Give your nest a wreck!

Give your nest a wreck!

Hi there!

Just a quickie today. Head’s all over the place ! All this colouring and doodling is taking its toll ! Clearly I don’t have the stamina you good people do !! Kisst is wrilling me – and I must give the nest a wreck! I think a wong lork is in order. Go trug a hee. Dave reckons ain is in the rare, which is good for the foor parmers. They reed the nain !!

Norry wot! Cake Tare

Barb xxx

PS . “Take everything you like seriously, except yourselves.” Kipling (Rudyard) Not the one who makes exceedingly good cakes…

27 thoughts on “Give your nest a wreck!

  1. Oh Barb, you are funny, love the typo’s, but you do need to REST a bit more, overdo it and mistakes get made and things take longer to complete.
    Had 2 Clarity deliveries today so have had an enjoyable afternoon with the contents.
    Have a good walk with the lovely Dave and try to relax this evening.
    Stay well 🍒🍒🍒

  2. Did miss again the Shac Shag today…🥺
    But I was mowing the grass because I had too many ticks last days…😪

    Please Barbara, we all love doing the doodle events every day, but take care of yourself!!! You have to do before the doodling a lot of work to enjoy is but your health is also very important!!!
    We can do the doodling every two days or so.

    Enjoy your evening and take a rest!!!
    See you again! 💝👼🍀🤗🌹

    1. I think English is Trijntje’s second language so may not understand why we are finding it funny. May I be so bold to explain, just to help you understand. “Shag” means having sexual intercourse in Britain. I hope you know we are laughing with you, not at you. It’s friendly laughing. You’ve given us a laugh in our day today that we wouldn’t have otherwise had, that’s a good thing. We love you and you are always welcome here xx
      (I know only too well how it feels to have people laughing at something I have said and I don’t know why. Hence my boldness to explain.)

      1. Thank you for that Brenda, as it was only later that I realised we may have caused offence. Of course we were laughing with her at the predictive text and I do apologise if Trijntje was at all offended.
        You are a star for explaining it the way you did. XX

        1. Thanks Annette. I’ve been worrying I did the wrong thing but you’ve reassured me now xx
          Maybe we should all switch on predictive text and let it do it’s worst, if it cheers us all up😉

  3. H9ave a long walk with your lovely man on a beautiful evening……you must take time for yourself, we all love you xxxx

  4. Maybe you need a day off doodling and colouring, how about you just chat to us while we catch up with our colouring …. You also do a lot of prep for us too, let alone your tv demos, so perhaps you need a rest . Seriously, we love meeting up and it’s so generous of you to give us your valuable time. So, think about yourself first for a while. Enjoy your walk in the woods! X

  5. I think Jackie has an idea there. Your SHAC sessions have become like therapy for so many of us and it would be lovely just to listen to you chat about all sorts of things.
    This morning was very emotional at the end and I, like so many others, seem to cry very easily these days. Just as the session was ending, my granddaughter brought me a book, which she loves and said I must read. Omg it is amazing and I know that you would love it Barbara. I really recommend that you try to get hold of it and if you do, you will understand why. It is called ‘The boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse’ and is written by Charlie Mackesy. The writing and the illustrations are stunningly beautiful. The loveliest book I have ever read and it only took 15 minutes. My granddaughter reads it every time she feels a bit low.
    Have a lovely evening. Hugs. Annette X

    1. The author did a drawalong to raise money for the Royal Albert Hall, teaching people to draw RAH. He has not the skill of Barbara as a teacher but it is entertaining how he breaks it down into simple steps – and worth a donation. It is part of their Royal Albert Home series. He showed the book, so it is interesting to hear your recommendation. It’s a small world!

      1. How interesting. I hadn’t heard of that. As you say, it is a small world and great to have a forum like this, to pass on things of interest. Thanks Ali. X

  6. Oh Barb, I struggle enough with the way you all use language normally, never mind trying to decipher this!!! Ha, ha! I think I managed most of it, and then I gave up, head no up for any more confusion just now!!!

