A Doodle Step by Step from yesterday….

A Doodle Step by Step from yesterday….

Hi there.

Thanks for joining me. Six weeks into our Daily Doodle in the Shac-Shack, and I think those of us who have participated can all agree that doodling helps focus the mind and stop the thoughts a-wandering down the wrong path.

Yesterday, we did a basic pattern doodle together, which I personally thoroughly enjoyed. It took me down Memory Lane to my school days, back to Fort Pitt and Canterbury Cathedral and Rochester Cathedral School Christmas Carol Services and all sorts. Took me to loads of lovely places, in fact! ‘Ever let the Fancy roam’, said Keats, ‘Pleasure never is at home’.

But then I was brought out of my reverie by several people who found the pattern difficult to reproduce. So here’s a photo recap – just in case you needed a little more visual guidance.

I even added a little colour…

The pattern took me to Canterbury Cathedral of all places! But I think I see why….

And Rochester Cathedral too!

Mmm. When, one day, we are allowed to visit these places again, I think I will. How we took them for granted! How we assumed they would always be there for us, whenever we fancy. Not so. Not at all. I don’t think I will ever take anything for granted again, after this pandemic.

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

31 thoughts on “A Doodle Step by Step from yesterday….

  1. Thanks so much for this memory-jogger, Barbara. Mine didn’t turn out too well yesterday. I think I’d have done better if I’d not ‘waved’ the lines. I shall do it again with this aide-memoire. Thank you.

  2. I loved doing this doodle yesterday. In fact when I had a facetime call from my 10 yr old granddaughter just as our session finished I showed her what we had been doing & without any prompting she immediately said that she could see the ups & downs of the pattern – result !! She had to do an op art piece for her art work last week so its nice to share our doodles. She has done some of the SHAC lessons & we also got her mom doing it as well until she slipped last week & fractured her wrist so doodling is on hold for the moment. Now to do more to my nuthatch’s mate now I have gained the technique of layering the colours. Couldn’t believe the difference the adding of grey over the peachy colour made. Thank you for another great hour, see you tomorrow at 10 !!

  3. So sorry to hear you have had negative comments, just to let you know you are well loved and we are grateful for your input, you are helping all of us to get through these uncertain times…..thank you xxx

  4. It’s been a different week this week and I’ve not been able to sign in at my usual 9.50am to enjoy the pre Doodle blether with you Barbara. So after dealing with non-doodling stuff I jumped on to say thanks to the Clarity staff for dealing with my order ……and guess what arrived at the door as I was doing this???? Yup my micro pens, colouring Cards and rubber (eraser 🙂 ). So Never doubt the power of your daily doodle, quiet encouragement, generous sharing of skill and technique and your reach out to many many people who will forever appreciate your actions. Don’t Doubt the Doodle Barbara you are Doing exactly what you need to be Doing and we are all loving it…….Rant Done xxxxx Thank You Againxxx

  5. Thank you Barbara for doing all you do.
    I really appreciate all you are doing during this time. I told my husband all about how you tell us just use what you’ve got. He replied what an amazing company, there is not many companies like yours.

    Ignore the negative comments, life is too short. Your an inspirational woman and human to with feelings. There are more of us that support and love what you are doing for everyone. We love you, never change. X

  6. Thanks again for the company this morning. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I put a YouTube doodle video or two on this afternoon to keep me company as I crafted. Stay safe and congratulations on the launch of the Pergamano web site.

  7. Negative comments? They should wash their mouths out with carbolic soap. There is nothing negative about you, your team and Clarity in general. We all love you.
    Did my back in yesterday as I got over enthusiastic trying to fill our skip before it is collected so decided to sort out the boxes and folders with all my demo materials and samples from when I ran workshops before we moved. The picot dies were perfect for cutting the pieces and background papers and finishing the parchment cards was a doddle. Next job putting together the standard project samples.
    When in December we asked the hospital what happened to Ray’s 6 month check up (due September) we were told the respiratory clinic had a year’s backlog so we were not expecting an appointment until later in the year. Once the Corona virus appeared we were very concerned and went into lockdown immediately. Today we got a call from the hospital to book a telephone appointment for next week. This is such a relief for us as we will now have the results of all his tests from March 2019. The virus has obviously sped things up a bit for us.
    Lovely and sunny here today, birds tweeting, and neighbours kids having fun in the garden. Happy day.
    Take care all🍒🍒🍒

  8. I love all your sessions, and do not take it for granted, thank you for giving us your time each day,I have always liked to colour, but now I know how to do it properly thanks to you. I felt quite sad to see you getting so emotional this morning, hope you are feeling better with yourself now,remember that you are one very special lady to all us crafters ,hope you are able to give yourself some tlc ,take care.

