HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 9

HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 9

Hi there lovely peeps!

What a weekend! Long, but fun! It has been great hustling back and forth across the ocean with Gracie, keeping these virtual Clarity Open Days going. She has done such a cracking job, as have our lovely DT friends, who have been posting and sharing, inspiring and entertaining.

The cool thing about Gracie being 5 hours behind us is that she is still going strong, while I am winding down slowly. So more giveaways on the Claritymattersblog.com.

And just one more project from myself, plus the last Happy Day Giveaway on this side. I decided to reach for the new HAPPY doodle stamp again. I did it early this morning…

Mmm. What shall we give away as a prize this time…How about a pretty special set of stamps which is particularly close to my heart…

The Whole Floral Alphabet Collection, illustrated by myself, plus a folder to store it in…

We always have a special prize at the end of the Open Days don’t we….Here’s what you have to do, to be in it to win it.

It’s a 2-parter…

First, starting with the letter A, write one word which you think best describes our company Clarity. Keep going with A until you run out and then move to B. etc etc etc .

Second, look back up at the Happy Anniversary card I made. How long do you think it took me to make from start to finish ? Next to the word describing Clarity, write your guess. I took pics of the card with the clock next to it, so I know EXACTLY! The person closest to the right length of time wins the set. If more than one of you guesses right, then in the hat you go…

We will announce the winner next week. Let’s pick all the winners Tuesday. Tomorrow is such a busy day, I’d rather take my time, and enjoy all your responses, and limericks and banter. You understand.

But now, it’s time to say farewell from me, but Grace and the ladies are still going strong! I just need to pack my suitcase and figure out where the Doodle bus is headed tomorrow.

Seen this farewell? It is beautiful xx That’ll be us lot !!!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed our HappydayClarityday weekend!

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

157 thoughts on “HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 9

  1. My word for Clarity is Amazing and I think the card took you about 58 minutes. Thanks for a great weekend xx

  2. A huge Thank You Barbara Gray for such a fun filled weekend. You are always so generous with your prizes and your time I don’t know How you fit everything in

    We love you see you back very soon XXX

    We can’t wait to see you back in the SHAC Shack tomorrow

  3. Artful. And how long for the card? My guess is 1 hour 34 minutes – because then you had to stop for a cuppa x

  4. My word for clarity is Awesome
    Took you 1 hour and 23 minutes to complete the card.
    Happy anniversary for next week.

  5. Awesome… My guess would be 1 hour and 45 minutes, but then I am clueless really! It is lovely though and I imagine it is for Dave. Isn’t it your anniversary this week?
    Thank you so much for an amazing weekend and the most generous prizes. So many of you at Clarity have worked hard to do this for us and it was fantastic.
    See you tomorrow morning in the SHAC. Can’t wait. Hugs. AnnetteX

  6. ‘Authentic’ 37 minutes

    I chose this word because this is exactly what Clarity are, from the fabulous team to the products. There’s no-one quite like them in the craft world in my opinion!

  7. Anchored 37 minutes for you, two days for me. Just want to thank you, Barbara, for a wonderful weekend and hope there will be an online Open Day next year. It has been so inspiring but so much work for you and everyone else. You are amazing and so empowering.

  8. Absolutely amazing. Bloomin brilliant. Clearly classy. Definitely desirable. Everlasting endeavours. Fatal to finances. Gloriously generous. Happy and harmonious. Intelligent ideals. Jolly and jubilent. Kreativ! Loving labour. Madly meaningful. Never not needed! Open and ‘onest. Phenomenally practised. Quick and quote worthy. Really reliable. Socially safe. Toweringly terrific. Undeniably unbelievable. Very vital.’ Well wicked’. Xact and xciting. YouTubers. Zero disappointment! I already have the stamp version of the alphabet so don’t need entering in the draw for that. Thanks for a great weekend. Someone will be a very lucky winner!

  9. the Best!💖
    The card took you 1.48hrs👍
    Great goodby with Duth words!!!😁
    Have a peacefull evening.
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  10. Absolutely Amazing and Awesome
    Blumin Brilliant
    Consistently Creative

    Think it would take me hours to complete the alphabet there are literally thousands of wonderful words one could say about Clarity.

    I think you completed this little number in 2 hours 37 minutes.

  11. Breathtaking …… and I reckon it took you around 47 minutes to make the card

    Thank you for bringing the Virtual Open Day to our homes and a big hug to you and the team for keeping us all entertained over these few days. Your generosity and time given is very much appreciated xxxx

  12. Calming. I think it took you 1 hour and 5 minutes.
    Thank you for a marvellous virtual open day. I’m looking forward to working my way through the DT projects and also the doodling tomorrow. Passport ready, bag packed!

