Up up and away!

Up up and away!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Following on from yesterday’s blog, I want to highlight the second set of Doodle Stamps from our SHAC-Shack mornings together. We decided to go with the Hot air balloon and added a really cool separate frame stamp.

So with the help of the additional masks, you can build scenes, with or without the balloon, with or without the rolling hills and trees.

Yes. This set is very, VERY versatile. I have had a really great afternoon here in my little artroom above the garage! Call it work – I call it mindful play.

First, I got caught up doodling feathers – and I bet I’m not the only one! Then I got completely engrossed figuring out tricks and tips for the TV Videos this coming Saturday on HOCHANDA at 1pm.

Both the Bird Table set and the Hot-air balloon set are being launched on Saturday. As stamps AND Groovi plates.

They represent something very important in my life and perhaps yours too: a turning point. A new direction. A moment of Clarity.

Stay safe.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

26 thoughts on “Up up and away!

  1. Barbara Gray you’ve done it again! Loved doing the doodle. Can’t wait to see what you whip up on hochanda Saturday! Cant wait to tune in! See you there.xx

  2. Love the idea that some of the doodles we have been doing are being made into stamps and Groovi , such a wonderful idea and will remind us of the journey we have all been on. Thank you Barbara , this means a lot. Hugs Jenny x

  3. Hope you make the feathers into a stamp. I can’t seem to get them right. Looking forward to TV at weekend x

  4. You seemed so relaxed today and with your hair down and jewellery, you must have imagined yourself in Albuquerque. I loved it all and even tried the feathers. My granddaughter asked today where she could find you and came down from her room a couple of hours later with a beautiful doodle picture. You have another devoted follower! Looking forward to hearing more of your stories and inspiration tomorrow. Hugs. Annette X
    Ps. So glad you didn’t join me in the broken tooth club! 😳

  5. Sure soon will sell out they are great. this is one I still need to tackle now got my nerve back enjoying this weeks drawing glad I have done it so fare Joyx

  6. So looking forward to these. They are a must have as I have been on the doodling journey with you and they are such an important memory. You have taken me from somebody who has never drawn to somebody who really looks forward to every morning and developing a new skill. Thank you Barbara
    Sue x

  7. Sure soon will sell out they are great. this is one I still need to tackle now got my nerve back enjoying this weeks drawing glad I have done it so fare Joyx

  8. I’m sure these will fly off the shelves. They will be so useful when things eventually get back to normal and we no longer have the time to sit and doodle. Every time we use them we will be reminded of how far we’ve all come with respect to our drawing skills and they will make us smile (well me anyway). Couldn’t believe how quickly your has grown, looks fabulous by the way. Although I struggled with the feathers I shall be there tomorrow ready and waiting to finish the dream catcher. Xx

  9. Great blog. Also to see you everyday looking so lovely. Wonder how many wardrobes you have! Does Dave have any space 🤣Thank you for everything

  10. Stamps look great. I shall watch on Saturday. Reckon a few of us have been drawing feathers today, just about to try again. I will do it. x

  11. Hi Barb, brilliant as always. Yes, very important in my life too. I’m going to make a huge effort to try catching up and then maybe I can try joining you live again. How long are you working from home and doing these SHAC shack mornings… I so hope this time is going to be a turning point for me too, to a better life when all this is over. I’m trying to get my head onto a better path in readiness. I haven’t managed any craft this afternoon, too much else going on, but I think I’ve got my head sorted and onto a better path for a big ongoing task which should save me time, energy and stress in the near future, and hopefully big steps forward to getting my home the way I want it. More crafty time I hope, I think my mojo is coming back, yay. I actually want to craft again, that should help eh!!! I’m looking forward to your shows in Hochanda, I’ve been managing to watch it a bit again in-between the BBC news. That’s a start too. You should save your time and effort in travelling to Hochanda by doing your demos from home all the time once thigns get back going. Your recordings are so professional, and doing it yourself, you know what is vital to show us especially when close-ups are required, something Hochanda staff can struggle with, which gets frustrating for us. Love you xxx

    Everyone, remember to shine a light from your window tonight at 8.30pm, for International Nurses day. I’m just going to put a lamp in my window and leave it on for a while.

    1. Wow, just seen the start of your recording this morning. your has got so long. You look like Tina Turner when she was younger! (Hope that’s not offensive in any way, it’s so not meant to be) xxx

      1. I’ve been back for another look at your new look (now my autistic brain has had a chance to get aware you have changed from what I’m used to seeing…) You really suit your hair like that, it’s beautiful, you’re beautiful xxx

  12. I am going to have to make more space for Clarity goodies as these are more must have’s and my shelves are nearly full.
    Will be watching all the shows.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  13. What a brilliant idea turning these doodles into stamps and groovi plates, I think they will sell well too. Looking forward to seeing the shows and tomorrow for the dreamcatchers next installment. Had trouble with the feathers but I think they’ll pass muster. Golly, I can’t believe how long your hair has grown, looks lovely by the way. Love & hugs Pam xxx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Another beautiful and special creation using one of your shac shack doodles
    A very special memory for a lot of people including me
    Thank you Barbara and Paul and of course Lucy.🤗

  15. Another great stamp set, sure they will both be popular on Saturday when you release them. Glad you had fun in your crafty space. Xx

  16. As usual the dreamcatcher is a great doodle. I am so loving these doodles. I wish, like somebody else said, they could carry on in some way, a session a week or month. But it is highly unlikely, as things start seemingly normalising again.
    Also as Brenda M. was saying, I have, and probably others as well, been thinking that you should carry on doing the demonstrations from your studio, on TV. Unlike other filmed demos we have been seeing on TV, yours are totally professionally filmed. It would save a lot of hassle and time and you can say and do exactly what you want. Instead of getting interrupted from your flow of work, by presenters and TV gallery. To me it makes absolute sense if they would agree, and of course it would have to be financially viable, sales figures wise, for you. There is something brewing inside you. I think we have noticed that in you, I hope it works out for you.
    Love Sue

  17. Hi Barb, I have not doodled my balloon yet, still catching up and practicing. Baby steps for me. But this would be a set I would love. So am keeping my eyes peeled. Take care all. Bx

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