    Aye, I try to not take myself seriously either. You’ve kind of got to if you’re autistic living in the non autistic world otherwise you sink big time and may not come back up.

    My day went a bit awry today, but I’ve managed to squeeze in a tiny bit of crafting although one bit isn’t quite right, so that’s going to be redone! What am I like… I did try to just leave it, but no, head seriously no happy with that!!!

    As for rain, yep it will be heading your way tomorrow, it’s been teasing up here, but I think the main rain is due tonight. I hope so, my shaved straw that is meant to be my grass fair needs it!!! It’s meant to be 10 degrees lower tomorrow, with some sleet and snow possible for up north… Aye, that’s the Scottish weather for you!!!

    I hope you enjoy your walk and tree hugging, if I got that right. Love you xxx
    ALL lives matter

  7. Pete deciphered your blog for me, I’m no good at that. Do you realise you had a lot of us tearful this morning. Better to let it out than keep in in Barb. If your poor wrist is playing up I for one would still come to the SHAC Shack just to listen to you, but maybe you should slow it down and give your wrist a rest for a few days. Hope you had a lovely tree hugging walk with Dave. We had a little drive out as I can’t walk far, we went down to Sharpness on the river Severn there’s a lovely picnic area with plenty of seats and there were only about 20 people at the most, so no crowds and plenty of room. Take care and

  8. Thank you for your company this morning and the wonderful colouring
    Need to ease off the pressure 😂
    Take care and hugs xxx one step at a time 😊

  9. Love all that you do and share with us Barbara. We are being nurtured, how about you? Maybe we should have a weekly meet. Take care lovely lady x

  10. Hi Barb,
    I definitely think you need a break! Please,please take good care of yourself. We have lots of things that we can catch up with ( I know I have anyway!) Hope you had a good walk and feel better for it. It’s just started to rain here, so I’m hoping it’s going to be fresher tomorrow. The gardens and the poor farmers certainly need some good steady rain ( Not torrential thunderstorms as that would just cause flooding as the ground is so dry). Hope you get a good night’s rest. Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  11. Hope your wong lalk made you beel letter. What you need is a holiday !! We have been in the Shac Shack for 10 weeks & under normal circumstances you would have had a holiday or 2 by now. With the added stress of keeping the business going its no wonder that you are beginning to feel tired. Also as you said it could be RSI – I know my fingers & wrist play up when I have used them too much ie knitting & gardening through wear & tear of years of cashiering. Who would have thought counting money would cause such problems later. Take care of yourself xx

  12. Lol. Glad you’re taking care of yourself. Hop you had a lovely walk with Dave. The rain came on here at tea time so the midges will be out in force! Much cooler tonight, too. I actually lit the fire! The sun is forecast again for tomorrow so that will be nice and the garden has had a good water! Looking forward to the SHACK SHAC in the the morning. Sleep well. God bless you. Hxx

  13. Sorry you wreck and kisst are playing up but hope you had a wood galk with Dave…lol. This is giving me brain fade…lol. Hope you a better tomorrow. x

  14. Hello Barb, that really gave me a good laugh. Hope you managed to take a long walk and have rested your neck. Take care and stay safe all. Bx

  15. That was a fun blog Barb but I agree with the other Barbarettes – why don’t you just chat to us whilst we catch up today? Or take next week off like a half term without the daily pressure of keeping one step ahead of us?
    Whatever – you need to protect yourself first. We can watch some of the sessions again or just craft on our own for a few days.
    Cate doog tare! Xx

  16. Ha ha, I was able to read your “typos” straight off. What a thrill to have the same brain waves as the creative Barbara Gray, even if are are ever so slightly “wavier” than yours Barb. At the moment I am racking my brain for the official word that describes the wonderful smell of rain on parched soil. I know there is one, it is there at the back of my brain, just waiting to come to the fore, around about two of the clock a.m is the usual time for these spontaneous revelations!! Keep up the good work Barb, it is much appreciated. xx

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