Farewell, oh Land of Enchantment…

Farewell, oh Land of Enchantment…

Hi there.

Thanks for joining me. Having spent a virtual week in new mexico, I am ready to retire out there! I have so enjoyed our doodle trip to Albuquerque. Does the soul good. I could have stayed there for at least another week, but hey ho. Maybe in a while we can revisit , and take another look from a different angle. The diversity and beauty in New Mexico will keep us enchanted – encantada – for the rest of my days.

Here is the Dreamcatcher doodle that we made together this week. Just in case you want a little orientation….

I haven’t had time to complete it yet – but I will, this weekend. Main thing is YOU DO !!! I’ve already had my Native American Indian creative fix, my SHAC-Shack relief. Any more would just be a project completion exercise, which is also important actually.

What I really enjoyed was sharing the place with you. When we went to Japan, I couldn’t really tell you much, except what my dear friend Debby – who lived there for years – shared with me : Gambatte ! Do your Best. It was an enjoyable journey, but I lacked the insider knowledge, so it was a much more fleeting visit, a dabble in stereotypical Japan. How I imagine a Geisha in my mind’s eye. How I see cherry blossoms in my head. You understand.

But New Mexico. Now that’s a different story. Having stayed there so many times for so many years, having had so many adventures there – it was a completely different trip, and sharing it with my fellow doodlers was a total pleasure. Like revisiting a wonderful memory with friends. The dream catcher may be a bit stereotypical, but the banter certainly wasn’t!

If you missed it, you can catch up the whole week in NM on Clarity Youtube. Just follow this link….HERE

Time to stop. We’re on HOCHANDA TV tomorrow 11am and 1pm. You may recognise the stamps on the 1pm show – especially if you are a fellow doodler!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

21 thoughts on “Farewell, oh Land of Enchantment…

  1. Evening Barbara . Gorgeous doodles again this week. I’m really to the shows tomorrow – loved the bird when you taught us to draw it, and can already feel the stamp inching it way into my shopping basket!! hope you have a good weekend and manage to get some quiet time to yourself

  2. Really enjoyed the week and the insider information. Take the praise you are an inspiration, funny and a sheer pleasure to see and watch. Thank you and love

  3. I’ve really enjoyed this week in New Mexico. You’ve made me want to go there Barbara. Maybe you should be on the tourism bureau’s payroll?! I can’t wait to see where we go next, x

  4. Haven’t got to this doodle yet , still have some to finish, but will probably get to start it on Sunday. You are such an inspiration. Loving the SHAC-shack projects too.

    You know how we crafters end up with a huge stash of odds and ends, off cuts of card and paper? Well, today I emptied a box onto my living room floor, sorted the bits into colour categories and left overs from die cut sheets and decoupage, got out some punches, Clarity dies and stamps, and stuck, glued and stapled to to my hearts content. What a satisfying day, no worries, no pressure, and I even got that colouring done this morning so now I have lots of cards ready for the whole year and then some.

    I’m leaving the answerphone on permanently now as we’ve had more unwanted calls in the last few weeks than all of last year and it interrupts my mojo. I let hubby chase people away from the door. I’m not a misery guts, it’s just that I’m enjoying myself so much, really got into the swing of it.

    Try to unwind a bit this weekend, relax and recharge.
    Hugs, 🍒🍒🍒

  5. Evening Barbara,
    What a wonderful week with you in the SHAC SHACK. So much information and inspiration. Thank you so much, greatly appreciated.
    Doesn’t look like any of us are likely to get any holidays this year let alone abroad, so in the spirit of continuing to dream of warmer climes and better times, can I put in a plea to colour the flamingo next week? It would be marvellous to see your take on this exotic bird.
    Have a relaxing weekend if you can, you deserve it. X

  6. Have so enjoyed all the doodling , have learnt so much, now ready to learn the colouring, you are such an inspiration and just love all your stories, Thank you.

  7. Hi Barb, I look forward to visiting New Mexico when , if, I ever get caught up…!! I like to reminisce, does the soul good, well, it does if you stick to reminiscing the good things…

    I’ll be watching tomorrow, and deciding what has got to come live with me! I hope you can have a good weekend. Love you xxx
    (Too tired for more words this evening, everyone will be pleased to see…!!!)

