A Fantasy Doodle on Designer paper.

A Fantasy Doodle on Designer paper.

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Came up to the SHACK to blog, and saw a scrap of Waimea Falls paper from yesterday’s paper piecing trick with the Maasai Warrior. Remember?

It caught my eye because I saw a landscape…Do you see it too?

So I settled down to a little bit of escapism, a little bit of “not here”, and decided to doodle a little fantasy place into the colours…

Pick a Paper, any paper. Stare at it, until the scene starts to surface. The Waimea Falls papers are rammed with scenes! Every page hides a picture!

….to be continued…

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx


27 thoughts on “A Fantasy Doodle on Designer paper.

  1. That’s beautiful Barbara but you really must have a good eye, I saw a sun but not much else😂
    Enjoy your weekend x

  2. I love it when you do that. Clearly I should have gone to Specsavers 😵😵😵. Looking forward to colouring along with you on Monday. Have a fabulous weekend xxx

  3. I could see the view beautiful papers great landscape picture need to finish my Africa picture but Bob finished painting craft room oh boy have I got lots stuff so trying to but back but sell and give some away don’t need all that stuff brought loads after Sandie died helped while buying but cluttered room and could never find bits then lost mojo slowly wish Shack shack was about then. Craft room looks nice though think half way lot to sell though some sold already local so good will draw tonight need to clear head it’s buzzing xxx

  4. Does anyone know if this Step by Step can be seen on YouTube and if so how? I can’t seem to watch any S by S’s on the blog and I’m fed up of missing out. All I can see of the top part of this blog are the covers of the Waimea Falls papers and the legs of the Maasai Warrior. If anyone has a solution, please let me know. I’ve phoned Clarity about this in the past.

    1. What are you looking at the blog on Alex ? Which browser do you use ? Might help someone to sort out what your problem is as I am having no problems viewing on my laptop using edge or chrome. My iPhone using the link from facebook is ok to.
      Are you opening the blog from the link on Facebook or are you putting barbaragrayblog.com in the box at the top of your browser page. Sorry for the ramble but just trying to help x

  5. You are a treasure! I always see landscapers in you paper. You have now presented a challenge for people this weekend. 😉

  6. I saw a lake just below the castle first with a waterfall coming down the rocks. I hadn’t noticed the one where you put your little boat. We will be all looking at the papers tonight trying to see what we can find – a bit like those 3d pictures when you put your nose up close & move slowly away. Sometimes the image appears straight away & other times you think what are they on about. Happy doodling everyone x

  7. Lovely doodle, very relaxing to do and a good story to go with it.
    Thanks for the inspiration, I will be looking more closely at all the papers.
    Have a good evening.

  8. Barbara that is beautiful. You are such a talented lady and so kind to share your skills with us all. I absolutely love the Shac Shac every day. I started crafting as a pergamano parcher 10 years ago so I adore your groovi Shac every week. Stay safe keep well and enjoy the rest of your weekend. I will be joining you again Monday same place same time lots of love and big hugs Angie xxx

  9. Think I. Need to sit and try to do a bit my artwork from this week. I might relax then after a very stressful day trying to sort out a problem with online shopping. I can no longer checkout on the ASDA site due to a technical error( on their part). So I shall lose our recurring shopping slot this week which we were given because of Fred’s vulnerability. So annoying and no way of getting them to put it right. Sorry for the rant.
    I love your doodle ,you see more in a landscape than I ever do. Better go and stare at a piece of that paper.
    Like the little story too. X X 😊

    1. Try a Sainsburys I found a slot on ours this week, my second, two weeks running now, and first two of the Lockdown ! I think more people must be doing their own or I just struck lucky ….. x. Good luck X

    2. I need to draw myself a fjord scene as we were due to cruise there today ! This looks lovely and I may have a try tomorrow after revisiting Africa to tidy up – thank goodness we don’t have to quarantine! Have a good Sunday xx

  10. Lovely . I enjoyed our doodling session with dear Tina when you were going to show how to on hochanda. Must admit I kept seeing animals on one of the papers. What a laugh we had that day., so much fun. Tina’s Groovi group . We may not be able to see each other but all are supporting each other through this stressful time. Just as you and your doodling sessions are. Love to all xxx

  11. You – Mrs – are a right teaser!! I will not sleep tonight thinking about the singing princess. I hope we get a happy ending…..
    Anyway, seeing pictures in papers is the least of my faults. So thank you as always.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  12. It’s beautiful, Barbara. Glad you found a wee bit of escapism! I’m just hoping that your princess doesn’t have a sister called Elsa! Lol. I have had an easier day in the garden. Some work done but also time to relax and enjoy the sun. Have a good weekend. Hx

  13. Dear Barbara. I haven’t made comments for a while, usually because I read your blog late and then I am too tired. Your doodle is very pretty, and love the story. I have been catching up with you at 10am, but not much drawing, like to listen. I am kept busy with the garden and house plants, and cards, for birthdays, anniversary, etc
    I wish I could send a photo of my beautiful rose, called Grace.
    Enjoy your garden, relax. Xxxxx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Oh how I wish I had the same glasses as you! I struggle to see landscapes I must say. Having said that, this does remind me a little of the LP covers of Yes albums. I can’t remember the artist’s name , but I loved the fantasy of them all. Love the piece you have created and I’m pleased that you had a bit of me time. I decided that I would do the ironing outside today as it was so nice. There was just enough of a breeze to keep it from being stifling. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  15. This is beautiful Barbara. I saw some mountains and I thought of water at the bottom where you have put the sailing boat but you have such a great imagination to visualise the rest. x

  16. Wow oh wow Barb, You have a never ending eye for beautiful creations, I could see the landscape when you mentioned it, but to see it finished with such arty intention is just fabulous. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story. Bx

  17. Oh WOW Barbara, you have a unique imagination. I just saw a piece of pretty paper….. and I love the story too x

  18. Need some help please, I have all the required stuff to stamp on to the new the new designer papers. However have forgotten the routine rubbing off colour and where does the white go pencil and which side does the colour pencil go. Help help help please.


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