Atlas? Nope Barbie.

Atlas? Nope Barbie.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Hot innit! Just finishing up on Hochanda with a couple of Mixed media hours. Glad you enjoyed the demos! I do like the old GelPress, don’t you?

I did do an extra little demo, an extra, just in case there was time. But 6 is plenty. So here’s a little card which uses the Mixed Impression Beach n Pebble stamps…

I used one of our new Mask shapes…

They’re excellent for all sorts of applications. When I get time, I’d like to create landscapes inside. Building scenes will be brilliant in these peach-size frames. They are also great for use with the A5 large texture stamps, because the masks are basically changing the shape of the stamp if you like.

All you need is a brush, and inkpad and a Mixed Impression stamp…

And the little fella carrying the world? Well, sometimes we thing we are, don’t we? (The royal we!) Carrying the load. But we’re not Altas.

No we’re certainly not!! And whilst it may have been ok to strip off back in the day when it got a bit hot in the kitchen, times have changed matey!!

If you fancy taking a closer look at – oi!! – at our MIXED IMPRESSION STAMPSETS, they are all half price on the website.

Time to get back to my Hawaiian inking in! Under the shade of the Banyan Tree…

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

25 thoughts on “Atlas? Nope Barbie.

  1. We’re definitely not Atlas, well not this month! Lovely demos, I’m going back to them again later. Loving Hawaii, try and have a rest this weekend, you’ve had early starts ! X

  2. You may not be holding up the world, but you are doing a good job of holding up many of us, as we would be lost without you and the SHAC! Please don’t let it be at the cost of your own well-being though.
    Have a relaxing weekend and take care. Hugs. Annette X

  3. So loving my time with Barbara in the shac shac I’m managing to do amazing things with your wonderful help and direction thanks so much ❤️ xx

  4. Laughing so much once again… while averting my eyes!
    Todays demos were great ,will watch again, so much info. Had a full-on water fight with my five year old Grandson yesterday -can recommend it as a distraction [ feel a bit knackered today.] Have a relaxed weekend Barbara XX

  5. Ha, ha, aye at first I thought you were offering a closer look at the statue…😉 Should I even admit to that😉 The question is would I have gone for a better look? I’m no telling!!! As for the stamps, aye I’ll defo be having a look to see which I want to add next to the set I have, I think your new ones today are a given. What an enjoyable hour that was at 9am, lying in bed trying to waken up enough to get up with a smile on my face nd nice feelings inside watching and listening to you on telly. Thanks Barb. I missed your 1pm show as that was a bit of a chaotic hour here, but I’ve recorded it for later. Loved your demos.

    And no, none of us are Atlas, even though some of us do tend to feel the weight of the world on our shoulders, me included. But, together it can be a much lighter load to bear, if we all roll our sleeves up and do our bit as best we can. Think about each other, what CAN we do for others, and make that happen. We can all do something positive in the world and for each other. Imagine the world that would make… It’s not hard you know, if everyone just did their wee bit. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts…

    We had a big thunder and lightning storm earlier, somehow it’s just made the air even more humid, that ain’t supposed to happen…!!!

    Can I share a happy milestone up here. Our first weekday with no registered deaths to Covid since the 20th March. What a happy, good feeling that is. Daily positive tests in the 10s too. I hope it won’t be long until England and Wales, everywhere worldwide actually, can feel this in your nations.

    I hope you can have a good weekend relaxing, Barb before the next round of TV shows to prepare for. Love you xxx
    Lets all wish for a summer of wet and windy weather to keep all these rule breakers at home eh! They sure aren’t thinking of each other nor the collective good…

    1. Happiness turned to shock and sadness, just turned the telly on to see a major incident stabbing has occurred in Glasgow! I don’t know, what’s wrong with human beings that they can’t just be respective of each other at the very least… Is the human race not going through enough this year… My thoughts and heart goes out to all the victims and their loved ones

      1. Thanks Annette xx
        I knew respective wasn’t the word I was meaning, it’s “respectful”, of course!!! Brain is clearly on strike…

        1. You know what Brenda, respective works just as well in this context. It is the thought behind the word that counts in my eyes. X

  6. I love this little piece of artwork, so simple, but so effective.

    Have a great weekend everyone, and Barbara, I hope you manage to take some time out and rest.

    Stay cool everyone (or dry as the rain hits)

  7. That’s a coincidence – my Clarity sale parcel arrived this morning (no 1!) and I’ve been making a few cards with my new pale inks and the background stamps. Must get out my Wee Folk and have a go at this design though – have some little boys birthdays coming up soon. Take care of yourself and get some rest – maybe you need some air drying clay to take yourself off with some pottery at home? x

  8. Hello Barbara, loved the 9am show, watched and recorded, shame my recorder didn’t manage the afternoon one, I’ll watch later on catch up. You have reminded me I do own a gel press, just need to wipe the dust of it and have some play time with it!
    Stay safe, cool and rest up, Jackie x

  9. Loved your demos this morning will catch up on the afternoon one later. Do try and rest up this weekend you are doing so much it seems you are holding everything on your shoulders xx much as I enjoy your demos I would hate to think you can’t get a break xx

  10. Love both pieces of art, ha ha.😍
    Watched both shows today, semi nude and all fans on !!! Boy, was I glad to see the weather news for next week, might get a few jobs done and lots of crafting.
    I agree with Brenda, the world seems to have gone mad. It is the inconsiderate, selfish idiots who will be keeping us locked in for far longer than necessary and the mayhem happening around the country is because some people have nothing useful to do so they let out their frustrations by committing crimes.
    Good job we have you and Clarity to keep us sane.
    Have a good weekend and try to rest.

  11. I like the little boy holding the globe.
    Hope to catch up all the demo’s and the last 2 weeks of the Shac- I have missed you all so much!!!
    Have a great weekend with peace Barbara!!!
    See you next week I hope!💝
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel 🌹

  12. I really enjoyed your demos on Hochanda today. Very inspiring. Also the first of my sales goodies arrived yesterday! Amazing service. Thank you

  13. Very funny post.
    Really enjoyed the demos on hochanda, did some more shopping, attended doodling appointment, had sales order arrive.
    Are we allowed to be enjoying shielding and this time so much?!
    Thank you Barbara, have a good, restorative weekend xxx

  14. I have all these stamps and now a great deal more inspiration on how to use them thanks to you and the design team. What fantastic artwork. I especially love the little boy you’ve done.
    Have a great weekend. Try to relax xxx

  15. Hello Barb, I think the basic shape masks are great for creating a focal image. love your little Atlas. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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