#HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 5.

#HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 5.

Hiya! Back up on the chair again! Time for another giveaway. Just got back from visiting my parents. Set Dad up on his bike. Left him studying the instructions on the various programmes! And Mium, she who’s always at my side when we do the Open Days is doing fine. She was sorry they’ve been shelved this year; she loves chatting away to everybody.

Every year since we started the Open Days, we always say afterwards, “we’ll never be able to top that. That was amazing!” And then, the next year, we say the same thing! It truly does seem to get better year on year, doesn’t it? The latest venue in Ditton near Maidstone was pretty spesh. Don’t worry! We’ve already booked it for next year!

Right. Enough woffle! I think it’s time for another really good giveaway…

Ok. Who has been colouring in the Humming birds with me in the Shac-Shack all week? Hands up!!

My good friend Dee Paramour, who is always demonstrating at our Open Days darn sarf, made this card that we worked towards, and she said we could give it away afterwards. So here it is: The original piece by Dee, PLUS a £20 Clarity gift voucher from me.

If you would like to be in it to win it, then simply tell us below where you think we’re headed off to on Monday on our weekly SHAC-Shack tour!!

And thank you once again to Dee for giving her time and skill to our SHAC-Shack ! Muchly appreciated.

Gottago! Be happy!

Love always

Barb xxx

216 thoughts on “#HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 5.

  1. Well, I think it might be down under to Australia, except they call flip flops thongs there! The mind boggles 😳
    I have so admired all the wonderful hummingbird pieces this week and it is very generous of Dee to donate her amazing work. Thanks Dee. Whoever wins this will be very happy! Love Annette X
    PS. Glad your folks are well.

  2. I think Hawaii – you mentioned the flip flops on Friday! And it is a special place for you and your family!
    I have missed having an Open Day chat with your mum this year, looking forward to next year!

  3. Have love doing the last 4 weeks of colouring – but the hummingbirds have been amazing. Love the peace and quite you bring to my mind. Thank you Barbara xx

  4. Hawaii is what immediately sprang to my mind when you said flip flops, but it’ll be fun wherever we go!

  5. You said it was and arduous flight, that made me think of Australia and koalas. You said flip flops so I thought Hawaii. However I’m hoping for frostbite from flip flops and a trip to see penguins.

  6. New York would be my choice and on this visit I’d love it if Grace would show us around all the interesting places that aren’t that well known. If I ever get back there I’m going to be cheeky and ask her to make some suggestions.

  7. Difficult this one, it needs to be somewhere with history, traditions and of course a coastline – Iam going for Maderia.

  8. I think Florida to see the turtles 🐢.
    What a fabulous prize, love Dees card. Was amazing watching it progress.
    Loving all the inspiration appearing. Happy day, Clarity day xx

  9. What first came to mind was Hawaii, then I thought India as you said it was a long journey and I could imagine the saris. But I think I will plump for my first guess of Hawaii with the leis and hula skirts. Wherever we go it will be a great adventure xx

  10. I though it may be Hawaii, but where ever you take us on our doodle shac shac we’ll be safe with you, enjoying your company.xx

  11. Hi Barbara. Loved doing the Humming Birds and would love Dee’s Card. Got my flip flops ready for Monday. Thinking it might be Hawaii. Wherever I’m sure it’ll be very enjoyable. Have a good weekend xx

  12. I think it might be Hawaii, but so do lots of other people. It doesn’t really matter as I’m sure we will all have a great time. x

  13. Would like Australia but will never be able to draw a kangaroo so instead I’m hoping for India ‘cos we can draw elephants. But I’m sure Barbara will look after us. Thanks Dee for the hummingbird inspiration x

  14. Would hope Australia, Sydney harbour and the Opera House, but I think with its vivid colours beautiful coastline and awesome landscape it will be Hawaii.
    Thanks Barb, you’re keeping me sane! X

  15. Skeggy! It really doesn’t matter to me as long as you keep doing SHAC Shack. I don’t do Facebook so can’t post my artwork but if you had told me could achieve something resembling Dee’s artwork I would never have believed it. Thank you both for your hard work & inspiration xxxxxxx