  9. Barb, the majority of us do not take you for granted, or think of you in a negative way. I hope the comments made, were just people not being as quick as you at the patterns, and not keeping up. That the comments, in that case, were not as bad as you thought they were. I think you are in a highly emotional state at the moment and for good reason. We saw a bit of it this morning, and do not be ashamed in anyway for this. It was good to see how thinking of a special painting and its beauty could still affect you. I felt as if you were a good friend opening her heart to us. Not as just a tutor to us. I think that was the idea of the SHAC Shack, in the first place. Keep your chin up and be proud.
    Love Sue

  10. I enjoyed yesterday’s doodle, I want to do it again with the wavy outline. I need to catch up on today’s colouring, in fact I think I will do that next. I think however busy we keep ourselves this lock down does get to us all at times and as you say I hope I never take things for granted again.xx

  11. Barb, I really enjoyed yesterday’s doodle, and I managed it fine, once I realised where you were going with it.
    It reminds me of those pattern books we would spend hours colouring in when I was wee.
    Please don’t listen to the naysayers, you are amazing, kind and generous with your time and talent. If they don’t like what you are doing, they can just toddle off to a different place, or put on their brave pants and give it a try.
    Looking forward to more colouring in and more daily doodles.

  12. Hi Barbara
    I loved yesterday’s doodle, yes it was a bit fiddly, but that’s the good thing about being able to watch it again, once you’ve gone off to be busy elsewhere.
    I enjoyed the colouring task today too, and I must say I was surprised with the colours you used, I was expecting there to be a brown and maybe even a green, but when you showed us how to mix and blend the colours it all just seemed to fall into place and make sense.
    I must also congratulate you and your Dream Team on the wonderful new Pergamano website that you have opened, I love the inspirational gallery where it shows you all the plates, tools and papers used to create the wonderful designs. It must have taken ages to set up all the links. It’s brilliant.
    I would also just like to thank you for your dedication to your customers. Some of us are really struggling with all that is going on in the world, and it is wonderful to know that at 10am we can link into Facebook and find you there smiling, having a giggle, telling us little stories about your mum & dad or Dave and his shopping trips. Even if I don’t feel able to join I with the doodle, it’s just nice to know you are there, so I would like to say Thank You.

  13. I loved yesterday’s doodle, in fact I haven’t stopped doing the pattern since! Thank you for showing me how to colour in properly. At 61 years of age, it’s a case of better late than never. I suppose I can always use the excuse that I have to make up for lost time to avoid the housework!!! You are an absolute star Barbara, as you said this morning, you will never please everyone, so don’t try. Keep doing what you are doing & ignore those petty enough to complain. After all nobody is forcing them to take part. Xx

  14. My first attempt yesterday was a bit wonky, so I scrapped it and did one straight, rather than wavy. What a difference it made and I have done a whole block of nine now, which looks amazing. I think I shall do a few more tonight (my name is Annette and I am a doodle-holic), ready for a go at colouring tomorrow.
    I hope Dave got your yogurt today. All the best things come from Lancashire! Guess where I was born? 😂
    Hugs. Annette X

  15. Thank you for the step by step. My mind could not compute yesterday. Today’s nuthatch really sent me away from any stress. I have missed any adverse comments. You are simply an example to us all. You are a lovely, vibrant person. I truly admire you. Take care and much love.

  16. Barbara you are a beacon of light in these dark times. Please keep doing what you’re doing and just ignore any negative comments, they’re not worth a second thought.

  17. It’s your bus Barbara and I’ll happily follow wherever the journey takes us. So pleased with my colouring today.

  18. Thanks for the step by step. I was quite pleased with the one I did-along-a -Barb, but will have another go as I’d like to get it just right -it’s such an interesting pattern!
    It’s a while since I visited Canterbury and Rochester cathedrals even though I live just about half an hour from each (in different directions) and love to visit Canterbury, though being in a wheelchair, can’t access all of it -but I can see it and love it.