  13. A = able, accountable, adorable, affordable, alluring, ambitious, animated, apt, artistic, attainable, awesome.
    B = “Barbara”esque, bargains, beautiful, big, bright.
    C = careful, caring, conscious, charming, cheap, clarity, clear, colourful, confident, consistent, crafty, creative,
    D = daring, delightful, demonstrative, drawing,
    E = effervescent, electric, energetic, enthusiastic
    F = fabulous, fantastic, forward-looking, fun
    G = generous, “Grace”ful, great, groovi,
    H = hardworking, honest, humourous
    I = illuminating, illustrative, individual, ingenious, inky, innovative, inspiring,
    J = jolly
    K = Kind, knowledgeable,
    L = lasting, laugh, learning, live, love,
    M = making, meaningful, motivating
    N = natural, neat, new
    O = open,
    P = patient, personable, popular, precision,
    Q = quick (delivery!)
    R = robust
    S = safe, sensational, SHAC, specialists, super,
    T = talented, thrilling, tops,
    U = unbeatable, unique, uplifting,
    V = values, variety,
    W = warm, welcoming, well-stocked, willing,
    X = Xtra-special
    Y =YAY!!! Yin-Yang
    Z = zeal, zing, zip

    My guess for the card is 1hr 26mins.
    Thanks for a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to the SHAC shack tomorrow.

  14. Supercalifragalisticexpealidocious ! 37 minutes….you are an expert and you had lots to do!
    Looking forward to our next trip. Have washed my flip flops ready. So enjoyed the Happy Day Clarity Day days, my head is full of ideas. Thank you.

  15. Customer-loving. I think you’re a pro at these cards now. I think 21 minutes. I cant wait to get out of economy class. really cramped back here but best plane ever filled with the shac shaker and all the little shac shakerees!! I think we need a club tshirt with passport pages on the back to fill using clarity stamps and fabric ink for every country or place ( or bird) we have visited!! Lots of love hx

  16. Cornerstone. I would say it took you about 15 mins. What an amazing prize. It has been good fun taking part which is what it is all about. Thank you, Barb, for all you do. See you in the morning. Hx

  17. My word for Clarity is Quality! I think you took 1hour 15 mins to make your beautiful card,
    Thank you for a great weekend. Will see you in the morning at the Shac Shack. Love and hugs, Ros x

  18. Amazing, brilliant, clarity, dies, elephant drawing!, fun, great, hochanda, ideas, joyful, karma, lovely, marvellous, nice flowers, open days, parchment, quirky designs, restful, sitting down for me time, timeless, ultramarine colours, vivacious parchment, wellness, xray vision needed, Yellow sticky paper, and Zinnia flowers!

    Time think 3 hours and 5 minutes!

    Wine time now!🍷

  19. Amazing! 59 minutes precisely & I love it!
    Thanks to everyone for allowing us all to experience a Clarity open day. You must be exhausted.
    See you tomorrow xx

  20. Inspiring. 1 hour and 24 minutes is my guess – I think it looks deceptively simple but that the colouring and shading will have taken a fair while!
    Thanks for the fun weekend!
    M x

  21. Fantastically funny and gracefully giving and taken exactly 1 hour as that is how much time you give us each day in the shac shack. Xx

  22. Fab card and Happy Anniversary next week!
    Artistic, beautiful, clear, desirable, expressive, flowing, gorgeous, happy, inky, joyful, keeping, love, masterful,nice,open,pleasant, quick, reliable, service, teaching, usable ,virtual, wonderful, x ,y, z ……
    24 minutes

  23. Graceful and I think about 55 minutes as fussy cutting those blooms would need care. Thank you all

  24. There are so many words to describe the clarity experience.
    Arty, beuatiful, caring, delectable, exciting, fabulous, generous, heaven, ingenious, joyous, kind, loving, marvellous, nice, original, perfect, quality, robust, special, tremendous, unique, vibrant, wonderful, x-tra stylish, youthful, zzzzz (dreams filled with Clarity wishlists, daily doodle travelling, projects to do)
    I think the card took you 38 minutes. Very apt for this weekend as it is my parents 58th anniversary today, my in-laws tomorrow celebrate 52 years, and brother in law and his wife celebrate 13 years on Tuesday.

  25. 1hour 1min, my word is fabulous
    Can i take this opportunity to thank you for a lovely weekend barbara, Dave, Grace and all the clarity design team i have had a wonderful weekend about to place my next order. I cannot wait tosee where we are off to tomorrow in SHAC SHAC, but i will have to wait till tomorrow night when i get home from work but enjoy the trip . Thanks again x

  26. It seems a bit confused here on whether we all do the same as we did before or whether we all do from a – z.
    My guess is Barbara meant us to do a – z.
    This is what I can do:
    An Artful, Beautiful Company,
    diligent, energetic, fun filled, great, good, holistic,independent, jocular, kindred, loving, meaningful, nurturing, opulent, patient, quizzical, restful, surprising, tutoring, unusual, virtual, worthy, X out of X, youthful, zestful
    Time for card – 25 minutes I think you might have used a mask for background colour.

