#HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 4.

#HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 4.

Hi There!

Good to have your company again on this bright and beautiful Saturday morning. Day 2 of our Open Day Happy Days Clarity Day! I asked lovely Jilly Clifton to step up a Happy Card for today, and she sure did! Jilly has used the smaller of the two sets, and it looks delightful in this size too.

So glad you like this brand new doodle stamp and Groovi plate! This one reminds me of the really early days in the SHAC Shack, when we really had no idea what was going on in the big bad world! Remember? And there we were, doodling Happy to save our lives!! What a year this has been….

So here’s a fab demo, a step by step from Jilly….She used our Perga Liners to add colour – and for once she went up the water colour end of the box!

So how about an appropriate giveaway, to kickstart Happy Day Clarity Day No. 2 ?

How would you like to win a box of Pergaliners pencils, plus a blending pen with nibs. Now THIS one will be popular , I bet!! Those blending tools are well handy! And you really can’t have enough of them !!

All you have to do, to be in it to win it, is to write a word below, beginning with a particular letter of the alphabet to describe CLARITY, depending on what went before. First comment is A and you can keep going with A till somebody moves on to B – and so on. When you get to Z, start at A again – with new words!! This’ll take some doing! Quite a team move this one…It will be interesting to see who tries the tricky ones! But please only post once x

DOn’t forget ALL the ingredients Jilly has used are in our 25% blanket Sale (plus your club discounts)

Have fun!

Thanks Jilly!!!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

I’m off over to Mum and Dads for a few hours now, to drop off the infamous static bike that came with no saddle (handy), but I’ve got a couple more Giveaways when I get back! Watch this space! xxx

278 thoughts on “#HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 4.

    1. Knight. As in knight in shining armour who rescues us from all the nasty stuff going on. Love the daily doodles. 🥰

  1. Novel.
    Think we’re on N – clarity offers novel creative ideas for us – including this blog challenge!

  2. Naughty (too many tempting offers to put me firmly on the naughty step! But don’t stop with the offers I like baked beans!)

  3. One. Works in two ways – we’re all one, because we are a community together, but also, Clarity are the number one crafty company for me!

  4. Virtuous !

    I think I’ve had two goes by mistake ! I put excellent when it was open in another browser !

  5. Sorry my last comment was incorrect as didn’t realise the letter had jumped to v is it possible to ignore my c adjective. If so I would like to say Wondrous.

  6. Awesomeness. I love your wisdom and knowledge, that you share with others. Have another great open day xx

  7. Generous Barbara is very generous in sharing her time with us in the shed and generous in these competitions!

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