In it to win it.

In it to win it.

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. On my way out to a meeting with a few of the crew from work, to discuss some new ideas, and get a couple of fab new designs into production.

Decided to check in with you here and write the blog before I leave, because these meetings invariably take longer than we think, and then I end up working till late into the evening. No good. If you don’t like something – change it!

I was scanning your comments on yesterday’s blog just now, and this phrase jumped out at me – In it to win it. Yep, I thought. That’s exactly right, and it’s precisely what I was bleating on about in today‘s Hula Girl Session (which tickled me pink by the way. I do enjoy a good laugh, don’t you?).

If you don’t try something, at least get it out of the box and give it a go, how can you possibly know you can’t do it? If you don’t even TRY to draw a hula girl, then how can you say you can’t? But I didn’t hear that anywhere today…

Have you noticed a massive shift in the vibe in the SHAC shack since the beginning? I have. At the start, whenever we tackled something new, there was always a pushback, resistance, a number of people who said straight off the bat, “I can’t do that”. Or they might try, but have it in their minds that they’d never manage whatever it was we were doodling, then give up at the first hurdle, at the first imperfection.

Not so any longer. After three months of hanging out together every day, we have virtually none of that surrender before we even get in the saddle stuff. Pretty much without exception everybody comes at the doodling with a can-do hat on, rather than a can’t do hat on. With a cheeky kind of playful mindset…

And if I may say so, this is one of the BEST, the very BEST things that the SHAC-Shack has brought out in us: that can-do in it to win it kind of attitude.

I am so chuffed about that. I also love that our fellow doodlers are putting their own spin on what we’re doing now. Not only are they up for whatever mad dish I serve up, they even add their own starter and pudding! Brilliant.

I had no idea that so much good would come out of the SHAC-Shack when we started this doodle trip together. It is far and away the most rewarding thing I have personally done in a very long time.

Must dash –

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

50 thoughts on “In it to win it.

  1. It’s been an amazing journey watching people’s skills increase over the last few months, including mine, and I am glad that you too are finding it as rewarding as i am.
    Ifeel a bit discombobulated if I don’t get to sit at 10am with you as it gives me routine in a time when all my routine has disappeared.
    Hope your meetings go well today and that you feel that it’s a productive day.
    This afternoon I am meeting a friend whose crafting mum died recently and I have to go and look at her stash and choose what I wish out of it. Not that I need anything (particularly as I have another clarity parcel on the way!

    1. Fiona, Personally, I think that is a crafters dread to wonder what will happen to all their stash. My kids threaten me with calling clearance when I am gone. I think they would be mad as I have a lot of expensive stuff. Much to much of it all, I have a lifetimes worth of stuff, which I don’t think I would ever have the time to use. I hope your friend’s daughter respects her stuff more than my lot will.

      1. My deepest sympathies Fiona. I have just lost a very dear crafting friend and I’ve been helping her daughter sort all her stash out, a daunting task indeed, wishing you all the very best , Lisa x

  2. I’ve been making cards for about 15 years, just for personal use and a few for charity. I’ve die cut, matted and layered,decoupaged, attempted some colouring and groovied. Never even thought that one day I might be able to draw something good enough to turn into a card. And now I can. When I’ve posted doodles on my own FB page, friends have been extremely complimentary on my efforts. It’s massive thanks to you, Barbara. You’ve unleashed the beast!!

    1. It’s a joy to join you. I cant make it live but when l put aside this as ‘me’ time. It’s been invaluable. Thank you for this compassionate, selfless act, truly inspiring in many ways.

  3. I, for one, never thought I’d doodle someone a card let alone cover a whole A4 sheet with my own drawing ! we have all gained in confidence thanks to your morning stints with us, and you know we all love it. I send my progress to my family every day and they are quite amazed, unless they’re being polite of course – but they wouldn’t be !

    Glad you were feeling better today, the heat does get to us and it’s no fun feeling ‘donk’ and having to carry on.

