nibble that all day. I hope you treat yourself to some special tasty ice cream. I think we all deserve a treat right now as a reward for keeping to the safe distance rules. Enjoy your treat, Brenda. Meanwhile, I am off to get the hose out onto my garden, and even on me possibly. Take care. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  4. This new set of stamps look really interesting suitable for all occasions.
    Too hot to do much today, finished my Hawaiian homework & Groovi Shac 10. Now to finish off some more UFO’s as I think the ironing can wait !!

  5. Interesting stamps, I have the stencils as they’re one of my favourite designs, so tv is set to record. Stay safe, stay cool, Jackie x

  6. My stupid computer chucked me off your site again so here we go again.
    It is scorching here today. The sun shines on the back of the house for most of the day and we are melting. Both our water cooled air blowers have conked out and are not repairable so we are reliant on fans at the moment. It was 82F in the bedroom at 5am and is currently 88F in the lounge 92F in the kitchen and 128F in the conservatory. Must be cooler in Death Valley or the Sahara.
    Thankfully this level of heat will pass and the idiots swarming to the south coast will get some sense in their heads. The news on the packed beaches is appalling.
    Loving the look of the new stamps.
    Stay safe, keep cool and don’t work too hard.

  7. These are beautiful stencils!
    I miss my daily Shac!!! Hope to join you next week again.
    Stay save and healthy!
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  8. Hello. Busy pening my boarders. These stencils look good. Just received a geli plate, will practise over the weekend. Thank you again for you’re time and patience. I am on of those that has lost my job, but you are keeping us sane. 10 – 11 is shack shack time.

  9. I use swirls a lot. I even have a little bag of various die cut swirls that I keep for THAT card, that we all have, that just needs ‘something’ to transform it. I’m not very good with the gel press but I’m very tempted by the stencils!

  10. I start work at 4am so know what you mean about the quiet , no cars on the road ,seeing the sunrise as drive to work ,the wildlife crossing the roads , quite often see herds of deer this time of year . Will tune in tomorrow ,need to save few pennies though as spent my allowance this month haha. Stay cool x

  11. Our house is like a furnace, have had a fan on all night and day today. Love the new swirl stamps but have to wait a little while. Hope you’ve managed to have a rest after getting up so early this morning.xxx

  12. Pretty stamps and they go with the lovely stencil. Love the arty grungy feel of the texture stamps. Will set the video for your shows tomorrow. XX

  13. Hi Barb,
    So,so hot here today. At 4pm it was 105F on our patio in the sun! I was roasting! Couldn’t even get the inside of the house cool although opening front and patio door did help a little but there was no breeze! Love the Ocean Swirls Texture stamps and am looking forward to the shows. Recorder already set. Might have to wait to buy though as I’ve spent quite a lot already on craft stuff. My wish list is getting longer. Stay safe and cool ! Love Alison xxx

  14. Hi Barb, love the snippets of loveliness you have from the upcoming shows, looking forward to seeing what else is shared to inspire us. Glad to hear that the house is cool, it was really roasting yesterday, quite a bit cooler this morning, wouldn’t mind if it stayed like that. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  15. Just watched SHAC Shack live, you look like you need a big hug today. Hope a virtual one will help – it’s on it’s way xxx New media stamps ordered, Happy stamp en route! Have a relaxing weekend if you can xxxx

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