The Daily Doodle Stamps are born…

The Daily Doodle Stamps are born…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. On call here in the SHAC-Shack back at base, while lovely Paula works on the Clarity Shows up at the HOCHANDA studios at 11am and 1pm, and I join in with a Skype connection where I can, to support her.

So while I wait until 1pm for the next TV-Skype call, I thought I would hang out with my buddies here in Blogland.

The 1pm show is very close to my heart. To those viewers who aren’t familiar with our Daily Doodle Community on Facebook Live every day at 10am, they will be looking at a pair of very nice stampsets and Groovi plates, drawn by yours faithfully. I am sure they will be popular, just as pleasant images.

But, to those of us who have spent the last SEVEN WEEKS hanging out together, since the very start of Lockdown, these images will mean so much more. To me, they symbolise a movement. Quite apart from the strength and safety in our daily arty doodle group, that place to go to, that reason to get up and get dressed and be at the ready at 10am. Quite apart from that, it has unlocked so much hidden talent, so much creativity in you, and you and you and you and you!!!

The Flower Bower & the Bird Table was one we doodled in about Week 2, Episodes 8 and 9 in the SHAC-Shack.

Up up and Away with The Hot Air Balloon we created the following week, Episodes 12, 13 and 14.

I really like that you know how to draw them yourselves. You may well say, “well, I know how to draw it, so I don’t need the stamp”. That’s fine. But I DREW THE ORIGINAL – and I want the stamp !!!! Hahahahaha. Are you kidding? I think the opposite! I for one wouldn’t want to have to draw it every time! Nice to know I can, though….

If you would like a set of the stamps or Groovi, then click here!

Gotta go. Time to tick a few boxes on my evergrowing list of things to do !!!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “The Daily Doodle Stamps are born…

  1. Thank you for bringing the balloon and bird table to Groovi format. I had a mild panic when I couldn’t find them on the website, but then there they were and jumped or should it be floated into my basket. My lovely brother in law sent me some vouchers in exchange for some cards, so they have been put to good use.
    Try and have a day off tomorrow Barbara xxx

  2. Despite my best intentions my order is in!🙊🙊 2 way overlay stamps arrived this morning so now it’s playtime 😂😂

  3. Thank you Barbara. Did not think i could do the hot air balloon, i have now done it twice. Today finishing my new mexico. Will be with you again next week as i have a few days of work Xx.

  4. I couldn’t resist and have placed my order for the set as it will be so useful. Of course, all the other bits and pieces from my “wish list” jumped into my basket while I was about ordering! Well, it’s my birthday at the end of the month so this is my pressie to myself!!!! Have a good weekend with your lovely Dave and we all look forward to spending time together on Monday. Thankyou for all you are doing for us Barb. (((Hugs)))

  5. Ooops stamps and groovi plates fell into my basket. 😁😁 But I did get overtime and thank you bonus from work and not going out for cream teas with mum and sister . Xx

  6. Oops! A few other things joined them! How wonderful to be able to recreate what we learned. My originals have already been snaffled by a five year old fan. It’s come to something when he’s putting up my work!!

  7. of course you needed to put them into the world they mean so very much to the people who have seen there inspection, we much appreciate Barbs good work with us when this is all over can we still carry on with lessons would be nice thanks once again Barb my clap on Thursdays includes you also lots of love xxxxxx

  8. Have been doodling along when possible, but sadly not on a regular basis…however I do know I can dip into You Tube on future days when I feel like a bit of escapism! That said I loved the bird table and hot air balloon in the doodlealongs so have treated myself to them in Groovi form…looking forward to when they arrive (not ‘nagging’ just stating the truth lol!) Really appreciate that you’re still managing to produce some new designs (obviously not in the normal quantities due to circumstances) so we can continue to feed our habits. Take care and stay safe xx