  19. Thank you Barbara for a lovely session this morning. Think I need a bit of practice but I will get there. The same with the doodle yesterday. I have done it three times now and love it. My fault that I had problems as I thought you said one inch boxes in a 15cm x 15cm outside box !!!! So busy concentrating. You work so hard to help us in an already busy life. It is much appreciated. You can tell by all the beautiful work put on Facebook. Best hour of the day and I really look forward to it and it is helping me forget. Thank you.

  20. Keep on doing exactly what your doing Barb . Turn your mind off from all the negatives out there . You are my shining light in a very dark tunnel . Doesn’t seem like it at times but there will be an end to this awful time . Chin up take care stay safe .lots of love and hugs 👍💞

  21. Sorry you had negative comments over the pattern. I find it difficult to draw matching arrows (!) or anything so I had more attempts after the live session; I kept going till I have it nearly right! But I shall continue to try because I want to be able to produce the proper design. I took several days to achieve the basket pattern for the hot air balloon – but I got there in the end! I certainly wouldn’t complain about it – I am pleased to be learning!! Love the 10am slot so thank you very much for your continued calming session.

  22. Hi Barb,
    Thank you for this step by step – I really don’t think my brain was working when I tried to do this, but now I’m going to give it another go! I have a quest which is to visit all the Medieval cathedrals in England,Wales and Scotland ( sorry N.Ireland but I don’t think I’ll get to you). I haven’t been to Rochester but have been to Canterbury a couple of times. My favourite place is Durham Cathedral, I absolutely love it! I know I am biased but I can’t help it! Have to say that Ely comes a close second though. I do miss being able to visit places at the moment, but once I can I know where I’ll be going. New website is excellent,- I love the gallery. Sending love and hugs,Alison xxx

  23. I loved this pattern yesterday and your colouring of it made me want to colour mine too. Unfortunately my order with the postcards in seems to be in tortoise mail as I know it was dispatched last Monday. Fortunately I found a little booklet given away with the newspaper and there was an owl which I used your techniques on. Just a lovely relaxing hour as usual. I can’t believe we are in week 6! Take heart that you are doing so many of us so much good. See you tomorrow. Xx

  24. Enjoyed both sessions enjoying learn more about colouring haven’t finished my bird as started lat afternoon also my pattern bit loved doing it I have released I am to judgemental of my own work so need to get over it some how x

  25. Really enjoyed today and was so pleased with my result. Couldn’t have done this on my own. Found yesterdays pattern a challenge but it was fun trying to do it. Eventually after 6 attempts I did it with the help of my clarity ruler which arrived in the post while I was doodling. You can’t imagine the feeling it gives you when you achieve something you never thought possible. Thank you so much for all the joy you are bringing during this awful period in our lives. Keep safe. Love and hugs x

  26. Dear Barbara so sorry you have had a tough day today. Your army of supporters are here to redress the balance as we thank you for all the help and kind words you give us and how we rely on your company each day to give us joy in creating a space from all this worry we find ourselves in.So thank you again Love Jan x

  27. Hello Barb, if people are small minded enough to be negative about someone trying to do something kind and good during this difficult time, then perhaps they should just go find a dark corner and stay there by themselves! Ignore them, I for one am very thankful and loving the you tubes and it really has given many people something to focus on which is positive and takes us away from the pressure. Thanks for this step by step, I love doodling geometric style patterns, usually all over my work notes! Take care all and stay safe. Bx

  28. Thank you for blogging this. It’s the shading that gets me every time! I’m looking forward to today’s SHAC session. I find it so calming, listening to you chat away. I’m sorry you are finding people criticising your method of working. You will never please everyone all of the time. And if they find you’re going too fast they can catch up on the many mediums out there. I was upset when you got upset yesterday, please know that we love you and so appreciate ALL you are doing for us. XxX

  29. Hi Barbara I did find this doodle a bit tricky. But I have learnt through this whole process that if I keep practising I will get there in the end and I did. So no moaning from me I am so grateful for the guidance and tuition. Thank you so much for all you are doing. I am now drawing a Japanese lady for my daughter’s birthday card. I never would have had the confidence to do that without you. Thank you again. Hugs Jackie xxx

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