  27. Amazing
    Clarity = 1hr and a half
    Upper crust

  28. The oldies are still always the best eh!
    Ha, ha, I better clarify that or I’ll get my head in my hands… I’m meaning Laurel and Hardy of course. But obviously YOU are the BEST in the crafting world, for sure, Barb. Not the oldie bit though!!! Not that I’m biased or anything. I thought that for many years before we became friends. Have I got myself out of the hole or am I just digging it bigger?!!!

    What a mega generous lady you are. I would love to enter your giveaway, who wouldn’t, but I’ll refrain on principles, so please don’t include me. I’ve got plenty other stash waiting to be used anyway…

    I’m just popping in to say hi (before the room gets too full for me to even huddle in the back corner!!!). And a wee, not so wee, YAY, I think my CFS has defo started to turn the corner today, not as ill as I have been.

    Love you special lady xxx
    Methinks 18 minutes for the card…!!!

    Thank you Sue, for your reply the other day. I might just give that a go if I can time it right, bad timing for me 10am. I’ve been a bit reluctant to try just watching/listening in case it makes me feel even more left out because I can’t join in. But it’s worth a try I guess. So maybe I’ll sneak into the back row corner of the SHAC Shack one morning this week xx

    I hope everyone has enjoyed themselves this weekend. Can I make a wee suggestion. Now all you lovely people have been leaving comments here several times a day why don’t you all show your appreciation for, and to, Barb most if not every day. Just a wee “hi” and “thank you” is all you need to do. I’m sure it would be good for Barb to see how many people are actually reading her blog every day, don’t you think? Just a thought/suggestion xx

    1. Hi Brenda, Glad you are feeling better, there’s plenty of room in the SHAC Shack so no need to sit at the back. If you do happen to miss us at 10 you can always catch up later when it goes on YouTube. We are off on our travels tomorrow so bring your passport & Barbara said we would need our flip flops x

  29. Clarity is: amazing, Barbara, creative, doodletastic, energised, fab-u-lous, generous, happy, inspiring, joyful, kind, leading-edge, marvellous, numero-uno, original, poetic, quirky, refreshing, stamptastic, terrific, uplifting, visionary, well-travelled, (e)xpressive, you-and-me, zentangled. I’m guessing 1 hour 35 mins for the card. Thank you so much for keeping us going this weekend – looking forward to the 2021 Open days!

  30. Amazing, awesome, authentic,artistic, aware, alert, alive. Brilliant, basics, bright, busy, beneficial, beautiful, caring, crafty, calm, considerate colourful,charming, charismatic. Delightful, daunting, down to earth, dreamy. Eccentric, economical, extraordinary, extreme. Friendly, forgiving, fair, faithful. Giving, grateful, graceful, godly. Generous Helpful, humerous, hardworking, honest,handy, hopeful. Imaginative, increasing, idealistic, innovative. Joyful, jubilant, . Kind, loving, likeable, loyal.laughing. Masterful, mindful, magic, magnificent. Normal, nice, naughty, open, outgoing. Precious, persuasive, pragmatic, persevering. Quirky, quintessential, quaint. Realistic, romantic, raving( Glastonbury) sensational, sensitive, sensible. Tremendous, talented, testing, terrifying! Unbelievable, unyielding. Vivid, vibrant, vivacious. Worldly, wise, wonderous, wonderful. Xanadu, X-ray. Zealous,

  31. Hi Barbara
    Bit confused, I think I spotted an I word so I’m going with J. Jolly 38 minutes ( me a hell of a lot longer! 😂😂). Xx

  32. A- Addictive,
    B- Beautiful,
    C- Creative, Committed, Craftsmanship
    D- Delightful, Dedicated
    E- Ethical
    F- Fun, Family, Flair
    G- Gorgeous, Generous
    H- Happy, Helpful
    I- Ingenious
    J- Joyful
    K- Knockout
    L- Luxurious
    M- Marvellous
    N- Nifty
    O- Opulent
    P- Perfect, phenomenal
    Q- Quintessential, Quality
    R- Relaxing
    S- Stunning
    T- Tremendous, Talent
    U- United
    V- Valuable, Visionary
    W- Wonderful
    X- X-factor
    Y- Yabbydabbydozy
    Z- Zazzy
    2 hours 6 minutes

  33. Hi
    I think it Took 33minutes
    Over the
    Pond In
    Stateside via
    Yonder and home to
    💤 Time for bed

    Great company
    Ruth xx

  34. Hi Barb,
    Just want to thank you, Grace and all the team for a marvellous, fantastic, stupendous weekend. I have thoroughly enjoyed dipping in on and off all day every day.
    Clarity is certainly depleting my bank account but it is doing wonders for my happiness and well being. Tuesdays oriental offering will definitely be going in my basket.
    Love and hugs. Stay well.

