A quick step by step to clear the head…

A quick step by step to clear the head…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Too many plates in the air today; too many thoughts flying through the head, like cars on the M25. So much to do that I don’t know where to start. In fact, it’s a perfect storm for a washing machine head. Been rotating on the spot since our Daily Doodle Session and….

Only one thing for it: CRAFT. Clear the head, make a card, then make a list, then stick to it.

Got to keep it simple, so let’s use one of those Mixed Impression Texture mats for an instant background, and take it from there…

Dots & Spots – a great starter set!

Ink up with a Blue Artistry Ink pad, spread the ink over the A5 mat with a Speedball brayer, then plant on the 5×5 in cardblank.

Stamp the new Queen Anne’s lace 2-way overlay stamp into the centre, using a Black Archival or Versafine ink pad, then add in second stamp, the infill, using the same blue pad you used in the background.

Next let’s add the Chinese Lantern from the same stampset left and right. The stampsets are available individually too….

Quick and simple, remember? How about the a sticker or two from our Clebrations booklet.

In fact, let’s make Dad’s Birthday Card!!

Doodle Dad – and that’ll doodle!!

Now to find the perfect Exercise Bike for him…that could be trickier! They seem to be “out of stock” everywhere!

Shame he doesn’t craft; I could have made him a lovely cardmaker’s hamper!! Got plenty of crafty goodies in the warehouse – not many exercise bikes though. None, in fact.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

9 thoughts on “A quick step by step to clear the head…

  1. I hope that Worka and Holic don’t sneak in while your washing machine head is spinning.
    It’s always good to slow down with craft. I have had my geli plate out over the weekend and really enjoying playing with it. Need to get the stamps out now to complete the backgrounds.

  2. Lovely card ! I’m sure Dad won’t mind if he has to wait a bit more for his bike, as a temp measure what about one of those that you sit in the chair and just push the pedals around perhaps there are some of those around ? Beautiful card. My head has been a bit like that today and I have nothing to worry about except sorting the paper bill – charged for delivery and we have it free for six weeks – don’t know why I’m fretting about a few pounds! Got to sort out attending an online funeral on Weds a.m. too. I’m sUre all will be well. X

  3. I hope you manage to track down an exercise bike Barb. We have one sitting in hubby’s office that hasn’t been used for ages and works fine. You could have it with pleasure as a stop gap but it’s a bit far to collect, especially in the current circumstances. The card is beautiful. It was my Dad’s birthday on Saturday (86) and we had to manage with a face time session. He had a virtual card, which will be delivered with a huge hug as soon as it is safe to do so. I can’t wait for the new stamps to arrive. Ordered the full set yesterday! Stay safe and breathe! Love and hugs…

  4. Lovely card, hope having finished it you have managed to put Worka & Hollick in their place which is NOT in your head.
    When you have so much whirling in your head and don’t know where to start make a cuppa, sit down, take a deep breath and decide which thing is the most important and do it. The rest will follow. While we women are great multi – taskers there are only so many plates we can juggle at once. You take such good care of us and we really appreciate it but you must take time to care for youself too.
    Still thinking about buying these stamps, love the Chinese Lantern though. By the time Thursday’s Pergamano hits my screen they may be added to the Groovi plate order.
    Hubby is baking bread to go with our meal tonight so it will be a very interesting experience!!!
    Take care all 🍒🍒🍒

    1. PS: The sit in your chair and pedal gadgets are great. I don’t have the breath to ride a bike but we have one of these and it is doing wonders for my leg strength and circulation. 🍒

  5. Hi Barb,
    Hope Wurka and Holic get lost soon! Love these stamps which just happen to land in my Clarity basket. I already have the dies and some of the stencils, but these are such a nice size. My Mam used to have a sit in the chair and pedal – it was recommended by the doctor, and she really enjoyed using it. The physio department had one too when I went to the knee clinic after I’d had my first knee replacement . It worked well for me before I could manage the ‘full ‘ bike. Sending love and hugs,Alison xxx

  6. Lovely birthday card. Have got these new stamps on my wish list. Hope your head has calmed down for the evening and that you get a good night’s sleep.

  7. Hope you got through your day and that you managed to calm down. I almost feel guilty for being so cool, calm and collected! I had a lovely afternoon in the garden. It’s my day off today ( not that there is a great deal of difference on work days just now – just depends on what is doing in the area!) and the sun was shining. Really hot today. Got more tubs planted up, even some that I have to keep in the greenhouse till I’m sure the frost is past! I also started to clear out a shed. It’s cleared but there are flower pots piled up outside it now till I get them washed and put away in the garage, hopefully. That’s a work in progress, too. I’m the world’s worst for not finishing a job but then sometimes, I just need a break from the dirty work! Phoned a friend in Skye tonight. Her youngest son has just started another dose of chemo! Tough for them just now. Time to go and put the towels in the drier. I forgot all about them!! Lol. Hope you found the exercise bike for your dad! Take care. Lots of love. Hxx

  8. Hi Barb, a lovely birthday card for your Dad. Hope that crafty session has helped slow down the washing machine! Take care all and stay safe. Bx

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