#HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 6.

#HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 6.

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Are you finding all the projects and downloads we have lined up for you, from Sam and Jane and Sarah and Josie and all the other Clarity team players? Go to Clarity Worldwide Facebook, or the other blog, Claritymattersblog.com. Grace is all over that one! She’s been on the blower severals time today, sorting out giveaways and prizes – pedalling away in Brooklyn!

I LOVE that my daughter runs the New York office. I know she’s safe for a start. And she is on the phone and Facetiming me at least 3 times a day! More calls today already, because she just wants to get it right. So good to know she cares. She sent me a beautiful pic of herself, taken on Mark’s and her first outing last weekend since the NY Lockdown. Look how her hair has grown too!

Right. Another giveaway needed, methinks, as she climbs back up on the chair….

How about this then: a trio of beautiful Fresh Cut dies, plus a pack of 20 6×6 inch cardblanks. I LOVE these designs by Mel. Just spectacular.

All you have to do to be in it to win it, is write a word which you think best describes these delightful designs below. It’ll do Mel the power of good to know you love her artwork! She reads this blog every day, don’t you, Mel ?!?

She came over to the new building Thursday, just checking in, and with a bunch of beautiful new drawings. What a talent she is.

Right. There it is. Great prize, with a big ticket value.

Be sure to look in on the Claritymattersblog.com! Grace and the Design team are having a blast over there!

Seeyalateralligator! In fact, that’ll do for today. See ya tomorrow.

Hakuna Matata!!!

#happydayclarityday Love and hugs

Barb xxx

272 thoughts on “#HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 6.

  1. Don’t include me in the draw but I just wanted to say that these are fab designs but my favourite one is the little wren.
    Have a great evening. Xxx

  2. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!

    PS Watched the Maya Angelou vid yesterday -I was stuck by how she and Grace have the same kindness in their faces. Absolutely loved the video and will be seeking our more.

  3. Feeling poetic! (Not dies for me thank you, no machine)
    Clarity for art work
    Clarity for skills
    Clarity for parchment craft ..making paper frills
    Clarity for stamping
    Clarity for dies
    Clarity for Groovi plates..of every shape and size
    Clarity for pleasure
    Clarity for fun
    Clarity for making friends…and work well done
    Clarity for Shac Shack…every day at ten
    Clarity for Barbara’s doodles…just needs paper…. and a pen!


  4. ‘Titalacious’ but don’t put me in the draw, please, as I already have them and love them. Hx

  5. Natural – because they epitomize nature and look so realistic.
    Mel – your illustrations are always fantastic, thank you for sharing your skills with us 🙂

  6. Charming!
    I do see that someone above has also found these charming, though. But thought I’d still go with the first word that came to me 😉 Perhaps that word also held through after seeing Barb’s gorgeous daughter so sunny and happy. And naturally curly!! My daughter’s (2) have similar lovely hair. Throughout our lives, I’d get perms for my straight hair and they’d try to flatten their curls! Haha! So glad we’ve all come to love our own and have gone natural.
    Another perfect descriptive word for Mel!
    Natural ♡

  7. Comforting.

    I know that might seem an odd choice, but when I look at them it makes me thinking of walking out in nature and feeling calm and peaceful. Also, the cardinals (at least, I think they’re cardinals) make me think of Christmas, and that’s a proper comfy time of year!

    M x

  8. These dies are like….

    A murmuring of dies
    A glittering of dies
    A bouquet of dies
    A charm of dies
    A shimmer of dies
    A hover of dies
    A tune of dies

  9. Ooo Mrs…what a lovely pair…of wrens,
    Ooo Mrs…what a lovely pair…of waxwings,
    And finally…ooo Mrs…what a lovely pair…of tits!!😘

  10. #happydayclarityday



    Collective name for waxwings. They really sound great and the designs will deserve a place in a museum, As they are iconic, but not just yet.

  11. Hi Barb,
    Please don’t include me in the draw as I already have these gorgeous dies and I absolutely love them. My favourite though are the waxwings , these are one of my favourite birds ( along with lapwings). Thank you Mel! Love and hugs Alison xx

  12. Adorable bird dies !!!💖
    Like these very much and they are like the birds in my garden.
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel 🌹

  13. Twooly Tweet (truly sweet?!?!!!) Birds are the best. And what a nice picture of your daughter — I have been drawing with you at 10 am (not live since I live near Boston Massachusetts, USA) and you have mentioned her…

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