  9. Love both sets & they will remind me of lockdown 2020 when we all joined in with the SHAC SHAC doodles to keep us occupied every morning at 10am. They fell into my basket without much help so look forward to playing with them when they arrive. I think the frame both as a stamp & a Groovi plate will be very useful for all occasions.
    Hopefully by now you will have switched off for the weekend until we meet again at 10 on Monday morning other than your blog tomorrow x

  10. A big thank you Barbara for believing in us. I will treasure these stamps remembering I was a small part of the huge group of doodlers. I look forward to Monday when we meet again. Have a restful day tomorrow with lovely Dave the yoghurt man xx

  11. I loved watching the shows today and felt quite proud that ‘our’ doodles are now in Stamps and Groovi plates. As others have said, they will hold memories in the future, of a time when we all came together in an unprecedented situation.
    After the shows, I settled down to watch South Pacific on tv. I knew the words to all the songs and it brought back so many memories of Sunday afternoons with all my younger brothers and sisters, watching films (usually black and white!) and sharing our weekly treat of 2 quarters of sweets. Real nostalgia. Enjoy the rest of the weekend with Dave. Hugs. Annette X

  12. Hi Barb, I enjoyed your shows today. Methinks my mojo is resurfacing, at last, so I’m hoping to get back being crafty, if I can spare the time, and energy, from the excessive cleaning and handwashing… Sadly I’m still at the hot air balloon stage, I’ve been left way behind. But I did complete the bird table one later on each day, so that one has special memories/feelings for me, feeling part of your gang for a brief.

    I’ve had a very guddley day today so I’m quite agitated, stressed, and head on super spin. Hopefully tomorrow I might manage better. Anyway, I’m just off to order the bird table stamps in my rather large (for me) order. I’m not used to spoiling myself, ever, but I think we all deserve a wee bit spoiling in these unprecedented and scary times eh. So, I’m super treating myself.

    I’ve got a massive craving to be sat at the shore, a riverside, or even in a forest, feeling the space, feeling the wind on my skin, smelling the fresh air, listening to the calming noises of nature, and seeing nothing but the natural world round about me… Sadly I’m stuck in here until there is a vaccine, I’ve no one who I could bubble with, when it gets to that stage, my volunteer is too exposed for it to be safe.

    I hope you manage to have a proper day off tomorrow, even if that’s just sitting in your garden doing more jigsaw and listening to the birds. Love you xxx

  13. Didn’t manage to watch the shows live but have just done so and oh dear me……..well it has to be done doesn’t it, the stamps have been ordered. Yes I know I could draw them myself but they took me an age so having the stamps will be a lovely reminder in the future of what I was able to achieve along with so many other lovely people. I know this is an awful time but I’m really enjoying the daily doodling and the comaradary that is building up between us all. Yes I do want this awfulness to be over but will be very sorry when the SHAC SHAC ends. Hope you and Dave have a relaxing weekend xx

  14. Today’s stamps and Groovi plates fairly leapt into my basket together with some other items I needed to re-stock. Loved the demo’s, and also started catching up with the doodling.
    A Clarity parcel arrived today with the corner stamps so more things to play with tomorrow.
    Have a good rest this weekend.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  15. Hi Barb,
    Love,love,love these stamps and plates – they are fabulous. The DT has certainly done you proud and I really liked Jane’s balloon especially. Looking forward to my Clarity goodies arriving , thought they’d be here today, but forgot there’s no Saturday post!!! Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  16. Had to order the stamps bit those two I haven’t done yet but will have ago at one tomorrow I chickened out at time that voice said you cannot do it but did this week so may be tomorrow will do one of them my project for day loved shows Joy rest up tomorrow lovely lady xx

  17. I’ve ordered the groovi plates!! I can’t afford the stamps just yet, not least because my basket already had a pergamano ruler, two double ended erasers, etc etc!! xx

  18. Hi Barb, well that was certainly a good move, making those beautiful doodles into even more beautiful stamps. Very popular and on my wish list. Have not watched all the shows yet, hoping to catch up this afternoon. Take care all. Bx

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