  35. A- amazing, astonishing, artful
    B- brilliant,
    C- caring, courteous, crafty
    D-drawing, delightful
    E, effervescent, excellent,
    F- fair, fantastic, faultless, friendly
    G- gracious, giving, great
    H- hardworking, honest
    I- impeccable ,idealistic, incredible
    K- kind
    L-lovely, liked
    M-magnificent, marvelous
    N- nice,
    O- obliging, outclassed
    P- pally, patient, precise
    Q- quality, quick, reasonable,
    T- talented, tops
    U- unrivaled
    V- value for money
    W-warmhearted, welcoming
    X- xx
    Y- yummy{ when it is the Open Days and we have cakes }

    Right well I expect you made that card a lot quicker than I made that list. Maybe 46 minutes.
    Thanks for taxing my brain late on a Sunday xx

  36. Sadly, I have missed most of this weekend, having been visiting family, but everyone seems to have had a wonderful time. I did miss wielding the pricing gun to help get things ready, but I look forward to joining in next year. Good luck to all those in the raffles. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  37. Amazetastic – 57 minutes. Good luck to everyone. Thank you to all the Clarity Team for a successful online Open Day xx

  38. A – awesome
    B- beautiful
    C – contented
    D- delightful
    E – effervescent
    F- fantastic
    G- generosity
    H- happy
    I – I love you
    J- joviality
    K – kindness
    L- lovely
    M- marvellous
    N- nicely
    O- opulent
    P- pretty
    Q- quality
    R- relaxing
    S- stimulating
    T- tremendous
    U- unflappable
    V- valentine
    W- well worth it
    X- Xmas
    Y- yes I will buy more
    Z- zentangle
    Card took 2 hrs 9 mins xx

  39. Amazing, took two hours and fourty mi utes for card love Clarity love to win but probably not as never have any luck

  40. Not sure what letter we are up to, but I’m going with k and kindness. Especially for all the love and care you show for your Clarity family and for giving away some amazing products.
    My guess on the time to make the card is 1hour and 18 minutes.
    Thank you for a fab and fun weekend.

  41. Awesome Artist
    Brilliant Barbara
    Clever crafting customers
    Dynamic Dave
    Endlessly Energetic
    Fabulous family Fun
    Groovi Grace
    Helping Hobbies
    Inking Ideas
    Joyful Jeanine
    Lovely Linda
    Marvellous Mel
    Never No
    Patient Paul
    Super Steve
    Talented Tina
    Very Versatile
    Wonderfully wise
    Yes Yes Yes
    Zig Zagging
    I think the card took 24 minutes to make

  42. Hi
    I think the project took 53 minutes

    Over the
    Pond in
    Stateside via
    Yonder and home to
    Time for bed
    Ruth xx

  43. A- amazing
    B- brilliant
    C- confident
    D- diamonds
    E- educating
    F- friendly
    G- giving
    H- happy
    I- ingenious
    J- joyful
    K- kind
    L- lovely
    M- masters
    N- nice
    O- organised
    P- perfect
    Q- quality
    R- reliable
    S- superb
    T- talented
    U- unique
    V- versatile
    W- workaholics
    X- xenial (being nice or friendly)
    Y- young
    Z- zentangle
    Time taken – 55 minutes

  44. A – Ability, accepting, accredited,
    B – Brave, brilliant
    C – Clarity, courage, compassionate
    D – desire, dedicated,dependable
    E – enthusiastic, eager, empowering, extraordinary, energetic, empathy
    F – Family, faithful, finishers
    G- Genuine, generous
    H – Hardworking, helpful,
    I – Ingenuity, innovative, inspiring, imaginative, inspirational
    J – Journey, joy
    K – kindness, knowing
    L – love, longevity
    M – mindful, masterful, motivated
    N – nurturing, noble
    O – Openness, optomistic
    P – Passionate, positive, prepared
    Q – Quality, quick
    R – Respectful, resilient
    S – Selflessness, sharing, strong
    T – Teamwork, talented, thankful, trustworthy
    U – Universal
    V – Value, versitile
    W – Winners, welcoming, warm, willing, wholehearted
    X – Xenial
    Y – Yearning – to bring the best
    Z – zest

