HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 8

HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 8

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Time to get back up on the chair for a cheeky little Open Days Giveaway, methinks!

Hands up who has got our Clarity Stencil brushes! Hands up who hasn’t! And hands up who wants a set! The thing about our brushes is you just can’t have enough of them. EVER! Check out my stash !!

That doesn’t include the ones on the table…

…or the ones in my Glastonbury pot that I wove – to get out of the rain! But I digress…

Thing is, they just work so beautifully! With stencils…

…and on their own, to blend a landscape.

We’ve rustled up a lovely little bundle for you, including a box of super duper Artistry inks as well.

So if you would like to win this stash, then all you have to do is tell me your favourite Artistry Ink pad colour below. There are 48 altogether, so there must be one you love best!I always seem to reach for tenacious Teal. But I do like Midnight Blue too….

Anyway. Must dash! Hope you’re enjoying all the projects and demos that the busy Design Team are posting and serving over on Facebook for you on this HappyDay ClarityDay !

Love always

Barb xxx

250 thoughts on “HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 8

  1. Tenacious teal is my favourite. I use it a lot….
    Currently have 8 brushes as I treated my self to a second set a couple of months ago ….

  2. Such a hard question to answer. I think Black Shadow is actually a very underrated ink colour. Perfect for drop shadows or toning down brighter colours. PS You can never have too many stencil brushes!

  3. Hello Barbara
    First of all, thank you for your generosity. The virtual Open Days have helped to assuage the disappointment of not having the real thing and meeting up with the friends I have made through Clarity.
    My favourite Artistry colour is Fine Wine. Such a rich colour.

  4. Hmm now there’s a poser – favourite? I used dry weed, aged stucco and old parchment most for light backgrounds however I love the warmth and happiness of Fall Fiesta. So it has to be … Fall Fiesta to go with the Happy Day Clarity Day feel.

  5. I love the blue end of the spectrum, so anything blue/green, blue or purple, because of that Tenacious Teal and groovy grapes…..love them!

  6. Hi Barbara,
    Hope your open days have gone well for you. You have been very generous to all your customers. Thank you.
    Have lime kiss and golden tumeric sets but favourite seems to be Ocean Reef.

  7. Love the gentle colours so mellow green is perfect for me. I love the teal and the mauve range but I still go foe mellow green as my favourite colour!! I also have 2 boxes of brushes -all well used, so another would be lovely.

  8. Blushing rose – such a pretty and delicate colour. Love your brushes – have several sets already but my pot will accommodate more!!!

  9. love Tenacious Teal, both the colour and the name. Clarity brushes… Yes please because you can never have enough.

  10. If I must choose one, then Aged Stucco, great as an undercoat.
    Thanks for a great weekend of blog inspiration and chances to win such lovely prizes.

  11. Midnight blue. Love it at Christmas especially. Would love the brushes and they are on my wish list xx

  12. Groovy Grapes for me. Very rich so need to be careful with it but lovely. Thank-you for all the give aways. X X

  13. I always love it when you get the golden turmeric out in your demos. Would love another set of brushes. Thank you for being so generous this weekend. Roll on tomorrow, destination unknown 😀

  14. I love elegant emerald. Green is my favourite colour. Would love the brushed too they would definitely improve my arty efforts!!

  15. I love elegant emerald. Green is my favourite colour. Would love the brushes too they would definitely improve my arty efforts!!

  16. Morning Dew but only possess 2 sets so far lime kiss and golden turmeric . Gradually replacing my adriondack dried up aged inks.. Brushes you can never have enough off. 1 set at mo. Wish list is ever growing. Brilliant quality prize. Good luck crafters

  17. Hi Barbara, big thanks to you and all the Clarity Team for making it possible not to miss the Open days this year. This weekend has been brilliant and you have been so generous – as always! It has been great to still catch up with the Clarity Family, if only in the virtual world!
    So difficult to choose a favourite colour but one of the first I got was the very sunny colour GOLDEN TUMERIC – and of course tumeric is good for you (Dave says so!)

  18. Can I admit to never having used an Artistry Ink or stencil brush? I know!🤪 however, I think that Tenacious Teal would be a favourite, as I love anything teal.
    Thanks again, Barbara. Annette X

  19. Think it would have to be morning dew, don’t have many of the brushes or inks but would love it to do more backgrounds and stamping as a change to my groovi, sorry not a change, an addition! Great prize, thanks for everything this weekend Barbara, looking forward to our holiday in Hawaii in the morning 😉😉

  20. Your blogs have made for lovely reading. The colours I have are all lovely but it’s Orange Popsicle for me.

  21. Afternoon, only just been able to join you but certainly love the idea of the virtual Open Days. My fave colour is Ocean reef, followed by midnight blue.

  22. From my selection of the small “Old Parchment Collection” my favourite colour is Indian Jamun. Would love to add to my small collection of brushes, I would then have one for each colour.
    Been loving all the blogs from the DT.