    Have a good day and see you tomorrow – off to download a hula girl, my first one on parchment was ok but I think I’ll trace yours for my actual pic ! X

    1. Ps just played Bing Crosby to hubby who said we must be the only people listening to that song in the world at the moment ….. I wonder …..

  4. When I was at school I was always told I didn’t have the artistic gene and that art was not for me. One of the things that the SHAC Shed has taught me is that art, is for me! It might not be perfect but with practice it gets better and to always try. I now love doodling! Thank you Barbara xxx

  5. Love every minute of the doodles and am so amazed at the art work I can achieve with your patient guidance thank you so much for this xx

  6. I love these morning sessions with you. You always put a smile on my face no matter what. I have doodled things I never thought possible. THANK YOU.

  7. I was late to the party but after about four weeks my confidence and ‘dare to try’ levels have already risen. Today I had it in my mind to trace your hula girls but I realised that was silly. Why not give it a go for heavens sake? And so I did and guess what….? They’re not half bad and I’ve ended up feeling super proud and happy. Thank you so much Barbara. This is the most amazing experience and I LOVE it!! XXX

  8. The Shack has been brilliant, Barbara, and if it had been raining would have spent more time trying different things but made the most of the sun as I could get out into the garden. That said, I have loved doing what you have been doing each day in the Shack. I’m one of those who really struggled at the beginning but I just love seeing what everyone is achieving now. You have done a good thing there, Barb, and I’m glad it has been of benefit to you, too. When you say, it is one of the best things you have done for a while, it kind of makes you look at life, doesn’t it? What is important for you, for all of us, as we move forward? It is a challenge, certainly for me. What will the next few years be like? Anyway, I hope your meetings go well today. I have one at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. I didn’t organise it but I have to be there so I will catch up with you later in the day. Hope you have a relaxing evening. Meant to say, I was showing Diane McCummiskey, who is new to Groovi, the early Pergamano Shows on Skype last night. Now that the demos are out of the studio, it is so much better as there are no interruptions and the camera is always on the piece of art work. I personally would like to see that continue but I’m not sure how that would work for Hochanda. Just a thought and it would save a lot of people, a lot of travelling. I doubt I’m the first to have it!! Lol. Take care. Hxx

  9. I’ve just penning my hula ladies,and their not bad if I do say so myself. I have loved doodling along everyday, apart from a “work” week. I was one of those guilty of being defeatist at the beginning, not believing I could achieve what was being shown to us but what a journey! It is still amazing me that what I’m producing is looking ok?good?briiliant?!!! But whatever, it is making me happy. I will treasure our time in the Shac Shack. I am loving seeing everyone else’s brilliant work too, I used to almost feel intimidated but now it’s a joy to be sharing what Barbara is teaching us all and seeing everyone improve. Barbara you are a godsend! You should be on the National Curiculum! Or be knighted! So great to hear your laughter too. Wxx

  10. I haven’t been taking part but have watched everyone’s progress and the work has been amazing and the complexity of the designs, and also the added individual touches people have added themselves have been brilliant. Your idea to bring people together in a creative way has been a lifeline to so many Barbara…good on you!! x

  11. Barbara I haven’t caught up with Hawaii yet but will this week, I just want to thank you for giving us your time and expertise and sense of humour, these last three months have been made bearable by you and although I still have a long way to go with drawing can’t believe how much I have learnt, thank you for being you xx

  12. Everyone is doing so well from what I have seen. Barbara you have done a really great job with all of us. I enjoyed today and what a laugh with the hula girls – laughing so much when you were laughing – Thank you

  13. What you all say is so true. I just couldn’t stop laughing at my attempts and hearing you laugh, Barbara. So much so that my husband came into my craft room as he thought I was crying. Thank you, you really cheered me up. Girls not brillient but will be going on my postcard.

  14. Thank you Barbara, honestly my husband’s carers wondered who I was talking to and laughing at. They suddenly realise it was my ipad. For a while my hula girls were legless. Now they have funny shaped legs.