    I think the card took 28 minutes

  45. Absolutely amazing
    Blooming brilliant
    Clarity chums
    Desperately doodling
    Elegant etches
    Feathered friends
    Glamorous greatfulness
    Happy hypo!
    Intelligent interested
    Jolly junkies
    Kindly Knitters
    Laughing ladies
    Mr and Mrs
    Naughty notes
    Opals and oranges
    Pencils pointed
    Quick and quicker
    Rested and ready
    Stencils selotaped
    Tracing technology
    Understanding universal
    Voicemail vocabulary
    Words welcomed
    Excellently exercise
    Yellow Ying yang
    Zoom zoom

    Think you had taken about an hour and fifty minutes to create that card.🤞

  46. Awesomely amazing and approachable. Brilliantly best Barbara. Caring, compassionate and creative. Dynamic, devoted and dependable. Engaging, energetic and entertaining. Fabulous, faithful and fair. Gracious, generous and genuine. Humble, human and honest. Independent, inspiring and international. Jovial, jocular and just. Kindly, knowledgeable and keen. Learned, lively and loving. Marvellously magnificent but modest. Obviously open and online. Professional and people people. Quintessential queen of quarantine. Resourceful, resolute and revered. Supportive, special and second to none. Thoughtful, tasteful and trusted. Unbelievably uplifting and useful, Very varied and valued. Wealth of website wonders. Xtremely xciting and xclusive. You, you, you are the best now it’s time for zzzzzzzs.

    My guess it took you less time to do the card than it took me to come up these words! I’m guessing 1hr 12 minutes. Great prize for whoever wins!

  47. Amazing
    Great Service
    Satisfaction (customer satisfaction)
    Xerox (there must be one in the office!)
    You (meaning Barbar herself)

  48. Everyone has started to do the whole alphabet so I have no idea what letter to do!
    That floral alphabet is amazing and I would love to win it but with what letter?!? Let’s go….
    P for phantasmagorical!
    I reckon 39 minutes flat out! xx

  49. Ace, Awesome Artistry Artwork!Barbara’sBlooming Brilliant Blog, Brushes, Breathe!Clarity Calming, Caring, Colourful Crafting Clubs! Dave! Detailed Designs!Established, Enrichiching,Educating,Friendship,Focus,Family,Flair!Grace Gray, Giving, Great Groovi! Happiness, Helpful! Idyllic, Intuitive, Inks! Joyful, Kindness, Lovely Learning, Laughter.Mark,Mindfulness, Meditation, Making Masterpieces! Nice Network! Original, Open, Optimistic. Pergamano,, Pens, Perfect Papercrafting! Quiet,Reliable, Reflective, Relaxing. Spectacular Stamps, Stencils, Supportive, Service, Totally Terrific Teamwork, Talented Tutors. Ultra Usable!.Very Versatile!Wonderful! Xcellent! You! Zany!

  50. Phew so many words to describe Clarity. Here goes
    A: astounding, alluring, absolute, accommodating, affinity, artful, arty, art, awesome, attentive, admirable, abundant,amazing, able, accredited, abiding,
    B: brilliant, Barbara, best,beauty, beautiful, bright, blissful, breathtaking, bargains,benefactor, blessed,
    C: classy, crafty, compulsive, companionship, caring, celebrated, celebration, champion, colourful, clever, cordial, consistent, crazy, captive, central, charming
    D: dependable, devoted, dramatic, dynamic, designdistinguished, divine, delightful, dazzling, dreamteam, demonstrations, dies, Dave
    E: excellent, epic, endearing,engaging, enticing, esteem, exceptional, elephants, extraordinary, exhibitor
    F: fantastic, fun, forever, fabulous,
    G: generous, great, grateful, gratitude, groovi, geisha, Grace
    H: honest, heartfelt, hardworking, humorous.
    I: inspiring, individual, illuminating, inky, ingenious, innovative, illustrative.
    J: joyful, jolly,Jeanine,
    K: kind, kindred,knowledgable,
    L: lasting, laughing, love,
    M: meanful, motivation, motivated, moons
    N: new, nice,nature, nurture, novel,
    O: open, optimistic,
    P: popular, parchment, Paul
    Q: quick, quirky, quality,
    R: reliable, restorative , restive, restful,
    S:special, superstars, specialists, shac shack,
    T: talented, tremendous, thankful, timeless
    U: unique, uplifting, unbeatable
    V: value, vibrant, variety, vivacious, virtual
    W: wonderful, welcoming, willing, wellstocked, wellness, warmth.
    X: xciting, xtraspecial, xmas
    Y: yarn,
    Z: zest, zone, zigzag, zing, zesty
    As for card time 50minutes.