  16. I’m going for India and elephants (oh no – I had enough trouble with the little ones ! LOL !!) Our neighbours are always in flip flops though and they come from Sri Lanka. I love my flip flops x Good luck everyone. X

  17. I initially thought India, then Australia but, seeing as Hawaii is close to your heart I’m sticking with Hawaii. xx

  18. Thailand. I really don’t mind where though as I just enjoy that hour every morning. Glad you have booked at Ditton for next year , so ready for the get together. xx

  19. I reckoned last night on Clarity Worldwide that we would be going to Hawaii as we would need our passport & flip flops & it is a place that you enjoyed with the family for your 60th Birthday.
    Hawaii is my final guess

  20. Ooh I don’t mind where we go Barbara….but flip flops says sand, sun and sea so how about Bali?

  21. My choice would be Hawaii or the Bahamas.
    Beautiful caed from Dee, a treasure to keep for whoever wins.

    1. India very colourful . Wherever you take us will be fabulous and we will get to know some amazing facts about the country and its traditions can’t wait.

  22. The world is our oyster in the shac shac it can takes us anywhere we want to go:
    Australia, Tahiti, Caribbean, Mexico, Florida, India.
    No boundaries, great community, and lots of love no matter what the world or the weather is doing outside
    Good luck everyone

  23. Flip flops, history and a long journey? Mmm, so many possibilities. Not sure I’d wear flip flops with the insects in Australia. I’ll go for Cambodia to be different. Wonderful statues.

  24. I think the Caribbean. It’s a long way. Flowers, sea, sand and lot of sunshine. Took my mum on a cruise from Southampton once. Fantastic islands in the sun.Flip flops ok out there! Wouldn’t wear them in Australia!! Too many snakes and spiders! Lol. Wherever we go, it will be great and we’ll have good company! Someone will treasure Dee’s artwork. It’s very kind of her to gift it. Hx

  25. Concerned about flip flops with insects, snakes etc in many of the countries that I first thought of, so now thinking Hawaii, which is very special to you.

  26. Hi. I think Hawaii but the flip flop clue doesn’t really help as I’d wear flip flops in the snow! I’ve never worn appropriate footwear!!

  27. If it’s not the Caribbean then the kiwis all wear flip flops, so possibly Nee Zealand, but it’s winter over there at the moment. Will be wearing my flip flops on Monday though.

  28. I thought Hawaii. Avery long way, but India would be fantastic. Elephants, beautiful saris and so colourful. X

  29. I reckon on Bali. Glad to hear your Mum and Dad are fine. Will miss chatting with your Mum at the Open Day.x

  30. Anywhere it’s sunny so we can kick off those “SLIPPERS”and put on our flip flops and take a magical journey with Barbara. Love the card Dee 💕

  31. So many choices – Hawaii, Bermuda, Australia,Egypt. Palm Trees and Leis, surf boards, Kangaroos, Ayres rock or pyramids and camels come to mind. Wherever it will be fun.
    Love to you Mum – she is such an interesting person to talk to. Fond memories.

  32. Hawaii is where i always dreamed of as a young lassie when i watched Elvis in Blue Hawaii. nearly maid it for my silver wedding but had a tradjedy then by time i reached my golden wedding was unable to travel. But it doesnt matter Barbara my holiday in scotland should have finished today so none for me so take me to the moon and back if you wish. i will follow. thanks for all thr fun you have gave us in these bad times xx

  33. I think Hawaii could be great so we can all enjoy your reminiscing of your wonderful trip there. However, Greece would be amazing with all the history and architecture. Would love to win this beautiful piece of art. Tune in every day for the SHAC Shack and have truly been enjoying it and just listening to your soothing voice, thoughts and history/information that you have given us all. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  34. I am thinking we might be off to the other side of the world to wear our flip flops …. to Australia. Some really lovely Aboriginal art there to learn about.
    Thanks Barbara , you are a total inspiration.