    Love the Shac Shack sessions so much. Take care see you tomorrow xxx

  15. OK I’m going to stick my hand up here and admit then when we very first started the SHAC SHAC I was one of the ones that thought you have got to be joking if you think I can draw a bird on a wire – but as I was the only person in the room and no one else was going to see I thought what the heck I need to do something to take my mind off things. Well by the end I did have a bird on a wire and that was it. I would never have believed I was capable of drawing a ghesia girl let alone post it for everyone else to see either but I did. This really is an amazing, wonderfully supportive group and you are so right Barbara everyone has grown in confidence. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done xxxxx

  16. I love hearing so much positivity in and around the SHAC Shack 💖!
    I’ve never liked that phrase “I can’t”. If I ever hear myself say it, I will immediately follow it with an answer “yes you can”. My dear departed Dad often said “I can’t is short for I can’t be bothered” he hated laziness, as do I and that has always stuck with me. He also used to say “don’t do what I do, do what I say”, but that’s another story……

  17. Loving our little arty sessions each day and not only learned loads but became more confident with pencils and paper. Your hula girls are better than mine, but you know what…mine are much better than I thought I could do. I have also developed a strange habit of drawing hibiscus everywhere-because I can. Thank you Barbara Gray XX

  18. I spent the weekend trying to draw hula girls…decided it wasn’t going to happen…. spent some time before the Shack this morning trying to draw hula girls….decided it wasn’t going to happen…had another go during the Shack…Nope! ..drew a few leaves…had a coffee…this will not defeat me…..threw away the scrap paper, went straight to best…Ah…that’s better…she’ll do….feeling like Bonnie Prince Charlie’s spider. xxx

  19. Hi Barbara
    I’m still way behind you all, just about to finish Japan but when I saw the email about the download today, I had a little peek at the road ahead. Blimey says I, but I didn’t run for the hills, well not yet anyway! I hope the meeting went well and you don’t stay too late at work.
    Love Diane xx

  20. I joined you all quite late, it was the week of the Nuthatch that I found out about the shac shac! But i have been going back each weekend and I’m catching up with everything that was done before. When I first posted my balloon my daughter was convinced it was a stamp and wouldn’t believe I had drawn it. Now she has held it in her hands she knows it isn’t. Still gave to finish about 6 bits but when I have I’ll post them on CWW. Couldn’t have done any of it without you Barb, you are truly amazing and so inspirational, thank you seems such a lame word for how grateful I am for your time, patience and tuition, but THANK YOU xx

  21. My Dad always told us as children.. there is no such word as CANT.. he always said its not in the English dictionary,
    love doing these ,never want to stop
    Thank you Barbara xx

  22. I thank you so much for giving your time to help us through these terrible tines The doodling in the SHAC Shack second to none but I must also that you and the Clarity team fir giving us a weekly project to do in a Friday which look forward to every week
    THANK YOU Barbara from the bottom of my heart You have made lockdown so much easier for us “The extremely vulnerable people”

  23. Barbara this is so true. Last night I sat down to do a doodle and decided as we were staying in Hawaii for another week I would doodle a post card to post on the group. Wanted to use some of what we had already done and add a few other bits. Decided I wanted to add flip flops to the post card and a dolphin. A little voice in my head said you can’t do that as you can’t draw flip flops or a dolphin. A bigger voice in my head said you jolly well can if you try so have a go and I did. Card posted , staying another week! If today is anything to go by it’s going to be a fun week. Laughed so much this morning. Thank you for all you have and are still doing for us. Will have to catch up with you later on YouTube tomorrow as have an early appointment. Take care. Love and hugs Ros x

  24. I once read on a bus stop ‘coincidence is simply finding out the other half of what’s happening’. Well here’s another one. I have read many books by the same author about detectives In Los Angeles. The final one in the house I started last week and where was the new female detective born? Maui! Loving her thoughts about her birthplace.

    Surprised myself with my Hula girls. Hope they are ok after penning.
    See you tomorrow morning. Xx

  25. I am missing the live sessions now that i am back at work fulltime, but i still schedule an hour every evening to watch the playback.