  51. #happydayclarityday
    Part 1
    Artistry, amazing,
    Beautiful, bright, brilliant
    Clarity, clear, concise, creative, custom, curiousness, colourful
    Dee, delightful, detailed, delicate , Dave, doodles
    Exciting, encouraging, energy
    Funny, faithful, frees the soul, family
    Grace, good humour, gifted, groovi
    Happy, holistic, harmonious, honourable
    Indian summer, inks, ideas, inspiration, interesting
    Jayne, joyful,
    Lovely, Leonie,
    Maria, marvellous, magnificent, magical
    Original, outstanding
    Pergamano, polite, personable, professionals, Paul
    Recognised, recommended, reknowned,
    Stampers, stencils, shac shac, Safe, secure, simple yet sophisticated, sketching, skilled
    Talented, Toscana, tools, Team – clarity,
    Unbelievable, undeniably great!
    Wimea falls, waiting for the next creation, watchability, warming,
    X marks the spot- you can see through the stamp holders.
    Zoologists, zany, zealous,

    And to all the team members I’ve not listed above, everyone needs recognition for their talents, assistance and support. Thank you for this weekend. I hope the hard work has paid off and you’ve been rewarded.

    Part II
    46 minutes

  52. Amazing, Barbara, caring, deals, excellent, fantastic, great, happy, inspirational, joyful, kindness, love, marvellous, new, orders, prizes, quality, retreats, service, talent, universal, x, young and zip.
    Think you made the card in 1hour and 11 minutes, a lovely card for a lovely occasion.
    Thank you Barbara for an amazing weekend of inspirational blogs, offers and blog prizes and this one to finish with is fabulous to finish with.
    It’s definitely time to stop and rest before our travels tomorrow, cu in the morning, Jackie x

  53. the FINEST – 24 MINUTES

    Many thanks Barbara and team Clarity for a most enjoyable and engaging weekend. I’ve loved every minute of it, especially the shopping! 😀❤X

  54. Awesomely brilliant creative doodles ethos friendship generous happy inky joy krafty lovely momentous neat open perfection quality relaxing stupendous talented unique varied wonderful xcellant yummy zentangle
    Some of those letters were tricky !!
    Love your card – looks 3d because of the shading but I think it was 47.5 minutes.
    Good Luck everyone, a fantastic prize to end a fantastic weekend

  55. It took you 35minutes to make
    Amazing, award-winning, astonishing, adorable, amiable, admirable, affordable.
    Barbara, beautiful, believable, brushes
    Creative, crafting, clear, customer- friendly.
    Dependable, delightful, delivers, doodle, dies, designers
    Elegant, encouraging, entertaining, eager
    Fabulous, friendly, faithful, fantastic
    Gorgeous, generous, Groovi, gelplate
    Helpful, hopeful, heroes, Happy
    Idol, ideal, informative, inks
    Joyful, jolly, juicy
    Knowledgeable, keen, kind
    Luscious, lovely, loyal
    Marvellous, multitalented
    Natural, new, naughty, nice, natters
    Omnipotent, outgoing, optimistic,open, offers
    Passionate, professional, personable , Pergamano, Parchment, paints, papers
    Reusable, reasonable, reliable
    Super, superb, sensational, spectacular, special, stamps, stencils,shac, shack
    Tempting, talented, tasteful, truthful
    Unique, unbeatable, useful
    Vivid, vivacious, very
    Welcoming, warm, worthwhile
    xciting, xtraspecial, xceptional
    Young at heart, youthful, yummy
    Zendoodle, zealous, zonking, zany,zinging,zesty

  56. Back to the shac attack tomorrow – looking forward to seeing where we end up this time! Love and hugs – Ani xx

  57. Grateful 1 hour and 10 minutes. Thank you all for a wonderful weekend. I’ve had lots of fun, made loads more cards, grabbed some of your wonderful bargains and enjoyed your company xx.

  58. Awesome, Brilliant, caring, dedicated, essential, fantastic, giving, happy, irresistible, jackpotjoy, knowledgeable, lovely, monumental, nice, original, personal, quick, relaxing, stupendous, terrific, unique, versatile, wonderful, xxxx, yummy, zany.
    The card took 47mins 30 seconds.

  59. Amazing , Artistic awesome, best , beautiful , blogger Barbara , crafty , creative , calm , companion compassionate, clever ,doodler , drawing , determined, everlasting, expertly, fantastic , funny , friendly , great , giving , generous, genuine groovietastic, homely honest, hilarious hochanda, interesting, joyful , kind , lovely, loyal , mindful , magical, nice , neighbourly , open , precious, quizzical, resourceful, respectful , stamper , stenciler, tea-drinker, truthful, tearful, tremendous, talented , understated , understanding, vocational, (e)xcerlent, zoneful !!