  8. I have enjoyed every week of our doodling journey, but this has been my favourite. Listening to you talk about New Mexico with such fondness was so beautiful and interesting and those hours passed by so quickly. The bonus, of course, was producing such a brilliant piece of work. I am thrilled with mine and still can’t believe that I did it. Thank you so much. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  9. Barb, I really don’t think any of us would mine revisiting your dream place again. Really enjoyed it, and your stories. Please can you do more.
    Love Sue x

  10. I have really enjoyed my visits to the SHAC. I have finally caught up as I was late to the party. My postcards arrived this week and my grovi plates are on their way. My husband loves to sit and listen to you talking as I follow along each day.
    Hugs ValeryAnne.

  11. Had a great week in New Mexico hearing lots of things about your stay and what it’s like been really enjoyable and of course the drawing ready for Monday’s colouring night night have some you time to rest Barbara this weekend relax in your garden love joy

  12. Wonderful SHAC Shack again this week, so enjoyed listening to you reminiscing about New Mexico and doodling along with you. Made a few silly mistakes one being inking first when I thought that I had the pencil in my han, that’s immaterial as I was pleased how this one turned out, when I first looked at what we were going to doodle I thought, Oh my God, but when you broke it down it was so good to do, Thank you Barbara yet again for all you do for us all. Hope you manage to have some rest and relaxation with Dave this weekend, lopve Pam xxx

  13. Well thought I added my comment don’t know we’re went it’s been a great week in New Mexico learning lots about the area feeling we have been and wanting to come too apart from mr adder ! Thank my drawing is being to happen I did order myself some HB pencils fabric castel they are good glide over paper ordered of amazon Thursday came just right this morning readybfor Friday doodle so good love them guess I need the whole did you say you will get some xset know had my coloured pencil a while so set to carry on drawing hand still wobbles but getting better. Have a good rest this weekend relax out in your garden feet up, chill enjoy sunshine and bird singing love Joy ps see you Monday will watch shows over weekend xx

  14. Loved New Mexico & the tales were a great added extra. I am going to sit tomorrow & finish off my piece ready for some more colouring on Monday. With all the shows recorded for tomorrow hopefully you will get some time to sit & recharge the batteries, perhaps finish your jigsaw – or will you be picking orders at the factory with Paul ??

  15. Hope you can chill out this weekend after such a tough week. Royal Albert at Home have some great concerts. I really liked David Ford’s and he is in a garage in Eastbourne so you are almost neighbours in all senses. The Covid 19 song is just so true to the strangeness of a battle being fought by some of us standing still. It takes a lot of discipline to stand together on the Home Front, six feet apart for months, more than action. Thank you so much for all the doodling lessons and the new tools. My basket is waiting!

  16. This week I have been catching up with the dream catcher, nearly there and have the weekend to work on it, thank you so much Barbara for stretching our imaginations and encouraging us so much, and especially for Keeping me sane during this lockdown. You are so appreciated x

  17. Hi Barb, never been to the US or New mexico, but the things you have shared over the years and definitely the doodles, have given me an insight to a beautiful place. Am recording the shows today, and looking forward to watching them later. Will definitely go watch these doodle sessions back. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  18. Morning Barbara. I have only just finished the heart. I am still working three days a week (from home mainly) so life isn’t much different. I’ve got a large garden and lots of work to do in the house. But I am thoroughly enjoying the doodling. I’ve got my daughter into it as well she isn’t working at the moment. Keep up the good work.

  19. Thank you Barbara I have been waiting for this. I need to fix my background it needs a bit of tweaking. I am looking forward to sorting it out. What a great week we have had. Thank you so much. Hugs Jackie

  20. Hi Barb,
    Your New Mexico doodle looks fabulous even though it’s not finished. You truly are an inspiration to us all and I thank you so much for all the time you give us. So looking forward to today’s show with the doodle stamps and plates and the recorder has already been set. Spent most of yesterday in bed feeling awful ( nothing related to Covina thankfully) but at least to day feel more like myself. Planning on visiting a garden centres later today after you 1pm show to get some trailing plants for my baskets and compost. Then I can get on to planting them up. Sending love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  21. Thoroughly enjoyed this weeks doodling, dream catchers are my favourite! Thank you Barbara for giving me a reason to get up the last 7 weeks, I’m loving it all. Xx

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