Another new outfit? Really?? But it was such a Bargain !!

Another new outfit? Really?? But it was such a Bargain !!

Hi there!

Hope you are keeping safe and well? Last day in Africa today. Ahhh. I so enjoyed spending a week there with so many friends! The art and the vibe, the doodles and the colours, the banter and the songs – yes. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable little break away from it all.

There’s just one little old technique I want to try with my little old Maasai warrior: a bit of paper piecing using the new designer papers…

It won’t take long. All I need is the stamp,


a black Archival ink pad, a designer paper pad and its Petite Card equivalent, a pair of good scissors and a Zig glue pen. I think Waimea Falls will do the job very nicely.

Of course, you could chop them all up and mix n match the colours! Hours of play! Oooh I say!

It’s been such a great week in Africa! I have had a blast. Nice to be home for the weekend though.

How about one last bloggy celebration offer – A really GOOD one! We’ve bundled up the Waimea Falls Designer Paper AND Card and dropped the price radically. But only till midnight Monday.


Kaa Salama xx

Love always,

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “Another new outfit? Really?? But it was such a Bargain !!

  1. It’s been a challenging week but I have really enjoyed it. Considering elephants are my favourire animal and the house if filled with them (not real !!!) you would think I could draw them. Had a few laughs as well what is what we all need, and learnt a lot. Thank you for all your hard work Barbara.

  2. Hi Barb from Canada , I get up a 5 o’clock to watch you
    I posted a 3D card on Clarity worldwide that I made for a friend who went on safari in Africa thought I would share it with everyone hope you can take a look at it.

  3. You’ve had good fun today! These look super. I’ve had a great week in Africa. Thank you once again for all you’re doing. Have a good weekend. Hx

  4. Wow Barbara, I have always left him in a plain single colour robe but brightly coloured the lady. Must get away from my usual craft methods and start trying something new.
    Gradually catching up with the doodles and the parchment SHAC shack projects.
    We will not be going out and socialising any time soon. Ray is supposed to be shielding but won’t be confined to one room. The best I can do is stop him going out and keeping him busy and Clarity helps with this.
    Love the elephant template which I have downloaded ready for the next session.Got a soft spot for Pachyderms!!!
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

    1. PS: did an A4 pen and ink drawing of an elephant some years ago. Put it in the Southend art exhibition and got the surprise of my life. When I collected it, lo and behold, it had a highly commended sticker on it. Unfortunately it went missing when we moved.

  5. I love paper piecing stamped designs and these warriors are perfect – and go so well with the papers. Thanks for the reminded. Will be winding down from Africa tomorrow and then having Sunday off, ready to do the Monday colouring -looking forward to it very much. IF my Africa picture works i may even post it -if I can work out how to get a photo off my camera onto FB -new camera ‘Chinese’ instructions.. Can we go to Australia next? I miss meeting my family there -haven’t seen my siblings for over 40 years and have several adult nieces and nephews I’ve never met!!

  6. Barbara,
    What another wonderful week. When you told us we have done over 40 hours of tuition, I was flabbergasted. You have given us your time, in preparing for us, probably four times that. I am so grateful, you have really made these strange times really bearable. At the same time you have revitalised my drawing, which has taken a back seat for a while.
    I am not on facebook, but I can see all the art work on the public site which has been on there. There are some really excellent pieces of work. I’ve noticed, how many people have loved drawing, which in future will not have a place in Claritystamp, when lockdown is all over. Is there anything you or anybody else, can think of, so that this lovely group of artists can still gather in some way. I don’t know how, or if the reason to gather would still be there, but it does seem such a shame that at some stage it will have to finish. It has been so refreshing to see your process of getting a piece of art work. Thank you,
    Sue x

    1. Great idea and if possible once a week or once a month that would be wonderful!!!🌹
      Greetings Truus from the Netherlands

  7. Certainly kept me on my toes this week. Allotment morning/doodling afternoon. Lovely to see you each day looking radiant and upbeat. Cannot thank you enough. Have a restful weekend 🐘

  8. Hi Barbara,
    Just wanted to thank you so much for giving your time to so many of us. We love you and so enjoy our time with you. Looking forward to Every Monday to see what you have in store for us during the week. So many hints and tips for which I am truly so very grateful. I was a parchment craft person years ago and my polychromos pencils have been invaluable after languishing in a drawer for years. Thank you Barbara. Have a lovely weekend and see you Monday xx

  9. The inspiration and encouragement you pass on to us all is incredible. Thank you so much for another fun filled entertaining educational uplifting week. You should be prescribed by the NHS as the best tonic ever.

  10. Been most of the afternoon and evening colouring my african scene, I will put it on the web site tomorrow, I so enjoyed it, not perfect by any means but I really like it and had so much fun doing it. You are absolutely amazing Barbara, giving us the confidence to just try things. I even drew some elephants face on. Quite proud that you can even tell what they are ha! ha! A huge thank you for all you have done for us these past weeks, all your time and encouragement, we wont want it to end, so enjoyed your company and your sense of humour. The card and paper will be on order this weekend I can’t resist, not now I’ve seen your warrior with his different outfits on. Had email today to say my 2 orders have been despatched too. Super news. Take care and have a good weekend, weather is staying

  11. I had to catch up late yesterday loved being in Africa you make it so real with all the info etc.. I have learnt so much, struggled a bit but that’s ok you keep encouraging and I feel it’s worth rubbing out and trying again! We all get there in the end. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see us all in our rooms following you on our screens beavering away!
    Anyway looking forward to next week colouring sessions and a BIG THANK YOU BARB for all that you have done and doing for us our Unsung Heroine xxxx

  12. I’ve really enjoyed our trip to Africa, and I was amazed that I was actually able to produce a half decent elephant. The top of the frame, though…..whew! The precision with the ruler that requires is quite the challenge for me…… but I’m not giving up! Have a great weekend, and rest your hand.

  13. Hi Barb, these are some of my all time favourite stamps. Love the coloured robes, I quite partial to the Orange striped one. Take car all an stay safe. Bx

  14. Thank you so much for your inspiration this week! Love the African theme and try to do these people.
    Love the robe with these colors and was thinking to do this with flower stamps too!
    Have a restfull weekend and enjoy the sunshine.
    Stay save and healthy!
    Trijntje Huppel

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