  23. Ocean Reef is my fav. just such a beatutiful colour and it blends so well especially using those gorgeous brushes.

  24. All nice in different ways but Golden turmeric. Great prize, crafting is very therapeutic & I love Barbara’s Shak Shak sessions!

  25. Thank you for another great giveaway. I am just starting out with inks and stamps and have no idea what artistry inks are!!!
    So this giveaway would be lovely for me to win. Thank you so much Barbara and Clarity x

  26. Cinnamon Tea closely followed by Dry Weed are my favourites, thank you Barbara for your generosity this weekend and all the inspiration

  27. Acqua Fusion. It just seems to blend with all the other blues I have, Distress Inks and other Artistry Inks. Having such fun at this virtual open day! Thank you. X

  28. Difficult one but I choose cinnamon tea solely because I have been using lots of cinnamon lately with my cooked apples, with sultanas yum.

  29. Cinnamon Tea Barbara. Love it in everything: buns, Cakes, Bread n Butter Pud and of course in an ink pad
    Not quite so flavousome but blimey what a colour!!!! Won’t be able to Shac up tomorra Barb in hospital …. that weren’t in me plan. Still at least I could still make the Open Days. Have phone, have Debit card all that’s needed.🙈

  30. Golden Turmeric as a base for everything – to ‘pull’ a card together
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  31. How generous, I’m really drawn to oranges and teal shades so Rusticana first then tenacious teal x

  32. Must admit to not having the artistry inks but my favourite colours are the blue and lavender. However I do have 4 brushes and would love some more.

  33. Can’t name a favourite as I don’t own any but how I would love to! Currently have 3 sets of brushes but would like some more for my distress oxides 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. My favourite is Rosy Cheeks. I am enjoying this virtual Open Days as I live in Canada. Love all the step by steps and everything that is being created. Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  35. ……Such a difficult decision! Love them all, starting to get a collection together. But think I will plump for Wedgewood Green! Treated myself to a set of brushes a little while ago and think another set may fall into my basket this afternoon! Thank you Barbara and team for a wonderful virtual open weekend and your generous open day sale – much appreciated.

  36. It’s got to be Mudstone. I just love the way it frames my work, giving it that oldie woldie look 😁

  37. I have a selection of the masks but as yet haven’t got any of the artistry ink pads hopefully in the future. But I love any type of blues, I would love a set of brushes too. Thank you xx

  38. Aqua Dawn
    so difficult to choose I use the various blues and greens a lot. Oh ok I use most of the colours, but the blue are normally my first “go-to” .

  39. Morning Dew….for adding subtle shadows and Mudstone to add a gentle warmth to the background.

  40. Blue is my colour so midnight blue will be the one, I have some brushes I bought years ago, love them . I have been unable to sign in, don’t know why, tried yesterday as well. Xxxxx

  41. Groovi grape is probably my fave. It’s purple, but hard to choose from the purples as I am a purple girl!

  42. I only have a couple of the Artistry ink pads, at the moment, and my favourite colour out of my two is Mudstone. I do have two sets of brushes which are brilliant.

  43. Its very hard too choose just one, but Lush Lilac is a good one as there are quiet a few other colours that can blend with it to create a good colour combination

  44. Well i dont havea y inks as new to all this mixed media marlarkey but i like the look of cinnamon tea. In fact i seem to like anything with a food related sound at the moment and i adore cinnamon and tea 🤣🤣🤣

  45. Thanks for a lovely weekend on line . My favourite is golden tumeric ,with Indian jamun a close second

  46. If there was one called Clarity Glow it would have to be that !
    But my favourite is Stormy Sky great to go with Clarity Sky masks x

  47. Tenacious Teal if I have to choose one. Can never have too many brushes especially now my great-niece is getting into ink and stencils, she’s only 3 going on 13 ! She knows she must keep one for each colour !X

  48. They are all lovely inks, but I’m a bit of a blue Girl myself so my fav is Ocean reef it is lovely and my most used. The brushes are so good, I am slowing adding to my collection. Happy Clarity day to all xxxx

  49. Old Parchment, particularly the Old Parchment Collection. Absolutely love how they compliment each other so beautifully taking the hard work out of perfect matching!

  50. I’m a golden turmeric girl, I love my bright colours. I agree tou can never have enough brushes xx

  51. I was going to order a set of minis so stopped just in case!!!!! I love the brushes and have a set. Fingers crossed I get lucky. Thank you for these prizes

  52. The artistry inks are on my wish list but I have some stencil brushes which I love. As you suggested I keep one for yellow but having more would save on having to wash them as it is amazing how much ink is still there days later when you back to them – great when you just want a hint of colour. I think the selection boxes are a great idea as it gives you a little of several colours to try. The box above would be my first choice as it has Tenacious Teal & Fine Wine in.

  53. I don’t have any of these inks yet, but aqua fusion looks like it would work well with a sea scene. Tenacious teal also a great colour.

  54. aqua fusion looks like it would work well with a sea scene. Tenacious teal also a great colour.