  35. Hawaii, Madagascar, st. Lucia, Barbados??? Somewhere warm and dry with lots of friends, that’s the best thing. Xx

  36. The only place I wear my flip flops is Selsey Bill !
    cant beat taking the family on a good caravan holiday.

  37. Most people think Hawaii and that’s probably right.
    I yearn for that card of Dee’s!
    However I’m going for a curved ball and saying New Zealand – all those lovely Maori Ta Moko patterns and kiwis to draw plus lots of flip flops! Best holiday of my entire life was spent there.
    Do we have to get it right to win Dee’s beautiful artwork or just enter?!
    Good luck everyone

  38. Well Barb – I am hoping its India where you get your gorgeous colours for your lovely Artistry inks from. All those fabulous saris, Taj Mahal, Elephants [that we have already had a go at] and lots of other sights…….. please!

  39. My first thought was the Caribbean, in particular Jamaica – water falls, dolphins, dreadlocks, colourful dresses. Wherever we go it will be fab. Whoever wins Dee’s card will be delighted

  40. My first thought was Australia. I haven’t been able to join in recently due to work, so I haven’t heard any clues you’ve given! Looking forward to the holidays when I can start doodling along every day again. In the meantime, I just enjoy seeing my mum’s creations at the end of the week.

    M x

  41. Yes I fancy Caribbean but I haven’t been to Hawaii so gonna plump for Hawaii. Ps looked up Maya Angelou.. It made me tearful so going to read her biography. Thanks for your help getting through each day.

  42. California – maybe going back to San Diego where the journey first began? I still haven’t made it to Japan, but I do enjoy following in your footsteps!!!

  43. Hand up here! – I think we could be off to Hawaii as I know you’ve been there. Not that I know everywhere you’ve been! – Anyway, I’m all packed and ready to go!

  44. Hawaii for me too. Never been there, so would love you to take me ( along with everyone else in the Shac Shac of course!!

  45. Well, I know we’ve only just been ‘next door’ so to speak, but how about Germany in honour of your mum!

  46. If irs an arduous flight it probablyl is hawaii. I’ve always wanted to go there since hawaii 5-0 ‘book him Danno” wherever it is I’m waiting with an HB and a blank sheet of paper 😁

  47. How about Madagascar – rainforests, lemurs and sandy beaches! Wherever it is, can’t wait to join you in the Shac Shack. Thanks Barbara

  48. Bournemouth, Brighton…Blackpool? Lovely holiday destinations from where I’m sitting in Madrid! Difficult journeys…only once you’ve got off the plane…expensive too! Flip flops great for the beaches too…or a wander round Tesco (yep… seen that!) I’m definitely a Shac shack fan…stay home….

  49. I’d love to go to Egypt….. but I think it’s hawaii. Bags packed, sitting on my suitcase, passport in my hand, waiting for everyone to arrive and then we’re off….yayyy xxx

  50. Anywhere where there is no two weeks isolation! I think it is where you celebrated your 60th Birthday with all the family, such lovely photos you shared with us in this ere blog!

  51. I think you are going to Australia!
    Have a great weekend!
    Doing my best on the mill and the hummingbird.
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  52. Hawaii but would be nice to go to Canada but as long as Barbara is there it doesn’t matter where we go she will keep us safe with all her knowledge

  53. Like others, I think it’s Hawaii. Lovely! But anywhere will be nice. Glad that we won’t actually have to make that long flight though…

  54. Hi Barbara
    Well as I only arrived in Japan on Friday, I’m way behind on this journey but I’m really enjoying it. I expect you are all off to somewhere exotic, but knowing my luck my suitcase will go one way and I’ll go to Bognor Regis! , you need flip flops there I’m sure 😂.
    Much love
    Diane xxx

  55. The humming birds are not yet finished but on progress! You know That, here in Brittany, we have beautiful colours ans shapes on the costumes ? Good for doodling ! ☺️

  56. I’d love it to be Australia; I could visit my friends and relatives, most of whom I haven’t seen since the 1970’s.

  57. I think it’s the beautiful island of Maui, with all those luscious flowers and greenery and of course the Falls.

  58. Hawaii? but to be fair with Barb steering the boat who cares it will be the most wonderful adventure! There’s plenty of seats up front.