  60. Amazing, awesome, artistry
    Barbara, brilliant, beautiful, blogs
    Clarity, care, colour, creative
    Dave, dazzle, doodle, dynamic, dies, discounts
    Easy, exciting, exquisite
    Fantastic, fabulous, fairies, fun
    Groovi, great, gorgeous, generous, gelli
    Honest, helpful, hearts
    Inspiring, integrity, idea’s,
    Joyful, jubilant,
    Kind, kite,
    Lovely, laughs, like, learn
    Marvellous, magnificent, magic,
    Nice, new, nature, natural
    Orchid, original,
    Pergamano, Paul, pretty, petals, pencils
    Quality, quirky,
    Rejoicing, revealing,
    Steve, stamping, stencils,
    Technique, teal, tempt
    Unique, unicorns, united
    Vista, verse, violet
    Wonderful, willing, windmill
    Xmas, Xeranthemum
    Zentangle, Zinnia, zone

    2 hours, 3 minutes and 45 seconds

  61. Awesome, Amazing, Attentive, Ample, Addictive, Ace, Artistic, Authentic, Approachable, Accessible, Affable, Applaudable, Astounding, Available.
    Beautiful, Benevolent, Best, Bold, Bubbly, Businesslike,
    Capable, Champion, Calm, Choice, Classic,
    Caring, Collectable,Certain, Consistent,
    Charming, Commendable, Competent,
    Contactable, Curious, Contemporary.
    Deft, Daring, Deluxe, Decent, Different, Deliverable, Dependable,
    Devoted, Distinctive, Dreamy, Desirable,
    Earnest, Effective, Easy, Elegant, Enjoyable, Essential, Eminent,
    Entertaining, Enthusiastic, Excellent, Exciting, Expert, Extensive,
    Fair, Faithful, Fine, Fascinating, Friendly, Flamboyant,
    Flowery, Fresh,
    Glowing, Generous, Gentle, Great, Gracious, Glorious, Good,
    Helpful, Happy, Handy, Humorous, Heroic, Honest, Highest,
    Ideal, Illustrious, Independent, Inventive, Illuminating, Instructive,
    Immense, Irresistible,
    Joyful, Jolly, Jazzy, Joinable, Just,
    Keen, Kind, Knowledgeable,
    Lovely, Likeable, Large, Lush, Lasting, Liberal, Leading, Leisurely,
    Listening, Light, Loyal, Lively, Luminous,
    Magnificent, Magic, Memorable, Marketable, Merry, Mixed, Mysterious, Modern,
    Nice, Neat, New, Notable, Numerous,
    Obliging, Outright, Open, Ornamental,
    Paramount, Pleasing, Particular, Popular, Personal, Providing,
    Pleasant, Perfect, Practical, Permanent, Profitable, Playful, Precise, Portable, Pretty, Proper,
    Quaint, Quality, Querky, Quick,
    Radical, Realistic, Ranging, Reasonable, Relaxing, Reassuring, Refreshing, Rewarding, Resourceful, Recommended, Retailers,
    Smashing, Smart, Simple, Social, Satisfying, Select, Saucy, Soothing, Shimmering, Speedy, Showy, Sublime, Steady, Sunny, Smart, Striking,
    Tactful, Topping, Tasteful, Tempting, Terrific, Triumphant, Therapeutic, Technical,
    Ultra, Understanding, Useful, United, Upright,
    Valiant, Victorious, Vast, Vivid, Venturesome,
    Warm, White, Wondrous, Wise, Worthy,
    Xenial, Xenodochial,
    Yare, Yielding, Young,
    Zealous, Zesty,

    39 minutes 42 seconds

  62. Hi Barbara
    I think the Anniversary card took you 1 hour and 15 minutes. I know that it would have taken me a lot longer xxxx

    A – Artilicious
    B – Barbalicious
    C – Craftilicious & Caringlylicious
    D – Definitely Delightfulicious & Delicious
    E – Elegantilicious
    F – Fabulicious & Friendlyicious
    G – Graciousilicious
    H – Helpfulicious
    I – Innovativilicious & Infectilicious
    J – Just-ilicious
    K – Kindilicious
    L – Lovingilicious
    M -Mindfulicious & Motivationalicious
    N – Naughty, but Niceilicious
    O – Openlylicious
    P – Purposefulicious
    Q – Quirkylicious
    R – Respectfulicious
    S – Superbulicious
    T – Thoughtfulicious
    U – User-friendlyicious
    V – Vibrantilicious
    W – Wonderfulicious
    X – Xcitingilicious
    Y – Youthfulicious
    Z – Zentanglicious & Zingilicious

