Too hot to think.

Too hot to think.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s no good. Way too hot up here in the SHAC-Shack to rustle up anything remotely creative this evening! Been prepping demos all afternoon, for Friday’s 9am and 1pm Mixed Media Shows on TV Lots of Gelpress and paint, which I love! Got so engrossed in the art process, I didn’t realise how sweltering it was in here under the eaves! Not until the paint stopped working because it got too hot – then I suddenly had a flashback to that never-to-be-forgotten retreat day, that really really really hot hot hot retreat day, when ALL our card stuck to the painty Gelli plates..cor. That was a caper! Who was there?Hands up!! My oh my. Never to be forgotten. Do you remember Dave and brother Steve, scrubbing our paint-wrecked gelpress plates and brayers in the kitchen? Dedication.

It’s our anniversary today. 2 years. I think I’ll go find him in the house, and see if he doesn’t fancy a walk in the woods.

Ah. 6pm. Paul is on HOCHANDA right now, launching the ODS with those clever picot flower and leaf dies. Worth watching to see how they work.

Gotta go.

Drink lots of water.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

46 thoughts on “Too hot to think.

  1. Hello Barbara
    Happy Anniversary to you and Dave. Wow, that two years has flown.
    I remember the heat and the paint. I was there on those two days, I came on the next two days. It wasn’t quite as hot and you had brilliantly thought of a solution. All our projects worked!

  2. Wahay – happy anniversary (and they said it wouldn’t last!!!). Here’s to many more for you both.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  3. Happy Anniversary (and they said it wouldn’t last!!!). Here’s to many more for you both.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  4. Happy Anniversary. No crafting for me my craft room is in the loft way too hot but if I open the window a couple of friendly pigeons try to join me. No thank you!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both. We’re just back from a lovely walk and saw a lost giraffe on the path – must have been a little reminder! 😄

  6. Have a good walk it will cleanse your soul. I’m thinking of going for a walk too. I have very inconsiderate neighbours who think everyone loves the same music as them. I can’t even sit in my garden 😥

  7. Happy Anniversary Barbara and Dave, hope you get a chance to celebrate in style! Looking forward to the Hochanda shows, especially the mixed media ones.

  8. Happy Anniversary to you both. Those two years have flown by. Enjoy your walk and have a lovely evening together. See you in the (hopefully) cool of the morning in the SHAC. Hugs. Annette X

  9. Happy Anniversary hope you ‘ve had a lovely walk . I came to the retreats later that week ,do remember you tellingling us about the capers

  10. Yes I remember it well.
    Still on the positive side we know that it will not work on very hot days. You figured it out and all was well in the end.
    Happy Anniversary.

  11. Been a lovely afternoon here today after a wet morning. Have a lovely relaxing evening together as you celebrate your anniversary. Lots of love. Hxx

  12. Wow 2year ago yes I was there. In fact same thing happened yesterday and brought back many memories. Even with that minor hiccup was still a fabulous 2 days.

  13. Well hope you had a lovely walk in the woods and a happy 2nd anniversary. Had a great day in the shack today and sat in the garden this evening to get my borders in. The thought of these hourly morning doodles coming to an end saddens me as I’m sure it does many others. xxx

  14. Happy Annniversary Barbara and Dave. It’s our 43rd one today.
    Really enjoying Shac Shak and am very happy to continue as long as you want to do it. It’s been a very big help. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  15. Happy anniversary Barb and Dave, hope you have a lovely evening together. Apparently it’s hot here too but my house stays cooler inside than it is outside so I don’t know how hot. Hope everyone who can enjoys oor couple of days of summer. It’s back to usual on Saturday. Love you xxx
    A wee warning to everyone. Be very careful of your hand sanitiser. A support worker covered his hands in sanitiser then put his hand in his pocket and pulled his phone out and his hands went on fire. Full thickness burns! They reckon it was static from him pulling his phone out his pocket setting the alcohol alight. This high heat is another risk. So, keep your sanitiser out the sun and hot rooms, and allow the gel on your hands to completely dry before doing anything.

    1. Thank you for that timely warning about the phone, Brenda. I would not have thought of that happening. I have not used my sanitizer much as I have generally stayed at home in my own home, so soap and water has been the rule for me. I think you are wise to stay inside in a cooler atmosphere. I have been hiding inside too. I cannot take this heat. Take care of yourself, Brenda. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  16. Happy Anniversary Barb and Dave 😊
    I remember the paint incident, I wasn’t there that day, but one of the subsequent ones, when it had cooled down a bit! Great times.