  59. I loved this piece when Dee first posted it on FB, just fab. Defo going to be in it to win it! Where do I think we’re going with our flip- flops? The beach! To a little beach hut, with our buckets and spades, a deckchair or two, we might need a wind break, got to have ice- creams, maybe a little trip into the penny arcades. Ooh And proper fish and chips for tea! There’s a lighthouse over there on the cliff, a Lifeboat station just down the way and lots of clinking boats in the harbour. Not too many people on the beach and a few in the sea splashing about and on inflatables. Crikey if I can doodle all that I’d be impressed! Might be more doable than it was on Day 1 in the SHAC SHACK! I’m really looking forward to going out in our Camper van (that’s how we got to the beach by the way!)can you tell ha ha ha! Wxx Realised I put the comment in the right place- what a numpty! Wxx

  60. My first thought was Australia, but having seen the comments Hawaii would be fun to doodle. Anywhere is fine as I’m loving the daily get together and learning so much about life and art x

  61. I think after a comment Barbara made a couple of weeks ago, and then the flip-flops clue on friday, we’re going to be off to HAWAII 🌺 xx

  62. I’ve been saying Hawaii for ages, but I got Holland right, got the Hummingbird’s right. Would be nice if I got the 3rd one right too. Be a hat trick I think.

  63. At first I thought Australia but I’m now favouring Hawaii. Think of all those carrots in grass skirts and garlands 😁

  64. The only places I have ever been to need flip flops are Minorca and Majorca, although it is an easy hop for a flight. So on balance I think I will go to a Caribbean island!!!

  65. Like lots of others, I immediately thought of Hawaii. I’ve been right about your other destinations too so I’ll stick with that. However, I’ll be happy where ever we go. I love the doodling weeks.

  66. Hi Babara
    I also think that it might be Hawaii as I think you went there as part of your big Birthday holiday and I remember you saying how stunning the sunsets were on the beach, perfect place to wear the flip flops.
    Mind you Sri Lanka would also be a beautiful place to go with our pen and paper
    I’m sure it will be amazing wherever you take us. I’ve never done so much travelling before.
    Thank you for you time and dedication to all of us.
    Love & Hugs

  67. I think India. Maybe to draw the Taj Mahal. Lots of colour possibilities too. But anywhere would be great. Thank you.

  68. The biggest vote seems to be Hawaii, as I was not with you this week I did not hear the comments. (Back next week though, and on catchup for this week). So if you said flip flops, I will guess Australia, and hope for some kangaroos and koalas. Never been, so looking forward to it. (Never been to Hawaii either so that would still be good). Xx

  69. Hi, I’m a bit out of sorts at mo, nitvat home and no finished the last one ie Birds that Hum. I reckon Flap Flips would be needed in a very very sandy environment so my guess is EGYPT, loads of dunes to climb but if we can bring a donkey for me would be appreciated. (NEEDS TO BE A BIG ONE!)

  70. To receive an original piece of art from Dee Dee would be amazing. I’m thinking Mauritius x

  71. I’m hoping it’ll be Australia because the art style of the aborigines is very funky and unique. Also vibrant wildlife and flora. Plus we get to wear flip flops or thongs as they say in Oz…..the kind you wear on your feet for me 😉

  72. I have love colouring the humming birds. My effort was posted in Clarity Worldwide. We need our passports and we need flip-flops. My guess for next week is the Carribbean. I have never been but I want to. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Hugs Jackie

  73. My dear friend Bea, who has been with the Shac Shack from day one (along with me, as we are isolating together) and who is 90 on Tuesday, loves this card and would like to have a guess but isn’t awfully good with the computer so asked if, as a special favour, if I could put in her guess -she thinks HAWAII along with many others. (I’ll stick with my own guess 🙂

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