  26. I’ve learnt so much on this journey since the beginning. I’m amazing myself at every stage. Thank you so much for giving me the guidance to have a go, and guess what I’m winning. Hope the meetings go well x

  27. What a lovely group of people you’ve gathered together. I’m sure you had no idea what you were getting yourself into when you first started the SHAC Shack, but I’m so pleased you went ahead with it anyway. Thank you for everything you do. The one downside for you … everyone is getting so good at producing lovely, original artwork, they may not need to buy your stamps 😜🤪😳🤣😜. Seriously though, it was a brilliant idea, and we’re all so grateful for your expertise, crazy sense of humour, wonderful ideas and sensitivity. We’re not all in the same boat, but we are all in this together, wherever it takes us. The worst part is the uncertainty, but having the SHAC Shack, the wonderful community and great teacher makes it all bearable. Thank you 🥰

  28. Oh Barbara I am so grateful. You have given me so much. I love trying new things now which I didn’t before. The doodling has given me freedom and a joy that I had no idea that would happen. Thank you so much. I do hope the meeting goes well. I am looking forward to colouring tomorrow. Take care. Hugs xxx

  29. Hi Barbara, I will hold my hand up to being amongst the group of saying I can’t do that. But as I am on my own, I decided if it doesn’t work I can throw it away and nobody will see it. Well, I am truly amazed at what I am turning out. As I am even considering putting a couple into frames and putting them on my wall. Saying THANK YOU to you, just doesn’t seem to be enough, you not only give us your time, expertises, patience, and experience etc, you are amazing. God Bless You. I will be there tomorrow at 10am. Thank you.🥇💐👏

    1. Hi Beverley. Lovely to hear from you and hope it won’t be too long till we can get together again. Take care. Hugs. Annette.

  30. The shak shack has given me confidence to have a go. I am even surprised that my family said they thought my doodles were brilliant. I do love a good challenge and a chill. Won’t say there haven’t been moments of utter frustration and my eraser too is very small. What a wonderful creation you have made with the doodle sessions.

  31. Hope your meeting went well Barbara, sure there were lots of new ideas flowing around.
    Still a bit behind with the doodles but thought I would print the Hawaii download. My first thought was “no way” but hubby saw it and started sketching without looking at your video’s. Now I feel like the little engine going up the hill – I think I can, I know I can – and I’m flipping well going to have a go.
    I don’t watch at 10am, too muchto do before I run out of steam, but it is great that we can both dip into Youtube as ans when we feel like it, sometimes together and sometimes alone. Other than parching I find this very relaxing and love having a giggle with you.
    The way hospital appointments have been delayed I can see us being in lockdown into 2021 before we can get out more. I am going to start some Christmas cards with Linda’s lovely Groovi plates and stamps. They are so cute.
    So once again thank you for all you are doing to keep us occupied andout of mischief. You are a star✨
    Stay Safe 🍒🍒🍒

  32. It’s all your teachings Barbara. In three short months you have turned so many minds around, be proud, rejoice and embrace your power. Your the best x
    Ps I received my order today with some beautiful extra papers inside. Thank you so much xx

  33. Barbara I have been with you since episode one although I have yet to do the most recent doodles as I am totally hooked on the colouring! I still watch as I find your teaching & banter fascinating. One day I will go back to the doodles I have not completed & catch up. It is fantastic to see everyone’s work and you should all be very proud. If you had told me all those weeks ago I could produce such effects with colouring pencils I simply would not have believed it! Your hard work is so appreciated and you have given us all focus during this difficult time. Thank you. I have to return to work on Wednesday but will continue to follow SHAC Shack on YouTube for as long as you continue. I will miss you all every morning 😢😢. Stay safe xx

  34. Well I did say yesterday that those girls would be a challenge but I tried. They weren’t too bad until I made the mistake of giving them features. They look like they have been hitting the Pina Colada’s very hard and certainly wouldn’t win any beauty contests or attract any tourists. There are so many things to look at in the picture, I am not going to get bent out of shape about it. A million times better than I could have done three months ago. It is with great gratitude and respect that I say THANK YOU Barbara. Your skills, knowledge and generosity never fail to amaze me. X🏝️