  17. I was there for Paintgate, and vividly remember the horror on your face when this technique you had done so many times went so badly wrong. It was a great lesson for the rest of us to realise that the fault was not ours, but the effect of tremendous heat and humidity. If it had happened to any of us on our own, we would have assumed it was our fault and given up forever. As it was, we learned from your determination to solve the problem. I also remember that all the food was dumped out of the fridge to make room for the overheated paint, ready for the next day. Today, I retreated into a cooler house, but need to go out now to plant my lovely new birthday rose and other floral gems. I might even get up with the birds tomorrow to finish things off. Hope you managed to find a cool place to hide. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

    1. I also remember that after scrubbing all that paint and card off the gel plates, they had been lubricated with baby oil, so much that they were quite slippery for the next group (I was there for those two days too so I must have met you there as well, Roz McClellan. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  18. HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY, that’s come round quickly, seems only yesterday we were admiring your wedding photos.

    Hot, hot, hotter and then blimmin scorching here today. I feel like a wrung out dish cloth !!!!! No house work today and very little crafting.

    Recorded today’s programmes (I alreadyhave these dies) and will watch later when it’s cooler.

    Hope you enjoyedyour walk with Dave. Have a good evening.

  19. Happy anniversary to you both xxx
    It is my husband’s 77th birthday today & I followed Grace’s suggestion & ordered an afternoon tea which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks Grace!! Xxx

  20. Congratulations on your second Wedding Anniversary.
    June must be a favourite month to wed as it was our47th Wedding Anniversary yesterday. How time flies.
    Yesit is very hot today here in Cornwall as well. Stay safe.

  21. Happy Anniversary to you and Dave, hope you’ve had a great day and a lovely long walk. It really doesn’t seem two years ago, where does it go. Enjoyed the Shac Shack this morning, been catching up this evening. Will watch Paul on catch up as have the dies but not got around to using them

  22. Hi Barbara
    First let me apologise for not wishing you and Dave a happy 2nd wedding anniversary this morning in the shac shack I do hope you have been able to celebrate in some way How time flies ehh.
    I am loving this doodle and I have been able to keep up just got my boarders to do ohh and my boat 🚤. Lol I will get it done even though it nearly drove me mad last time. Lol
    Anyway congratulations again and take some cooling water to the shac in the morning it’s going to be hotter.
    Hugs 🤗

  23. I agree -it is roastingly hot today and I’m all seized up, but Bea and I kept our evening SS appointment! Can you count the people who watch later in the day to know how many of us actually join you?
    Wishing you both a happy anniversary and many more to come.

  24. Happy anniversary Barbara et David!
    All the best to you both and look after yourselves.

  25. I hope it was a good walk for you both, still quite warm here in Dorking. I have stayed in the house for most of the day, I don’t cope well in the heat.
    How did I manage when we lived in Italy, no air conditioning.
    I used to craft in the loft, too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. I now have a lovely workroom but I still manage to spread myself about the house.
    Sleep well . See you in the morning.

  26. Hi Barb,
    Happy anniversary, doesn’t time fly? Hope you had a lovely walk with Dave. It’s been a scorcher up here today, too hot to do anything energetic! It was so hot inside the house tonight that we resorted to opening the front door and the patio door to try and get a breeze! Still I’m not going to complain about the sun as we’ve only got it for tomorrow and then thunderstorms and unsettled weather from a Friday! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  27. Happy Anniversary! May you have many more.
    I currently reside in the North Carolina mountains in the USA, where the weather has been extremely wet of late. Today was the first nice day since arriving a week ago, temperatures this afternoon were in the low 70’s with a glorious blue sky.

    I wanted you to know how much I love your daily videos on You Tube. I look forward to watching every weekday. It is a nice reminder we are not alone in this pandemic and it has encompassed the whole world. Yet, people are still caring and giving of themselves to brighten the day for people they have never met.
    Bless you Barbara !

    With sincere gratitude, Jodi Colvard

  28. Very hot here today, stayed indoors with the doors closed which kept most of the heat out – cavity wall insulation works great for keeping the heat out during the summer. We then sat outside for our evening meal & stayed there until 10pm – then I remembered the Sewing Bee Final – luckily it was recorded.
    Hope you both managed to enjoy the rest of your wedding anniversary, it should have been pleasant walking through the forest this evening.
    Going to be even hotter tomorrow – it will make Hawaii feel even nearer while we doodle in the SHAC Shack.

  29. Hi Barb and Dave, Happy 2nd Anniversary, hope you had a lovely evening together. It is due to be even hotter today. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  30. Hi Barbara all the way from Australia
    Just stumbled across your youtube video on Gelli Plate printing and have been very inspired. Hope you are keeping well and safe and i look forward to watching more of your channel’s videos.
    Couldn’t find the subscribe button for your blogpost, otherwise i would have subscribed to the blog as well.

  31. Wishing you a slightly belated Happy Anniversary Barbara, and hope you and Dave enjoyed your walk and had a lovely evening. x

  32. In the words of Max Boyce “I was there”. Meant a curtailment of the fun at my first ever retreat. Sorry been at work, so only catching up on the blog, will try and catch a few SHACs over the weekend but hope you both had a lovely day.

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