    Love & Hugs

  63. thanks you for a wonderful weekend. Barb xx
    Artistic / Beautiful/ Creative/ Diversity /Elegant
    Friendship/ Gracious / Heartfelt/ Inspiring /Jovial
    Knowledgeable/ Luxury / Majestic /Nurture
    Outstanding / Possible /Quality /Reliable/
    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious/ Teamwork /
    Unbeatable/ visionary / winner / Xfactor / Yeve
    Card is beautiful i had so much fun with that doodle. 1hr 30 mins

  64. A – amazing, B – Barbara, C – clarity, D – different, E – exciting, F- fabulous, G – gifted, H- happiness, I – inventive, J- Jolly, K – knowing, L – loving, M – magnificent, N- novelty, O – outstanding, P – patriotic, Q – quirky, R – realistic, S – stunning, T – thoughtful, U – unbelievable, V – vivacious, W – wonderful, X – xxxx’s, Y – youthful and Z – zany!

    I think an hour.

  65. Amazing Barbara Caring Delicious Exciting Fine Groovi Happy Joyous Krafty Lineart Magnificent Naughty OpenDays Perfect Quality Real SHACSHAC Timeless Unsurpassed Valiant Wonderful Xmas Zany

    I think 58 minutes
    Thanks for a fab weekend

  66. amazing, awesome,affordable
    super, striking,
    unique, unbelievable,
    wonderful, worthy,

    You needed 1.09 (1 hour amd 9 minutes)

  67. I already have these fantastic stamps so please don’t enter me in the draw. But wanted to say how much I have loved this weekend. I calculated how much I would spend if attending the actual day, plus accommodation and then spent it this weekend on your generous sale.(That’s what I am telling my husband!) I love this blog ‘s card. No idea how long it took you, though would have taken me a loooong time! Please can you post how you got such a fantastic effect?
    Thank you Barbara, Grace and all the other lovely Clarity family.

  68. Hello Barb, my word is astounding and I think it took 1 hour and twelve minutes. Looking at the answers I think you will be having some serious reviewing time. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  69. A Adaptable
    B Best
    C Committed
    D Diligent
    E Energetic
    F Friendly
    G Generous
    H Honourable
    I Instructions
    J Jolly
    K Kind
    L Lovely
    M Motiveational
    N Novice
    O Options
    P Precise
    Q Quiet (time)
    R Result
    S Style
    T Tutoring
    U Universal
    V Volume
    W Wonderful
    X Xmas
    Y You tube
    Z Zentangle

    I think the card took 9 mins

    Thank you for your wonderful generosity.

  70. Oh, so many letters, so much thinking time. I will go with the letter I since I just got off your website and was so inspired with all that I saw. I inspected the alphabets but in the end I bought items related to my intense interest in doodling (though I make cards so I had thought of all that I could create with the alphabets if I had given in to that whim). I am behind on your FB drawings — doing the dream catchers at the moment (on day 2), but what is behind — I am in my own time here…. Thank you for the generosity. I will say your creation took 52 minutes. I would have taken me much longer but I suspect you have more practice than I do. 🙂

  71. My word for the good ship Clarity and all who sail in her is INCLUSIVE. Always a cheerful greeting, something for everyone no matter what your preference or skill level and a safe harbour to rest and dream in awhile. I think the card took you 14 minutes because well ……. Happy is as happy does and it shows!! 🙂

  72. Amazing, awesome, artistic, brill, brave, caring, courageous, determined, excellent, funny, great, happy, imaginative, jolly, kind, (lots of) laughs, mindful, nice, outstanding, “peesa cake” 😂quirky, real, strange 😂, terrific, universal, very much a necessity! wonderful, (awesome) xmas designs, youtube, zen

  73. Amazing, awesome, artistic, brill, brave, caring, courageous, determined, excellent, funny, great, happy, imaginative, jolly, kind, (lots of) laughs, mindful, nice, outstanding, “peesa cake” 😂quirky, real, strange 😂, terrific, universal, very much a necessity! wonderful, (awesome) xmas designs, youtube, zen

    i think this card took you 2 hours and 3 minutes x

  74. I can’t figure out which letter comes next, so I’ll go with E: Extraordinary! And 55 minutes on the card. Thanks!

  75. Oops my last post must be stuck in the ether so I’ll try again and apologies if it duplicates.
    My favourite word for Clarity is inclusive. – No matter who you are, where you’re from, whether you prefer stamps stencils or Groovi, and regardless of your skill level there is something for everyone. There’s always a cheery greeting, a SHAC Shac to brush up your skills and a safe haven to learn and dream awhile. Blimmin’ Brilliant team all round!! What more could anyone ask for?!!
    I think the card took 14 minutes and a few twirls from superwoman 😉

  76. I would guess 3 hours 10 minutes
    Budget buster
    Staff standing ovation
    X can’t think of one 🤔🤗

    Had a lovely open day thank. You xxxx

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