  35. Hey Barbara….. Guess what??
    I drew a hula girl !!! wow and say so myself, she’s not half bad haha
    Fabulous happy morning in the SHAC shack today, laughed a lot, laughed at you laughing, laughed at my girls legs hahah
    Cant wait for tomorrow – lotsa love – Jenny xx

  36. What you say is so true!! You really have gathered a lovely supportive group that has become so positive. Together we can get through this and whatever else life throws at us.
    Much as I love being back at work after 9 months sick leave I so miss my 10 o’clock sessions with you. But of course you’ve made sure we can access them . I’m too tired when I get home but I’m hoping to catch up on my day off on Wednesday.
    Whatever happens Barbara and the doodle gang, you really are the best xx

  37. What a great SHAC session this morning! I laughed so much and your humour is infectious, just what I needed on a Monday morning. As I mentioned to someone on Facebook, I am leaving my hula girls with ‘artistically blank’ faces, as they looked like a cross between constipated and evil! I spent the weekend on some Groovi, as my new plates arrived, so I am catching up with the inking. I hope your meeting went well. See you in the morning. Hugs. Annette X

  38. Hi Barb,
    I am saving all of the SHAC SHAC things to do when I’m in hospital and then when recuperating as I will need something to keep me occupied. I do watch though on You Tube and love the videos. I hope that I will be half as good as a lot of your followers! Thank you. Hope your meeting went well. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  39. Barbara, I was so pleased with your comments that you have found our journey with you so rewarding. It has been, and still is a pleasure to sit with you every day, except weekends and even then you keep contact with us via your blog.
    We all loving listening to your tales, which are mostly funny, and/or informative.
    There have been times when we have worried about you. But, if you cannot vent your worries and stress at us your friends who can you vent to? It is a normal part of a relationship, it’s just we cannot answer you, or offer help to you, except here on the blog or on facebook. Obviously, we only know a small piece of your life. You know even less of ours apart from those you know personally. But it certainly feels like I know you, since the SHAC began.
    Thank you for letting us into your life.

  40. This blog made me cry. I feel like ive come so far and iys honestly saved me during lockdown. Have had a couple of personal issues that would have been hard during normal timea but covid and lockdown amplified it all.
    Shac shac has been a life saver.
    I love it,Barbara you made me lol today and i was very anxious going back to work .
    My hula girl not girls as i dont have room ,is weird but i DID it .

  41. Hello Barb, just about to watch the playback from yesterday, and it looks like I am in for a real treat. I always think that your sessions are delightfully lighthearted and fun, so thank you for being there for all of us. I am hazarding a guess that my first attempt at a Hula Girl is going to look like she needs to go on a lockdown diet, but hey, will be saying to myself YES CAN DO. Hope the meeting went well Barb. Take care all and stay safe. Bx

  42. A golf psychologist once told our ladies section never to think don’t – don’t go in the bunker, don’t go in the ditch – because your mind doesn’t recognise “don’t”! I am applying the same principle to “can’t” so I can draw a geisha, I can draw a hula girl etc, etc. As in golf I don’t always stay out of the bunker or the ditch, in doodling I don’t always get the perfect drawing but for someone who always thought they couldn’t draw what I have achieved has been beyond my wildest dreams so thank you Barbara xx

  43. Yesterday started watching Barbara. The postman came with a clarity order, fabulous. Then my food shop order came so didn’t get to watch shac shack. Got busy doing things, but at the end of the day was a little fed up. I couldn’t shake it off as I am very rarely fed up, but realised it was what is happening to us all with this virus. I miss hugging my grown up kids and friends. But today watched all of shac shack and feel so much more positive. Thank you Barbara and all your team Xxx

  44. Hi Barbara, I have deffo gone from “I can’t do that!” to “I can give that a good go” so thanks sooooooo much. You put my mojo back on track and have given me the confidence to try new things too.

  45. Hi Barbara
    Well I was one of those that thought I can’t.
    I have given every doodle a go some came out better than others. But I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey . Every journey starts with one step and the way you break the doodle down to a step by step is brilliant. Thank you ☺️

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