Painty Play

Painty Play

Hi there! Or should I say Hujambo!

Still on a whirlwind tour of Africa here. Tomorrow, sadly, we have to return home. But we’ve had a fabulous time with SHAC-Shack tours. The tour guide wasn’t bad; her spelling was a bit ropey today. Had all the A’s but not necessarily in the right order! That said, her pronunciation was spot on! Hahaha. So just for the record, Kaa salama is correct for Stay Safe, and you say it Castle-llama. Perfect.

We have a set of brilliant stencils which I absolutely love, and which we have called Funky Island. But I see Africa all over them. See if you agree:

You can go crisp and clean, you can go grungy. Choices, choices, choices.

Great toppers for notelets and cards. Here is another batch I made earlier….

You like? I LOVE! So I’ve added them to our AFRICA Celebration Sale. CLICK HERE to investigate.

Acrylic Paints are HERE

Gel Press petites are HERE. All sizes we stock are HERE

Okie Dokie. Time to figure out our final Africa Doodle Session tomorrow…

See you there!

Kaa Salama!

Barb xxx

12 thoughts on “Painty Play

  1. You’ve had a fun day by the looks of it. I’m going to have to stay a bit longer in Africa or pay another trip because I have spent so much time gardening that I am getting nothing else done! I’m whacked by the time I get in! Fit for nothing. I had to laugh at the forecast earlier. It was talking about how little rain there had been in England in May whereas Scotland had had lots. He didn’t say it all fell in a couple of days up here. Lol. The weather has been amazing up here as well! Had a strappy top on yesterday and now have my own central heating system on my back! However, it was even hotter today. Just love it. Long may it continue. See you in the morning. Hxx

  2. Love your inky pieces. Could have sworn I had those stencils in my stash but can’t put my hands on them. Will have another look tomorrow after I get back from our trip to Africa. Its been very warm today, not sure how I would cope in the African sunshine & heat in real life. Did manage to get a bit of gardening done though as its green bin collection day tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing what scene we draw in our frame (which I have to complete)tomorrow. See you at 10.

  3. Beautiful day here today, birds tweeting, trees softly rustling and a rat bag boy racer sitting outside revving his car and radio blaring, totally spoiling the peace. Gave him a piece of my mind, scared him silly I think, he disappeared in double quick time after that. Don’t know if I was brave or stupid but I had to smile as a neighbour waved to me and said thank you.
    Have all the gear for tomorrow’s show so will be placing my order for the African set later.
    There have been some comments about delays getting test results for the virus. Well how’s this for a delay. We received a letter today confirming the results of hubby’s tests which took place in November 2018 and March 2019 and he may get follow up tests in 6 – 9 months. I know the NHS is currently under pressure but these events took place well before Covid arrived. Good job he’s reasonably well at the moment!!!! Covid 19 would kill him so we will be staying in lockdown for the forseeable future.
    On that happy note I leave you all to enjoy the rest of the evening.

  4. Inked in the borders, but struggled to get them neat. I decided to ink in the people, but to leave everything black and white, so am happy with that.
    Have done our last clap for carers, which was quite sad really. Hopefully they will all still be appreciated.
    I am shattered tonight, and have a banging headache, so off to bed. Usiku mwema (goodnight in Swahili). See you tomorrow for the last part of our trip. Hugs. Annette X

  5. Well what a stressful nay very challenging shak. You gave me a bit of your tenacity! I made it. Need a lie down now in a dark room. My family are amazed as a ruler etc are alien beings to me. Looking forward to tomorrow xx

  6. Lovely bright cheerful colours on your art today. They do look african, I can see that too. I already have the stencil. You have been busy. I have been on my africa practically all day, made a few boo boos with the patterning but it’ll be ok. What matters is that we enjoy doing it and I definitely do, thank you once again Barbara for your time and efforts. 7I did fit in making some Welsh cakes and a walk round the park this afternoon. xxx

  7. Had my gel press out today too – first time in ages! It was such fun getting messy with paint though. And now I’ve got some scrappy backgrounds to play with at the weekend too. Love your little notelets x

  8. I would love to get back to doing some arty stuff don’t seem to find the time. Still working three days a week. Going into the office tomorrow to sort out post and do some scanning.
    Was going to buy lots of things at the craft show at the NEC but that wasn’t to be. I’ve only got up to the kite doodle. Need to do the landscape behind it the rest is done. I made a card out of the heart doodle. Got my daughter doodling too.

  9. Love the stencils and defo Africa inspired. Well Barbara it’s 00.02 and my doodle has been thrown up the wall 🙈. Looking forward to tomorrow but my borders will have to wait until the weekend. I will be paper piecing my finished project ie best attempt family, hopefully a frame and whatever is to come at 10am. See you there and thank you for being you.😃. Love your note lets, I have a gelly plate somewhere.🤞x

  10. Hello Barb, such a spread of arty goodness, love the fresh and fruity colours. Need to get Gelpress plates out and have another play. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  11. well we have left Africa, and what a joy its been. I actually drew an elephant which is a miracle in itself. Sorry your having trouble with your hand and you may need to rest it so you will have to tell what to colour next week. More important its well for the doodling phase. Have a nice weekend and look forward to next week.

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