  55. Difficult question to answer – I’ve just got one box of the Artistry Inks, but they all bend so well together. It would be fab to have another box though. I am very partial to teal shades, so would have to go with the aqua fusion from my current set. Would be delighted if I won, as I could then play with the tenacious teal (crosses fingers…)

  56. They are on my wish list , have to use my distress inks at the moment but Groovy Grapes sound fabulous. I love the names!

  57. Ocean reef. Love it. They are all good and easy to use.
    See you in the Shack Shack tomorrow, and thank for you’re kindness and time. Keeping us sane. Of to spend money in the sale Xx.

  58. I’ve never used the inks but liked the sound of Wild Bilberry when you talked about it for backgrounds with Dots and Spots. The brushes are wonderful.

  59. Indian Jasmin

    Looks lush, I’ve never used them before but they look so easy to use. Thank you

  60. Oooooo – what a wonderful gift you are offering Barbara. Although I have heaps of your stamps I have not yet tried your inks or brushes (they are on my wish list).
    ‘Morning Mist’ evokes a wonderful scene so I would choose that one.
    Thank you

  61. I’ve just ordered the set with Blaze in it because I just love that colour. The brushes look amazing

  62. Golden Turmeric has to be my favourite. It is such a lovely sunny colour and I take turmeric every morning to relieve the arthritis in my fingers. It does seem to help with the pain !
    Yvonne xxx

  63. Well, I don’t think I could fairly choose a favourite Artistry Ink based on the colour, as I’ve only got 3 or 4 (we have a full complement of Adirondack and Distress inks, so couldn’t justify buying more until they start to run out) so instead I’ve chosen it based on the name and I’ve gone for Fall Fiesta!

  64. I love the richness of the colours of artistry inks .I think my favourite is Fine Wine as it a rather unusual colour.

  65. Have all 4 sets of Artistry mini’s and 75% of them are favourites which I use a lot. Aquas and teals, lilacs and pinks are my go to’s but Autumn colours are also great.
    I have many of the brush sets and find them far superior to any of the other types purchased in the distant past. My brush pot is already overflowing and I have just unearthed an unused set from the back of a drawer. Need another pot !!!!!
    Stay Safe. 🍒🍒🍒

  66. Hi Barbara,
    What a lot of work you’ve all put into this weekend! I don’t have any artistry inks yet, so I’ve taken a stroll through the website to discover their names. What a choice! I’ve finally plumped for Roasted Chestnut as it’s beautifully rich, autumnal & reminds me of roasting chestnuts over coals when we were children.

  67. Love them all!! Think Blaze is my most used and favourite and would love another set of those gorgeous brushes. Xx

  68. I haven’t got any of them yet but I just love colour😀 think yellows orange brown but love them all.

  69. Aqua Fusion is my favourite because it’s a combination of blue and green and I just love that colour combination, mind you the Apricot Nectar runs a close second, thank you lovely lady xx

  70. I’m always drawn to shades of blue, especially the aqua tones, so I’ll have to say Aqua Fusion

  71. Decisions, decisions. I only have one set but looking at all the other colours it would be midnight blue.

  72. Well I love anything lavender. Smell, taste, colour, the lavender itself, so got to be lavender lush for me.
    Would be greAt to win this. Another finger in another pie! Loads of love.

  73. I don’t have them, but looking on the website, I would use the PARCHMENT colour the most, it would make fantastic backgrounds XX

  74. Will have to fess up and admit I don’t possess Artistry inks, but Tenacious teal sounds lush. It would be lovely to be a convert !

  75. I only.have one Aged Stucco love it x
    The brushes I always order in the sale, offers I need more for my oxides 🤣
    Thank you for a lovely open day x

  76. I would choose Midnight Blue, because I love starry midnight skys, also lovely for snowy Christmas scenes.

  77. Ocean Reef,because I do like blue/green colors.
    Love the cards you are showing.
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  78. Awesome, brilliant, colourful, ditty, effective, fantastic, gorgeous, happy, ingenious, jolly, keepsakes, lovely, magnificent, novice, original, pretty, quaint, resourceful, special, tremendous, unique, vivacious, wonderful, Xen, yummy and zippy!
    Think that sums up everything clarity is ❤️🤔😁

  79. Hi Barbara
    Groovi Grape, swiftly followed by Lush Lavender, ( love the names). Stencil brushes are so good to use.
    Love Diane xxxd

  80. First off, thank you so much for these fantastic give aways Barbara, and the virtual open days have been fun! I don’t have any of the Artistry Inks but I do have a set of brushes which are great, and a second set together with a set of pretty inks would be fantastic! Looking at the colours I do love blues so the Ocean Reef and Tenacious Teal would be right up my street..lol. x

  81. Oh thank you for having the giveway. I love all the colors but I am drawn to the blues. Ocean reef, midnight blue, morning dew. I love the purples too… Goodness, one would be hard to pick wouldn’t it?

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